Ray J & Brandy’s “A Family Business (of Hypocrites)”


A lot of people talking about Brandy Norwood this week regarding her upcoming feature on VH1’s Behind the Music series. For those that missed it, exactly two years ago your boy, Jacky told you some of the shocking stories behind Brandy’s pending reveals.

Since it’s a topic of conversation, I have brought it back to the top.


HSK Exclusive – If Sonja is so protective of her family, why back in 1995 did she leave a then 16-year-old Brandy alone at home with then 22-year-old Boyz II Men singer Wanya Morris? That’s when Sonja and the rest of the Norwood family packed up for a trip to Las Vegas, leaving Brandy alone with Wanya. Not only did Wayna have sex with a minor, but he also got Brandy pregnant.

The Norwood family is a Christian family, but after they found out that Brandy was pregnant they didn’t even argue with Brandy having an abortion.

I’ve had the chance to view a few episodes of Ray J and Brandy’s family reality show “A Family Business”.

You may remember just last year Brandy’s half brother “C-Dove” exclusively spoke with me {HERE}, and now I wonder why the Norwood family portrays to be such a loving family.  I say most of the Norwood family is fake. Know why? Because they haven’t showed Willie Norwood Sr. son Danyelle “C Dove” Brown any love mane!

It just may be Sonja Norwood’s doing…not only is she’s Brandy and Ray J’s mother, but she’s also their manager (and an extremely bossy one at that). Don’t believe me.. Ask Rodney Jerkins.

Sources say Sonja doesn’t want anything to do with her husband’s outside children. And, Danyelle “C Dove” Brown is no secret to the family, but apparently Brandy is just like her mother Sonja. Know why? Because they chose to deny Danyelle “C Dove” Brown as a family member.

After learning all this exclusive information on the Norwood family, I say they’re a hypocritical bunch. Don’t you agree?

originally published May 6, 2010


  1. You go girl. I totally agree with you. I, for one, don’t want to take care of anyone’s outside kids. It’s either those kids or our kids and me.

    • Shelly O and TB, you’re not alone. It needs to be made clear that these adulterers can’t compete with love/marriage, is why children are fatherless. This isn’t a competition..your his wife and have already won. Whether we choose to walk away or not, it doesn’t mean that he’d embrace family-life with them. He made a horrible mistake, but it was their mistake not yours, and you shouldn’t have to suffer it. Your husband doesn’t qualify as being weak because he wishes that situation gone, and want to make amends with the wife he deceived. You certainly aren’t heartless for claiming/voicing your feelings. You are rightfully entitled and I commend you for standing strong against opinions vs. your own heartbreak.

      • Mrs. Chaney, I may not agree with you, but I hear you. But what does any of what you said have to do with C-Dove’s mom and Willie Norwood? The child was conceived BEFORE their marriage. So it’s not like she was a homewrecker expecting somebody else’s husband to take care of her baby; but if a man steps outside of his marriage and father’s a child, that child is his responsibility–not his wife’s..his. So your husband may have chosen to be with his fam, and that’s great..even greater that you stayed and kept him. But I hope he at least pays child support–whether he sees the baby or not.

        • Julu, my response(s) was in reference to the attack on wives, in general, not wanting to embrace the existence of “outside” children. My receptive nature, views and respect for PRIOR relationships/children are totally different (I absolutely love my stepdaughter). I totally agree with you, regarding the “Norwood” topic. I don’t understand the shunning of her stepchildren, but not at liberty to judge her feelings either. There’s three sides to a story, hers..theirs and the truth; and because we may never know the justifications behind it, I think it unfair to question her position as a Christian, a “real woman,” etc. You mentioned, “If a man steps outside of his marriage and father’s a child, that child is his responsibility-not his wife’s..his.” I only wish it were that cut and dry. The moment a man acts on infidelity, were forced into the responsibility…every detail of it. Were ONE, and that means the results must work for both parties. By all means, pay child support (by force/choice), but to share my heart and home is asking far too much.

    • Wow, that’s a really messed up mentality. Hurt the children, that’s very smart ( with sarcasm). God bless

      • To TB…Wow, that’s a really messed up mentality. Hurt the children, that’s very smart ( with sarcasm). God bless

  2. Oh my God! Yeah…….this world is going to hell in a gasoline snuggie. Sooooo, you manipulate your man into abandoning his child and his responsibility for him/her with threats to walk? NEWSFLASH: YOU AINT A WOMAN…… HELL, YOURE BARELY A HUMAN BEING. You’re insecure and selfish. YOU DO KNOW THAT THESE GRIEVOUS SEEDS YOU’RE PLANTING YOU WILL ONE DAY REAP, RIGHT? Don’t take this as a cliche sweetie……i’ve seen out TOO MANY TIMES BEFORE. It’s Wretched and black heated woman who would come against a child. Smh.

