Ron “Kardashian” Exposed Klan Imposter!


Ron Kardashian is NOT a Relative of the Kardashians

Move Over Raffles Van Exel…There’s a New Swindler In Town!

HSK Exclusive – The man who claims to be the Kardashian sisters’ “third cousin” may follow the female trio’s M-O of cheating people out of their money, while playing diva — but sources say “Ron Kardashian” is far from being a Kardashian clan member.

This news comes after TMZ falsely reported Ron being a certified Karadashian cousin. HSK has exclusively learned the reported closeted-married man is nothing more than a liar who profits from celebrity-name-dropping for face — and we’re told, a mean one at that!

That’s why it’s no surprise the exposed conman dubbed “The Solutionist” is reportedly pimping the Kardashian-brand — including launching a website promoting a book listing the “Kardashian Method” of “Life Coaching”; offering speaking engagements for hire; claiming to be an endorser of big brand names, like Gucci (while advertising ad space at the top of the site) — all while listing his “life coaching” YouTube videos as “Oprah’s #1 life expert says Ron Kardashian’s book has info you must hear!” That “expert” would be TD Jakes, a supposed ‘man of the cloth’ who’s generated big bucks from preaching to his own paying congregations.

According to his website, “Ron Kardashian is an executive life coach, published author, fitness expert, educator, conference speaker, national television and radio personality, and NSCA-certified strength and conditioning coach.” Sounds credible, right? The problem is what Ron may have forgotten to leave out is he’s really a former hairstylist! Don’t believe me.. Just ask the quartet of former Bay Area salon employees, Ron reportedly fired after securing a position of authority there.

Here’s the drop:

“He posses as a life couch when he’s not. Ron came into the salon I used to work at in the Bay Area, claiming he knows every celebrity in Hollywood. He ended up playing “Tabatha Salon Takeover” and then fired me and three other people through email.

When you ask him about his Kardashian “family” he’ll say, “I don’t know, they don’t talk to me”. That’s because Ron, YOU’RE NOT A KARDASHIAN!

Wait! There’s more!!!

Though Ron’s bio paints a picture of him living a happily married life, our source says that life is the facade to cover-up a double-existence. We’re told The Solutionist’s method for happiness is really trolling the internet in search of a gay man to spark a “serious relationship” with.

Check it:

“An old co-worker found him on Grinder (a gay online website) looking for a serious relationship. I knew he was gay the whole time.

My co-worker sent him a message and Ron then blocked him from his account. I guess he didn’t want his wife and kids to find out that he has some sugar in his tank.”


  1. People like this need to be arrested. They are con artists or hired by people to make ponxi schemes.They are only in it for themselves. How can someone control your life when they can’t morally run their own life! Please tell me! This kind of madness needs to stop!

  2. This story is incorrect and false! I am Ron Kardashian sister and WE ARE related to the Kardashian Klan, WE ARE 3rd cousins, however we have NEVER met the ladies nor did we grow up with them. My brother is a personal trainer, businessman and life coach. I cannot speak about all his credentials but the family association is true. I have proof! Get your research right before you start spreading lies!

    • Hello Regina aka Gina,

      You are correct most likely in your reference to being a Kardashian. (After all he acts just like the cousins) However the story is correct about him being a con man and you know it. I remember when you said he hides behind the bible. truth is your brother needs help and I hope he gets it because he is going down the wrong road and lying and taking things from people all in the name of authoritry or even worse he says in the name of God. Gina you know he would play church and take peoples money, even to the tune of a quarter of a millioin dollars in one year. I alone gave him 2 rolex watches and over $20k… He is a CON here let me coin the phrase “Ron “THE CON” Kardashian”…

  3. I am Ron’s father and he is a REAL Kardashian. I am Robert Kardashian’s first cousin. Robert’s mother is my mother’s sister. So your story contains FALSE information. Next time search your sources before you make those types of allegations.
    I think it’s only fair that you make a retraction

    Thank you,

    • Hello Ron Kardashian Sr…

      Sorry about your son acting like a fool in Hollywood!!! However he has had this coming..

      You say get your facts straight. Well they have them straight all except one and you are the only one who can validate that he is a Kardashian, related to those other Kardashian ladies who are chasing fame and fotune also!

      Now the rest of the story about your son being a liar and a cheet is coming from people he has cheated and taken for what ever material item they have had of value.. I gave your sone 2 rolex watches thats how good of a con man he is you should be proud. He also took numerous men and women for thousands of dollars all in the name of GOD.. and you know this too.. So would you like to add anthing else? your son is a CON MAN and now like all those times he preached “your sins will be shouted from the roof top”… There he is…

  4. I was not talking about YOU, Jeremi, I was talking about getting his name correct and how he is related to the Kim and her sisters….

  5. Ron Kardashian is 100% fake. I know for certain. He pimps the church, and church folk have fallen for him. He is a con, beware of him, he is not real. I am not speculating, I know for sure. I even know about his Bay area living, he is not real, I can’t say that enough.

  6. He is listed under the 501.c.3 Non-Profit Kingdom Conditioning. Not sure if they know of his business transaction and takings???

  7. I met him and his wife. I donated money. I see more zeal in his life for things of the world personally than for the love of souls. I also have discernment. And you can’t be true to the Lords work and proper servanthood, when you are in love with money or super fancy things. Jesus was born in a manger, not at the Hilton. Jesus rode a donkey, not a Stallion. Jesus was humble. We must be too. Not seeking glory.

  8. I know Ron from church and he is a Christian in deed. He came regularlly to church. I sang in a choir and remember him very vividly praising and worshipping God when he was single and even when he was at Jubilee Christian Center in San Jose California. He also attended bible college there and got our pastor in top notch condition. Another pastor friend of mine named Michael John Toste discipled him when Ron was siingle. In any case Ron is happily married and has kids. Ron Kardashian is Not Gay!