Robin Roberts Marries Longtime Girlfriend Storm Sahara?


Robin Roberts Marries Storm Sahara

“She realized over the course of her illness how much she truly loved Storm and vowed that if she made it through, she would not only rekindle their love – but she would ask Storm to marry her and have a gay wedding.”

Robin Roberts is reported to now be a married woman. This news comes about four-months after the Good Morning America anchor was first reported romantically involved with longtime girlfriend, Storm Sahara.

Sources say the pair tied the knot, June 1st — during a private ceremony “in their upper west side condo.” Now, there’s word of the newly married ladies plans for “an addition to their family.”

Here’s what’s being reported:

“There are serious talks about adoption or even Storm carrying their first born together. Storm has a 13-year-old daughter who seems to be just as excited.”

Here’s what an insider previously revealed:

“I work closely with Robin Roberts on a daily basis, so yes I know a great deal about her and Storm Sahara. They are indeed extremely private but only because of Robin.”

Are Robin and Sahara planning to pen a tell-all detailing their five-year relationship, before they tied the knot? Of course! Just ask Sam Champion.


    • Right white! When this woman whose name is Andrea Gordin, a lesbien found out Robin is gay, she changed her facebook and twitter page from Alexis London Blu
      To Sahara Storm to make the press believe that shes Robin’s girlfriend. This is a poor black lunatic that ordered a film kit online and now saying shes a fiilm director. This psycho needs to ne committed.

      • Anonymous,

        Are you serious? So, this chick is NOT the actural girlfriend/wife of Robin Roberts?

        I’ve wondered about this for the past few months. I’ve always thought Robin dated & was attracted to white & foreign women.

        Please share more if you can…

        • Yea her name is Andrea Gordon she moved from Florida where she was going to school to New York to stalk RR. RR does not know her shes a lunatic. She changed her twitter name to Storm_Sahara to make the media think
          She was RR girlfriend. She was in the military. Andrea Gordon is her real name. Shes a mean lunatic.

    • I always seen Robin as a racist lesbian cryer! Since she has been on GMA all we hear about every 6 months is Robin this or Robin that, whaa whaa whaa, then we hear about it for months on end!!!

      When Dianne Sawyer and Charlie Gibson were on the show, and many other older people than Robin, we never heard about ANY of their personal health issues and certainly didn’t distract us from the actual news that we watch the show for!

      What’s next? Oh poor Robin’s got sickle cell anemia? Or some other diseases, infection, virus, etc? What else is this person’s PERSONAL B.S. gonna distract us from the NEWS that we watch a NEWS Program for? What about ALL the other REGULAR people in our country? Where is their PITY PARTY? If Robin is sick she should go home and deal with it like EVERYBODY else, not make it world wide news! Most of the people that get the illnesses Robin has endured don’t have the liberty of the BEST INSURANCE and PITY as this racist black woman has!

      I would much rather have Amy Robuck anchoring at the desk. I’m sure we wouldn’t hear “Oh poor Amy is on the rag this week, oh my the cramps are so bad!” Get rid of Robin Roberts, the show would be much better without her whiny black ass!!!!

      • you should be ashamed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are just jealous because it ain`t you they are talking about. Get over it


  1. Not only do i have love and respect for Robin, she shoulda beat the shyt outta that lil bitch Chris Brown when he snapped out in front of her.

  2. I long suspected her of being gay, but she still looked good. White crackas only give black gays jobs and give them praise (trying to encourage the behavior) while damning normal blacks. This also proves that Roberts and other filthy gays are ashamed of being gay which is why they never just come out and say it. Gays need to be systematically castrated.

    • God is that you? It must be, because you’re passing judgment on someone like you’re GOD. But I never knew your name was Josh.

  3. I just want to say whatever Robin Roberts is or does, she is a woman of incredible substance and a role model for all. When I was just a kid in New Orleans, my family ran in the same circle as Robin and Sally Ann Roberts’ family. Her dad was a former Tuskegee Airman and a Colonel in the Air Force in nearby Biloxi, Ms.
    For us younger girls, the Roberts sisters were held up as major role models and examples of THE girls to emulate. Sally Ann remains an Edward R. Murrow award winning investigative reporter and anchor at a TV station where she has worked in New Orleans since I was in middle school.

    It’s been known to all that Robin is attracted to women since she was a star athlete in high school. She has never hidden anything about her orientation, she just doesn’t stand on a podium and announce it as if it were “news”. She never pretended to be straight, nor has she bearded at any point. To me she has lived an honorable life.

    As a matter of fact, one of her previous relationships was with Martina Navratilova who I kinda view as a less attractive(she’s looking pretty decent now as an older woman who’s had a bit of work done)white version of Robin.
    Robin has grown more beautiful naturally as she ages. She’s one of those women who just radiates inner as well as outer beauty.
    I wish the best possible life for her and her partner. She deserves it!

        • Erika:

          Thanks. We cannot let the media and the powers that be brainwash us into liking some shit that they love when it goes against our nature. Someone in another thread wanted to claim that most blacks are white, well if they want to go there, then they can say that Roberts and other black gays are gays because of their white blood!

      • @Josh,

        Listen, sometimes everything we think should not come out our mouths and/or typed out via our keyboards. I’m not saying your thoughts are wrong, however, to share THAT thought out loud is crass, uncouth & just downright rude.

        @Josh, I’ve read most of your posts & gathered you’re a person of good character with plenty common sense & decency. Please allow me the means to continue to feel this way about you.

        And in the same breathe…
        I still understand what you meant.

    • Unlike you Christa, I do not know Robin personally but have grown to love and respect her through the media. Her natural grace and sophisticated style has always caught my attention. It is great hearing first hand confirmation what I always thought about her. I sincerely wish only happiness and good health to her and her spouse. As you say (with complete agreement on my end), she deserves the best of the best. Thx for sharing.