    • @ BOSS, Yeah embrace him if you forgive your hubby and take him back you have to accept the child that he made in the affair. Kids don’t ask to be brought into this world so no grudges should be held by an innocent child.

        • Hahaha….that’s couldn’t be me either. These girls look so silly walking around and taking care of the baby their man cheated on them and had with some other chick….couldn’t be me either.

      • Innocent child, Kim? There is nothing innocent about a child being conceived and brought into an adulterated situation. Shame on those that actually believe it. They will be cheated out of many normal opportunities, from family photos to vacations; and to think that the wife’s unwillingness to embrace the idea is cold/callous. What about the child’s mother? I can think of many names to describe this individual, including unfit..because she actually thought that she could have a child with a married man, cause hurt and confusion in their home, and demand her child to be acknowledged. What a fool and desperate attempt to keep someone else’s man in her life.

    • Yeah. Its called integrity, character, strength. Because you know its wrong to hurt/take from the innocent.

    • In a situation like this a woman has 1 of 2 choices: either forgive the husband and embrace the child, or if it’s too much to deal with, leave the relationship so that the husband can be apart of the child’s life in some form.

  3. Sounds like your husband ain’t shit. It’s not the little girl’s fault she was brought into this world. And I bet you consider yourself a Christian woman. smh.

    • ikr.

      She states it like what she did is something to proud of.

      He ain’t shit and neither is she.

      ShellyO, you and your husband are disgusting.

      P.S. I ‘M A WOMAN

      • Co-sign 100%. I would never have a child by a married man. How are going to explain that to your child? Woman: “Your dad was married, we had an affair which resulted in me getting pregnant.”

      • @Kee, I couldn’t have said it better myself. The obvious truth from the derogatory, anger induced, and possible guilt-ridden comments is that the adulterers feel justified in it. And because they were stupid enough to produce a child then the circumstance should soften the blow. It doesn’t, as I believe this woman of little quality has a moral issue. You see, its generational..a curse even, that these women weren’t raised to want, need or demand more; and in this instance, ruin families without an apology and continue to make indecent mistakes.

  4. No…….he decided to abandon his child. You have the twisted idea that when you give, you lose something. But actually you gain. When you take, you have to pay back…..usually even more than you originally took. And you, dear heart, are a thief. You took that little girls father through maniupulation. You took……and you will pay. When discord hits your marriage/family or your body becomes plagued with sickness–seemingly out of nowhere&for no good reason—don’t wonder. Just understand that youre life is picking up ‘dem seeds. No voodoo or spooky stuff. Just plain ‘ol Karma.

  5. It’s not Christian like. Hell it’s not even morally right. If the C-Dove is the result of an affair, and she forgave Willie she should have accepted that child. No child should have to grow up without their parent because a spouse demands it. And if C-Dove was a product of a previous relationship that makes this even more messed up.

    • @Deeva: So true! The family should have accepted his son. They don’t have to love him, but they should accept him and be respectful of the father/son relationship. The child didn’t ask to be born.


      • cdove was not the result of marital affair he was concieved before he was married. you no what when i 1st read about this situation i use to say how bossy sonya was but when it is all said and done her family members are grown she cant stop them from doing anything.I talked to dove more than once and i really think if she just gave him a chance she would see that he is a really great person with no agenda’s Now i dont mean to sund pro sonja but how can she control grown people they do what they want to do.

  6. What will you do when that child shows up at your doorstep seeking answers from her father. I bet he’ll throw you under the bus, then you’ll have a failed marriage and your bio children will probably want nothing to do with you either. In the end keeping him from his child is a temporary fix…

  7. Of course Sonya let her 16 yr-old screw a 22 yr-old, as long as he was famous and could help out Brandy’s career. Same thing with the Kobe Bryant hook-up. It was image boosting shenanigans. These parents acting as managers got their priorities messed up, and then they wonder why their kids grow up effed up.

  8. If shelly told her husband to make a choice shes Not the one going to hell or anything else who knows what she was going through, he made the choice no one knows the whole story,..but since she put it out there maybe someday she will get over it and change her mind .Im not gonna call her any names because thats wrong .i dont know her or where she or anybody else is going for that matter. but i will say maybe she will change her mind one day.

    • oh yes she will go to hades right with him for encouraging and/or forcing him to neglect his responsibilities.

  9. look how things turned out, she was driving and killed someone (by mistake) and was forgiven then she knew what was going on between her brother and whitney and the one chance she had to redeem herself she didnt,she sat right there and let her brother get involved and did nothing .sure sure everybody is grown but some people need help and if your in the position to do something why not.on her show it seemed like no one listened to her anyway and she was always trying to stand her ground.

  10. Wow @ all the rage directed at ShellyO. Anybody that has EVER dealt with a jealous, hanging-on, crazy baby mama and a resentful, hateful, f’cked up “outside” baby (poisoned by the crazy mama)can relate to ShellyO and how she feels.

