Rich “Makin’ Stars” Dollaz: Even The Alleged Baby Momma Wants The Spotlight!


Erica Mena Taunts Rich Dollaz Baby Moms

Reality Star Shows Her True Colors

HSK Exclusive – Rich Dollaz’ ongoing court case may have started with one woman’s quest to confirm the paternity of her child – but that’s something that appears to be taking the back seat — as sources reveal Rich’s alleged baby momma is looking to land a place in the spotlight, reportedly hoping to get the money through child support to do so. Don’t believe me.. Ask Erica Mena.

You may remember Rich was expected to appear before a judge yesterday. We’re told though he was not in attendance, his attorney did address the judge — successfully transferring the case to New York family court, with the next appointment happening in June.

Now, Rich Dollaz’ suspected baby momma will have to wait until this season’s LHH wraps to get the official word on his DNA test results. Don’t believe me.. Ask Chaundrea Nicolle, who Erica Mena blasted on Twitter!

Here’s the drop:

“Chaundrea is trying to get child support money from Rich to film her own reality show. Chaundrea wants to be a star, so she’s trying land some money to spend on her TV image including swappin’ her hooptie for a new whip.

This chic Chaundrea is busted, and she’s trying to get Rich to pay for her make-over. Jacky, I’m sending you and HSK pictures of a woman in court — who’s using her daughter to commit extortion.”

erica-mena-taunts-rich-dollaz-baby-momma Rich Dollaz Taunts Baby Momma


  1. You know what Erica you are not helping Rick at all . If I were the judge I would give her all his money just for the fact that you stay running your mouth.

  2. I truly can’t stand Erica Mena she is nothing but a hot headed classless whore that smokes crack and pretends to have talent….chile take a seat better yet lay yo ass down and STAY DOWN….SMMFH

    • Since females stay trappin niggas. If a man tells u he doesn’t want kids, u shouldn’t force him into wanting ur bastard child. These women go staggering lengths to have children by rich men, and by taking their side we promote their hood rat classless ways.

        • Ummmmm…..woman has the power to say no, keep her legs closed and
          be on birth Control or Demand the dude to strap up

          Us Woman Carries the Child and Us Woman makes the final Choice

          and either We chose to have a BASTARD child

          or a child under Marriage….

          I chose the right way

          And Not EXTORTION!

          • You should have chosen the dictionary, and a grammar app to help your simple minded ass! Who are you to judge what happened in these people’s relationship that led to the birth of a child?! Countless men have children are married to the mothers and still walk out! You ignorant ass, keyboard psychologist really should shut up. No one would know how stupid you are if you would back away from the computer; Lord knows you shouldn’t be raising children: we don’t need another bunch of illiterates running around. Does the persona that Rich portrays on tv give you any indication that he is or ever was “RICH” let me stop typing, you probably have to have someone translate this into hood rat for you!

        • AMEN TO THAT!…Jokers say they don’t want kids but they stay splashed all up in chicks…

          COMMON SENSE: you can’t control a woman’s body…so watch what you put up in there because you may not like what comes out.

          • so…true…also women need to stop being in a rush to have children…and when they get with a man…when everything seems all peaches n cream…then say the want a baby so bad….then complain about it later nd everything that comes with it…im 35 and still hav no kids and never been prego (JUST BEEN SMART)..and still dont want kids…too much extra…im fly and free easy life! lmao!!

            • Stop rushin’ to have kids?? You ever heard of a biological clock.

              You ever tell men stop rushin’ to have sex?

              Some of these comments up in here shows that we will be back in chains, back in the kitchen and back in the back of the bus sooner than we know. And all the while, swearin’ we soooo progressive.






        • Women can’t have a child by herself. Men need to start thinking with the BIG head and not the LITTLE head, period. Stop putting all the blame on the women.

          • Agreed, stop blaming the Black women, these same negros don’t act like that with their biracial babies and their white, latina, asian etc. hoe mothers. Lets be real many black men refuse to take care of their Black babies with Black women, and its disgusting. He does not want anything to do with his Black babies, what does that have to do with him sending a check every month to support his Black children (he is glad to do it for the white hoe). Alot (not all) of these black men are pathetic and disgusting with their house negro slave mentality.

