The Real Rudy Rasmus Revealed: Beyoncé’s Paid Pastor Pushes Gay Agenda To The Black Church…


Hustler Jesus Beysus

“It’s gonna happen. It’s an idea whose time has already come… about 30-percent of my crowd is LGBT.” ~Pastor Rudy Rasmus

HSK Exclusive – The man who officiated Bey and Jay’s wedding recently revealed a mission that could rock the Black Christian community. He calls himself a ‘Hustler For Jesus’, promising same-sex marriage will soon be embraced by the Black Church. Know how? With a claim, saying ACCEPTANCE the one basic need required by all.

“There is one basic need that every human being has… That is acceptance.” -Pastor Rudy

Meet Rudy Rasmus… Beyoncé may call him her a ‘spiritual leader’; the streets of Houston may peg him an ex-pimp of the sex trade; and Al Sharpton may have him to thank for co-signing his “The People’s Economic Movement” 2011 campaign; but one thing’s for sure. ‘Pastor Rudy’ proves to be keeping consistent with his “going to the bank” mission. Just ask Mathew Knowles, who named Rasmus ‘Gospel Ambassador’ over a 2005 deal with Music World Entertainment’s imprint, Music World Gospel. But that deal may not have been Knowles and Rasmus’ first order of business. Know why? We’re told… the pair share “at least 30-years” of hustling history!

Matthew Knowles Pastor Rudy

To be sure… ‘Pastor Rudy’ isn’t only the sole source behind recent reports of ‘Beyoncé’s $7M Gift To Houston’, he’s also head of the church where Beysus reportedly made her multi-million dollar donation. A quick visit to the St. James Church website revealed “Give Online”… and pushing ‘Pastor Rudy’ products… to be the first order of business. The second order of business? A mission to “remove the barriers” within society, with racism listed LAST!

“We restore Hope, Faith, and Love to the entire community; and remove the barriers of classism, sexism, and racism from the worship experience.” -Pastors Rudy & Juanita Rasmus

Pastor Rudy Gay Agenda

Could ‘Pastor Rudy’ be following in the footsteps of the infamous greed-led Reverend Ike? Let’s consider these additional facts: Rasmus’ documented track record reveals ‘Pastor Rudy’: his father taught him, “never trust preachers”; he credits his early trips to Church as the grounds where he, “learned how to carry your Bible just the right way”; and he’s stated, “money was God”. Just days ago… Rasmus clearly pulled a power-publicity play by turning to the media with word of ‘Beyoncé’s $7M Gift To Houston’. That’s while he plugged his new book (going for $15.99 a pop); backed Beysus’ brazen sexuality; claimed ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ Carter’s “relationship is healthy”; AND professed “the time has come” for the Black Church to embrace the LGBT community… all, AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!

“For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ.” ~Galatians 1:10

Peep what Rudy Rasmus is preaching:

“I will not be a part of an institution or religion that judges or marginalizes a person based on race, abilities, gender, orientation, identity, or social status… I will be a part of a Love Revolution that fights for the right of people everywhere to love and be loved by God… in the most daring way possible.

Check out how ‘Pastor’ Rudy weighed in on the ‘Holy Grail’ union between Hova & Beysus Carters’ ‘Holy Grail’ union… They are friends. Their relationship is healthy and life has been good. I haven’t given them any marital advice…

The text says that the wife should respect the husband. The text also says that the husband should love the wife, as on to the church… for that husband to love that wife, as unto the church… really means that husband is willing to die for that wife but that that wife is prepared, or capable, or willing to respect that husband.”

Beyonce Pastor Rudy Gay Agenda

Here’s what ‘Pastor Rudy’ had to say about Beysus:

“She has a global platform and is doing some amazing work…

Beyoncé is a consummate entertainer, and an entertainer entertains…
Is the entertainer’s entertainment an expression of that person’s life and reality? I don’t know. But I know when Arnold Schwarzenegger straps on a 30 caliber cannon and blows planes out of the sky, nobody asks the question, ‘Arnold why are you walking around for those 90 minutes in that suit with that 30 caliber cannon? What kind of person are you?’ I don’t think I’ve heard that question. But at the end of the day, Arnold Schwarzenegger is an entertainer.