    The 76% out of wedlock birth rate in our community is f’cked up and needs to stop. No, it’s not the kids fault but it is not the fault of women who are not baby mamas or their kids either. Take that shit out on yourselves for your immature, reckless, irresponsible behavior. Quit having people all over the place.

    People want it all these days and that is just not realistic at all. People have kids all over the place (inside and outside of marriage) and expect everything to mold like jello. It is hard to keep a family together today. It is nearly impossible to patch together a bunch of outside kids and a bunch of baby mamas/daddies into some big assed Brady Bunch.

    Think real hard before you plant that seed men. Think real hard before you let him plant it women. If you don’t intend to stay in that patch you might want to not plant a seed there because the next person you meet may want to plant their own garden without dealing with your leftovers.

    • bobbi kristina comes to mind…a bad seed and fucked up baby mama can has and willdestroy a family fromthe outside in….keep ya package in y pants or at least wrapped up because women like shelly are not to bleame….its the man that started that shit….sheelly sees the danger of instigating from the mom thru the child…fucked up situation either way no one wins.

    • Speaking of these statistics, many teen pregnancies are made with ADULT men. Teen girls cannot handle the manipulation of adult males. (ask R. Kelly), and the police do not pursue statutory rape. (ask Aaliyah’s parents).

  11. After watching the Norwoods show it was clear that Sonya Norwood favored her son Ray J.

    Sonya did not seem all that warm to Willie either. It seemed as if she has unresolved issues with him that need to be dealt with.

    Brandy! You have a close relationship with your father and I did not see that same closeness with you or your mother. The two of you have issues that need to be worked out too

  12. Wait a minute. Why are we blamin the woman here? He married, he chose to cheat, he chose to get the other woman pregnant, he chose to cut ties to his child.

    This is his fault. He fucked up. He should be grateful that his wife didn’t cut his throat for that betrayal degradation and humiliation. His relationship with his child is his problem. Just because a woman accepts and forgives a man does t mean his bastards should ever be welcomed in her home. Fuck that! Why should that salt and pepper be continually rubbed into her wounds. Let him spend time with his child outside….. Where he made it. The children born into the marriage should not have to endure this bullness unless they choose to as well. Tell them the truth and let them decide if they want a relationship with the outside child. But, the wife has nonobligations to her husbands bastards. None.

    My father did his dirt and had me. His wife never accepted me and as a child it hurt, but I was never told the truth until I was 30 years old, then I completely understood where his wife was coming from. I felt soo bad for her, I just shook my head at my mother for involving herself in such a shitty situation. I shook my head at my father for being a total dick to his first wife.

    Again, the wife should not have to accept anyone but her husband. If he fucks up and has an outside child that’s between the three of those outside people. Leave the wife out of it. Why should she suffer for the rest of her days because he’s a dick? Let the kids determine if they want a relationship when they are old enough to do so. The end.

    • Yea and let the kids resent you when they become adults and find out they have a sibling they could have grown up with.

      If a woman can forgive her husband for stepping out of the marriage she should accept his other child. She doesn’t have to love that child, but she should never keep her kids away from their sibling nor should she give her husband an ultimatum of his family or his other child.

      He shouldn’t have cheated, but once you forgive someone you accept them and their past sins.

      • exactly.

        If you can’t accept the child then you haven’t fully forgiven. And to actually tell your husband it’s either you are the child is inhumane and devilish, in my opinion. I mean really? That’s just sick to me.

        • Bullshit all around. Forgiving him is one thing. accepting his mistakes in my home would never happen. Letting the children know each other and letting him keep in contact with his child is a must. As the wife undone have to ever be exposed to his little mistake.

          Forgiving him has nothing to dobwithbletting his trash in my home. We have to set some standard and make our feelings clear. My feelings are far more important to me than his mistake. Keep your trash away from me. Period. I don’t bring you garbage, why should you dingbat to me.

          No one would tell a man to accept a woman’s infidelity and the bastard that she bears as a result of said infidelity. No one! But, women are called out their names for not “fully and completely” forgiving and lowering themselves further and eating shit. I call bullshit.

          Never accept from a man, what he will never accept from you.

          • well, I never meant that the other child should be chillin at the summber bbq, drinking kool-aid with the wife at her table.

            By acceptance, I mean that the other child should be allowed to get to know the siblings and the wife should demand that her husband choose her over the other child.

            And ouch @ “letting his trash in my home.” It’s like you are calling that child a piece of trash. That’s harsh.

      • Resent me? Resent the father who created the situation not the woman who held her head high and kept her family together!

        Forgiveness has little to do with accepting the other persons bad behavior, but more to do with forgiving yourself for allowing such a han being in your life in the first place. Forgiveness is not about cosigning on their bad behavior, but about you forgiving yourself for missing the signs and being involved with then in the first place. Forgiveness is about letting go of the mistake that you made in having this person in your life and the part that you plaid in your own misery. Forgiveness has nothing to do with embracing them ecerytime they fuck up and saying ecerything is gonna be alright. Forgiveness is about what you can chage and control…. Yourself. Forgiving someone other than yourself is almost impossible because you have no control over their actions. You can only control your own behavior.

