Whitney Houston Found Dead Underwater in Hotel Bath


Ray J Found Dead Whitney

Update: I was just called with news that goons are already on the look out for Ray J, as word on the street is that Ray J copped the dope.


HSK Exclusive – I have spoken to several people close to Whitney Houston and her camp. According to one source, Whitney had recently undergone an abortion. No word on who would have been the father, however Ray J is the number one suspect.

Another source claimed that it was Ray J who discovered Whitney Houston at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, but his representatives are saying that is not the case. Which means, Ray J very well could have been the person to discover Whitney Houston had died.

Reports are that police want to question Ray J regarding the currently still mysterious cause of Whitney’s death.



  1. 48 years old and abortion, are two words that are usually not used together. More likely than not Whitney was going through menopause, and not a pregnancy.

    Anyhoooo….. the plot will continue to thicken.

    • Most women don’t go through menopause until they’re in their 50s. Before the pill, it was common for women to have babies in their late 40s and early 50s in the USA, and it’s still very common in some parts of the world.

      I wondered why Whitney’s stomach was so big when she was leaving the TRU Hollywood club 2 nights before she died, and a recently-aborted pregnancy is one possibility.

  2. All of this is so sad. I pray that BobbyChristina has the right ppl around her. I think its very strange that she died after finishing up “Sparkle”…somewhat similar to MichaelJackson because we all know before his death he was about to make a comeback as well

  3. a botched abortion? where is the blood? you just don’t STOP bleeding..reports say she was fully dressed for Clive’s party..so she have on a huge pad that the paramedics missed??? Do better

    • The abortion was sometime back, but having an abortion does cause depression. Doesn’t it? I also reported Whitney was getting high on the set of “Sparkle”. If people was listening to me she would still be alive…

  4. Ok, sometime back is not what you wrote..and all women that have abortions don’t get depressed..there are those who have several and treat it as birth control..now as far as getting high on Sparkle yes..getting high last weekend hell yes..the pics prove it..but if you want people to believe you..choose your wording to reflect what you MEANT..all i’m saying

    • The woman just had an abortion, I don’t know the exact time…I break stories what are you talking about? I don’t care if you believe me or not…I tell the truth. Don’t believe me? Ask Jamie Foxx.

      • You’ve not been sued yet Jacky. I believe you bruh. Your facts are usually 100% accurate. And I’m not saying that just to kiss up. The truth shall make you free!
        And who said all women don’t have depression after an abortion? Trust, they do. They may not show it but that procedure violates and decimated the female anatomy.

        • I didn’t get depression after my abortion. I did not want to have a baby – I wish I had been more responsible and did not get pregnant. But frankly I was relieved that it was all over. Now I definitely practice protected sex.

  5. Dressed for a party at 3pm in the afternoon? Huh. That doesn’t make sense. Reports ar that her body was found in the bath tub.

    The truth will never come out. Coroners reports can be manipulated, and have vermin regards to celebrities.

    All I can say is I hope her daughter learns from this and cleans up her act.

    • Dressed for a party at 3pm in L.A. is not unusual for celebs. They have press, photo ops, interviews, etc. Not to mention L.A. traffic if she was meeting someone. A ride from West Hollywood to Hollywood can take hours. These events happen in real time but are reported and sent globally to news media in different times zones too. It ain’t like going to the club with Pukey and ’em.

  6. Thank U pinkkitty! There are so many different reports on how she was found re: by her bodyguard, brother, Ray J. The bathtub I do believe! Ray J I do believe! Cos Ray J’s people jumped on trying to deny he was even there, after CNN supposedly confirmed it. I think it’s creepy this horrid shit goes down the night of Clive Davis huge grammy party. Plus her weird bloody wrist pics on media take out the day before and it just goes on and on in strangeness. The truth will be covered up on this. They’ll rule it drug related. This person will pay off that person and it will be done. Heartbreaking end to one of the greatest singers in the world.

    • hmm..i went on Fakeout as well..i saw the scratch on her wrist and it was on the outside ..not where an attempt would be made..they also said she was bathed in blood..not true either..there was blood on the outside of her leg, but Christina Aguilera had more than she did and THAT was supposed to be some tanning mess..There is a lot of exaggeration but the only true statement is she is dead

      • If you look at that pic in media fake out closely, you will notice TE whole front of whitney’s outfit was wet. From under her breast down to her lap there is a spot that looks like they tried to clean her up.
        Maybe she was dancing and got hot. Regardless, something went down that night and the truth will come out. Snoop’s wife was with her do she would know.