            • but these women are not even BLACK what do we have to do with this?? In Most of these reality shows 85% of these women are half black or spanish!! I can’t with these people. These women are blacl when they act out but when black men want to dat them they are HOT latinos!! Come on a bad man is a bad man and a bad women is a bad wome no mater the race!! UggHH

        • True, black women think a man is supposed to decide if they have babies, because they don’t want to be responsible for their own bodies!

      • First of all he isn’t rich. Secondly, If a man[i’m using that term loosely] chooses not to wear a condom, abstain from or get a vesectomy, he is choosing to potentially get a woman[i’m also use that term loosely] pregnant.

      • any man who gets famous all of a sudden his sex life increase.

        if odb can get 13 or so kids anybody can.

      • Damn tb, basic sex ed: it takes two to create a child. One of the casualties of casual sex is an 18 year commitment. If you don’t want the risk, don’t have the sex. Your comment shows you don’t come from much.

    • Since the money that your getting will be used for items other than that needed for the child. And 85% of it would be used on the woman and not the child

      • Your statistics are based on????? In the name of all that is intelligent, please people stop with your Willie Lynch tactics! If the mother has provided financially for her child for twelve years, and tests prove this is his child, what she chooses to do with the money is HER DAMN BUSINESS STUPID ASS! She’s being reimbursed! Look up the words you don’t understand you fool!

  3. Erica is simply a bitch who’s bark is more vicious than her bite. She’s tryna show out for the cameras and secretly idolizes Evelyn Hozado. I mean, just watching her on tv, you can tell that her crunkness is a facade.

  4. Erica will be back working for the dash store in Miami ,and eating beans and rice off the Cuban food street cart!

  5. I wish this low class bitch Erica Mena would shut her fuckin mouth! She tryin to come up on Rich and Olivia. Little does she know her actions will put her right back in the gutter and she is not on the come up her damn self. If you are hated your career is going no where and over. Who is going to work with this ignorant bitch? She’ll see. When rich is done fuckin her he’s going to dump her fast, quick, and a hurry. Then everyone will be straight clowning her dumb ass. Ignorant fuckin bitch. NO ONE likes a ignorant fuckin bitch.

  6. This makes rich n erica look like low life pieces of shit….I dont see where baby momma tryin to get nothing but support for the daughter she raised for 12 years on her own!

    Go mama, do u…they just some bums!

  7. I didn’t know it was wrong to want the father of your child to take of that child???? And I bet if Erica Mena was selling herself for checks she would have her baby daddy in court as well. Ho (Erica Mena) sit dowon and mind your business, you weren’t there when the was fuking to make this child.

  8. Erica Darling, not all struggling single mothers are prostitutes, low class trash like you! And as for the Nappy Hair comment…comer mi chocha que tiene el cabello Malo!

  9. First of all WHO in the f*ck took those cheap azz pics. Erica should not be using her medicaid flip phone to take pics and post them online….

    Secondly, [In my opinion] Erica Mena is a coked up whore who obviously has not stepped to the right chick. Instead of supporting the reprehensible actions of B*tch NoDollarz. She should enrourage his dispicable azz BF to be responsible and take the DNA test.

    Since Erica wanna talk sh*t HSK should post this story: When Does Erica Mena Raise Her Son?

  10. First, this woman has been trying for the last 12 years for a DNA test. Second, that is smart of her, that money he is making from the show can pay all that money he owes in back child support. Third, why is this silly broad all in her business regarding her daughter. This is what I am talking about these nasty racists hoes think they are so much better than Black women. He will pay, it doesn’t matter the court hearing is in June – delay is not denied, be patient Chaundrea it will come, and be happy that broke down triflin negroe is with that hoe Erica, cause now she can support him. That Erica really think she got a prize, that is one dumb bitch – Laughable!

  11. That was wrong of her shes a mother you would think she knew better.women will always find a way to be disrespectful to the other woman/baby momma until its their turn.hes going to have to take care of this child and what makes eric think this ,what shes saying about the childs mother wont come back to bite her.shame.

  12. Where do I start? Erica Mena needs to have several seats. She needs to out the come down. She needs to stay the hell out if that woman’s business.

    Erica is pointing out a fake LV? Seriously, Erica need I remind you of your fake Louboutin boots? Your rachet attitude and your lack or relevancy and talent? Eric do YOU have a car? Do you own anything? If the answer is no, you have NO room to talk smack about anyone.