        A cheating spouse who was disgusting enough to father a child behind your back will find new shit to do. Completely “forgiving” them and absolving them
        of their bad deeds will be a waste of time, because someone of such low character will never change. The compromise would be to keep the family together, and allow a relationship with the child…. just leave me out of it. I would have nothing to do with the bastard he created behind my back. Let the kids know each other….. but I would have no desire to ever see, hear about or know about that shit. Ever.

        • I almost understand what you are saying…Almost this is my thing if you cant accept the child how can you accept your husband back….he not only cheated on you but he did it raw…. He could of kill you by giving that gift that keeps giving. then what you wouldn’t go to the doctor for it will only keep reminding you of his affair? The best way to get over it is to let his ass go. You can hide his kids from you but you cant hide the truth about your relationship.. He will cheat again make more kids but that’s OK as long as he don’t bring the kids to your home…. If this is how you feel please give me your number I know lots of dirty losers who would love you and don’t worry you will never meet the outside kids…

        • its no your fault what you were born into. both your parents are to blame but forgive them both and don’t repeat their actions and i hope you’re saved cause your mom caused a curse to come down on you for messing with gods covenant,marriage. yes,your fathers wife is bitter but she chose to stay thats not your fault, whatever feeling that woman caused you GOD saw that and he’s gonna punish her for it,you were a child,it wasn’t your fault!! may GOD bless your life and i pray you stay close to him,and again please pray god lift his wrath away from you,thanks to your mothers sin,your mom brought down a generation curse upon your head,you don’t have to experience it,get saved to the blessing of lord can overtake you life.

        • Well then don’t take the nigga back then.

          Simple as that. Your kids are intrinsically tied to you no matter what. Simple as that.

          If your man committed a homicide and went to jail for 20 years, you wouldn’t be able to say that “I forgive you, but don’t accept your prison sentence”.

          He’d be in jail and you’d either have to live with him and his mistake or you move on with ya damned life. Simple as that.

          Calling a kid “outside garbage” is beyond fucked up to begin with and then denying that kid a father is even more fucked up.

          Yeah, I understand the urge or the impulse, but don’t try to argue that that shit is okay. If you live with your man, you live with his mistakes, just like if he live with you, he lives with your mistakes.

          If that’s too much for you than be a big girl and leave his ass.

    • I feel you on that and you are the result of a cheating affair. How do you feel about your mother because it takes two to have an affair and make a baby? I know you have issues with your father, that I understand because he was married. But, did your mom know he was married? And if she did know, why did she fool around with a married man?

    • Pinkitty – OMG you have said EXACTLY what I feel and you are in the EXACT situation that I am/was in. My brother and I grew up with just our mother and the subject of our father was the elephant in every room at all times. She told us a name and “don’t hate him”. WTF? Who? Well, during my brother’s senior year in HS, my mother decided to tell him that a girl he was friends with might actually be his sister, as she was going to ask the girl’s mother (another babymama) if she was still claiming the same father. Well, it turns out that our father is a married man, with at least four children out of wedlock, not counting his own with his wife. We were raised as Christians and force-fed our mother’s hypocrisy and self-righteousness. What kind of woman is so stupid and desperate to lay down with another woman’s husband, and expect what kind of outcome? THE CHILDREN SUFFER. THE CHILDREN SUFFER. THE CHILDREN SUFFER. Stupid bitches (men & women). What has happened to Black people in America? So incredibly sad.

    • Well said, no woman can MAKE a man ignore his child and responsibilities as a parent. Stop blaming women for the failings of men. Women can take the blame for their own ish. A father who CHOOSES not to raise his own children, will deal with the Karma.

    • @ PinkKitty..you’re a woman, indeed, of impeccable character, and thank you for sharing such a sensitive matter. And to think that you don’t blame your father or stepmother speaks volumes about you. Although, many would play victim, you tend to take responsibility for their selfish and disrespectful nature. You don’t have to be accountable, it wasn’t your mess, but you choose to anyways. By placing yourself in the wife’s shoes, you find no reason to be angry or resent for her actions, which is astonishing. Were so quick to judge before we experience this form/level of hurt, and have no right to. You, my dear, have a sole right, and instead of thinking about your own discomfort, is able to embrace others. That is commendable and I wish you the very best.

  13. A man shouldnt have to chose a child over other children. wow I hope outside daughter grows up be very succesful and outshines your little bastards!!!!