I think a person has the right to earn a living in the way that they are gifted, and I think that she is tremendously gifted and I think she expresses that gift in some amazing ways.

I think the world would be void an extreme talent if we silenced her or censored her.”

Truth be told:

“There are many people who are in the “excuse making” business. They are constantly seeking approval. In the words of the Kingsmen Quartet, ‘Excuses, excuses, you’ll hear them every day. And the Devil he’ll supply them, if the church you stay away.”

(Mark 8:36) For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?


    • No he did not! Stop with that bullshit!! Some coon wrote a book about Malcolm being gay and died right after it was about to be published. I call it great karma. No where in the FBI files does it say that Malcolm was gay. Please STFU Anonymous.

  1. 1st….we shouldn’t judge I totally get that, and as a pastor you shouldn’t deny any1 no matter what their sexually preference is. But homosexuality isn’t the way of The Lord. Every knee shall bow & every tongue shall confess to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

    • Agree, but we must also remember when the Lord destroyed several cities in the bible because of this type of behavior. And I am convinced that the same thing is going to happen to the world because of the US and hollywood preying on our children on all this sexuality bullshit.

      • Agree.

        We live in critical times. The enemy is pulling out all the stops and is subtle. The duty of a pastor is to preach the bible, not put their spin on it of interpret for “the times.”

        This is the END TIMES and we need the unadulterated word of God.

    • Neither is Adultery , fornication , gossip or NOT loving your neighbor BUT somehow that is the NEW NORM…that is why I cannot and will not ever respect Christianity

      • Christianity doesn’t condone any of those things. You dont have to respect it. But it does seem as if you don’t have enough first hand knowledge to form an accurate opinion.

        • okay perhaps I stated it wrong Christianity does not condone this behavior JUST the majority of CHRISTIANS who practice it …Now does that clear it up for you and this is based on my OWN 2 eyes ..I can use this sit as an example the majority of these people will be the first to call out a person claiming they are devil worshippers but are the most nasty bitter people that are alive ..CLEARLY NOT GODLY

          • I. Agree with u guys are doing exactly what the. Devil wants so hatting because of Thier prefference or whatever the case but I know Christians who are sex addicts n abusers but it ok God loves them so why he can’t love a homosexual who helps thier community n family in time of need and outstanding educational background nope lets focus on the homo u so. Focused on the negative when was the last time u congratulated someone of their accomplishments this country has so much hate it will speak for itself

            didn’t have to add by the way






    • Is this church Baptist ,Catholic , Episcopal, Lutheran, or what is does not say anywhere and that is scary. I can look past the pastors appearance and heed the word but from this man Beware the message and the messanger.

  3. All churches receive the 501 Charter Tax Break to teach lies on the bible and to push the Homo agenda.This comes as no shock. Ask Creflo get your Dollars.

    • + It is a known fact that King James was Homosexual, so remember that as U read the King James version of the Bible. (Is it truly the word of God, or King James? Hmmmmmmmm………)

      • Interesting…, and how individuals are constantly quoting scriptures from the bible. Yes, interersting comment…..

        • lol TRUST you are so wasting your time the spiritually dead are so lost they will follow the corpse ..”When the student is ready the teacher will appear “until then closed lips are received better

      • Lol…I take it the moral of the story is James and his bible cannot be trusted. My, my, you people do try to push your message, lol.

      • King James did not write the bible, he only put his name on it to try and take full ownership of it. Why would a homo state that homosexuality is an abomination in the bible? If anything it would have been glorified. that’s why King James could completely controll the context of the bible.

      • That rumor was planted by the Roman Catholic Church about KingJames being gay 20years after his death.Stop believing the lies.He had 9kids.What gay man loves pu$$y that much?!

        • The Vatican was notorious for planting sexual scandal stories to destroy royal reputations. Catherine the Great was accused of bestiality with horses. Total bullshit, but the simple will believe anything provided its sordid enough.

