‘R&B Divas’ Take LA, Ratchet Antics To Come?


Suge Knight Michel'le Toussant Daughter

Death Row Records’ Baby Momma Drama?

HSK Exclusive – ‘R&B Divas’ may soon be upping its ratchet factor. That’s because a Los Angeles spin-off of the TV One reality show is set to feature Michel’le Toussant, the singer who’s a baby momma to BOTH Dr. Dre AND Suge Knight!

Sources tell us while Dr. Dre isn’t backing plans of his son being placed in front of the cameras, Suge Knight is reported to think the idea is a good one.

Here’s what an insider tells HSK:

“Dre has a 17-year-old son, Marcel, with Michel’le. Dre knows Michel’le is doing the TV show for the money and the spotlight — but he doesn’t think it’s a good move if she puts his son on a reality show.

Michel’le and Suge Knight share an 11-year-old daughter, Balei, and don’t be surprised if you see a cameo from Suge.”

Here’s what Frequency Magazine is reporting:

“LA’s cast is comprised of Chante Moore, Claudette Ortiz, Dawn Robinson, and Michel’le, and it will be airing in the fall.

R&B Divas” is not your typical reality series. The show provides a transparent yet vivid illustration of respect, teamwork, and real life camaraderie among women while avoiding the negative stigmas depicted in most reality series.”

Michel'le Toussant RnB Divas


  1. Here we go…anyone hear about “Wise Girls”? Kijafa Vick, Saniyyah, Ms Cat and a few other cohorts?

  2. You admire and respect certain artists for their talent and their craft. Then they go do a stupid reality show and show their asses. Now everything you thought that was great about their music and their mystic goes out the window. Sign.

    • I thought Dr. Dre and Michel’le’s son passed away? I had no idea that she and Sug Knight shared a child. If so, I hope the producers give him NO air time.

      • I’ve just confirmed that Dr. Dre’s eldest son, aged 20, died of a morphine and heroine overdose on August 23, 2009. He was the son of a prior relationship with Jenita Porter. With that said, If Michel’le is heading a reality show, then what’s wrong with her children being a part of it? It is reality, right? I’m sure Marcel would embrace the exposure, but if Dre is concerned with his safety thereafter, then he has an argument.

        • SsPt aShow bankruE Wow this chic is a hoe and even worse the bitch is broke. Was snoop hitting that too? What’s next if the show doesn’t work out is she gonna release the sex tape of jodeci smoking crack and running a train on her? Suges a bum too that’s why he’s on the show

          • well jodeci used to hang around the deathrow studios and recorded songs with snoop, pac, and dog pound.

            if michel’le wrote a book about her days with lonzo, eazy, dre, and suge it would be an interesting read.

            suge used to woop her azz.

            and we all know dre’s punk azz never fights duded but beat up dee barnes for a comment ice cube made.

            like big hutch told dre back in 94 you scared as fuck to diss ice cube.

          • It’s amazing ho people can be so negative. Lets hear your story or your parents story. Everyone has used poor judgment at least once in their lifetime. To sit here and express hatred and judge her is not cool. Remember these people have feelings too.

  3. How could Dr. Dre have a 17 y/o with Michel’le?
    That would make the kid born in ’95 or ’96.
    I thought the kid would be older.

    • Michel’le son with Dre is 23 years old she is lying about his age because she is probably lying about hers.

  4. …Well, one good thing I can say about the series is its premise (If the series is actually that way) and that Michel’le’s song ‘Something In My Heart’ is a classic. Also, nice lineup and all, but Lil’ Mo was supposed to be on the show, as well–I wonder what happened with that?

  5. well they do have a kid it was confirmed from TV 1 but I don’t think Claudia Ortiz fits in with the cast she is like 12 yrs old compared to those VETS should have replaced her with Shanice a better look I think. But Dr. Dre shouldn’t have a problem with the kids being in some small limelight. Don’t believe me just ask Snoop Lion or Rev. Run LOL

  6. Ummm, I don’t know about this line-up. Doesn’t seem like these singers have the grit like the Atlanta cast does.

    But, they probably have more drama to bring to the table.

    • I’m watching this for Dawn Robinson’s messy arse.

      Any woman (especially one that was once on top of their game with two singing groups) who marries so far down that the dude is singing at the gas station for change to fill up their RV…and then he got somebody preg.

      I wanna know what is wrong this type of person because this happened in the past five yrs, not 20+ yrs ago.

      • They want drama??? Perhaps they should invite the other members from EnVogue and they can fight over who owns the name during the entire hour show….LOL

    • That’s Michel’le natural eye color! Yep thy chg colors. Lil Mo is tthe one with beauty supply store colored contacts! LMAO!