  14. Mr norwood cheated cause of sonya being a biotch to deal with and hard to come home to,what he shouldve did was finalized the divorce when they first separated. he came back to the family cause 1. sonya gave him a hard time to see his kids when they started to blow up in the industry & cause he was seeing a new women she spoke bad about himto her kids & most of all cause of the money. brandy is mad for her mom but if she take a closer look at her mom attitude and behavior then she will understand why her father cheated and if she (brandy) dont change then she will see the same problems in her own relationships cause brandy is just like her mom,which is why she can’t keep a man. brandy and her mom ran brandys babydaddy away…ask rodney jerkins

    • oh i forgot to add,brandy and her mom remind me of the mother daughter relationship of the movie never broken. brandy needs to wake up from her moms spell like taraji p character did and she will see a fruitful marriage in the future for herself. sonya is bitter,unforgiven and angry just like mother in the movie “never broken” and for that she will experienc true happiness if she don’t forgive so she could move on to the man she wants or to help her marriage she obviously don’t want to let go.

  15. I’d have given him the same ultimatum because he would have had to go anyway. If he had chosen to abandon his child, that would have shown him to be a double azzhole.

  16. My dad cheated on my mom and had a little girl. He lied about it for many years and by the time we found out, she was around 7-8. I was old enough to understand and made the decision to have nothing to do with her. My decision was based out of anger and loyalty to my mom. My dad had a relationship with her and I undersand that is his child. However, I am 30 now and have no desire to get to know her or form a relationship. That is my choice and I stand firm by it.

    • You can stand firm by it but how silly to avoid your oown flesh and blood. The child didn’t cheat – your no good dad brought a child into this world. You’re denying yourself a sister. Stupid.

    • don’t hold to what your mother felt cause remember as a child you don’t know why your father cheated and how their relationship was to what drove him to cheat on your mom!!! so you might want to step back and check yourself its not your sisters fault but i understand you don’t want to deal with your fathers mistress and yet you might find out what you need to know if you do deal with your sister. which will tell you why your father cheated,it might make you see your mother in another light to how she was with your dad and may give you a heart to forgive him,after finding out the truth that you deserve to have.

        • No need to jump down my throat, I was just being honest. I don’t need or want answers and I don’t care. I could understand if I told my dad not to have a relationship with her, but I never said anything like that. I just don’t want to meet it get I know her. I don’t have any questions for her either.

          • Also, my dad and I have spoken about the situation. My dad baciaclly cheated with a women and she got pregnant. She thought he was going to leave us for her and he told her she could keep the baby of she wanted, but he wasn’t leaving my mom. People deal with rings differently and just because you may handle the situation one way doesn’t mean I should.

            • thats up to you hun, but remember if you don’t deal with your feelings god will on your judgment day,let it go,its not worth going to hell over hatred. its not your sisters fault she was born and as for your mother staying that was on her for staying with your dad who didn’t love her !!!

            • alos remember theres different sides to every story,i bet your fathers mistress got her version,ever heard it???!!!i’ll bet you’ll see your dad in a different light,what are you afraid of the truth of the matter???!!!

            • You need to slow all the way down. I’m assuming you’re a product of a situation like such. This is hitting too close to home for you? I dont know her to hate her, get that right. I have no room in my hear for hate. You need to take you own advice and deal with being a bastard child. Good day to you.

            • ^^^^^^ you the one who needs to slow down,i was just giving you advice and no sweety i was concieved through holy matrimony,my parents was married!!! and good day to you with your wicked spirited self!!! ican clearly see in what you wrote that curse is already in affect,you’re so bitter and nasty hearted. and what you wrote speaks volumes about your character!!!

      • Please, stop trying to justify cheating or being cheated on. I agree, there is room for competition when unwed but off limits otherwise. If married, you are well aware of the rules (vows) involved, he/she recites them before God, family and friends. Your passive attitude is the very reason why so many children are fatherless, that women thinks that a few marital problems gives her the green light to satisfy someone’s husband, temporarily. You see, its a temporary fix..a band aid on his marital woes. There is no excuse for adultery, and at times no room and acceptance for bastard children. Who’s really to blame?

    • I understand how you feel. What you need to do is talk to your parents. Why did your dad cheat? Your mom could’ve been a saint and your dad a dog and that’s why you have loyalty to your mom. But you don’t know what happened until you ask questions.

    • I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t have anything to do with her either. People kill me with the “the baby didn’t ask to be here” BS. You can take that isht and stick it up your azz.

      • ^^^^^ Thank you!!! People talk all about what and how they would handle situations. Then when you live it and are honest about it, you get drug through the mud. I don’t deal with her and never will. It’s cool if my dad had a relationship with her, but the baby wasn’t born in love and the woman knew from jump what is was/wasn’t. My dad is not innocent at all, he’s equally to blame, but thats my dad and he will always be my heart. My mom is the love of my life. And, accept the baby is BS and this is from experience.

