Rich Dollaz & Yandy Smith: The Industry’s New Bonnie & Clyde?


Rich Dollaz Yandy Scam Agency

“Yandy and Rich are about to use Love and Hip Hop for free promotion for their new label.”

HSK Exclusive – It looks like Rich Dollaz and Yandy Smith are setting up shop for life after reality TV. Know why? An insider tells us the ‘Love & Hip Hop’ pair have launched a record label … with reported plans to “exploit the artists signed to the ‘Lenox Avenue Records’ [LAR] label.”

“They’re gonna keep all the ITunes money due to their LAR artists!”

Here’s the drop:

“Rich Dollaz is ripping off all the girls signed to his modelling agency. Rich gets them spots on ‘Love & Hip Hop New York’ and takes 20-percent of the checks they get from VH1. Ask Erica Mena!”


    • Hmmmm…. The 20% sounds about right (and pretty good since they keep 80%) for a nobody. I’m kinda iffy on the 100% iTunes cash angle. I dont see how any artist can allow you to keep 100% of anything unless they’re paying a nice advance for it. I know newer labels are doing 360 deals and I could see someone cashing out today and letting you keep the back-end. Its a ripoff but many would take 10K today rather than wait for a monthly check of a couple hundred or less.

  1. She gotta do something to keep that cheddar coming in. Her babydaddy’s dumb ass is done in the feds and the Good Lord knows Jim Jones ain’t coming back.

  2. I cant stand Yandy. She got her own coins but a very low esteem with her choice of men. I hate women that think they are so superior to the next woman but then go scooping to the bottom shelf for a man. Not that she give a fuck, but I just dont dig her personality. Nor her buddy Rich

  3. Yandy needs to remember…How you treat the people on the way up is how you will get treated on the way down…Karma Baby!

  4. Yandi is doing her thing sh getting that paper i know Jim hurt bring that he wanna follow me chrissi ass but all well ends well and Rich just happy to be making those extra dollars Yandi got a image to hold she can’t go broke cause jimmy don’t want to make no money