        • Chile you so off lol..He also wrote a book called the book of demonology …and you can look the book up and even purchase it BUT I guess that the Catholic church wrote it and put his name on it ..I just cant

            • LMAO OH MY I just love the way you Christians take the time to CURSE me out and call me names in defense of YOUR LOVING RELIGION …..sigh and again lmao

            • Again, you clearly don’t know enough about my religion to be pontificating on it at all. You keep regurgitating the same pre packed lines over and over again. And claim to find the whole debate “funny”. But you don’t sound at all humorous. You sound dry ,bitter and desperate for attention from a community you are not even part of. What gives?

      • God gave man knowledge to write the bible. His thoughts are not our thoughts, so while we are concerned with the person, he was focused on the purpose. He always chooses the most unlikely people to do his will. That is why most preachers have crazy testimonies. And people can not understand how such a person could be a light for God. The world glamorize those who pretend to have it all together, Jesus picks you up just the way you are. Remember he is the same God who walked with thieves and prostitutes.

        • Jesus was a man…. Not a God… There is only 1 God… And there is only one set of scriptures which make the Bible and the Koran… So why do these so called Preachers continue to write books for profit? And what’s with the photo-op go Beysus and Rev Ike? Can’t say that I’ve ever been to a food bank that’s ever looked that organized let alone has a box that says Food Bank on it… And this Rudy dude is even wearing a tee that plugs one of his books…

  4. we are in a sad state, black people. a very sad state. so this church should embrace rappers who degrade and denigrate women, hustlers and pimps, drug addicts, murderers, thieves and liars, but stop at gay people. who by the way are black people too. sad, so sad. we are last in education, commerce, law, and just about every other field, but let’s look down on gay people. so sad. if a pastor is willing to open the doors of his church and accept any who would follow jesus christ, who are we to tell him he’s following a gay agenda. btw, what exactly is the gay agenda. your rappers willing show their asses in pants, your strippers engage in lesbian acts of their own free will. gay people don’t want straight people to be gay, that’s ridiculous tho some of you are not intelligent to get that. gay people want to be accepted. i guess acceptance is wrong too. you vile judgmental limited folk who sit back and pretend superiority are on the wrong side of history. we are all god’s creation. how dare any of you sit in judgment (plucking the mote out of another’s eye when a beam is in your own?) i won’t be visiting this site or telling others about it if it is going the route of sandrarose who also seems biased. btw, jacky, where would your readers be without your constant gay rumors and innuendos. seems that’s the true gay agenda here.

    • You are not bring judged by us but God. It is an abomination and we shouldn’t have to accept your lifestyle if we don’t choose to. So the media needs to stop glamorizing and judging us who try to follow Gods word.

      • tattoos and piercings are an abomination too, according to King James Bible, yet Old testament condoned pedophilia, incest and slavery… where’s the outrage there?

        • No they weren’t. Abominations are very specific sins that are repugnant to the most high. Obviously he wasn’t hung up on incest at the start of humanity. It’s how he initially populated the earth. As for pedophilia you wee considered an adult once you could reproduce , even if you were only age 11,12,13….it wasn’t pedophilia as we understand it. Nowhere does the bible condone the flagrant sexual abuse of babies and small children.

    • I don’t think you are black in spite of your liberal use of the word “we”. Your entire tirade just came across as more agenda pushing. Of course “we” are last in just about everything as you so eloquently and falsely stated. We are not meant to survive in this current set up. But you are wasting your time. Trends and lifestyles cone and go, but God himself stays the same always. Those of us that follow Him will never accept gay that, gay this. Never .

    • Church parishioners are generally the most hypocritical group of people I have ever encountered in my life. These so called religious folks will co sign the breaking every one of the Ten Commandments yet they are quick to condemn a gay person to hell just for them being themselves.
      Don’t fool yourself, there is a gay agenda that is being stuffed down our throats. I don’t like it but I do believe gays have a right to live how they want to live. It’s not my place or anyone else place to judge their lifestyle just as long as they aren’t hurting anyone.