  7. whitney’s death was certainly inevitable. I’m saddened that it came down to this but most of my sadness is for christina and her propensity for doing drugs and drinking, following in the footsteps and path that WHITNEY set.
    I would like to know how sissy houston is feeling and who is charge of christina now.

  8. Whitney has made all the news outlets. Nothing else is being reported. She was a great singer, her voice was her tool.. She did not need to show off her body to get her talent noticed.

    Whitney was one of the greatest singers of our time. Unfortunately she squandered that talent. Many artists have had drug problems over the years… Most of them have made it out wiser and sober. That never happened for Whitney.

    Knowing that there are so many behind the scenes people who pull the strings…. I can’t help but wonder who called in Whitney’s number? Who was ready to let her go? Was she worth more dead than alive, like Michael Jackson? Who gave her a hot hit, ala Janis Joplin. Dead in the bathroom ala Elvis.

    We will never know.

  9. JACKET – all the recent BAD PRESS night of Clove Davis party night before the Grammy JACKY Are u scared to say it – illuminate??????? Don’t all this seem. STRANGE or are you on there payroll t

  10. That’s true but I do agree with that the way all of this has gone down seems CREEPY as hell. I mean, they are partying downstairs at a pre-grammy party while Whitney’s dead body and crime investigation going on upstairs. WTF??

    And I’m suspect about Ray J and his publicist statement about him not being there, when his friend clearly told reporters that he (Ray J) told him that he was indeed the one who found her, but they quickly changed it to her bodyguard named Ray. Whitney got into a fight with a girl the other day at Kelly Prices listening party over Ray J. Yeah, police need to get at him. Did he supply her final hit?

  11. The ritual will continue all night into the morning while Whitney’s body lays inside the hotel on the 4th floor. Watch the “stars” showing up to this “party” on the red carpet posing for the cameras. You will know demons by their actions. They will show up to the Grammy’s pretending to pay tribute but will use that energy to fuel their own meteoric rise.

    R.I.P Whitney Houston

    • Exactly! This reeks of a ritual killing. She was killed and her torch was passed on to Jennifer Hudson whose family members were ritualistically killed. Jennifer was the complete opposite of Whitney.

      Whitney was marketed as a girl next door with cross over appear. Her music became more soulful as her career advanced. She acted in movies as her career took off. She married and then had a baby.

      Jennifer hit the big time quickly, won an Oscar before she ever had album in stores. When Whitney presented Jennifer her first Grammy, I knew something strange was happening. Jennifer had a baby by a man of questionable sexuality before she married him( and 3 yeRs, still hasn’t


      • I made that same connection. I believe there is something strange between the Whitney and Jennifer connection too. I have a feeling that Jennifer is about blow up through the roof now that Whitney is gone.

      • What about Whitney’s father’s death? Was he her sacrifice? And then there’s Teena Marie’s death from the Cash Money crew.

        • Awww c’mon y’all! Hell, Whitney couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket so how was she completion enough for anyone? Jennifer Is at her best vocally. Whitney couldn’t even sing Yes Jesus loves me to Kelly Price the other night.
          Let’s try another angle people.

          • @Iz IZ Back–EXACTLY!!! Whitney was no longer useful to the industry. Her pipes were busted. Clive knew there would be no real Whitney comeback, so he has been grooming Jennifer Hudson all of these years for this very moment.

            Think about this: MJ was preparing for a big comeback. The promoters knew there was no way he would make it all the way through, so therefore, he was a liability. Whitney’s last concerts were disasterous and she had to cancel the bulk of her shows, which also made her a liability. What better way to recoup money on a lost investment? DEATH and cash in on life insurance and entertainment policies, and not to mention all of the products that will sale.

            And I find it extremely strange that she died, of ALL places and times, at the Grammy’s. The pre-Grammy party was her and Clive’s thing. She showed up on his arm every year. Some have even called her the Queen of the Grammys. But this year, the party was going on like nothing happened and with Whitney’s dead body in the same building?? Like someone said earlier, this will be Jennifer Hudson’s big coming out ritual ceremony.