  17. I understand if a wife has a problem accepting a outside child not only is it embarassing its very painful. As a man who believes in god i wouldnt hate the child but at the same time i wouldnt want the child around me if i was the wife, she has every right not to accept the child in her family

    • oh well if she don’t want to deal with it then that wife should divorce!!! no need to take it out on an innocent soul. the mistress and the husband are both guilty and its up to the wife to stay or leave!!! as for sonya im very much sure she was the reason why her husband cheated!!!

      • Innocent soul? Oh well, that innocent soul needs to ask him/her mother why she was a slut and why he/she doesn’t have a father. If a woman wants to have an affair with a married man, she should be able to deal with the consequences…they child not having a father. Because, I would never help take care of or see an outside child if my hubby cheated on me.

        • Yeah, but it’s not about the mother, it’s about the CHILD.

          You don’t ruin no kids life to spite the mother, that’s some old evil stepmother shit.

          You don’t accept a nigga without their child, simple as that.

          This is just about cowardly bitches not having the self-esteem to leave their cheating, lying ass dog husbands and want to take it out on the child for no reason.

          Well, when he sees YOUR kid in the street with all the shit he never had and jacks him and leaves him dead in the street, because he’s a bitter dysfunctional human being, then what?

          Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.

          • You’re right. This IS about cowardly women who are to scared to leave a demeaning situation. I’d rather struggle than sell my soul just to have the light bill paid.

            I see this kind of stuff so often. Women know their husbands are cheating or women who are getting their asses kicked left, right and sideways but they still stay because they don’t think they can pay their own damn bills or worse, they’re paying all of the bills and just have to have a man in their lives at any cost. It’s completely senseless.

            And to take it out on a child is ridiculous. It’ll come back to haunt them one day.

        • Romans 3:23

          New International Version (NIV)

          23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,

    • Right, its very painful to see a reminder of the affair and you can’t blame her for that. You can forgive but you can’t forget especially if the child is the reminder of that affair.

    • I respect your honesty, Big Mike, and its great to hear the true opinion of a male, since we tend to wear the shoes of deception all so often. Even as a Christian, you’re entitled to these feelings that motivate you to detest or embrace. It doesn’t make anyone bigger or better. It makes us human..actions and flaws, and although people may not agree with our openness, they belong to us…with the pain attached.

  18. so my husband cheats on me, has another child, want to reconcile with me AND bring his child into our lives? nope. what’s funny is that all of you who are judging the WIFE of this situation either don’t know or care that this very situation happened in the bible.

    when abraham had a child outside the marriage, his wife eventually told him the kid could not get an inheritance and had to go. abraham went to God about it and God said to do as his wife asked. the outside kid still received an inheritance but from God, not the family.

    • Obviously you don’t read the bible either or must be like most people only read the parts thats convieniant enough for you to accept. first off, sarah pushed her husband to sleep with the maid it was her idea,abraham was a faithful man to his wife. alot of men are not like abraham,it was never his intentions to cheat on his wife but sarah wanted a child instead of waiting for the lord,sarah took out her anger on hagar cause abraham gave hagar and his new son extra attention,thanks to her decision. as for the wife,yes its her fault if she decides to stay in a loveless,faithless marriage with a man who don’t honor,respect and is faithful in her face and behind her back. the wife can make a decision if she decides to stay,then she needs therapy to heal from the pain her husband caused. if the wife decides to stay,she must recieve the child into the family,cause now since she stayed her husband responsibilities is now hers as well,after they took vows. if she don’t want to deal with the husband then she should divorce but whether she like or not,the former husband have the right allow all the kids to be together to know one another.

      • Thank you! It was not the same situation at all… If u want to be immature, bitter, resentful or whatever that’s your business but don’t interject the Bible to fit ur pathetic ways. If you accept a man that has children no matter how he got them you should make sure he cares for them. Deadbeat dads are no prize so if u got one for a companion consider urself unlucky.


  20. Brandy seemed fake as a $3 bill on behind the music. Her baby daddy ratted her out to wendy williams. I’ll never forget how crazy she looked at Whitney when she passed her a note then gave it away right before she died.


  22. So what? You call this some exclusive shocking info…so what? I love brandy regardless. Who cares if she accepts him as her brother not?

  23. First things first just watching sonja indicates a high level of controlling, micromanaging bitchiness. so whether he did this before the marriage or not is also a question.however the child born out of wedlock or in an affair is the victim of adult stupidity ,it is not their fault. i think its very hateful of anybody to give an ultimatum to a spouse regarding their children. it should never be a question.its like when a man cheats and the wife gets mad at the woman, she didnt make a committment to you; he did. it is better to give than to receive.

  24. what if your husbands outside kid ended up dating and getting your daughter pregnant before realizing the truth.

    i say let the kids get to know each other and allow your husband to be the man you loved before he cheated on you,

    can u imagine how he feels, not being able to see his child??

    if he has to sneak around to see that child he wil end up having another kid with that childs mother

  25. This is the same thing that happened in the Jackson Family..Beatdown Joe had a child from an outside marriage and many of the family chose to step away out of respect for the mother..I think rebbie is the only one who talks to her but Janet refuses.