      • I disagree. Any true Christian knows God alone can judge. People who don’t understand Christianity or the bible are too close to the surface. There is an ultimate battle that has been raging since time immortal. It’s beyond what we do today as modern I individuals. Those of us that are called to our beliefs may not even care about the sexuality of others. I sure don’t. But I also know what I believe my God thought about it. It’s not something you can simply legislate out of people because its calendar year 2014.

    • STOP IT STOP IT the church don’t do nothing for black people but take their money and GIVE them a dinner on the HOLIDAYS

      • Cut it with the caps. You “sound” crazy, net screaming about church dinners. Wtf is wrong with you?

    • lies.

      1.)You can’t walk into church and snort a line, kill someone, or “pimp your ho” so to speak, so why should you be able to come in as a man kissing your boyfriend.

      2.)Gay people do want straight people to be gay, I have a number of gay friends who prefer to turn out a straight man/woman as opposed to finding a gay one. They say so with their own mouths and chase married, involved or straight men/women.

      Thank you

  5. Times of the end if you don’t believe you better start. In the words of Michael Jackson this is it .

    • mj was another fag pushing the gay agenda JUST LIKE PRINCE BISEXUAL ASS DID.


      • Is he! Doing big and bussin it wide open too! Who in the world makes a song before an event happens? Prince!

        • chweck out the 1999 album cover and turn it upseide down and it spells the word evil you even get the moon and crescent star to go with it symbolizing moon goddess and Lucifer the morning star.

  6. You Christians are becoming too much.
    You’re such hypocrites and don’t even follow your religion in the way that it should be. You’re so holy but you’re on a gossip site passing judgement.
    Its been the last days since 1BC and 2000 years later still nothing. Just because you can’t cope with the world the way it is today, doesn’t mean its going to end. Plus any black person practicing Christianity is just lost. This is the same religion that was beat into your ancestors. Black people and people in general need to wake up!

    • Wake up to what, gay is good ?. Stop playing. And yes,you are right its been the end tines for the past 2 thousand years….that’s how long a dispensation (in biblical terms) lasts. And no we cannot cope with the world as it is today, we aren’t supposed to. This is an edomite system and they thrive here. But play time probably won’t last another 50 years. Stay tuned.

    • And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.Romans 12:2

      We’re not perfect, but it does not hurt to try. If you question Jesus, think of this what if?

    • Quote “Plus any black person practicing Christianity is just lost” End quote

      Just about sums it up

    • Shut the fuck up, Edomite. Ten to one you dont even know who our ancestors really were so GTFOOHWTBS. I’m getting really sick of you reptiles attacking our religion with your false his stories.

    • It was ROMANIAN thst was beaten into our ancestors. Christianity started in Egypt and moved to Ethiopia when Egypt fell to the Muslim Arabs. How can something that was ours to begin with be beaten into us?

    • Umm, excuse me, but for our ancestors the last days were from the start of the Transatlantic Slave Trade (1502) until the end (1806). The Trans-Saharan Slave Trade was no picnic either (650-1950s)

  7. wonder whjo will create the moonchild first jay or bey or kanye and kim since everybody wanna be so unholier than thou.

  8. We are in the last days as the scriptures states he that is filthy let him continue to be filthy, yes there is a big gay agenda it’s real and its happening and no I dont think us as blacks should accept it, it’s disgusting stop pushing the BS down our throats. It is an abomination in the eyes of the lord, the lord made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.

  9. The Bible is full of contradictions. Believe it all you want but making people feel like they’re less than because they don’t believe in the bullshit doesn’t mean dick. So fuck the lot of you!

    • How about you get your head out of your ass and stop taking the Bible so fuckin’ literal? Your life would be much more freer!

      • Free is the problem. . We’re too free. . Doing any and everything.. as long as it feels good we in it. There have to b some parameters, some guidelines and that is why the bible is so vital. Say what u will but if u ask a witch they will vouch that Jesus is real. They will tell u that when they are skrying and casting curses. . Those “real”Christians are protected. They cannot be touched .isaiah 54:17

      • Sodom and Gomora….that is what being free and messed wikk get you. Pilars of salt. (B)asic (I)nstructions (B)efore (L)eaving (E)arth.

