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Repossession on the Horizon for T-Boz

May 24th, 2012

T-Boz Honda Repossession
T-Boz, real name Tionne Tenese Watkins, has been dealing with bankruptsy for some time now (see here). This may or may not be due in part from the failure of Mack 10 to pay child support, as previously claimed by Watkins.

Now, T-Boz finds herself being sued by Honda for failing to make payments on her 2005 Honda Odyssey. In the lawsuit, filed in Georgia, Honda requested that the judge in the case allow them to take possesion of the car back from Watkins. 

I reached out to T-Boz’s management for comment, but all I got was a lousy voice-mail service!

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42 Comments on "Repossession on the Horizon for T-Boz"

March 7, 2014

Some of these comments are over-exaggerated and idiotic. If you are going to post something negative at least be factual & rational. Now, I do understand that everyone is entitled into their own opinions, HOWEVER if Tionne “can’t” sing how did she become apart of the biggest selling American girl group of all time? If she “can’t” sing how did she go on to sell over 65 million records and break barriers that will NEVER be touched by another girl group? EXACTLY. You don’t say she can’t sing because she sounds “horrible”, you say it because her voice is different. However, that very distinctive voice was a large portion of why TLC’s success is what is it is and their iconic status as a best-selling girl group. Now, everyone will experience a bump in the road in life…its not a joke out here. The members of TLC (For Lisa, while she was still with us) have severly suffered from them both emotionally and especially financially. Personally, it exemplifies their strength as women and as an entity. First, Tionne has a very critical illness, Sickle Cell Anemia, that causes her to be in and out of the hospital for long stints of time. Medical care is NOT free & she was probably proiritizing her health and her LIFE over material. So, at least TRY and have some sympathy. Now think about it like this: This financial epedimic was a classic example of the music industry taking advantage of an eager group of young people’s lack of knowledge of the “business”. Now, in all honesty, if they did propose an issue with the contracts Pebbles gave them what would have took place? She would have snatched up three different girls, threw them together as a group & named them TLC. However, that did not take place for several reasons: Yes, it probably would’ve been a snap for Pebbles to reform TLC with 3 different girls, BUT what so wouldn’t find was the charisma & TALENT that Tionne, Lisa & Rozanda exemplified TOGETHER, because they were one of a kind. Why do you think when Pebbles tried to ex Chilli out the group during their earlier days, the attempt to find a replacement was unsuccessful ? There WEREN’T other girls that could have made TLC what is was & what they are today. Leading me to the other reason, it was MEANT by God for them to become a group together as T-Boz, Left Eye, & Chilli. It was meant for them to be a successful group & experience the hardships that they did. That’s why Left Eye would say in interviews that she would advise that up & coming artist do their homework! It’s a dog-eat-dog industry! So, just keep in mind that they journey of LIFE is not an easy one and this simply her trail that will become her testimony. TLC didn’t become an iconic group simply because of the quality of their music but their outlandish lifestyles off the stage as well. As for Tionne never writing any hit songs for TLC? Absolutely FALSE. Though she never co-wrote as many singles as Lisa did, Unpretty, which was one of their four number-one hits, was originally a poem she wrote for her book titled, “Thoughts”. So TECHINICALLY, T-Boz wrote Unpretty. Another thing, TLC actually made 56 cents per record sold, not 7. It was a close guess but their album points percentile were 7/100. Every point was worth 8 cent so, thats why everytime a TLC album was sold they made 56 cents, which in my opinion was BULLSHIT. The creative product that they bought to the table as musical artist was just too good for them to had been receiving chump change in earnings. So, for all those LEECHES that took advantage of Tionne as an individual and a member of TLC, just know they will have a HIGHER calling to answer to when they depart this life. So, Pebbles THEIVING Ass …L.A. LYING Ass… & Mack 10 SORRY Ass can continue to lie & deceive all they want God will eventually handle them! As you can probably tell, I am TLC Pro & I wish nothing but the best for Tionne & her child. I pray that now that her & Rozanda are back in spotlight & will be releasing new material as TLC, that God will finally ease her of these horrible financial burdens that she has been suffering for nearly 20 years. I Wish her & TLC a very prosperous future, and this time her, Chilli, & Lisa’s family can get what they actually deserve as a group and a damn good, legendary group at that.


April 2, 2013


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March 18, 2013

Hilarious. She never even had a Honda Odyssey. She’s had to file for bankruptcy in the past, true. But she’s not doing so bad she can’t afford an old Honda (which she never had in the first place). No truth to this.


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[…] She may not be a pageant mother/daughter, a conjoined twin, or trailer trash, but that hasn’t stopped the TLC network from giving former TLC singer, Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins her own reality show. The timing couldn’t be better, as T-Boz has dealt with financial turmoil, going back at least 3 years and having recently lost her home to foreclosure.. […]

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July 2, 2012

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