  26. I have one question? What about when the woman cheats and passes the child off as the husband’s?

  27. Any man that denies HIS seed for any reason is a garbage individual. If you wanted a man with no children that’s what u should have gone out and got. A man who doesn’t take care of his children is like a man that doesn’t wash. Would u lay down with a stinking rotten dirty man? Don’t answer I already know u do. I wouldn’t even want a man who would deny his child because I told him to. Know why? Because he’ll do the same thing to his children with me when the next thing comes along. Disgusting the both of you. Murderers confess Jacky are we supposed to thank them for their honesty? Laughable Thank u for being honest about your trifling situation.

  28. It’s no one’s fault but Willie Norwood Sr. he’s the only to forge a relationship with his first child point blank and simple. However, it is pretty hard to step in as a parent to an adult child who probably resents you in the first place. I just hope they get it together.

  29. I respect Sonya’s decision,but dont agree with it.
    Not with all the out of wedlock children woman bring into marriages everyday. Men accept those children/support those children barnone. But if its a dude ,the womans world shames that child and man to hell. This is a perfect example of why we will never advance as a people. You can’t be in the church on Sunday then back teaching hate monday.God dont like hypocrites.

    • For real! Sonja Norwood seems like a real piece of work. I watched Brandy’s Behind the Music the other day and I was appalled at how she treated Brandy more like a product than a daughter. How can she claim to be all “Christiany” but tricking out her daughter for fame and money by any means necessary? Ain’t nothing Christian about that.

  30. Listen if a married man has an outside child, the wife can forgive him,(it’s her choice)but she doesn’t have to deal with the child if she chooses not too. But it doesn’t give her the right to make him choose between their marriage and the child. Let him be responsible and man up, eventually the wife will come around. It’s not that she don’t like the child, give her time to heal and get use to the fact that there’s an addition to the family, it’s not easy.. But never should a WOMEN tell a man to not take care of his child under any circumstances…

  31. My husband had 2 children (from an affair) while we were married. I left him because he was messing around on me. While we were separated, that’s when the other woman had his child so no way was I going back to him. That was over 30 years ago. I accept his children and they are close to my son. However, I blame not only him, but the other woman. How do explain to your child/children that they were conceived as a result of an affair? And his children do (including my son) do have issues about this. My son hates his dad because of what he did to me. However, the mother of his other children needs to set the record straight about the real relationship she had with their father/my husband. My husband also needs to be truthful with his children. I understand how some women feel about accepting a child from an affair because its a reminder of that affair and its painful.

    • you’re still hurt,hell,do you realize you are calling him your husband!!! get over it,you was married to a dog,you did what you should have what most women won’t do and thats divorce!!!

      • It’s easier said than done and you need to stop giving advice. I’m assuming you’ve been doing that a lot on this post. Go get a man, you self-righteuos heathen.

        • and thats the problem with people like you,you want to go around venting your anger and hatred of your problems but don’t want solutions,all cause you rather wollow around in your misery. well if you don’t like the advice,skip over it cause im not the only one speaking positive on this subject. anywho,most women that married those cheating bastards knew they were no good from the get go,what the hell the chick thought,the ring had some magical powers,well it dont!!! and as far as me getting a man,i take it with that attitude you dont have one from being bitter from what your husband or past husband has dont to you in the past,tough you should chose well,next time pay attention to those reds flags,they’re there for a reason,it means, RUN YOUR ASS AWAY FROM HIM,this time follow it!!!!

  32. He didnt choose you and the kids, it just gave his sorry behind an excuse not to take care of his kid…sorry sorry sorry!

  33. I am not proud of this but, I had a out of wedlock baby by my high school sweet-heart. I said high school but, we dated through Jr. High and high school.

    We were so much in love. I thought we were going to get married. I got pregnant by him when I was 19 years old. Things changed between us. I was in love but, I wanted a career, I wanted to be an entertainer. Somehow we drifted apart. He was still in our son’s life. Until he got married. When he got married he broke off all communication with his son. He even cut off financial support.

    More than anything else I wanted him to have a relationship with his son. I was never disrespectful to his wife. By the way his wife already had 3 children. I just couldn’t believe how someone I had known all of those years would treat his son that way. I was devastated.

    It took me a long time to get over it. But, I did and I have truly forgiven him. Remember that Forgiveness is mandatory but trust is a process. I never talked our son against his father. I felt that if there was some things that he should know about his father, he would soon find out on his own. I am so happy that I made that decision.

    But, to make a long story short he died at a young age in 2009. He had been sick for a long time. Something about his breathing influenza or something like that. He even had heart problems.

    I am thankful to God that he blessed me with the gift of forgiveness. When I heard he had passed, I really didn’t feel anything. I knew in my heart that I had done right by him. My mother use to say “no matter what they do, just make sure you do right.” I will just say that we have to watch how we treat people especially children.