    • Yes, it is. Go read the Bible, from front to back. Not only is it contradicting it is as sadistic as a Marquis de Sade book.
      I was raised evangelical, but now I’m non-denominational. I’m closer to God than ever and I’m PROTECTED.

        • The good loving god/dess that actually loves us and created Humans (Hue-man). I don’t really try to assign names to the DIVINE, b/c I’m not always sure of “true” origins.
          I believe that angels, demons and various gods/desses exist. My belief is based upon personal experience; there is definitely good vs evil.

          When I pray at night, I address: the Heavenly Father, Mother Nature , Mother Earth, Alpha and the Omega, Jesus Christ and Amen-Ra. I study my ancestors roots and spiritual origins and have rejected their “slavers/captors” wicked philosophies. I seek only the pure truth. I live in nature, near the ocean and when you witness natural, pure energy, it’s hard to deny the truth.

          When I say I’m protected, let me put it this way Divine intervention has saved me from death several times since child-hood and I know its Divine b/c I’m given the sign in the form of a number, I call it my “soul number”. If it’s not that number, I know it’s not Divine.

          I know this is hard for some ppl to understand where I’m coming from, but we all have our personal spiritual paths.

          I support only goodness, I’m completely against all forms of “pure evil”.

          • BTW, I don’t totally discredit the Bible, but I do feel wicked men have altered and perverted it. I feel like Black ppl should read ALL holy books and use discernment.

            Nag Hamadi gospels are an eye-opener and I was directed to that book via my Alchemy studies…in addition to the The Egyptian Book of the Dead. You’ll find all of these books have similarities, but you’ll also notice they empower and enlighten Black ppl, via holistic remedies, spiritual secrets,etc., as I said use discernment in EVERYTHING you read and consume.

          • Lol….people are getting so creative with their Satanism. Go head girl, worship your Goddess. I bet it wears a blonde weave ala Beyonky Know-less

          • The same God that created the heavens and earth is the same God today. He is the reason why we are all still alive. It will always be battle between good and evil. In the past I studied some information about the Gods, Demigods, battle beween good and evil and even the devil being an actual human being. I’m going to jump all over the place here. We came from the heavens and yes we are created from dirt. Think about it we return to our orginal form when we die and yes that’s dirt. I understand God to be Amen-Ra the God of the Sun among other things. Akenaten(Moses) really did lead us out of Egypt(Kemet). Labels were put on mankind to cause division and look at society today. As with religion(religios/greek meaning to control)that was a title for man kind. Following God/Jesus/Holy Spirit is a way of life not religion. If the world had the mind of Christ we would not be in this conditon today. Jesus came to establish Grace and Mercy for All. People don’t want to believe that. He was sent to destroy the law because we were not free, under law. Now with God’s redeeming grace by sending his only begotten Son, we have the opportunity to be reconciled to him. No we should not judge because God is “The Judge”, when we do we destroy ourselves. Hence that’s why we are supposed to cast all our cares on Him(Jesus), because He truly cares.I just pray all come to the knowledge of Christ.

      • Same here Minnie. I still believe in God and I’m still a spiritual person but at this point in my life I have no use for organized religion.

    • It’s not making people feel like less then it about retoreing the order of heaven to the order of the eartly realm. Though this life is not promised to us we are preparing for the next life while living in this one.

    • The Bible is full of contradictions s the truest thing said here today. One can justify slavery, beating women and a host of horrible stuff using the Bible as a guidepost. And the South did just so for
      over 200 years.

      I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. I’m just saying that Leviticus says eating shellfish is as wicked as a man laying with another man.
      NO. I’m not a gay man. I’m a woman who tends to agree with this pastor that if we don’t let go of this hostility towards LGBT folks we are going to be on the wrong side of history and someday we will look as hateful as folks who owned slaves look today. Scoff at me all you want, but even the Republican wackos realize this now and have shut up about the issue.

  10. People have been gay since the beginning of time and just because there are others trying to exploit the LGBT community nowadays doesn’t mean it’s all about some type of agenda that some of you be going on and on about.

