Ron Jeremy Is Living On Life Support


Ron Jeremy is Dead

The Las Vegas and Hollywood streets are reporting that legendary porn star Ron Jeremy is living on life support. Know why? Because Ronnie is doing too much dope mane. Don’t believe me.. Ask Lexington Steele.

Here’s what an insider at the AVN awards had to say:

“Ron Jeremy claimed to be living the sober life, even lecturing his house mates on the old VH1 Surreal Life. But the truth is, Ron is doing drugs on a daily basis, both pharmaceutical and street.

Ron was out here at AVN convention in Las Vegas. Walking around like a zombie. When fans asked for pictures, his handler had to position him just to get a halfway decent photo op.

Not only that, he was slurring his words. Ron looked like he fell asleep standing up.”

Is Viarga eating away Ron Jeremy’s brain? I don’t know, but I do know that two weeks ago Ron Jeremy, passed out in Mel’s Diner on Sunset Blvd.

Here’s what another Hollywood insider had to say about Ron Jeremy:

“Ron was so fucked up he invited us all back to his spot. He lives at the Franklin Towers and dude could be featured next on that TV show hoarders. He has a serious problem.

Ron is losing his mind, he passes out everywhere. Just two weeks ago we left the Rainbow Room to get a
bite at Mel’s Diner. We walked in and saw Ron sleeping face down in his booth. It was funny because people were still taking pictures with him.”

Could Ron Jeremy be the next celebrity to check-out? I think so. Know why? Because Ron Jeremy mixes his alcohol with coke and pills mane. Don’t believe me.. Ask Mr Marcus.


  1. Correction: Ron Jeremy suffers from narcolepsy.

    Don’t believe me.. watch the 2001 documentary on his life. He’s nodding off every 10 minutes. He’s clean; at least regarding drugs that is.

  2. I never understood why he was such a popular porn star. Was he hot back in his heydey because every time I saw him in a porn, he looked fat, sweaty, and greasy and I didn’t see any 10 inches. *kanye shrug*

  3. this perverted man is no different then the common prostitute on the streets he basicaly used his whole up on having lots of disgusting sex with lots of different men and women on film and getting paid for it.that harsh disgusting lifestyle done cuaght up with him him doing drugs screwing and he also for awhile was addicted to viagra pills he de-file the temple more ways eventualy caught up with him.

  4. What Scrothers said needs to be adhered to before these sensationalist articles and even the sensationalist comments.

    Ron Jeremy suffers from narcolepsy. A very well known fact. That’s the reason these people say he’s passing out all the time. It’s because he is, and he can’t help it.

  5. I know Ron and spent 4 days with him at Exxxotica….he does suffer from Narcolepsy and I think it’s a shame that people judge a sick person just because he is, who he is. He also has his masters degree, plays harmonica and is an excellent piano player. He happens to be very intelligent and has a great sense of humor.