Robin Thicke Walks Off ‘Real Husbands Of Hollywood’ Set!


Robin Thicke Walks Off Real Husbands Set

HSK Exclusive – It looks like Robin Thicke has no interest in being a Real Husband Of Hollywood anymore! As a source exclusively tells HSK the singer/actor didn’t show up to “Real Husbands of Hollywood” set, Friday.

Now, word is Thicke won’t be returning. Know why? Because we’re told he believes the show could be ruining his brand.

Not surprisingly, Stephen Hill and BET are said to be furious over their “crossover kid” jumping ship. We’re told Thicke, 36, doesn’t see his fan base as people who tune in to BET.

Here’s the drop:

“Everybody was on the set Friday, waiting. Robin didn’t call or nothing! His camp checked in and told the BET staff, “Keep the money because Robin is not doing the show anymore.”


    • To me that show is not funny I have giving it a chance wated about 6 episodes. Kevin looks like he is trying too hard to me and it makes all men look like sissys.

      • I agree, I don’t think Kevin Hart is funny at all. I don’t understand why people think he is funny. I just don’t get it. I guess it is just his season. I’m not hating on him. I’m glad he is doing his thing and making money and all, but he is just not funny at all.

          • Yeah, cosign. I tried to give the show a chance only watching the premiere episode and the fourth (I guess). Not funny. Just low brow predictable gag humor. Kevin turn out be a one-trick pony. Hollywood got to him. He could have gotten more experience on the stand up circuit maybe to become a slow-rising star to be able to earn his place, but some how he got the call to be put on right now and must have told him that anything goes. He is not funny.

    • @anonymous I totally agree with you there! I’ve said this all along! No one can put it down like Jon B in regards to robin thicke and JT though admittingly I do like JT.

  1. If that we’re truly the reason, the statement makes no sense. IF, his fan base DOESN’T watch BET, then how could he damage his standing with his fan base by pulling his draws down and showing his white ass while appearing on BET?? And, when he signed on to do the
    show, I’m fairly certain that his “Team” had a pretty good idea of hid demographic and how it matched up with BET’s demos.

    Naw…he quit because the feedback from critics and fans wasn’t what they had hoped. He decided he didn’t want to be clowned for appearing as a regular on a show that was putting him in a light as less than a serious “artiste” surrounded by a solid C list cast(except Hart who is a B). JMHO

    • The comment was said in a very self destructive way but I think that he meant being on BET and the House Husbands of Hollywood is not adding to his personal branding in a positive way. A lot of Canadians dont feel the need to absorb American culture in the same way that we do. As Americans we do surround ourselves with very self-destructive images and messages

      • You’re right. Ignorance is still not accepted in Canadian culture and nobody would watch a show that exibits black dysfunction like in the states. By the way, I am a black canadian and I’m very sad at what is going on with black culture in the states.

  2. Not an Alan Thicke fan so I’m not upset he’s gone. I have never seen the show before and happen to find it when I was surfing the TV channels

  3. He’s been in the business for a min. and the only ppl I hear talk about him are part of ebt’s demo.

    If he’s looking for crossover appeal, then it may not hurt for him to drop his daddy’s name a little more.
    Personally, he’s like a mayo sandwich…bland. The little dude from Jamiroquai can sing Thicke under the table.

  4. I guess Robin had to do what he had to do. I noticed that he wasn’t on the season finale.

    I love Robin’s music and style. But to be honest, I was really surprised that he took a gig like Real House Husbands. I wish him the best.

  5. Don’t you have to be “on” a set in order to walk “off” of it? The headline says that he walked off the set but the article says he never showed up.

    I don’t like the ‘ole Bait and Switch…it shows a lack of confidence. You’re saying that no one would be interested in reading the article on its face value so let me exaggerate and embelish the truth to get people to read. I would have read the article anyway – you didn’t need to do that. It is actually disrespectful to your audience. smh

  6. Justin T the other white boy of R&B is blowing up all over the place right now, Robin is headed back to the studio in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…..

    • I agree – THAT is the reason he is leaving the show. The show is funny because it highlights how RIDICULOUS all of these so-called reality shows are. They all claim to be so rich and fabulous, but really they need the money from the show to survive. We buy into it and they keep getting paid for made-up dramas and fights. 40 year old women boxing? Really- Mob Wives- If their husbands were such “mobsters” where is the high life and lush take? Wheres the money? Robin Thicke is a hilarious addition to the show, I was already a fan of his but this showed his comedic side and I love him even more now. I don’t care what color he is – when you close your eyes – his music is STILL that ISHT! People don’t like this show but they will watch “Doctors Wives” – REALLY!?!

  7. I feel where he’s coming from. When the show first started, I asked my sister, “What is he doing on here?” It has nothing to do with the fact that he’s white. It just doesn’t seem like it would be something that he would have been interested in. If he felt that he needed to leave, I can understand that. However, he should have done so in a professional manner. You don’t leave everyone on the set waiting like that. That’s bad business etiquette. He could of finished out his contract with BET and then bounce, or if he really didn’t want to do that, at least sit down with the producers of the show and work something out.