    • im so sorry for your loss and i wish that he couldv’e done better for his son like he was suppose to before it was to late. people need to realize,you don’t know when you die,its best to go blameless before the lord so we can have the gift of spending the rest of our lives with him in eternity,just thinking about it makes my heart skip a beat,yes, im in a holy love with god my creator!!!But i must say this sistah, ithr you’r gonna b focus on creating a family or persuing a career, i can’t stress enough that blackwomen needs to learn to get stable first financially in life first then start a family,cause the average of us dont have a financial safety net when it comes to family or self. im so tired of seeing beautiful black women with kids and struggling so early in life,this time don’t put the cart before the horse. im 30 and still don’t have children,i refuse to bring any seed into this world into poverty,which is a curse,you can only to on thing at a time,and i will continue to encourage other young sistahs to pursue a life of success first before family,for stability reasons cause that man can walk away. when i was sexually active i used protection now that im saved,im celebate,thanks to the Lord,for the strength & understanding of his word of the laws dealing with sex. i hope you to use your situation as a testimony to help other young sistahs so they to don’t have to experience the same paths you’ve been down. and by the way your situation is different from whats being discuss,you were before your sons wife,not after,she knew of you before she married him.



    • well if thats the case get use to not being the only man in your woman life,cause women follow men. an whether you like it or not,the word of god speaks that fornicators and adulterers will not see the kingdom of god!!! in other words theres a hot spot in hell just for you!! GOD is not playing he meant what was spoken,1 man to 1 woman,single or married,take your pick!!!

    • Just because those men did it, did not mean that God approved. No where does it say that it is to be up to four wives per man. It was to be one man/one woman. Noah, Ham, Shem and Japheth only took one woman each aboard the ark and THAT is how the earth was repopulated. There is no longer any need to populate the earth. Having more than one woman caused so many problems: look at Sarai & Abram and what they caused. Look at Solomon and how these women caused him problems (which he admitted!) AND worse yet, led him into idolotry against the One True God. Men cheat because they are sinners, period.

  36. The only person who owes him anything is the whore he calls his mom and willie. If hes has issues he needs to take them up with the two people who’s whoring made him and leave everyone else out of it. Brandy, her brother and mom didn’t create the situation, his trifling mom did. She knew the situation.

    That said, I am not a fan of Brandy or anyone associated with her. Oh and i wouldn’t have stayed with his ass after finding out he’d cheated.

  37. I didn’t watch Family Biz. Something about Sonya Norwood’s personality/features (can’t put my finger on it) rubs me the wrong way. I did, however, watch Brandy’s behind the music and what I wanna know is, how did they leave out clips and making mention of the fact that she was on the tv show Thea?

    • You mean Brandy on Moesha, beats me.I certain shouldn’t be known I suppose.You have that rapper name Drake that doesn’t like to be reminded of his acting past on Degrassi.You have Mark Wahlberg who is this famous executive producer of The damn Television show “Entourage” who does not like to be that rapping dude name “MarkyMark and the Funky Bunch”.

  38. Leave !randy and her famaly alone,do not judge what you don’t know.wait for shit like this to your own family and experience it first hand and maybe,just maybe you can realy know what is like.my father’s got children outside before and after his marriage to my mother and I personally chose to have nothing to do with them.it is a choice…leave B alone…

  39. Women should not be let off the hook for bringing unwanted children in the world it’s one thing to cheat but the man becomes the victim when he’s trapped with a child loving the feeling of sex doesn’t mean you want to be a father wake up sheep and most women have babies for food stamps

  40. Women should not be let off the hook for bringing unwanted children in the world it’s one thing to cheat but the man becomes the victim when he’s trapped with a child loving the feeling of sex doesn’t mean you want to be a father wake up sheep and most women have babies for food stamps and housing authority anyway and don’t forget about tax dependents

  41. The only victims in this scenario is the poor deceived wives. Its not her responsibility to make room in her heart and mind for illegitimate kids, but the adulterers to be prepared that a child could be shunned, disowned and displaced. This is what he chose when he disrespected his union, and what she chose when she contributed to it. This is the reality when people disregard loyalty/commitment. The situation should never be made easy for the adulterers. Women, when you know better, you obviously do better; and don’t ever think that you can get what you want by having a “keep a nigger baby.” The child will suffer, and it won’t encourage the man to love/want you. Its desperate and pathetic. The way he treated you will be the extension of his treatment for the child. You know,the booty calls and disregard that you willingly accepted. Don’t blame the wives for your low-level of self-respect or that your child doesn’t wear a crown of acceptance. The choice was yours and that’s what you created; so, put on your big girl panties, the ones that you proudly took off for HER husband, and go it alone. You get no sympathy here.

  42. Who am i to judge?cant people just mind their business.Please face your own family if you have got one and make it spotless and without mistakes.plssssss!

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