Rich Dollaz Alleged Baby Momma Speaks Out!


HSK Exclusive – The mother of Rich Dollaz’s alleged preteen daughter is speaking out. This as the countdown begins to a third court-ordered paternity test surrounding the Love & Hip Hop cast member.

You may remember Rich Dollaz was recently arrested in Memphis over failing to provide his DNA. Now, Chaundra Nicole fears because that was Rich Dollaz’s SECOND failure to comply, he’ll pull a third no show on January 22nd.

Chaundrea Nicole says Rich Dollaz has been known to dodge his court orders by traveling under the alias “Reginald Sapp”. That’s why Nicole says he’s been able to fly under the radar — even with a child support-related New Jersey state warrant for his arrest issued.

You may recall Rich Dollaz exclusively told HSK he hadn’t seen Chaundra Nicole in 13-years. That’s something Nicole continues to refute, explaining she and 12-year-old Christie met with him this past April, in Atlanta.

Here’s what Chaundrea Nicole had to say:

“The picture of Rich and Christie was taken in April. It’s their only picture together. She hasn’t spoken with him since June — when he told her that he was going to call her back. He never did.

When she was younger, Rich used to speak to Christie all the time on the phone. He’s acting like he don’t know about Christie, it’s making things worse for him.

Honestly, I don’t think Rich is going to show up for his paternity test on the 22nd. It sucks ’cause I had his back, back in the day. When I was working as a waitress, and managed a women’s clothing store… I remember giving Rich a job at the clothing store.”

Rich Dollaz w/ Pre-Teen Daughter

rich-dollaz-doging-paternity-test Rich Dollaz Dodging Paternity Test - Proof



  2. Ummm, Jacky you better get that mans personal info off of here before it causes some problems for you. And she looks exactly like him, he’s wrong as hell for that.

    • What personal info is going to get Jacky in trouble? Are u new to this site? Jacky has posted way more info and while he receives idle threats here and there he has a lawyer for all that clownish crap… Keep right on Jacky this dude is a lame deadbeat who deserves to be outed! How are u going to be on tv trying to make ur chicken head “friend” win, crying getting all emotional like a b*tch yet you deny your own flesh and blood! By the way that interview above shows he ain’t about nothing… She simply asked who does he manage. A simple “nobody” would have sufficed. Instead this punk bully tried to play that woman… He talks real tough to women. I can’t wait to hear what he has to say in front of that judge.

  3. How did black men go from viewing their children as an investment in their empire to viewing them as a disgardable liability??

  4. Where are the petitions? Funny how everyone got up in arms about Shawty Lo and his 11 (for which he provides) but this oddy-body chicken nugget ninja dodges and denies his ONE and it’s just fine to let him run around the small screen continuing his foolery on prime time.

  5. that picture for some reason just makes this 10 times worse, that little girl looks like a mirror image of him. And she looks just as sweet as can be. No child deserves this, especially not a little girl from her father. I just dont understand how a man can do that to a child, I dont. He knows thats his daughter, thats why hes dodging these test. Any coward can be a father, but it takes a man to be a dad. If women would take two seconds to stop and see a man for exactly what he is before having a child with them, then these kids wouldnt have to suffer. Any person, especially and idiot of a man, will show you exactly who they are, but its up to you if you pay attention. So many of these men out here show you from the jump they are not fatherly material, yet you insist of having kids with them then act all surprised when they pull cards like this. If a man has a child before you with another woman, look for how he treats her and looks for how he treats his kids; and if you think for any second youre gonna be any different, you got a whole nother thing comin.

      • I think shes done that before, he aparently is now using a different identity, thats why at first he wasnt able to get a passport etc, because of issues stemming from dodging court/testing. Its sad

  6. Ok, the Jamie Foxx post has me pissed with these asshole parents!

    Lady, what the duck were you thinking when you decided to have a kid with a man who didn’t want one? Webern you told him you were pregnant and he didn’t jump for joy, that should have been a fucking clue! You are on your own. I’d you choose to have the child anyway…. why drag all this shit out to get money? Yeah he has an obligation, yeah yeah yeah.