    Erica is a jumpoff who was passed around by the Terror Squad. Otherwise k own as a bum bitch. A nobody who had a kid with a nobody and sells her ass for extra cash. Erica has been trying to make it in reality tv for a minute now…. She was on one of the Kardashian reality shows and was fired. God only knows who she fucked to stay on L&HH. Rachet come head.

  13. … Erica hating on a SISTA’s hair, her vehicle, blah blah .. the internet, reality tv, this site is filled with hate-monger, lost in the mind, pretty on the outside because of tons of everything on, black mold ugly on the inside kinda minds. Black mold is hazardous to your health. Wake up brothas, wake the f*&k up.

  14. I would personally do it for free! Loud mouth, retarded, annoying ass heffa! I couldn’t leave the set without back handing Rich either; I don’t care for Olivia but she spoke the truth about this tramp bitch.

  15. Erica is a jealous nobody hating on a strong, grown woman who is handling her responsibilities and raising her child. I can’t stand her bony, sewer-rat-with-overinflated-balloons-for-a-chest ass. Talkin shit on twitter like she is really bout it. I can’t wait to see her getting dragged (literally) in some club by some hood bitches that’s really as hard as she likes to pretend she is on tv. She’s got it coming, its only a matter of time.

    • Cosign on that. This bitch talk a lot a shit. And if the baby momma’s hair is nappy, that is because she black and natural, which is what Erica wishes she was. These other than black hookas betta fall the fuck back.

  16. This broke down hoodrat, Puerto-Rican is not making this man look any better! You have the nerve to degrade and disrespect a regular woman, who is a single mother trying to take care of her child? She works for her money and is making an honest living, so if she wants to cash in on the reality tv world, why not? Your non-talented ass is doing it! Lastly, that child looks just like Rich, which is unfortunate that this sad ass man has a child.

    • And Erica stank ass has no room to talk. How soon a Ho forgets, but i remember when She herself was homeless and unable to care for her own child.

  17. Abortion advocates refer to abortions as the ultimate in women’s rights. Women should have control over their bodies, they shouldn’t be forced to carry a baby they don’t want, etc. But the people never mentioned are the fathers. The fathers have no legal rights when it comes to the lives of their unborn children. While there are many men who support the decision to have an abortion there are as many who want to keep them, but are never given that choice.

    Unborn children are often thought of as solely the mother’s, because they reside in her womb. But children are half the father’s. Without men, there would be no babies. Why, then, do men have no say and no rights when it comes to abortion – one way or the other? Why do women hold all the power in these situations?

    Consider that a mother can choose to end her pregnancy without the father’s consent if he wants to keep it…and if he doesn’t want the baby, she can keep it and force him to pay child support against his wishes as well. They basically have to bend over and are at the mercy of the woman with no legal recourse.

    Men should have rights on abortion – after all it’s his baby, too. Women don’t get pregnant by immaculate conception that decides to bestow a child upon a helpless woman against her will. A woman had sex with a man – and a vast majority of the time, willingly and knowingly – and they created a child together. A father should be notified and given the right to halt an abortion, especially if he’s willing to pay the medical bills during the pregnancy and take custody of the baby after its born or have the right to opt out and give up his parental rights if the woman chooses to have the child.

    Pregnancy is a two-way street, and as such, it should be a two-person decision.

    • Bullshit. He gets control over his jizz only. If he wants some say so on when ,where ,how ,and with whom he experiences fatherhood , he can start by keeping his liquid gold to himself. Once dispensed he has zero say in where it winds up. Next president that gets elected in this country needs to make free condoms for all his platform.

  18. The fucking NUETRANOIDS/HALF BREEDS/MULATO skanks seem to be black americas new nightmare….Us black men must stop sleeping with these women because they seem to take satisfaction in disrespecting our black women..who by the way .. Is there ancestorial mothers (which they stay in denial of)…this thing about wanting to have “best” of black features …but not being considered black at the end of the day has gone to far….Evelyn, Somaya Reece, Erica Mena, Angie Martinez, Josylin Hernandez, Raqi etc….Negroes need to stop elevating genetic left overs and would be 3rd world…. bean eating and curbside chicklet selling HOES

    Fuck Jen The Pen & The Kardashian Hoes too

  19. Little do you know that we reall alike at the end of the day, and everybody is mixed with something. Our DNA is similiar to one another, god made us in his own image, we might not have the same hair or the same features, but our DNA is pretty similiar from one another. If you have to always be racist, then you are also being racist against yourself. Think about it, and maybe you might think twice before running your dumbass mouth

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