    • Sure homosexuality/perversion is a fad. young people are experimenting and confused. Again the gay agenda is real it’s a way to break up the family unit

      • It’s also used as a depopulation tool. TPTB want only so many people on the Earth to maintain and take better control of people. They are not shy about saying so either.

    • Long Read:
      I didn’t start to believe in there being a gay agenda until I noticed the media working overtime to promote gay and transgendered black men. Michael Sam was a big problem for me, not because he’s gay but the way ESPN and other media outlets were exploiting that kid seemed a little forced to me (that creamy kiss with his boyfriend was so ridiculously staged). Most real football fans don’t care about who he does in the bedroom, we just want to see what he can do on the field. The exploitation of Jason Collins was forced as well.
      Also that wedding ceremony at the Grammy’s was exploitative and disrespectful to the sanctity of marriage. My problem has nothing to do with gay marriage, my issue was with them performing a wedding ceremony on the same stage Katy Perry had an exorcism and Beyonce performed a strip tease. Very disrespectful in my book. But the media will try anything to push homosexuality to the forefront.
      And don’t get me started on there being a transgendered, Black man on the cover of Time magazine. BTW- have you noticed most of the gays they are promoting are young, African American men? I applaud people who are brave enough to be who they are but the media is just doing too much right now.

      • Michael Sam doesn’t seem like the brightest star in the sky. Seems like a country kid who doesn’t have the mental capacity to know he’s signed a deal with the devil. He’s definitely being used and taken advantage of by the white/joo-run gay agenda.

  11. If all these relatives who die are sacrifices how come no one ever goes to jail for murder? I’ll wait.

    • No need to wait. Look closely at the insignia of most police departments . When you realize most if it is free masonry(five pointed stars, snakes, triangles etc). You will instantly realize who these people swear an oath of loyalty to. FYI, most foot soldier police, the ones risking their lives on the streets daily are good people. But like everything else the higher you climb, the darker it gets.
      There. Sorry you were waiting, but that didn’t take long at all.

      • I think Most police are Freemasons. All round the world. Hey eddielongstragichairpiece. You wanna weigh in. What was your experience in the force.

    • Read your bible and pray long enough, you will be found. Being a Christian is work like everything else. However, the bible says, “I will ask the Father to give you another Helper, to be with you always”. So, keep asking and praying and he’ll reveal himself to you too. I only speak from experience. Don’t criticize until you see for yourself. Most people think being a Christian is being religious,wrong. Believing Christ died for our sins and excepting him as our Lord and savior makes us Christians. People get it twisted and think we are suppose to be Jesus, it is hard enough being ourselves. God to not expect us to be perfect, but he does expect us to give our burdens to him daily to correct us. If your child Fail a class, what would you do? Disown them or think their no more earthly good? No, you sit them down, tell them to work harder and do what you have to do as a parent to help them. Jesus does the same, he never gives up on us, he keep pushing us until we get it right.

  12. If u know God’s word then u know that many false prophets should come and even now are already in the world. The gay agenda is a way to divide and conquer. Destroy the black fam u have genocide at its finest. Every pastor in the church isn’t really there to spread the word some are chosen(false prophets)to deceive the church because unfortunately many church goers don’t study the bible for themselves. What pastor says is what goes. Deception is the real agenda.

    • I’ve noticed this as well. Who’s runs the gay agenda? White AmeriKKKa. Pushing the gay agenda is another way for white AmeriKKKa to brainwash the black man back into submission. It’s working too, as evidenced in how the homosexual black man worships and maintains an unwavering allegiance to the white man. However, I also feel like white America can only poison us with what we’ve ALLOWED ourselves to poisoned with. $0.02

      • Oh please Kevy Kev. Talk to any suburban middle class white housewife. They are pushing the gay agenda just as hard in schools with practically no black kids at all. Why do you think that there is an epidemic of white folk home schooling their kids? The gay agenda is NOT directed at one race anymore than the other. We feel like it is because we are such a small minority and we cannot afford to lose any procreating males to homosexuality.
        #Have more children!!!

