Repossession on the Horizon for T-Boz


T-Boz Honda Repossession
T-Boz, real name Tionne Tenese Watkins, has been dealing with bankruptsy for some time now (see here). This may or may not be due in part from the failure of Mack 10 to pay child support, as previously claimed by Watkins.

Now, T-Boz finds herself being sued by Honda for failing to make payments on her 2005 Honda Odyssey. In the lawsuit, filed in Georgia, Honda requested that the judge in the case allow them to take possesion of the car back from Watkins. 

I reached out to T-Boz’s management for comment, but all I got was a lousy voice-mail service!


  1. i was a huge fan of TLC. i know that she has an illness and hospital bills ain’t no joke. mac 10 probably ain’t paying her no child support. TLC was THE biggest selling girl group in history, not one of the biggest selling groups, but THE biggest, so someone should come help her, Tyler Perry could have put her in the movie instead of Kim Kardashian. or maybe she should get on one of these reality shows and become more visual, use the reality show as a tool to do something else. so many people r picking at her, but this is reality for many people even myself and let’s not forget TLC went to Clive Davis office back in the 90’s with baseball bats ready to do damage if he didn’t give them their money. who knows, he may be keeping her from getting residuals. i pray for her and her daughter.

    • T-Boz has done reality shows including a couple of appearances on Real Housewives ATL and one on UPN where her & Chilli “auditioned” ladies to sing for Left Eye (RIP) during performances but would not be considered a replacement.

      I liked TLC too but between the change in music and Left Eye’s passing, she should have called it a wrap and invested in a salon instead of a kids’ designer clothes store.

      Though none of us can help who we fall for and have a child with, the last I heard Mack 10 worked for TSA or one of those airport security jobs.

      • T boz really isn’t relevant at this moment in this time 2012 or since the 90s t boz Caint sing period so the other alternative is to get a regular job like the rest of us and pay for her car Payments or make a album for those who are intreasted count me out….

        • No, she can’t sing. But if Betty White’s old ass can be relevant again after all these years, T-Boz can too.

          She’s got a heck of a story with all of her illnesses & the domestic violence with Mack 10. She needs to get hooked up with some black speaker’s bureaus and go out and give talks. It won’t earn her millions but there’s still money to be made off her fame.

      • TSA is enough to pay child support. Even in California or Atlanta. She can get hired through charity events to be a spokesperson. Im sure doing some income tax or few thousand,she could have bought her a vehicle cash. I think she only have one child.

      • Damn, Mack 10 working as a security guard? That’s crazy considering his past in and outside the Industry, but at least he’s working.

        As for T-Boz, it’s pretty fucked-up that she and TLC as a whole will go down in history as/are the poster children of being broke/bankrupt despite selling millions of records. You would think all that time spent in court with LaFace in the mid-to-late ’90s (And their contract renegotiation(s)) would’ve resulted in their getting more money, but that must not be the case. The three of them sought ventures and made money outside of the group, but it seems that Lefteye was the one who was the most successful at doing so. In any event, I hope she gets back on her feet, if only for her kid’s sake.

  2. I know it might be hard but she needs to but “T-Boz” on the back burner and get a regular job. If her clothing store and tour and whatever else she’s trying to do ain’t cutting it then she needs to make it work. Asking people for money only makes the problem worse so she needs to get out there and take care of her self and child! I wonder did they get stiffed on their contract or did she not manage her money correctly?

  3. t boz needs to get a white guy or turn lesbo mack 10 been played out i used to love westside connection. and tlc died when left eye died. some members can’t be replaced.

  4. i feel for her, and it shows how u only as good as your last hit,and also that industry friends dont exist…her prob is that she never wrote/co wrote/produced/played an instruments, and because of that she gets no royalties/publishing..only left eye wrote material…so she cant eat off of music at least…some1 on here is right, she should use her fame instead of vice versa, and get on doing sales somewhere..people would buy from her…she has a child, plus i know for a fact hospital bills are super high, and the music industry has no insurance whatsoeva…i hope that she finds peace of mind/health and bounces back…sad…F MACK 10 and any brother that wont help our GODDESSESS out..