      • Here I am reppin my peeps again! Light eyes are very very common in Creoles. I can’t say I’ve ever known one to have eyes that change color though. I remember the first time I ever saw her and was mesmerized by her eyes. And for the record, her last name is spelled Toussaint, but the pronunciation is phonetically as if it was spelled Toussant. One of the most famous writers and musicians in New Orleans is Allen Toussaint whose mother was a Neville. To this day he plays piano with his show band at Carnegie Hall and other top tier venues. Most of his stuff wouldn’t ring a bell with any of you youg’uns, but he is revered by all the British major acts of the 70s like Clapton, The Stones and The Beatles. Like many Black musical geniuses from the south, he originally was overlooked in this country and it took the English rockers to bring him to the fore. He’s 73 now, but a very young appearing 73(kinda like Aaron Neville) and he wrote one of my favorite love ballads that I bet none of y’all ever heard of “Ruler of my Heart”.
        Sorry for my PR pitch, but I am very proud of “family”.

        • I understand that her eyes are natural but the rhinoplasty bothers me. Do Creoles aspire to have more ambiguous muted facial features as well?

          • Her last name is spelled Toussant check all her other work she recently started with the “I” in it. I heard it’s for bs reasons her brother is suppose to becoming out with an album at the same time the show is suppose to start and he had some interesting songs about the family. So yeah they are real eyes hazel and real interesting. He is using some name like Soliarii or Soli he is talking big shit about her Suge everybody I think it’s a publicity stunt on both their parts I heard they are a pretty cuckoo bunch. And her voice is an exaggeration her nephew is suppose to be from BWS but nobodies seen this kid an on her wiki she says he is famous Dzy the freshman or Frenchman and her son Marcel is grown that man is in his 20’s

          • Yeah I read about her brother doing music he live in Alhambra or something like that. Him and his son are working together can’t remember their name but he don’t talk to her very much. I found him googling her after hearing my shit ” Something In my heart ” I hadn’t heard it in a while and wondered what she was up to I thought she was dead. Out of curiosity I listened to her brother and he has some hot ass music I had to know what he sounded like because how she sounds but don’t know about him saying shit about her but who in this world hasn’t had issues with their brother or sister leave them people alone they are human beings good luck to her and her brother and fam.

          • Yeah it is spelled Toussant . I was a fan in highschool. Yeah I agree with the person above . I’d like to know what’s up with her family I heard her nephew is some producer too and him and his dad ( her brother) got an album coming out. Are they Creole or Indian this dude has long ass hair like the real chance of love dude? And her brother is made a song about how she hurt him he is on a lot if the hip hop blog magazines and he is releasing an album on July and the same way you found him I did looking up what’s up with her . Didn’t hear the song either but I wanna watch this and I would watch this family including her brother on a show dis function make for good entertainment . Like the Braxton’s . Her brother is http://www.mtv.com/artists/soliarii

  7. Dr Dre has millions of dollars yet NEVER spends time with his son..but now he wants to speak up. This is her family & a reality show, so Dre.. chill. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Suge Knight fan but Suge raised Dr Dre son for years. Michel’le is doing what she has to do for her family. I don’t see what the problem is..

  8. dre fathered 9 kids and him and michel’le been dating since the wrecking crew before they joined ruthless and they both went to deathrow.

    michel’le married sue and was mad because dre did’nt wanna marry her and to piss dre off.

    suge seeing an oppurtunity to diss and piss off dre married michel’le bragging saying yeah I phukked your bitch and your baby mama he bragged about phukking misa hylton just to piss off diddy.

    michel’le has’nt had a hit since 90.


    2PAC SAID IT BEST DRE TAKES 2 YEARS TO MAKE 1 BEAT AND TAke credit for other peoples work.

    • The part about Dre not wanting to marry her is wrong. He said in his autobiography that he proposed to her 3 different occasions & she declined bc she thought they weren’t ready for marriage. I’m not sure how suge came into the picture… lol

    • Once again Crazy Chris you are spreading falsehoods …..doctor Dre didn’t date Michelle when he was in wrecking cru …..they met when he was with Nwa because eazy E and him both wanted to talk to her when they first met her and they was on some may the best man win type situation then he started to date her and they had a child together this is documented …smh. If you gonna tell it have facts smdh

      • Excuse me I meant before her being signed to Nwa and wrecking Cru they met he didn’t start dating her until Nwa days


      • Crazy Chris is right she he had to have met her before NWA because she callobrated with wreckingcrew

    • Yes Dre is a true blue beat stealer he hires talented producers like my homie that I grew up with The Mel Man. He produced for mad people for Afternath and Dre took all the credit!

