Robin Thicke: Delinquent Dad?


Robin Thicke Delinquent Father

Paula Patton Left Babysitting The Baby & The Baby’s Daddy!

HSK Exclusive – Sources are spilling news that Paula Patton becomes filled with fear anytime she leaves her child in Robin Thicke’s care. We’re told the actress is concerned for the safety of the couple’s son, Julian, over the former ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood’ cast member’s cocaine and alcohol addictions.

Back in March, HSK exclusively told you Thicke was fired from from the BET show over his indulging in alcohol; showing up to work drunk; and taking frequent “cocaine bathroom trips” between takes.

Now, it seems he’s taken that bad behavior home with him. Know why? Because Paula is said to be scared to go to work.

Here’s the drop from

“Paula Patton is turning down movie roles because she’s constantly babysitting both her child and her husband. Robin Thicke is a mess, he can’t deal with success. Paula doesn’t want to leave Robin because she wants to raise Julian with both of his parents around.”

Does Robin Thicke prefer dark liqueur with his white lines? Of course! Just ask Stephen Hill.


        • Hollywood is not all fake. They are real people with real struggles. It’s saiys more about you if you think everything in hollywood is supposed to be perfect and happiness. You wont find perfect couples in Hollywood nor outside Hollywood among regular people. Robin is a coke head and been using coke for many years now. This is nothing new. Paula probably takes coke too.

          • im pro black love black cuples and black family unit but in this snt neccessarily black herself so i will say this its good she sticking by her hubsband they do make a nice looking for his drug and alchol problems thats more mental issues n rob part i know how hollywood do with celebs on any kind of drug they take and us that on you to cotrol like a slave.i really see were the fame was heavy on him the show hollyood house husbands was utter cat shyt! bet done change for the damm worst no one really wates that channel unless theres a award show.i would say he needs to turns his home into a rehab and go cold turkey work his own isues cause these days there sneak dope in the rehabs now!

    • Are you really that naive? Nobody has a perfect marriage. Everyone struggles with something. They can still be happy

    • not too long ago it was HER who was the coke whore more interested in women than her husband! they’re both fucked up!

  1. Umm,Paula Patton needs to cut and run because:

    1. Robin Thicke needs rehab for sure. He is high as a kite even when he is doing TV interviews to promot his music. So I can imagine what he’s like at home. Tha’ts no environment for a baby.

    2. She needs a full-time nanny. Why is she leaving their child alone with a an actively drug-abusing father. I suspect she’s an addict too.

    3. This is all going to end badly. Her window to have a career is shutting. She’s not getting any younger and longer she spins her wheels on this situation, the worse it will be.

    Side note: How come we never see her parents? No pics. No nothing.

    • Paula Patton is a known cocaine addict. She did an interview I think with Extra or Access Hollywood (one of those gossip shows I can’t remember) and she was high as a kite and off her rockers. I think this is why she can’t get any good acting roles in Hollywood. She is a liability!

      • I remember that interview. It was sad. She seems like shes a nice person in her interviews too. 🙁

      • Yeah I noticed that as well. Seems that he prefers the sauce and she the white horse. That poor kid is a Child Protective Service case in the making. Between their combined income and relatives it’s curious that they cannot find a baby cousin to sit or hire a Salvadoran nanny for below minimum wage while Paula finds work. Hope they aren’t pissing/blowing their money away(pun)

        They are a beautiful couple but heavily into swinging. A pretty friend of mine was propositioned once when she met him at an event. Hope that they get it together for Julian’s sake. Children need healthy and nurturing parents.

        • Robin is doing really well with Blurred lines. Number one in 40 countries. He’ll have a lot more money to do lines, unfortunately.

          Anyway what does your friend look like? Wanna know what Pauia’s type is. Lol.

          • @ Hello U

            To respect her privacy yet give you a somewhat of visual(1:25-1:29 laying down before Gloria Velez’s candid). Measurements 34-26-39. Out of respect wont post portfolio but has worked will some well known photographers. Degree’d, down to earth, from good family. Quit urban modeling/music videos after 2 short years because photographers and promoters are extremely sleazy. Photos can haunt you in the corporate world and hometown community. It was a task to date – decent guys do not want their woman’s body on display. Athletes, entertainers, promoters all assume that you are a whore like other thirsty women and want to parade you around then use you(It is really sad). Her parents, grandparents and uncles gave a collective hell no to it all. She walked away from the madness with dignity in tact. Seems everyone in entertainment does anything by any means. I kinda miss the salaciousness of it all. I’m so square and vanilla it was like being in a 3D movie 😉

      • Paula isn’t even a good actress. I don’t even find her to be all that attractive. Don’t see what the big deal is. A lot of people say she’s the next Halle Berry. That won’t happen

        • Exactly she can’t act! When you look at her in interviews you see her big ‘botox’ vein popping out of her forehead.

