Rich Dollaz Arrested In Memphis!


Rich Dollaz Arrested on Warrant

Paternity Problems…

Rich Dollaz’s reported plot to dodge a court-ordered paternity test seems to have caught up with him! Sources say the LHHA personality was just arrested over his failure to comply with the DNA test over his alleged 12-year-old daughter, Christie. Sources say Rich Dollaz – whose real name is Richard Ashton Trowers – is currently in booking by Memphis Shelby County cops.

According to, Rich Dollaz traveled to Memphis – under a fake name – to attend a talent show. That’s just before sources say he was cuffed and hauled to jail over a warrant for his failure to comply with a court order.

This news comes almost a year after Rich’s alleged baby momma, Chaundrea Nicolle, revealed text messages she says took place between her and Rich Dollaz – over the preteen daughter she says Rich fathered.

Here’s what Chaundrea Nicolle had to say about the situation:

“First off, I am highly livid that he had the audacity to contact you all and lie like he has. Attached you will find a text from him saying that he did not want a dna test and I’ve offered a dna test and he said that he knew our daughter was his. Also you will see texts from how disrespectful he is to our daughter. The droid texts are me, the other phone is texts to my daughter. Devastated, because he is trying to destroy me and he can not.

He does not know what’s going on with me and is trying to defame my character. All the information in that article is incorrect. Richard’s father is more involved than he has ever been. In fact when she was two, we went to Atlanta to visit but lost contact with them until she did her video reaching out to her father and he had it taken down.

This is a simple plot to try to cause me problems AGAIN! He is crazy.
In fact he has been falsifying his information for years. His age, his education, etc…He is a fraud and him posting that story is another attempt at trying to defame my character.

What he doesn’t care about is our daughter who will see this lie he posted and how it would make her feel. He really needs a hobby. He is known for arguing with females and keeping up drama. He is evil and his character is bitter and selfish. I’m just setting the record straight but he really needs to get a life because he doesn’t know what I’m doing. He’s nothing but a liar. I am a single parent who takes care of her children very well. For him to give you this false information just because he wants to make me look “bad” is desperate and pathetic. The thing is ultimately it hurts our daughter. He need to leave the show stuff and our daughter separate.

I am in the entertainment business just as he is and I guess he doesn’t like that for whatever reason. I hold my own so he’s picked the right wrong one to play with!”

Rich Dollaz Deadbeat Dad


  1. Is today lahh day on the blog jacky? Lol but im not surprised. Any dude who would claim erica mena is questionable in my book

      • Its possible. But whether he claims her or not he sure is flaunting her around like a prize. But wont flaunt his own seed like that? Pathetic.

  2. the first time iEver heard of this guy was the other day on lhh. he’s madd corny! the daughter is 12! any man dodging paternity this long already kno the reaults YOU ARE THE FATHER!!

    • He got himself arrested wen he failed to appear in court. N if her mom has been taking care of her without him all these years im sure she would be more loyal/understanding towards the parent who was there versus the one who doesn’t acknowledge her.

    • wth are you talking about..he’s been dodging paternity which means he’s been dodging support for the child HE helped to create..he SHOULD be arrested

      • Right! I dont understand what the mother to HIS child did wrong in asking for support? Y dodge the dna test if its not ur kid? Ole fool investing money in olivia’s imaginary career n crying on tv but cant support his kid…..yeah lock his ass up.

        • Zactly!

          He is building g this hiphop career for females with limited talent, but won’t take a moment to prover perternaty to the child of a woman he was involved with!? Hah?

          We weren’t there and we don’t know the details, but this story is soooo tired. Deadbeat dads left and right! Women choosing their men poorly. Stop having babies with these assholes!

          Having sex with an idiot is one thing, but to reproduce with him is just plain shameful.

  3. *smh* When will u women learn to stop being suckerd by these fake ass niccas? They all lie, & flash wit little to no cash… With a FICA score of 400 & less, Once you are order to pay child support in Memphis Shelby county it automatically hits your credit report. Once in arrears you are doomed unless you win the lottery..hence..No way to create black wealth= a cycle of poverty. Just a cup of reality!!

  4. This just shows how selfish this dude is. If he was any kind of a decent man he would know that it’s not about him or the baby’s mother. But all about the child who didn’t ask to be here in the first place.

  5. I now Richard who claimed at the time in 1999 while he was attending Fisk University in Nashville told me his name was Ashton in which i later found out was his middle name. He was crazy as hell then so now appears to be an angel compared to how he was in Nashville. I am from Memphis as well and I was glad when he was kicked out of school. Girl cut your loss and focus on your daughter and not him because he will pay for it later and believe me I don’t get child support either and the father does not have a clue.

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