    • mack 10 can’t even help himself out what has he done except extort money outta baby and weezy for his nowhere record label. somebody gotta protect weezy. t boz might have to turn to prostitution.

  5. She doin sumptin wrong. Them royalties gotta be 7 to 8k a month. Its a damn 05 Honda. Aint nobody felt sorry for Hammer when he was busted. Lol

    • You missed the VH1 special on TLC, huh? lol. T-Boz probably don’t have much, if any, royalties coming. Sales of their albums been dried up. On top of that Lisa, or other song writers wrote most of their songs, especially the huge hits. They claimed Pebbles stole all the $$ and royalties from the 1st album. So we know they didn’t have great contracts. T-Boz had a brain tumor and been fighting Sickle Cell for years. Not to mention getting beat on by that loser she married. So, she gets some sympathy from me.

      • while Pebbles showing her glissy ass on tbn, and it’s highly possible u did gypt her,you living good. help her out and keep her with transportation. They do play tlc songs on radio,alot.

    • Yeah, it’s called ‘Pebbles.’ She, L.A. Reid, and Babyface get/have gotten more money off of TLC’s music than the group itself has.

    • A report said she brought in $1,200/month in royalties, but somehow she makes $11,000/month (outside of her royalties). Call me crazy, but $12,200/month isn’t bad. Maybe she’s in denial about her downfall and is still trying to live like she’s still a part of the biggest selling girl group of all times. She has a mansion worth $1.2 million and she owes the mortgage company $750K.

      • for 12,000 a month. If she hve less than 4kids,she can buy her a 3bdrm. cash. The economy is hard and she can throw a garage sale. Don’t try to keep something to where you are homeless and when you are old,end up in the place you most tried to void. Get you a house cash in a fair neighborhood or a small house cash in the best.

  6. What do you expect? They were robbed by LA Reids ex wife Pebbles in their contracts… everyone knows this. They were young and had no one looking out for their best interest when they signed on the dotted line. Platinum albums, one that went DIAMOND and nothing to show for it FINANCIALLY.

    THAT’S what your manager is supposed to do. Secure YOUR future. Did Pebbles do that as TLC’s manager? Of course not. She got FILTHY FUCKIN’ RICH, while they had to file bankruptcy after bankruptcy as a group and individually.

    They all discussed how they locked LA Reid and other big bosses in a room at their record label and pulled guns on them. That’s how dire their situations were. Many don’t realize these artist only get PENNIES for every album sold and think because they go platinum their rich. Or think because of the GROSS annual income that they’re living their dream. No.. it’s more like a nightmare because out of that GROSS comes promotion, legal, styling, PR, and every little thing the label can and WILL charge you for.

    IF you don’t have a great manager and a legal team when you first come into the industry.. you will be getting raped your entire life. The label don’t tell you while you’re filming your $20 million dollar video that THEY set up for you and you had absolutely no input on… that it’s coming out of YOUR pocket. They also don’t tell you that everything you do publicly and get paid for… the checks come to them first.

    That’s why most of these singers and rappers are broke now. They have a lil money to flash but nothing in their bank accounts.

    • Ain’t nobody pull no gun on them. They spent up they budget on them wack ass videos and wardrobes and producers. then they had to share seven cents a copy on sales. Three niggas can’t ball off of 7 cent a copy. They were literally splitting a dollar an album with each other and all the producers. That’s fourth grade math. Don’t need no manager to add, subtract and multiply. Between the three of em they shoulda known. I’m sick of grown ass artists cryin and bitchin bout what somebody didn’t do with regard to they shit. Stay in school.

      • Pebbles is that you? lol. Theivin’ ass producers and so-called managers going straight to hell for plucking these kids out the ghettos and robbing them blind. Recording contracts are HUGELY complicated. Try Calculus because elementary math ain’t got shit a recording contract. Taking royalties from uneducated kids is like taking candy from a baby.