    However, ladies how the fuck would you feel if you were forced to have a baby that you didn’t want? Then pay for it, while some fucking cunt kept yapping I. Your ear about responsibility and shit? These careless ninjas are dead wrong, but you females, desperate to trap men into situations they don’t want to be in, need to get a clue!

    Never have a child or more children than you can afford to take care of on your own should be die or leave of get sent off to prison! Do not blame these men for doing what you would personally like to do, now that your dream of a family is shattered and will never come true (walk away). Don’t poison the child with tales of a bad dead beat dad when you are a dumb asshole of a mother who tried to force an unwilling man into a fucked up situation! Your child has been adansomed and damged for life and it is YOUR fault. He never married you and was never obligated to so shit!

    Choose better men, and get a commitment from him BEFORE dropping his seed onto this earth. Having a man’s child is a gift a reward for good behavior! Not a guarantee on a check for 18 years. Not a guarantee that he will stick around. If you want to have a child out of wedlock, prepare yourself to do it alone. And, let your child know that YOU wanted them, which is why YOU had them. Make that very clear. Treat a speem do or like a sperm do or and stop trying to make a father out of a donor.

    Tell your child that you made an informed decision. And stop dragging your kids through this emotionally war that you insist on having with donor daddy.

    Ladies own your bullshit and stop passing it off on men. You wanted a kid he wanted some ass. Don’t get the two mixed up.

    Rant over.

    • And men if you don’t want to be dragged in to court for DNA tests and child support claims, KEEP YOUR SPERM IN YOUR SAC OR A CONDOM!

      Rich and all the other deadbeats of the world are not victims, they willingly laid down, splashed off in a woman, and conceived these children.

      It takes two to make a baby. Yes, the women need to take responsibility for helping to conceive these children, but the men need to take responsibility as well.

  7. Typical people, always blaming the women but not the man. Rich dollaz should change his name to broke. That’s a lot of years of back child support he will have to pay.

  8. I feel bad for this little girl but this is a valuable lesson for baby mommas too!!! Always make sure a man is serious and committed to you before you have his child–getting him jobs and Shit. A real man would bust his ass for you & won’t take handouts. Like a lot of women, she knew she was being used! She just thought he’d change his mind after she had that baby. She was hoping her money & time would mean something to him for the rest life. Chances are he was talking about dumping her ass to his friends and family through out that entire relationship.

  9. […] HSK has exclusively landed this image of Rich Dollaz being arrested in Memphis, taken less than two-weeks ago. The photo surfaces on the same day the Love & Hip Hop cast member is set to appear in court over the paternity of his suspected preteen daughter. […]

  10. Pink kitty,
    Did I just read that you think having a child is a gift from a man for having good behavior???

    That’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard! Although, I read it to my husband, we did have some pretty strong set of giggles over it! His response was that “No he did not reward me for being good by giving me a child”.

    I do think it is wrong to have a child to entrap a dood. Mistakes do happen. Blaming someone for it happening it fucked up! Both people consented to have sex. If you don’t protect yourself then your both at fault.

    Once someone is pregnant you can’t morally ask a female to abort the child, especially of its against her beliefs.

    Thousands of doods everywhere get females pregnant and they pay child support. If you don’t want to see the child then don’t but it is your obligation to pay for said child if they are yours.

    If she’s trifling and the test comes back that he isn’t the baby daddy then, he’s off the hook, and he will never have to worry about support. At least until the next baby mama comes forward claiming he knocked her up. Which could happen again if he ain’t keeping it wrapped! In his case if I were him I would keep it double wrapped!

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  16. oh I see now why he likes to pick women that don’t take care of their own children.. he and his women avoid the real live human beings that they helped create. wow. smh.

    • Eerica and Monicy ..both don’t take care of their own children .. Rich likes this type of woman because he avoids his too!!