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Rich “Makin’ Stars” Dollaz: Even The Alleged Baby Momma Wants The Spotlight!

January 23rd, 2013

Erica Mena Taunts Rich Dollaz Baby Moms

Reality Star Shows Her True Colors

HSK Exclusive – Rich Dollaz’ ongoing court case may have started with one woman’s quest to confirm the paternity of her child – but that’s something that appears to be taking the back seat — as sources reveal Rich’s alleged baby momma is looking to land a place in the spotlight, reportedly hoping to get the money through child support to do so. Don’t believe me.. Ask Erica Mena.

You may remember Rich was expected to appear before a judge yesterday. We’re told though he was not in attendance, his attorney did address the judge — successfully transferring the case to New York family court, with the next appointment happening in June.

Now, Rich Dollaz’ suspected baby momma will have to wait until this season’s LHH wraps to get the official word on his DNA test results. Don’t believe me.. Ask Chaundrea Nicolle, who Erica Mena blasted on Twitter!

Here’s the drop:

“Chaundrea is trying to get child support money from Rich to film her own reality show. Chaundrea wants to be a star, so she’s trying land some money to spend on her TV image including swappin’ her hooptie for a new whip.

This chic Chaundrea is busted, and she’s trying to get Rich to pay for her make-over. Jacky, I’m sending you and HSK pictures of a woman in court — who’s using her daughter to commit extortion.”

erica-mena-taunts-rich-dollaz-baby-momma Rich Dollaz Taunts Baby Momma

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56 Comments on "Rich “Makin’ Stars” Dollaz: Even The Alleged Baby Momma Wants The Spotlight!"

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