Rasheeda Pregnant With Scrappy’s Child?


Rasheeda Pregnant by Lil Scrappy

Just When You Thought LHHA Couldn’t Get Any More Ratchet…It Did!!!

HSK Exclusive – As news of Rasheeda Frost being preggers begins to spread, we’re getting word that Lil Scrappy could be the father!!! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Jack Daniels-lovin’ K Michelle!

Now, a source tells HSK that’s exactly why Kirk Frost is demanding a paternity test be taken.

According to our insider, it’s no secret to many in their Atlanta circle that Rasheeda and Scrappy have been smashing. That’s why most are reportedly surprised that Kirk would even show up on the set to share a ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ scene with rapper Lil Scrappy.

Here’s the drop:

“Rasheeda and Scrappy play the game by calling each other brother and sister, but everybody knows they’re f*cking.

Kirk is a twisted dude, but he’s not a fool. He’s not gonna raise a child that isn’t his.”

When K Michelle gets lit-up, does she air out everybody’s business — like calling Kirk Frost a homosexual and a pedophile?  Of course! Why else do you think more and more of her cast members don’t want to share scenes with her? Don’t believe me.. Ask Mona Scott-Young.

Rasheeda Smashing Lil Scrappy


    • Wow I guess ratchet recognize ratchet…dude does have his hands on the belly like its his, even if its not scrappy the truth is in the middle, he hit it..erica is ugly, well not all the way ugly, but she certainly not all the way cute! I bet she still wearing that ring proud

      • “erica is ugly, well not all the way ugly, but she certainly not all the way cute!” LMBO @ dumbyotchz. I actually think she’s cute, although she may need a prescription for a few psychiatry visits.

      • I’m dying…”not all the way…”,thought i was the only one who thought so…lol…its d makeup that makes her look decent

    • Personally I dont think this bullshit is true. I’m pretty sure if Erica felt any type of way about these stories she would of BEEN confroned Rasheeda and Scrappy himself! K.Michelle is just a dramatic bitch who runs her mouth about anything when she gets mad. Where they do that at?

      • I highly agree, k micheal may be a great artist but if she could put that same energy into being a half way descent person, she wouldn’t have the issues that she has….drama drama drama!!!!!smdh

      • I don’t believe that rumor either, although I’m quite interested in knowing what caused such disturbance in Kirk and Rasheeda’s marriage. Just recently, they renewed their vows…now, THIS. You would have to be really in love to marry the same person a second time.

      • Just like their beef with kmichelle. I believe kirk and rasheeda tryna have a storyline so they don’t loose their spot. With their boring azz

      • Lol u said like rasheeda when u said where they do that at but hands down rasheeda my girl she ain’t gon do no shit like stupid ass people why the hell u care so much about rasheeda do u and keep it mother fuckin moving

  1. Come on now i don’t believe this b.s. K. Will say anything cause she don’t like rasheeda all the FOOLERY NEEDS TOO STOP GROW ASS WOMEN SPREADING RUMORS TELLING LIES JUST TO GET BACK THE NEXT!!…SMH H.S. and Kirk knows to get a DNA test if he septical some of the stuff on the show i believe n some i don’t

    • Well K. Michelle never has a problem saying ANYTHING and if this were true, I’m sure we would have heard it from the horses mouth via twitter. Seems like someone is just grabbing for a story and who better than K as the scapegoat? Don’t believe everything you read. You’re smarter than that, I’m sure!!

      • Exactly what I’m saying i don’t believe she’s pregnant by scrap come on now Rasheeda hangs out with Erica n i Dont think she’s goin for that

        • What does hanging out with a female change anything for hoe females, thats y women are so hurt when they find out because the person was smiling their face the whole time. Look at the story T.I. trying to make go away, he got his assistant pregnant, who im sure smiled in tinys face! hoes dont love nobody

          • @Anonymous,
            I have too agree with that!NOTHING IS OFF LIMITS WITH A HOOKA! THEY have NO LOYALTY! I personally ride with K MICHELLE! I lost all respect for Rasheeda when she dissed K’s claim of abuse because it was cool to ride with her friend Toya instead of remaining neutral about Memphitz’s alledged abuse!

            • I agree and what puzzles me is when the alligations about Kirk hit the web Toya and her husband remained silent. They never so much as tweeted Kirk and Rasheeda. Rasheeda stuck her neck out for Toya fell out with K and Toyaand Memph BeatHer is gone about their business.

