Rich Dollaz: “Erica Has Not Been Fired…That Is Absurd”


Erica Mena NOT Fired From Love & Hip Hop

HSK Exclusive – Rich Dollaz is setting the record straight amidst rumors surrounding Erica Mena’s reality television job.

Despite word of Erica being kicked off of the Love & Hip Hop cast, Rich says she remains on the show. According to Rich, the rumor may have been sparked over Erica briefly stepping away from the filming.

Here’s what Rich Dollaz had to say:

“Erica has not been fired from L&HH. To say that is absurd. She’s away right now, but will be back ti finish the season.

Erica being fired is totally false.”


  1. Trash pure trash. I wonder if she reigns from the Bronx like the two other “classy” Puerto Rican “ladies” J-Hoe and Evil-Lyn?

    This gutter scum trick needs to go home and take care of her kid! You too Draya!

      • Oh this trick is from the ghetto burbs! Uhhh. No wonder she tries sooo damn hard to be extra. She’s doing the most to prove her street cred.

  2. Back to sweeping concrete in front of Cuban food cart in Miami ,or she can be a back up dancer for fat joe and the terror squad,joe would hire her quick being he can’t stand niggas!

    • his friend csi miami actor adam rodriquez loves the niggas only fucks with black chicks never marries one dough ask beverly peele,ciarra pardo,melanie fiona.

      • Bertha: Talk that isht! You know what’s up. I hate agreeing with you, because I had a longstanding crush on Adam. I heard from an industry friend that Adam was rumored to be bi. Of the women you named, are any of them wife material? Fiona looks butch/hard as hell; Beverly was passing bad checks the last time she was in the media spotlight, and when Adam was dating Ciarra (c. 2003), no one really knew who she was. (Hell, I still have no clue who she is.) That doesn’t mean he won’t get married. It is Slim Pickens in L.A. Trust.

        Fresh: Fat Joe gained credibility and notariety in the industry via his first single “Watch The Sound”, which featured Grand Puba Maxwell. “Niggas” have kept Joe fat. His best singles are featuring Black artists, The Game being one of them. Seeing as how Joe did Lorena dirty after nearly 20 yrs, I would say he doesn’t like much of anyone, his own included.

        • Honey, my dear Adam has been linked to Taraji Henderson too! Adam like Laz Lorenzo they both love the loud hood chicks!

          Fine as they are they like drama in their women.

          Hopefully, Adam has kicked his drug habit by now.

            • ROTFL @ “loud, hood chicks”. Drogas?!. I never heard about Adam being on drugs. What I heard is that Ciarra said he was wack in the sack. Maybe he has an issue getting or keeping it up because of drugs. How unfortunate. I’m guessing he is on coke, but I wonder if he is on H?!. Please feel free to spill the tea. I have my tall mug extended. 🙂

            • Bella,

              If you watch CSI Maimi regularly, there was a season a while back where he was MIA and it was written into the show. He character in the show was also going through major drama after shooting a fellow officer and needed time off, or something like that.

              He was so strung out, I think they gave him a chance to clean up instead of letting him go. This is around the time that Gary on the original CSI was tweaking hard! I guess CBS didn’t want to loose two druggies back to back…. Or Adam managed to get clean and Gary just couldn’t.

          • i wonder has this melanie fiona person is getting passed around LA she and video director jessy terrero was awful comfy in 2008and 2009 when supposely that is when she got passed off to adam rodriquez around that time,but jessy was with dania ramirez back then wasn,t she pregnant and engaged to be married to jessy?what happened to all of that?melanie says she was in a long term relationship then they brike-up but sure wasted no time hurry and got right back in and so called relationship for 3yrs but broke-up just to sell records?they is still sneaky and creeping in and out of ny&la.

            • Funny you mentioned Dania Ramirez. She is a newlywed, but she did not marry Jessy. Her husband comes from a well-to-do family. He is a producer or director, but his father founded AFLAC. The article I read listed him as being 35-years-old, but he looks like he is in his 40s. I’m glad Dania found someone who would not only put a ring on it, but walk her down the aisle and say “I do”.

  3. why do they call this nigga “rich dollaz”?! lookin like ryan leslie retard bro! erica mena is trash! she deserves nothing!

  4. Look at CAPTAIN SAVE A HOE.. coming to the rescue.. Does Rick Dollaz, have any $$$think Olivia has singing talent, but she isn’t exactly at the top of the charts!Who else is he managing?

  5. Rich Dallaz is as ghetto as they come! Chasin dis bird, if I was Olivia I would drop him as my manager, But I think he wanted more camera time and spotlight so he got with her! LHHNY is wack this season any how, they need to bring back jimmy and Chrissy and even kimbella! Bunch of hoes(raqui, winter, Tahiry) all hoes! Jen the pen dumb as rocks! The show is wack this season! We need strong characters like Chrissy and duchess!

  6. I saw Erica’s eye earlier but I failed to comment about it. I wonder if that shiner is the work of a girl on Twitter, @Tiffsway? She snuffed Erica after she and Erica exchanged words about Raul, Erica’s son’s father. If that photo was taken after the nail salon mĂŞlĂ©e, then Erica got rocked! Fair enough.

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