        I remember reading Bobby Browns book. He said New Edition’s was selling millions of albums and touring all over the world but they all still lived in the projects. Maurice Starr was keeping all their money. No love for LEECHES.

      • Black ppl. are lazy at reading. This is so true. The three of them should have took 48 hours and split reading on the contracts. You can’t even get black ppl. to split reading on bills including to cut off their healthcare.

    • Yep, they got screwed with no vaseline. CrazySexyCool made $75 million, but Left Eye, T-Boz, and Chili only took home $50,000 a piece. Yeah, I think I’d have to bust a cap in someone’s ass too.

      Wasn’t Clive meeting with Puffy when they busted in on them? And if I remember correctly, Puffy got scared and called the police. I don’t know if the story is true or not, but it sure in hell is funny.

      • Aint that some shit…That one album made 75 million and they took home 50G?

        It goes to show you the illusion of showBUSINESS..

        They dress them up in the best clothes, leased cars and mansions, fancy videos, TV appearances, magazines and they didnt even wind up with what a Registered Nurse makes in one year.

        • When you really break it down, they made less than an RN and less than minimum wage considering the hours they had to put in to making the CD, touring, publicity rounds, and other time involved.

      • who busted on who? I can see Left Eye going John Q but I need more specific or near info of the accounted events.

  7. damn to go from no scrubs to being on the passenger side of her best friends ride…thats some cold shit….and a definite attitude adjuster….talking about being humbled….it happens to us all at some point in our life….the same things that make u laugh can make u cry….i dont wont no scrubs….trying to holla at me.

    • if u knw the correct timeline,they were first,not to proud to beg for booty then after bankruptcy were no scrubs. Scrubs is used for ppl. that don’t labor to get and that is not a tag label for them.

  8. people people between the line dame dash explained it graphic detail and boss is on the right track..mechanic royalties ,physical royalties,licensing,product placing etc etc they had it. the problem started the same way with new edition. when you have to file bankruptcy to get out a ironclad contract it leaves you in a vacuum. without the star of the group and now being blackballed you’re stuck.add on the residual checks from her appearances from shows and the fact taxes are not taken out of your fees upfront equals problems for those not financially savvy . don’t bark until you’re in that situation.and mack 10 has been a gold and platinum selling artist.. do the research royalty checks can disappear. if they reclaim the masters money can flow again

  9. There are tons of things she could have done to re-invent herself, hence, getting a radio show/Sirus radio, one of the many vocal shows: like the Voice, and I can think of at least ten side hustles artist can do once they are washed up. The fact of the matter is that she did not plan for the long haul, coupled with medical/Baby Daddy drama. This is what happens my friends when you don’t write or produce your own music people. Kandi from Xscape and tons of other stars from the 90’s are still holding it down because they learned to write/produce…..I can only have but so much sympathy for TBoz and the likes of her in this industry.

  10. Somebody should help her. She does have a chronic illness that is probably taking a toll on her financially and health wise. This is sad to me. I see stories about rappers throwing away thousands of dollars in strip clubs and nobody can help this woman?

  11. This is why you always write your own music …You do that and you’ll always get some sort of residuals…People get seduced in only being talent…The talent comes from creating the music, not just being some creators puppets and props.

    • writing is tricky if u don’t do each step of legal secure to get more than acknowledge credit but a royalty check in addition. Dnt believe me. Ask Bobby Womack

  12. You still need business skills as an individuals to invest in those franchise businesses even a popeyes or pizza hut or chucke cheese.

    • thats why people should pursue education over ass shaking…ahem…u gotta grow the funk up sometime…or else youre in a blissful ignorance…and ignorance kills the ignorant individual.