      • I can only tell you what gives with me anonymous 14:19/
        Yes, I am critical of bi or gay men on the DL because they are not true to themselves and others, therefore they are at a high risk of spreading HIV to women.
        I never said one negative word about Frank Ocean when he declared himself interested in men. That is warning enough. If a silly chick decides to smash, she knew what she was getting herself
        into. It’s men like Kanye, Puffy, Earvin Johnson, John Legend and possibly Fiddy who I have a problem with.
        Plus there is the fact that women don’t pass around HIV to other women. But Robin was NEVER IN the closet. She merely kept her private life private. If Kanye were to come out as a gay man, I would shut my trap about him and admire him for making such a courageous decision. I ain’t holding my breath though. He is too narcissistic to allow himself to be viewed as less than a man.
        So the gossip and criticism will continue as long as gay men are dippin their peens in pussy, and then dippin them in a muscular booty. I am not a Christian fundamentalist who dislike gays, just because they’re gay. Pick a team, stay on it, and many fewer Black and Latino women will become HIV+. JMHO


        • “He is too narcissistic to allow himself to be viewed as less than a man.”
          Are you saying that a gay man is less than a man? pls. explain.

        • You have twisted my words to mean something I did not say.
          AIDS is not a disease. It is a syndrome which is diagnosed when 5 or more factors are present in the patient. HIV is just ONE of the factors.

          I certainly do not think Black men are the root of HIV infection. That is absurd. I am not scapegoating them.

          I could argue the “AIDS Myth” all day long, and I promise you this is a subject which I have studied since 1984, but this is neither the time nor place. This is a thread about Robin Roberts and her partner, and I continue to wish her all the blessings in the world.

          • Since this is primarily an urban blog, I listed Black men suspected to be on the DL.
            Since you inferred from my post that I am blaming Black men for spreading it to women unaware of their status, let me add:
            Bradley Cooper
            Tammy Cruise
            Ewan McGregor
            Tommy Lee(because of his prolific needle usage and sexual promiscuity
            Keanu Reeves
            Hugh Grant
            Jude Law
            Rob Thomas
            Bruce Willis
            Adam Levine
            Woody Harrelson
            Owen Wilson
            and on and on………..

  4. I did not know she was Gay??? But congrats i guess, don’t think I can live with a a dick sorry that shit is crazy to me. But who am I to judge… maybe she was born gay like my nephew.

  5. Josh speaks the truth.

    Don’t y’all know the struggle continues in the spirit world against black folk?

    This gay phenomenon is nothing but the souls of white racists oppressing our living souls because they didn’t kill us (at least effectively) in the natural?

    Look at the crazy shit our people are doing these days. Look at the black on black murder and the diseases and child rape (responsible for this gay shit) and murder. Now the celebration of unnatural sex.

    Please don’t be so gullible.

    Don’t you know the biggest bullies in high school are dykes comin’ for young str8t girls? Don’t you know the teasers in junior high are the closet queers? And you know Robin played ball in high school.

    My young sistahs, you let that gayness into your soul and yeah, you gonna get cancer because cancer comes from within. There are very high rates of reproductive cancer in lesbians. Someone asked on another post why Missy Elliott ain’t got her karmic payback yet for turnin’ out so many young girls. Just wait, it’s comin’ for that big dyke just yet.

    So stop feelin’ sorry for this AC/DC media whore. This story is a lie anyway, she likes white women, as was previously reported on this site.

    and this site is starting to rival the low-end Bossip.

    • Gay or straight, any chick who picks the name “Storm Sahara'”is a thirsty bitch aiming for fame.
      (And don’t EVEN try to tell me her mama gave her that name!) If they really are married now, I hope Robin got a pre-nup.

      I always suspected she was a lesbian. I just wish she’d take a page from Anderson Cooper’s book & come out already, rather than playing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” for years. Gays want the rest of us to believe “Gay Is OK”, yet so many of the most famous gays wont come out? WTF does Robin have to lose at this point? Esp. w/the overwhelming public support she got after announcing her 2nd bout w/cancaer.

      Off Topic: I can’t believe James Gandolfini died! Dude was only 51…

  6. I am not gay nor am I an advocate for gay pride. I believe a relationship should be between a man and a woman, not with the same sex. I have a cousin that is gay, she will not admitted it to the family of fear of being ridicule. On the other hand, if Robin Roberts is gay she will have to deal with the Lord about those unnatural feelings. But I am glad that Robin Roberts cancer went into remission.

  7. You people need to get a life!! Wow!! Congrats to Robin and her wife if true. She only deserves happiness!! The LAST thing she deserves is to be attacked by anyone because of her choice of who she marries. Leave it for another blog, leave her alone!! Let her be happy, she deserves that!! Doesn’t she radiate happiness to all? Treat all with respect?? Please do the same!!!

  8. This ugly black ghetto woman’s name is not Storm Sahara. Her name is Andrea Gordon and she is an Obsessed Fan of Robin Roberts. RR does not know her. This ugky woman was going to school in Florida and moved to New York to Stalk RR. She made her tweets private today because I told her to stop pretending being someone else living in a fantasy. Andrea ‘s twitter name use to be Alwxis London Blu. She tells people that her name is Alexis Golphin. Shes a habitual liar an ecplosive Lesbian who wish that she coulld be with RR crazy lunatic. That broke wanna be film maker who ordered a film studio kit in a box is a lunatic.

  9. Of course this us a lied. Robin did not declare herself gay. All she was say how grateful of people who helped her. Iam sure she with lawyers now as the media went crazy on mis taking her gratitude