            Not to get all astrological and “out there”, but I do think sometimes these numbers might have a significance to them: Whitney died 2-11-2012:
            * the number 2 means division
            * the number 11 means disorder; a flawed addition to perfect order. In other words, 1 too many
            *2012 is supposed to be the end of the existence as we know and the start of a new/different era

            Whitney was no longer the money maker and she was in the way. Jennifer Hudson will be the new it girl.

  12. “Comebacks” seem to be code for “getting ready to die.” Michael Jackson was on his way to a “comeback”, Amy Winehouse was on her way to a “comeback.” Last week, Mia Campbell was talking about her way to a “comeback.” The bottom line is that these stars need to know when to stop the Hollywood madness because it’s too much and their handlers don’t give a damn about them except for making that money. This is a tragedy! I’m shocked and saddened by Whitney’s death, and I’m a bit pissed and disgusted by the partying going on while her dead body is laying several feet away from it all.

  13. sad loss and ppl & too many didnt want her to leave this world with grace.
    i suspect ray j is the fally guy by default,……but this events will thicken.

  14. everybody with any eyes knew she was in trouble but I guess those closest to her didnt watch her close enough….in any event ,she is truely at peace now,RIP NIPPY….your fans love you no matter what.

  15. I agree with the comments regarding her being sacrificed.. Maybe the reason why the Ray J even started dating her was a set up.. She was set up to be sacrificed from the beginning.. I mean why would Ray J even date Whitney.. She was beautiful back then, but now shes definately not a beauty queen.. The reason they are partying is because they are celebrating it.. We all should pray cuzz we are definately living in dark and evil days. Rip Whitney.. At least your with God the Father.. Protected from evil.. Oh.. Just a suggestion.. Check out what the number 11 means?? She died on Feb 11th.. Not a coincidence..

  16. Almost forgot.. Make sure that when u search the meaning of the number 11.. Make sure that u search the meaing of the number to the illuminati and free masons.. B blessed..

  17. I hope this abortion with Ray-J is untrue. That just sounds bizarre to me. She’s old enough to be his mother. They seem more oddly linked than her and Bobby. Rest In Peace. Her talent was truly a gift from God.

  18. so Jacky you were right the past stories u report i will only come to u u are the truth
    but please Jacky i want u to take the time out to respect this woman for what she brought to the industry black industry despite her demons she was her own demon and the fuckers around her!!!

    we bash our people when there alive and wanna be sad when there gone she was one of the greatest female singers in our lifetime rip nippy…..

    I hope everyones on the lookout for that mutha fucka RAY J
    From the UK we will always love u whitney

  19. Hey you guys type in satanic numerology of 2012 in google search engine.. Im sure things will b very clear on this topic afterwards..

  20. CNN Says Ray J Did not find her Her brother FOuNd Her in the BathTub He Said it was obvious she was deceased

    She was at the hilton ON The 4th floor for Clive Davises pre Grammy Party held at the hOTel

    Now an Abortion at 48 come on Jacky………

    • no get it right it was reported over here in the uk that it wasn’t that mutha fucka raj but a bodygauard named ray who found Whitney body i smell a cover up even when the guy was speaking to the reporter he sounded shady i hate ray j i belive he had somthing to with this bitch azz fool del

  21. 02-11-2012 these are storng occult, satanic numerology combonations. Whitney was tightly controlled by Clive Davis. However, the hold that drugs had on her was far greater than the hold that Clive or Bobby Brown had.

    On some level all artists are controlled by either drugs or their “secrets” and tendencies, but controlling someone with drugs is a tricky thing. It can go bad very quickly. Its hard to blieve that Whitney’s drug of choice was her undoing. Smiking crack killed her vocals. Other well known addicts, i.e. Etta James was a well known for at least 30 years before she finally kicked the habit…. but her voice was not effected by heroin. Etta had career slumps… but could always sing.

    Smoking crack killed Whitney’s voice, she was no longer an asset to Clive. The past weekend proved that Whitney was still using, she was no longer sober (that is if she ever was). I think Clive called in her number, and the pre-Grammy show and the Grammy’s will now be Jennifer Hudson’s coming out. Her big return, now that she has lost the weight and is more camra friendly….. she will be better promoted.