        • not a fan of Paula either and if you want to be technical, Halle can’t act either, I’ve never seen the hype in her either!

            • In all fairness to Halle, so do 1/2 the women in Hollywood.
              Like that no talent Mr. Ed lookin Jennifer Aniston. God knows why, but American girls/ladies think she’d the ish, and so she gets cast in bomb after bomb in what may as well be the same romantic comedy role. There is an attraction I just DO NOT GET.

  2. I” remember when Paula was being groomed to be the next “IT” girl. Then the next thing I know “Kerry Washington” is the new “IT”girl.

    Paula blew!

    • But comparing pretty Paula to beautiful and brainy Kerry is almost unfair. Kerry has the makings of a star with a long lasting career if she picks and chooses her roles well. But then again, with her mind for politics, she may end up going the route of Hill Harper and Kal Penn.

  3. Just like Whitney and Bobby, it’s pretty rare for one member of a couple to be a raging addict, while the other is sober and straight as an arrow with substances. If she is genuinely afraid for her son to be with him alone, she needs to leave him.

  4. The rumors have been out there for quite some time that Robin and Paula are/were addicts. I really hate to hear this. I hope they will be able to conquer their demons for the sake of their son.

    Loved Robin on Real House husbands.

  5. another white boy on dope with a hot biracial wife who’s on dope also difference is they both have money to support their habits.

        • Robin’s mother Gloria Loring was a big soap opera star about 30 years ago. And she had another hot sister(in those days) named Lyn Loring who was a singer.
          I don’t think there’s any doubt that Alan Thicke is the whitest man from Canada ever. Remember him on Growing Pains?

          • Gloria Loring was also a singer who did the big pop hit Friends and Lovers in the 80’s. I knew there was something fake and phony about the Robin/Paula thing….just never rang the happy bell for me

  6. Two lost mulattoes tryin’ to find themselves through drugs. No sympathy, no interest.

    But ladies let this be a lesson: Men are men and problems come in all colors.

      • Does it negate what I said about man problems coming in all different colors?

        Mulatto or white, men or men, period.

    • Are you insane or just living in the 1800’s nobody uses that slave word MULATTO except HIspanics which is what you are so STFU you don’t know what you are talking about.

  7. I’m not trying to be funny but I think they are both addicts and that baby don’t look quite right because of it.

    I will never understand why people with substance abuse issues decide to conceive and bring a child into the world. They already have issues and put those issues on the child in utero and then when the poor baby gets here they don’t have a stable home environment to deal with the damage their use caused in the womb.

    They BOTH need help…STAT!!!

  8. He always looks lush-y-ish on the show.. like he’s wet lol I didn’t say he was a lush.. just sayin’

  9. Robin is high all the time cus there are no blondes in his family and “his” baby came ouy blonde. You”d be trippin too. He already deals wit her bustin it wide for Kang Tifa. Cut da saltine some slack. Lol

    • according to a..genetic specialist, the baby is blond cuz both his grandmothers are blond AND he’s 75 percent, white. Saw pics of Robin as a youngster–his hair was much lighter. Disappointed to know they have substance abuse issues; hopefully they’ll decide to Save Themselves by getting proper therapeutic help, soon! ‘Read where Robin said: “We’re the most functional dysfunctional couple in Hollywood” At least addiction is curable if the participants ‘work on their deeply seated emotional pain…which, apparently, they both possess. Happens!

  10. Robin Thicke`s mother Gloria Lorig is a natural blonde so maybe that is why his son was born with blonde hair.

      • Keepitreal Who is Kang Tifa? Oh, I think I just got it. Is it “all hail the Queen”? I bet if we knew all the “famous” chicks who gave the Queen a taste we would be blown away.
        Shit, I even just bought one of her jackets on HSN!

      • @keepinitreal:’wondered bout the Kang Tifa thang. Oh well, gurlz gotta do what a gurlz gotta do to get what she needs! keepinitreal! ain’t mad at either of em.

  11. Well hopefully he will seek help ( and her as well IF she has a drug /alcohol) problem, so that they can be a good role model to their child..even if they aren’t together.

    • fo sho! and that ain’t all…i believe there is lots more depth to the words ‘blurred lines’ than has been discussed by anyone involved with the song.

  12. My friend worked at his album release party a few yrs ago and both him n Paula were in the bathroom doing cocaine.
    They didn’t even try to hide it.
    When there were leaving she fell flat on her face. She’s just as much of a mess as he is

  13. This story got by me at time it was posted.

    I’m rather surprised to see this story told in this manner because it’s been my understanding Paula Patton is not at all a stranger to neither liquor, drugs or sex with other people outside of her husband. Paula may very well have good “mommy instincts” but she’s neither a saint or non-substance user either.

    If Paula is so “concerned” about Robin’s negligence as a father she needs to keep friends, family & a proper nanny on payroll & stop saying uncomplimentary things about Robin.

    “The pot calling the keettle black.”