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Robin Thicke: Delinquent Dad?

June 7th, 2013

Robin Thicke Delinquent Father

Paula Patton Left Babysitting The Baby & The Baby’s Daddy!

HSK Exclusive – Sources are spilling news that Paula Patton becomes filled with fear anytime she leaves her child in Robin Thicke’s care. We’re told the actress is concerned for the safety of the couple’s son, Julian, over the former ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood’ cast member’s cocaine and alcohol addictions.

Back in March, HSK exclusively told you Thicke was fired from from the BET show over his indulging in alcohol; showing up to work drunk; and taking frequent “cocaine bathroom trips” between takes.

Now, it seems he’s taken that bad behavior home with him. Know why? Because Paula is said to be scared to go to work.

Here’s the drop from MouthtoEars.com:

“Paula Patton is turning down movie roles because she’s constantly babysitting both her child and her husband. Robin Thicke is a mess, he can’t deal with success. Paula doesn’t want to leave Robin because she wants to raise Julian with both of his parents around.”

Does Robin Thicke prefer dark liqueur with his white lines? Of course! Just ask Stephen Hill.

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56 Comments on "Robin Thicke: Delinquent Dad?"

Ms. Reg Says!
June 22, 2013

This story got by me at time it was posted.

I’m rather surprised to see this story told in this manner because it’s been my understanding Paula Patton is not at all a stranger to neither liquor, drugs or sex with other people outside of her husband. Paula may very well have good “mommy instincts” but she’s neither a saint or non-substance user either.

If Paula is so “concerned” about Robin’s negligence as a father she needs to keep friends, family & a proper nanny on payroll & stop saying uncomplimentary things about Robin.

“The pot calling the keettle black.”


June 12, 2013

My friend worked at his album release party a few yrs ago and both him n Paula were in the bathroom doing cocaine.
They didn’t even try to hide it.
When there were leaving she fell flat on her face. She’s just as much of a mess as he is


June 11, 2013

Cocaine’s a helluva drug – “Slick” Rick James


June 9, 2013

a new meaning to the song, blurred lines


ren Reply:

fo sho! and that ain’t all…i believe there is lots more depth to the words ‘blurred lines’ than has been discussed by anyone involved with the song.


September 24, 2013

fo sho! and that ain’t all…i believe there is lots more depth to the words ‘blurred lines’ than has been discussed by anyone involved with the song.


June 8, 2013

Well hopefully he will seek help ( and her as well IF she has a drug /alcohol) problem, so that they can be a good role model to their child..even if they aren’t together.





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