    One thing Jenner will never have, that is cross over appeal. Jennifer is a Soul, singer. She is geared toward the urban audiance. Her attitude is ghetto. Clive has tried in vain to give Jennifer the Whitney makeover, but it never really worked…. let’s see if it pans out now.

    • I agree Pinkkitty with your stance that Jennifer Hudson will never have the crossover success that Whitney had because her voice is soulful and will only appeal to a particular audience. My personal opinion is that Jennifer’s voice is more well suited to gospel music than it is for secular. Whereas Whitney could sing it ALL!!!! Pop, r&b, gospel, the girl could make “twinkle, twinkle” sound good!!!! I believe in Jesus and with that being said, Whitney is no longer with us here on earth because it was simply her time to go. God has a divine will for our lives and he also has a permissive will for our lives; and sometimes God will permit things to happen in our lives because of choices and decisions that we have made. I’m not ignorant to the fact that witch craft and sorcery does exist but at the end of the day there is only one true and living God and everything starts and ends by His will and power not illimunati or whatever it is! So with that being said, lets stop trying to play crime-scene investigator and start PRAYING for one another because if there were ever a time to pray, now is the time! Bless you all & RIP Whitney!

      • well said…it stands true even today. we still miss you, Miss Houston. i feel sad that BK fell into her mother’s bad habits and lifestyle.

  22. Ray J run while you can. Since you don’t have a real job I hope you were not playing role of drug runner and supply Whitney with drugs.


  24. Man .. this bullshit. stop spreading rumors on this site. Wait till the facts come out. Putting info like this out will likely get innocent people killed. Crazy how some people follow this tabloid shit. Get the facts or shut the fuck up.

  25. Can everybody just stop with the illumanti crap already. People act like its the way of the world. She passed on and all you can think of is blood scarifice. Seriously, it seems like with every famous black actor death that word has to come up in the conversation.

    • No Skylar, what’s done in the dark must come to light. It’s good everyone is putting it out there to ponder. We don’t know the truth, but things sure are looking bad and too close for comfort. We should at least keep our eyes open.

  26. My grandmother was pregnant at age 48, it was a “change” baby, what they called a change of life-menopause baby. One may have irregular and infrequent periods, assuming you won’t get pregnant. It is possible but not likely to conceive at that age. PS – the elders also joked that “change” babies always have evil dispositions, lol, so apparently it wasn’t that unusual whereby they were skeptical about it happening.

  27. Ray J should be suspect number 1…
    He reported finding her body now media is reporting his publicist Courtney Barnes reported to CNN a bodyguard of Whitney’s named Ray found her body. Why can the police department say who found the body. Viacom owns Ray J and Brandys show, and all of the networks including the one who broke the news to the network that aired the Grammy’s. Get a search warrant take Ray Gay’s phone and home surrvailliance and it will be determine his punk ass was near or inside that hotel within a few hours of her death. Just look at his “sad” pics at the NeYo party he looks guilty as fuck and the police better recognize. Justice for Whitney so what if she got high, she was a mother and a legend.

  28. If truly Whitney was killed by anyone, Then God in Heaven will fight that battle for her. We may cover our sins so that no one may know, but we can not hide it from God. Rey or who ever is responsible, if this is true, He will have no peace. Whitney was loved by so many people in the entire world. You can’t hurt Children of God and GO FREE!!! I believe God is in control of what ever happened to Whitney Elizabeth Houston and will surly put her enemies to shame in Jesus Name Amen!!

  29. Inside Edition just reported that the people in Whitney’s room actually hung up on the paramedicts who were trying to relay CPR instructions multiple times and NEVER actually called 911 directly from her hotel room.

    I thought the conspiracy theories were bunk before, but I’m starting to question whether or not she was actually murdered.

    And why was she in scalding hot water anyway?

    Even if you’re high, you’re not just gonna go lay down in water that’s hot enough to melt your skin are you?

  30. Whitney Elizabeth Houston was murdered by the powers that be. To many unanswered questions and conflicting statements. Whomever had anything to do with her demise will reap what they sowed. May this beautiful ‘Songbird’ rest in peace.

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