  2. Well I live in the A and some of this is true K Michelle is just gangsta enough to say it out loud. Come to the A and ask about your boy Kirk he can not spend time alone with his daughter because he molested her. Don’t believe me just ask his Ex-and mother of his daughter.

      • I agree. K threw the object, then as always she looks scared as to what will happen next.
        Don’t b skurred k Mickey, don’t b skurred.

      • K Michelle is my girl and fuck all those other brods. Rasheda need to sit her Georgia Prune ass down.

      • Riggght K Michelle threw something because if she woulda threw a punch that ass woulda been grass….. seemingly Memphis broads think they’re hard until u get on that ass….

  3. LMAO K. Michelle is a damn fool she will say ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING !!! and she loves her some Jack and maybe thats why she cant get wet any more she all dried out from drinking too much Jack !!!!! This I can kinda believe about Rasheeda sleeping with Scrap.. Not so sure about Kirk Frost !!!

  4. I don’t believe she pregnant by scrappy bcus rasheeda has a lot of love for her husband….now the true scandal was benzino trying to smash joseline and how stevie j was defending his hoe…lol

  5. I don’t see anything appealing about Scrappy.What descent woman would waste her time with an alcoholic, asthmatic, low budget,denture wearing jailbird whose a momma’s boy ? He and Shay belong together.

    • if a man has any kind of fame and m oney he’s gonna be appealing to women just because of fame.

      even though scrappy has health problems, ugly, and raised by a dyke he had a decent rap career and a taste of fame most women who are thrillseekers and groupies don’t care as long as they get something out of it.

      as for shay anybody can phukk her if she happily phukk flav’s cracked out ass on tv for a chance to live the goodlife.

      yes folks if you’re a burned out crackhead with any kind of fame you will get pussy.

      somebody put sly stone and george clinton on a dating show.

    • What IS with all these bad front jobs? Everybody is getting these way too big for their mouth teeth. Why?

  6. Last season they were saying that Scrap and Jocelyn were sleeping together. So who knows.. Scrappy is not ugly imo but he needs to keep his mom out of his personal life because she will work to wreck every relationship that he has.

  7. I believe K Michelle would have spilled the Beans if this were true. However, maybe it’s under her contract not to say. Kirk does seem like he’s on the DL, and also that he’s a pedophile. Smh…he from the A. And that’s def one of the gayest cities n the us…lol

    • Haha!! This made me laugh… Lol..He is a good fit for the Rickey Smiley morning show! I bet he knows what’s going on in the “A” for real!!!!!! Lol

  8. If the baby is Scrappy’s or Kirk’s it’ll look like either or because those dudes look way different and the baby’s features will tell the truth if we ever get to see…….

  9. Why in the hell I let this jive blow my high,lol?Weed aint free!If Scrap was hittin Sheda,dont u think Kirk would know by now?Stick yo hand in another man suga bowl and he will know.K make me turn the tv every since the show aired.She just make me sic….

  10. I believe K is telling the truth. Just like she was about getting abused. Something about Rasheeda doesn’t seem forthcoming. Those females hold you close to figure out if you’re on to them. Why would your husband ask you for a DNA test? We’ll all find out soon enough.

  11. Well I think all this is crazy but k Michelle is my bitch n that thing I believe her rasheeda I dnt trust her at all

  12. K Michelle ain’t no dam gangster. Dat hoe don’t kno wat gangster is!..dat hoe just spreading rumors on sheeda cus dat hoe is jealous of sheeda and her relationship..dats a scurry scurry bitch! U c sheeda was finna get dat ass in mimi house..And anotha ting Erricka is not ugly! Maybe u need to take a look in da mirror ur dam self…Ok!!!

  13. K MICHELLE just need a guuuud ass whipping from Josiyln or Ericka or from any bitch dat gonna tap dat ass..and den she want run dat big gap of hers like now! And dats da bottom line. And @ da end of da day dat hoe will keep her mouth Shuuuttt!


  15. No indeed! Stop hating on K. Got nothing but love for anybody who speaks their mind all the time. Whether she can fight or not, she aint scared enough to shut up or run! THAT is gangsta all day! Luv her!

  16. Wow… so Rasheeda is uh THOT… surprise the **** outta me. Erica puts me n the mind of the lady off The Jamie Foxx Show(I kno her character… I just dn’t want 2 misspell it) she’s not ugly @ all