Rich Dollaz Getting Arrested Caught on Tape!


Wrath Of A Woman Scorned?

HSK Exclusive – He may be “the manager who needs a manager”, but after saying just that what Rich Dollaz really needed was a lawyer. That’s because video – exclusively obtained by HSK – reveals in the moments before his Memphis arrest, Rich Dollaz was taking part in an on camera interview.

It happened at Marriott Memphis on Thousand Oaks Boulevard. That’s where cops crashed Rich’s interview — asked him for his ID, instructed him to stand up, and escorted him through the hotel lobby and out the front doors. While exiting the hotel, Rich was confronted by a screaming Chaundrea Nicolle — who’s suspected to have called cops to the scene.

Here’s what Chaundrea Nicolle announced to Rich, during his arrest:

“You really thought you was gonna come to Memphis again and not do for my child! Are you crazy? All the shit that you done caused?”

Chaundrea Nicolle’s antics caused cops to take measures in calming her down, while Rich simple asked for an attorney. Take a look…


  1. She is making a fool of herself,if he is not willing to step up front,then all these shenanigans won’t do much either,yeah this bitch is a bird,rich ain’t got no money hoe!

  2. Well, well, well, the law will finally caught up with that fool. Ha how he going to ask for a lawyer he can’t afford, please aint no lawyer going to represent him unless they see the cash up front and put into their hands.

  3. Wait did u see how rapidly his chickens came home to roost? Trying to shade homegirl for asking him who he manages… The gall of this dummy. Lies have wings. They travel faster. But the truth has legs not only to travel but to stand on! He’s a wankster. Next!

  4. These black women love telling the white man on the black man. It was all revenge. Women who are really about raising the children correctly would prefer for the their children to have a father in their lives as opposed to getting arrested or collecting child support.

    • If the father truly couldn’t afford to support his child then that would be true. Most women would just prefer their presence in the child’s life but when these deadbeats are making paper and flaunting it and still not doing anything for their child then its time to let the court and authorities get involved.

  5. Ummm so many questions but I will just ask a few. Why does he look confused when he’s answering questions about himself? He didn’t look confused last season .. Is he on pills or could it be pills and liquor? Why would anyone want to interview him? He has two angry birds as clients one that can sing and one with no talent at all?? What really is there to ask him about??

  6. Jackie do you not like women? The title of this story implies that she hasn’t been wronged. Whether shes a bird or not shouldnt rich no dollars have to help Take care of the child they created since BOTH of these dummies decided not to use a condom? doesnt it make him look like a slippery snake for not Taking a DNA test and putting this to Matter to rest? doesnt him refusing to take the test make him look like hes that childs pappy and just doesnt want to pay? doesn’t him not wanting to find out for the past 12 years make him look like a bum because he could care less how this child who is probably his eats or sleeps ? how this poor child who didn’t ask to be here might feel cause she has no dad? Don’t you feel that rich no dollars has given this woman cause to set him up and want him to pay up??