  13. […] She may not be a pageant mother/daughter, a conjoined twin, or trailer trash, but that hasn’t stopped the TLC network from giving former TLC singer, Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins her own reality show. The timing couldn’t be better, as T-Boz has dealt with financial turmoil, going back at least 3 years and having recently lost her home to foreclosure.. […]

  14. Hilarious. She never even had a Honda Odyssey. She’s had to file for bankruptcy in the past, true. But she’s not doing so bad she can’t afford an old Honda (which she never had in the first place). No truth to this.

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  16. Some of these comments are over-exaggerated and idiotic. If you are going to post something negative at least be factual & rational. Now, I do understand that everyone is entitled into their own opinions, HOWEVER if Tionne “can’t” sing how did she become apart of the biggest selling American girl group of all time? If she “can’t” sing how did she go on to sell over 65 million records and break barriers that will NEVER be touched by another girl group? EXACTLY. You don’t say she can’t sing because she sounds “horrible”, you say it because her voice is different. However, that very distinctive voice was a large portion of why TLC’s success is what is it is and their iconic status as a best-selling girl group. Now, everyone will experience a bump in the road in life…its not a joke out here. The members of TLC (For Lisa, while she was still with us) have severly suffered from them both emotionally and especially financially. Personally, it exemplifies their strength as women and as an entity. First, Tionne has a very critical illness, Sickle Cell Anemia, that causes her to be in and out of the hospital for long stints of time. Medical care is NOT free & she was probably proiritizing her health and her LIFE over material. So, at least TRY and have some sympathy. Now think about it like this: This financial epedimic was a classic example of the music industry taking advantage of an eager group of young people’s lack of knowledge of the “business”. Now, in all honesty, if they did propose an issue with the contracts Pebbles gave them what would have took place? She would have snatched up three different girls, threw them together as a group & named them TLC. However, that did not take place for several reasons: Yes, it probably would’ve been a snap for Pebbles to reform TLC with 3 different girls, BUT what so wouldn’t find was the charisma & TALENT that Tionne, Lisa & Rozanda exemplified TOGETHER, because they were one of a kind. Why do you think when Pebbles tried to ex Chilli out the group during their earlier days, the attempt to find a replacement was unsuccessful ? There WEREN’T other girls that could have made TLC what is was & what they are today. Leading me to the other reason, it was MEANT by God for them to become a group together as T-Boz, Left Eye, & Chilli. It was meant for them to be a successful group & experience the hardships that they did. That’s why Left Eye would say in interviews that she would advise that up & coming artist do their homework! It’s a dog-eat-dog industry! So, just keep in mind that they journey of LIFE is not an easy one and this simply her trail that will become her testimony. TLC didn’t become an iconic group simply because of the quality of their music but their outlandish lifestyles off the stage as well. As for Tionne never writing any hit songs for TLC? Absolutely FALSE. Though she never co-wrote as many singles as Lisa did, Unpretty, which was one of their four number-one hits, was originally a poem she wrote for her book titled, “Thoughts”. So TECHINICALLY, T-Boz wrote Unpretty. Another thing, TLC actually made 56 cents per record sold, not 7. It was a close guess but their album points percentile were 7/100. Every point was worth 8 cent so, thats why everytime a TLC album was sold they made 56 cents, which in my opinion was BULLSHIT. The creative product that they bought to the table as musical artist was just too good for them to had been receiving chump change in earnings. So, for all those LEECHES that took advantage of Tionne as an individual and a member of TLC, just know they will have a HIGHER calling to answer to when they depart this life. So, Pebbles THEIVING Ass …L.A. LYING Ass… & Mack 10 SORRY Ass can continue to lie & deceive all they want God will eventually handle them! As you can probably tell, I am TLC Pro & I wish nothing but the best for Tionne & her child. I pray that now that her & Rozanda are back in spotlight & will be releasing new material as TLC, that God will finally ease her of these horrible financial burdens that she has been suffering for nearly 20 years. I Wish her & TLC a very prosperous future, and this time her, Chilli, & Lisa’s family can get what they actually deserve as a group and a damn good, legendary group at that.