  8. My guess is that Thicke is upset that whenever he gets “angry” Terry Crewes appears as if Robin has some sort of Black demon side in his persona.
    The implication that he’s too soft maybe too much for old boy and the joke has gotten old.
    Using his fan base as a scapegoat, is weak.

    Maybe he is too soft.

  9. People actually watch that show? I saw it once for ten minutes and it was enough for me. It was boring and fake. Hart was over acting just like the rest of the cast. The show is pure TRASH!! I don’t blame dude for leaving although his music sucks.

  10. According to Robin 90% of his fans are black women so it wouldn’t hurt his fanbase to join a show on BET.



  11. i would not have no respect for us either! you put this wack ass copy cat on and don’t even sign or will work with real brothers who can really sing kissing white butts!

  12. I think that it simply shows a different aspect of his personality, range. One does not take away from the other in my opinion.

    • I agree with you. By Robin being on that show I started to look at him as a down to earth type of person, but everything ain’t for everybody

      • I only watch it because of robin thick i love his parts… never care for his music but was more open to it… who doesn’t love a good joke.. guess he has no humor… he could have finished and not came back… too bad really like the oddness of the show…

  13. The only reason i glimpse at the show is for Boris sexy married self and Nick Cannon bc he’s actually funny. If you have to have a special special guest appearance every show…its wack!! I don’t blame Robin

    • Oh yeah. Actually NIck Cannon was the funniest one on there. I got chuckles off his scenes when he wouldn’t leave Kevin’s house.

  14. The show is a spoof (SPOOF!!!) of all the housewife franchises
    In that it is funny

    Thicke is married to Paula Patton, ahemo, that’s corny of that’s why he left but if keeping the lights on meant cutting some ninj

  15. I love Robin Thicke I started watching the show because of him only seen two episodes so far real funny show

  16. I agree! Kevin Hart is not that funny! All he do is scream,and to see Shaq on there dry humping him. I didn’t get that at all I looked athe the screen like: whaaa the hail is this?

    The show half way decent do to all the other supportive actors, and others who have small parts.

    I didn’t get why Robin was on there either.

  17. Robin’s on the show bcuz he is out of place, like Kim on RHOA..its supossed to feel wrong…I think the show does a good job at spoofing reality TV with all of the characters having their side projects (excercise vids, Hartfelt, tv shows)and products(break A way suits)…thats all the chicks do…

  18. i watch the show all the time and i am not a hard core fan, but it is hilarious. its meant to be silly and fun, its a parody of reality shows. however, the shoiw must go on, good luck Robin and i cant wait for season 2.

    • Tania, thank you.

      The show is a parody and not to be taken seriously.

      I enjoy the supporting cast more than I do Kevin.

      My favorite episode was the Charity Fight with Sugar Shane Mosley. That episode was freaking hilarious.

      I don’t watch any of the RHW shows anymore. Nene and Tamar killed that for me. The only show I watch is R&B Divas and if that show jumps the shark, I will stop watching it.

      • Right, I like reality tv, not cause I think it’s real but its funny and for entertainment. People have got to loosen up and enjoyit for what it is. I with you black pearl, nene and tamarr takeaway from the show. It feels like they’re a parody of themselves, lol

  19. robin thicke….who is he????no REAL talent…and no real voice!!!!just tryn to make a dolla….but i cant spend a dime on his weak ass voice!!!!

  20. This boy. This poor little white boy. First of all, he’s been passed around like a party favor by the likes of Andre Harrell and others in the music industry just like Justin Bieber and Usher. He married Paula because she’s a freak and has known her forever… and they could do freaky things together with various ugly and powerful LBGT Hollywood folks (Latifah, Jada, etc) Anyway, he drinks like a fish, snorts coke and is basically on his last leg around the industry. He’s a depressed dude and I’m sure his lackluster album sales don’t help. If he was smart, he would get a team together, go independent and sell and market his own music and tours and stop being passed around by these old dudes who aren’t really doing anything for him anyway in the long run. Also, leaving that show was stupid. If he could have worked it right, and sobered up, he could have been a male Kardashian. He’s appealing…but he’s going about it the wrong way.

  21. I really like the show. It took me awhile but that’s only because it takes awhile for the actors to settle into the character. I think RT fit–sorry he left.

  22. All of you are really stupid. If you think Kevin Hart isn’t funny you need to re-tune your sense of humor. If you knew all that it take to produce a tv you’ll understand why its hard for an active musician to star in one consistantly. Robin Thicke is going to return to the show just not next season due to scheduling conflicts. You all will eat your words I guarantee…

  23. fuck all saying that kevin his not funny, total bullshit.. Kevin is very funny and the show is great, dont know why robin left