Real Hollywood Gangsta Did Celebrities Dirty Work


Doing Holywoods Dirty Work

Anthony Pellicano is currently serving 18 years in prison. Know why? Because in 2008 Anthony Pellicano was found guilty on 77 charges, including for  racketeering, wire fraud, and illegal eavesdropping mane.

Before going to prison Anthony Pellicano was the detective to the stars. Pellicano was the problem solver to Hollywood actors and their lawyers. Don’t believe me? Ask Tom Cruise.

Anthony Pellicano used wiretapping to get intel for his celebrity clients. Some of who were being extorted from strippers/callgirls. Don’t believe me? Ask Chris Rock.

Here’s what 67 year old Anthony Pellicano had to say:

“When you are my client, you become my family. My clan included Michael Jackson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Farrah Fawcett, Kevin Costner, Courtney Love and Chris Rock, just to name a few. Just to talk to me cost $25,000. I worked for Micheal Jackson in his 1993 molestation case, I warned him that he better not be guilty. I told him you don’t have to worry about cops or lawyers. If I find anything, I will fuck you over. I quit because I found out some truths…he did something far worst to young boys than molest them.”


In 2006 police raided Pellicano’s office, there they discovered plastic explosives and a pair of hand grenades. Cops also found thousands of transcripts and encrypted tapes of phone conversations that Pellicano had illegally taped.

Here’s what Anthony Pellicano had to say about drug usage in Hollywood:

“If you saw what I found in celebrity homes: cocaine, heroin, Ecstacy, vials of narcotics. There was a doctor shooting up celebrities with morphine for $350”.

Anthony Pellicano was known for attacking and investigating pimps and prostitutes and he made his money from protecting the johns aka celebrities.

Pellicano’s description about celebrities on drugs didn’t surprise me. Know why? Because during Pellicano’s era Julia Roberts was doing (Booty Bumps) shooting crystal methamphetamine in her ass mane. Don’t believe me? Ask her brother Eric.

Check out Pellicano’s first interview since being locked up HERE