      • @E Double–True, but pretty much every so-called ‘super-producer (Dre, Timbaland, Kanye West, The Neptunes, Jermaine Dupri back in the day, etc.)’ either used ghost producers (Un-famous people who act as apprentices to the more famous super-producers and produce beats in their name, which the super-producers sell for the highest dollar–This is the main reason these producers have and still charge so much for their beats)–The aforementioned Mel-Man, Scott Storch, and others for Dre, Danja and Scott Storch for Timbaland, un-named ghost-producers for The Neptunes and Kanye, and the list goes on–Hell, Kanye himself was a ghost producer for Bad Boy ‘Hittmen’ member Derk Angelitte a.k.a. ‘The Mad Rapper’ back in the late ’90s, which served as Kanye’s foot in the door to the Industry.

        Speaking of which, I found it both funny and pathetic how The Source magazine, under the corrupt direction of Benzino and his Life Partner Dave Mays, called themselves ‘exposing’ Dre for this during their early-00s beef with him, Eminem, 50 Cent & G-Unit, and eventually Interscope Records itself, as if they had no problem with it being done while they and Dre were on good terms. Not to mention The Source ‘exposed’ Dre while conveniently neglecting to expose any of the producers they were still cool with who did and were doing the same thing, which makes them what? As fake as fake can be. Either expose everyone or shut up and continue your business relationship with the frauds, it’s that simple.

      • And I almost forgot to mention Timbaland and Kanye, along with Dre, were caught stealing beats from others and passing them off as their own–Nelly Furtado’s Timbaland-produced beat for ‘Do It (Though the suit was later dismissed because the group Tim stole the beat from hadn’t copyrighted it when Tim stole it):’


        Also, here’s a video comparing ‘Do It’ to the original song:


        And Ludacris’ Kanye West-produced ‘Stand Up:’


        And of course, we can’t forget D.J. Quik neglecting a sample in Truth Hurts’ ‘Addictive’ beat, which resulted in he, Truth, Aftermath Records (Her label at the time) & Interscope Records being sued, and Truth being dropped:


        So yeah, these ‘super-producers’ do a lot of not-so-super underhanded shit behind the scenes just to keep their names out there, much like the rest of the bullshit Industry they’re in.

    • Dre has fathered NINE children?? Good Lord! That man MUST have been somewhat straight up to some point.
      That kind of thing is what makes me SMH when the media et al say “You are born gay and that’s that.”

  9. I don’t know why y’all tryna play Michel’le like she can’t sing! This woman got some pipes for yo a**!! She deserving to be on the show just like the rest of the ladies. Minus Claudette..



  10. Dre is disgusting, he sure did not acknowledge his black babies he had with those sisters he never married – but he made sure he married that white woman and gave her everything, and made sure his biracial babies had the best. Dre needs to shut up and keep his mouth shut like he has always done regarding his black babies. I don’t get it, these black men marry and give the white woman everything and give their biracial kids the best money can buy, yet these same black men fight and block the Black woman (the mothers of their black children) from being on shows or anything giving these Black women a chance to make money. Yep some of these black men are so confused and misguided once they make millions, its pathetic!!

    • Boo bye, im a sista and i can tell ya all these women including his wife has caught hell dealing with this bisexual man!! If im not mistaken he is a woman beater!!! These women messed up from giving him a chance in the first place with all them kids. When are sistas gonna stop standing in line to be a womb for a man with kids already, with a bad track record with woman. Question is what did these women see in this thing of a man,called dre ?! A man can be financially stable all he wants, the question is can u live with him? Does his flaws outweigh his positive points of himself or vice vera?!!

    • I agree , did any of them think before they saw dollar signs where that relationship was going ? Like marriage ? You can’t talk shit about him being a dog etc when a man will only to what you allow him to do. I haven’t heard he raped anyone to have all those kids it must have been consenting sex. Sad how some of these women don’t have more faith and respect for them selves Nd just like Michel’le what are they going to do when the baby turns 18. And the checks stop rolling in. Obviously she wasn’t smart enough to purchase a home , Invest in her or her kids future. If your going to be a HOE be a smart one ladies wise up. Whether or not they were in a long term relationship ship or whatever all them knew what they were dealing with.

    • Women are mainly opportunists and use children as commodities if they cannot use them as pawns for commitment. Not all but many. The ones who don’t have living proof of their indiscretions have generally flushed a few fetuses or had a few bouts of PID a few while having their nose in the air. At least the ones labeled as whores are more honest from my observation. If more women were as honorable as they claim the world would be a tad different.

