Rihanna Found Dead???




What is wrong with you people, are you all nuts? 54% of you are normal while the rest are cool with Rihanna getting her face kicked in.

Rihanna’s dad said he tried calling his daughter but whoever answered said, “this is not Robin’s phone anymore” promptly hanging up on her family when they call. That’s fucked up.

You black celebrities so called role models are down with this action too. You all retract your statement looking like assholes. Only Jay Z kept it real and said it could have been your sister or your mother. He never apologized.

If you read the police report you will see Chris needs help. If you like the guy try to help him. Don’t compliment him on his abuse. Rihanna is fucking off her whole career. White people are not going to buy her records anymore if she goes along with this bullshit. Black people don’t buy her shit, they don’t.

Why didn’t Usher apologize to Christina Milan. He dissed her in the same clip? Guess she’s nothing, she’s not human but Chris is allowed to beat a chic down. While driving, he told Rihanna “wait till we get to the house I am going to kill you.” He was biting and trying to throw her out of the car with her head bashed against the window. For christ’s sake he had her in a headlock while he was driving. These details came from Rihanna who is considering now or has already decided to save Chris by not testifying. Sorry Chris, but after OJ murdered Nicole the police don’t need a battered wife to prosecute. Nicole also didn’t press charges when OJ worked her over. Look where she ended up…

Chris’s stepfather used to do that to him, so he’s acting it out now. Chris beat her ass many times in the past. Rihanna said so. She thinks she’s in love. She doesn’t know what love is and you so called black celebrities are not helping the chic out. You are leading her astray.

I turned on my television today on CNN and Chris is the new OJ Simpson. He’s a piece of shit and does nothing for black people, but then runs for cover to the black community when the chips are down. Rihanna is confused she’s acting like a street walker. They allow their popcorn pimps to beat them down. They think it’s love but they’re so wrong.

This bitch made nigga Chris is claiming self defense. He’s lifting weights, he’s athletic. Who’s he kidding? Rihanna ain’t Monique she can’t defend herself against this psychotic pop star. How are you so called black celebrities going to feel when it happens again? Because they are back together even perhaps married thanks to you guys. He WILL beat her ass again sometime in the future. Don’t believe me? Then just ask Tina or Whitney.

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  1. Would you take your kids to a club nope then y the fuck u wna take them to the show and dont hate because your ass is way over expired to get into one of them outfits wich by the way doesnt have anything to do with there music

  2. I’m always happy to rihanna song because she is my favorite singer!!!I don’t want die rihanna,,for now Im so very tired because rihanna die!! bouring[100x]

  3. No, she’s perfectly alive. She might not be making the cover of magazines, but she’s alive. If she was dead it would be over all the news.

  4. You people out there I am Alexa and I have been a huge fan of Rihanna So who ever an I talking to I. Want to say Rihanna is not dead

  5. there r a bunch of swingers in thee underground. Just the fact,they insulted of the title,let’s u knw they not have book sense.

  6. Shes not exactly dead but she has sold her soul for fame. So I would say shes “kinda dead”…Kinda like a zombie who is paid to sing(and sing terribly) someones written words over computer generated tracks while flashing her vagina to children in the audience.