Robin Roberts & Storm Sahara To Be Married


Robin Roberts Marries

Robin Roberts and her film director girlfriend, Storm Sahara, are secretly planning to get married — away from the cameras and press.

This news comes about a month after sources reported Robin Roberts was working hard to get her boo back. That’s what’s led the pair to tie the knot.

Here’s what RhymeswithSnitch is reporting:

“Robin and Storm are back together and quietly planning their wedding… Robin and Storm are planning a private wedding ceremony with just the two of them, no friends or family. A date has already been set, but no announcement will be made.”

I’m giving Robin Roberts props for coming out the closet because being gay is nothing to be ashamed of. What are your thoughts?


    • Well, we now know that this was wrong. Today she announced that she was gay(officially) and her partner of 10 years is some white chick from San Fran. I believe there were several folks here who said at the time that this came out in March that they thought her gf was a white girl. She is fairly femme(compared to many lesbians) and she looks nice. I hope Robin is happy…that’s what’s important imho.

    • It’s Robin’s business to be gay, but what’s wrong with staying in-the-closet. I had a lot of respect for her. That’s all changed! Coming out is sheer idiocy.

  1. Wrong being gay is shameful, otherwise they would all be out the closet! Who is ashamed about being heterosexual? Nobody, because that sh@t is normal period! Can’t even make babies without the opposite sex, and if you tell me that God meant for a man to stick his penis in another man, which is what they do, then you have issues too! The parts don’t even go together, wake up people!

            • It’s not how I feel God intended it but everyone has to answer for self. Judgement is for GOD alone and it too will come. Her life is her life no matter how anyone else feels but we’re all entitled to an opinion. Let’s remember how the Bible says God wanted it and let us all Pray

            • Exactly WRONG! That’s what happened in Sodom, live and let live, and we know how that turned out. Gays, their supporters, and innocent people just living there. God kill them ALL, babies too. I guess God didn’t think like you do.

        • It’s not how I feel God intended it but everyone has to answer for self. Judgement is for GOD alone and it too will come

          • We can judge. The bible says we can. How else will we decipher BS people to avoid? Hellfire is real. Duet. 16:18-20 says we can judge along with 26 other bible verses.

    • thats right, gay is nasty filthy & wrong on all levels & iam against that lifestyle 100% man was made for a woman not for same sex bullshit, dnt get it twisted its the plan of the devil to destroy mankind

      • My God, you people are ignorant. You’d think if anyone supported a discriminated group it would be another discriminated group.

        • Discriminated by man is one thing, dicriminated by God is totally different. Ain’t nobody agreeing with that BS. Homosexuals WILL be in hell with gasoline skin and their supporters too. Y’all think y’all slick trying to get people on your side so you ain’t in the fire by yourself. F that and die slow.

          • Why don’t you worry about yourself? We were born this way. Without choice. Unlike you… Heard you and your brother are married.

    • @Kissthekingfish It appears that your life is unfulfilled or you wouldn’t place such emphasis on someone else’s life that neither knows you nor gives a rats ass about your opinion of her sexuality. Before you start pointing fingers at what is wrong or right in the eyes of God check your own closet and clean that out first. How many sins have you committed today alone? The last time I checked there is only one man that is perfect and free from sin and it’s not you or anyone in your peanut gallery.

    • @Kissthekingfish you are really concerned. People are in the closet for many reasons, straight women are in the closet for diseases they caught from a man, for the child they birth due to rape, men are in the closet for the rape they experienced as a boy, must I go on? We all have something in the “closet.” Society keeps the closet doors closed.

    • The men that are on the down low the women that are bi-sexual, you if you ever watched an x rated film and got off on the two women kissing. Why promote what you don’t like? The pedophiles that go after your children of the same sex.DO I need to continue. Nobody cares who you have in bed with why do you care about who gay people sleep with.

    • Kissthekingfish, if you believe in god, then your god is a cruel god, because he made us all then right. How do you explain people being gay? Please don’t tell me you’re one of these idiots that thinks it’s a choice? If so, please enlighten us on your epiphany of when you made the “choice” to be with the opposite sex? Go listen to Mackelmore’s Same Love you dumbazz.

    • Who cares what other people do? They’re not condemning you for being hateful and they’re not hurting you, so why don’t you mind your own business? By the way — everyone knows the squeaky wheel wants to get greased. I’m sure people are already wondering about you.

    • I don’t know what this world is coming too. women sucking other women, men sucking other men what the fuck is going on. God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve and not Mary and May. God don’t make know mistakes your people is just straight up nasty. People just dont have no morals anymore, because if they did they will not hurt there family like that, i am not perfet and i know, know matter how hard times get i will never,never,never suck another women pussy thats just straight up nasty!

    • You give a whole new meaning to “There’s one born every minute” You are the nasty one! I am repulsed by your arrogance and judgmental ignorance. Gawd I hope I never have to meet anyone like you. You are the bottom of the gene pool. I could of been your Momma but the Bitch Dog beat me over the fence.

      • Well, that is the next step from homosexuality, bestiality…

        You fucking gays always reveal the demonic in yourselves.

    • You could allow yourself to wake up a little more.
      It’s about Love not sex only. Jesus gives all the messages of Love. Not everyone wants to have children. Some men still sodomize their wifes is that ok? cause their hetro? Quit judgeing people,
      “Pull the plank out of your own eye before you point out that someone has it in theirs” God Bless you for your highest good!