  11. @Peace well said!!!! !! Michel’le was with him for 10 years. And when blew up he married the white woman. Dr Dre had 7 kids BEFORE he got married & he treats his biracial kids waaaaay better. Wrong Dr Dre! Now he’s pissed bc she’s trying to better herself. Reality show, album or whatever she’s doing it’s LEGAL money. Kick rocks Dre!

  12. I will be watching. Love her & the rest of the cast. Lil Mom’s EGO is larger than life!!!! Yes she can sing but her whole career is based on collaborations. She talks too much s*** for me. Michel’le on the other hand seems humble. Cant wait to watch the show

  13. Chante Moore suppose to be on there too I heard, lil mo, Michelle, claudette Ortiz, dawn robinson, Kelly price but I think Kelly’s gonna be like a faith Evans just in and out in different episodes I would never expect any of them to be friends…. At least the Atlanta crew had fame almost around the same time…. But with this new crew it seem like they all got dropped at the same time

  14. Dr Dre`s wife Nicole Threatt is black. She is of mixed heritage, half white/half black. She appears to be Keke Wyatt`s complexion.

    • I checked 3 different websites and they all say that Nicole Threatt is white, not bi-racial. They do say that she is a mixture of nationalities whatever that means. I see some photos where she looks bi-racial, and then I see some where she looks white. I think she is either Indian/white or Hispanic/white.

  15. I always liked Michel’le but that fake ass baby voice can be annoying..is she still talkin in the baby voice?? I heard it was her gimmick..

  16. I cant take the baby voice. If she is still talking with the baby voice, they need to have her sing all her lines like Elvis did.

  17. And the baby voice is not fake. She underwent some type of psychological trauma when she was a toddler and didn’t start speaking and developing her largnx until much later than most children.
    That being said, its still annoying.

    • BS it’s fake what trauma look at her interview on Soul train, Arsenio show and conveniently her doctor that said why she spoke that way was dead now WTF ever. I am a fan of her work but not her life. These are real people like us and they can be full of shit too

  18. I heard Michel’le was a really sweet person. I wish the blogs would stop bashing her. Ok…she has 2 baby daddies.. who cares!!?? She most definitely can SING. Stop the madness. And Yes…Lil Mo is off the f*** chain! WTF is Mo so cocky??

    • Hell I got two baby daddies & we all from the same hood lol who cares it be like that sometimes shit.

  19. If it wasn’t forr Michell’le there wouldn’t a monifa keke or selena. She opened those doors early. Futher more I’m glad she hasn’t wasted her talents on/with wack producers, but kept her legacy intact.

    • michel’le’s career was’nt that great.

      made one album everybody from the generation x remembers then became a backup singer for deathrow by the time her second album was released in 99 deathrow was played out and nobody cared about her anymore.

      chante moore made a few hit songs fell off married kadeem hardison came back divorced him dated r kelly and everybody else weird cause she was too old for kelly then she married kenny latimore and played out again.

      selena you talking about the mexican girl who was killed by her biggest fan because the industry told her to kill selena.

  20. This R&B Diva LA cast seems very interesting! Lil Mo is ratchet. Kelly Price don’t put up with the bullshit. Dawn seems messy. Michel’le seems like the soft spoken peacemaker. Chante has a huge sense of humor. And Claudette…. well we don’t know enough about you to determine a characteristic. Sorry. I will be watching! Kelly & Michel’le are my favs..

  21. Here I am googling seeing what new with my hubby and son and this shit comes up. First of all congrats to her and all the women on the show and trying to make a come back or strengthen their careers , second they are entertainers y’all all in these women’s relationship and personal business. This show although a reality show is still I am sure focusing on their career and not all the negative things that make them human beings. I am sure if any of you were talented enough to have your 15 minutes then your past or even current personal lives wouldn’t be squeaky clean. Stop tearing people down and let’s start building on one another strengths.

    And a shameless plug for my family . Yes Dzy the Freshman aka Shawn Beats is her nephew and a Producer he produced hip hop artist Soliarii’s album dropping July 16,2013 and Soliarii is her younger brother and they all love each other very much and have disagreements or don’t communicate like most families in the world like they should SO WHAT ! I have spoken to my sister in weeks and I still love her. Support these people and how they are showing us how they live. That has to be hard as hell

  22. All y’all know how to do is bash people from her damn nose to her voice stfu cause what will y’all be doing?….sitting at home watching the premiere of R&b divas la July 10th lame asses