      • If we Believe that Divine Order exists Allways…
        Then gays are here for a reason, as all incidences teach us about so many things.. But when brought back to LOVE from God or Creator we must remember God Loves us all very much. If we want people to get along in this world we must accept what they do as we would want them to do for us? Aside from the crazyness of murder or rape or pedofillia? (spelling bad sorry) There is Peace in my world how about yours?

  2. and I just Googled her again and look what I found:

    “Robin Roberts to be Honored with the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at The 2013 ESPYS on July 17”

    THAT’S WHAT’S UP!!!!!!

  3. I didn’t know Robin was gay. I wish her well, she has been through a lot overcoming her health issues.

  4. Gay, straight or otherwise just respect other people’s personal choices as long as it does not interfere with your life. There is enough room here on earth for all of us to live peacefully if we care to!

    Much love and well wihes to Robin and Storm. Wow two beautiful women!

    • Rite wow 2 pretty women dat suppose 2 be wit men not each other devil lover ill knock a pussy in the top of ur head

  5. It has been obvious Robin Roberts and Sam Champion are gay for years despite trying to lay low under the radar for years. Who cares if they are gay? Sam Champion came out and it appears Robin Roberts is going to quit living a lie and be honest.

  6. He gave men and women their tool and said be fruitful and multiply cant multiply wit the same sex only divide dats the devil plans stop being so blinded and dont get mad at me god said it

  7. If a person will lie, steal, cheat, or kill what makes one sin greater than the next….let God be the judge of that

  8. @Kissthekingfish It appears that your life is unfulfilled or you wouldn’t place such emphasis on someone else’s life that neither knows you nor gives a rats ass about your opinion of her sexuality. Before you start pointing fingers at what is wrong or right in the eyes of God check your own closet and clean that out first. How many sins have you committed today alone? The last time I checked there is only one man that is perfect and free from sin and it’s not you or anyone in your peanut gallery.

  9. I believe that it’s wrong because God made us anatomically able to fit 1 another. I hear that women strap on a penis and men do that chocolate dip that is not anatomically right of how humans where made to function. God made male for female and female for male. we were all born to fit like a puzzle. for those of you who TRULY believe in the Bible read Romans chapter 1 let me know what you think if you truly believe in the Lord Jesus. Is it all about sex?… or how you truly feel about someone because you can truly love someone without ave sex with them. No, I do not hate homosexuals I just believe that it’s wrong.

  10. Hooray for Robin! There Is NOTHING WRONG with being gay! I am not gay but I support all rights for gays. People need to stop judging others. The Bible shouldn’t be used as justification to hate. Hate is not Christian! Explain that, all you haters!

    • TwoEns,

      With all due respect but, the bible clearly states that homosexuality is an abomination. We who do not believe in it are not haters. God loves the sinner but, he hates the sin. God is not down with 2 people of the same sex laying together.

      No matter how you twist it or try to change or word it, God’s word never changes because God cannot lie.

      • You are so right GOD made Adam and EVE, and if science is right everyone that came behind them have the same DNA. You and everyone else need to stop quoting a book that has been rewritten by so many which means their opinion is somewhere in there. Also if you not going to use word for word then leave the bible out of it. By the way did GOD tell you he was not down with something?

        • Bless your heart Terry,

          I am sorry but, know matter how you try to defend it. God still says in his word that homosexuality is an abomination. Leviticus 18:22

          Maybe I shouldn’t have said God is not down with it, I probably could have worded it better

          God’s word never lies, because God cannot lie. He loves you just the same. The Lord our Savior Jesus Christ does not and will not force his will on any of us. If you don’t believe in God or his word, he still loves you.

          • Let he who has not sinned, cast out the first stone. People pick and choose what part of the Bible they want to live by.



  13. Thats right gay is being shameful, god didnt make adam and adam or eve and eve he made woman and man.. I dont condone these spirits people entertain i just pray that god will deliver them from this sick things.. Wrong is wrong and being gay woman or man is not right period!!!!!!

  14. Gay marriage? what the fuck. in zambia we don’t tolerate this type of horse shit anyone down wit gay people fuck u 2.

  15. My pray is for Robin and Storm that they will be forgiven in the end. We must love them and not pass judgment. God will do that at the end!!!Peace

  16. well i love robin and everything that she has gone through but im sorry i dont like that she is gay,i personally couldnt imagine being with the same sex,as thats not how i was brought up or my personal a big believer that marriage is between man and woman and i hope the supreme court votes againist it and puts it into law for the final time.

  17. Do you think people choose to suffer? If so, they would ‘choose’ to be gay. The anti-gay folks, you all straight obviously so you just don’t know. And do you get out much? Some gays are just growing old together, best friends, lovers…some not even having sex. It’s the Puritans that came to this continent with their religious craziness that you’re following. Follow science and education and let God still rule your lives with a ton of peace, love, hope and charity.

  18. I quit watching Good Morning America when Sam and his buddy that takes it up the poot shot got hung up

  19. Robin is a typical tricky evil dyke and it has all backed up in her demonic ass.

    It is so cool now to accept gays. I cannot wait until the world really gets to know them. To truly know will be to have true and justified contempt.

  20. God will judge all of us if you are wrong or right. We have a free will to choose. Simple, Heaven or Hell. If you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ you are saved. No questions asked.