  13. The Black Church Is Blasphemous…Those Who Suppprt It Are Slaves. Claim To Be For The People, But Support Crooked Politicians, Criminals, Hucksters, Etc. Islam and Christianity are evil in my eyes. The gays are alteady in the church, ask Bishop Eddie Long about that? No, we’re not co-signing with Obama’s Gay Agenda…Period!

  14. Off topic I was looking at Michelle video yes with Beyonce and Kelly , Beyonce seen off like why am I here doing a song about God when it was her turn she look like she hated to sang about God I don’t know maybe it’s just me.

    • Thats b/c Sasha Fierce demon don’t like that…she don’t play that Jesus stuff…anyway, if u play the song backwards they are saying “I want Satan to teach me, I need Satan” “Say Yes to Satan”…yah, they are evil & I dunno why everybody is making a big deal about tis church thing b/c its 501c3…which means nothing but lies…all 501c3 have to let gays transgenders in or they will lose exemption…Beyonce just coming on now on the church game…Kimmy K & her crew already got their money laundering-i mean “Chruch” game going strong

      • O I see all 3 of em are filled with SATAN AA AA AND the ILLUMANTI, with a little bit of wench for good measure.

        • it was Michelle’s song that she remixed so she tryna get some Illuminati blessings bigtime..Kelly seems like she will do anything for some fame & money & Beyonce been turned into the female antichrist thanks to jigga-nigga…They always pander to the church crowd b/c 80% of black grew up in the church so they always tryna get over on the sheep to make money…first Beyonce & nem’ do that satanic “Say Yes” song & now she setting up churches lol…remember mark of the beast will be in the churches & ppl will worship Satan IN THE CHURCHES!! They already have RFID set up in some churches, they trying it out now to see what ppl will say….NOTHING!

          • @Kingdom8 15:54, Lawd, so Michelle is tryna get the Illuminati blessing? Ya think she’s going to have to sacrifice somethin? Her voice? A family memba? Her pet rock?

            • Lawd….memba…..tryna….ya….was that Ebonics or something? It is so completely odd when white people try to sound “.black” because they always try to sound like the black servant in a 1940s movie. Weird.

      • Im so glad I dont like their music. I’m sure all my demon music is coming through prince…and snoop.

      • This doesn’t surprise me. I love gospel music and I couldn’t stand more than a few bars of their song. What I saw of the video was terrible too.

  15. Really anybody shocked by this i’m saying i trust no pastor who rocking rubber bands on his chin. Second of all one of your members is rocking butt floss as performance attire. I’m just saying…..that right cccheaaahhhhh tells me all i need to know. She needs Jesus so does her pastor….

  16. He said;

    “….I think a person has the right to earn a living in the way that they are gifted, and I think that she is tremendously gifted and I think she expresses that gift in some amazing ways..”

    Wow that pretty much sums it up, he’s saying if your good at what you do, WHATEVER YOU DO, then take care ya business O_o

    Also says that HE THINKS Beyonce “expresses herself is some AMAZING ways!
    Now with the rumor mill being in full rotation about Beyonce and her “AMAZING TALENTS” for the past years, I don’t think he’s helping her situation at all, in fact he’s out of line, if he was speaking up on her behalf, he did a poor ass job, and if I were her, I would have made a special trip to Houston to read dat a$$ personally. Beyoncé has some real suspect people in her camp, lately they seem to be trying to put those concrete bricks on her career. Old ratty Matty face all up in the pic, old pimping, I’d watch his ass for real, Matty is broke and looking to come up by any means. Ain’t no love among theives!
    That’s all.

    • Beyonce really is sweet to people who treat her like a star. I dont know what motive he would have to shade her like that. I wonder which talents he was referring to?

  17. @kingdom8: Re:”…501c3…which means nothing but lies…all 501c3 have to let gays transgenders in or they will lose exemption…” True! ANother Pastor in Houston said the same thing, but he said he would NOT marry/officiate the same-sex couples in his church (Lilly Grove), no matter what! ~Terry K. Anderson

    • If i gotta pretend to accept something I actually believe is a sin in order to maintain my 501c- perhaps, I should quit.

  18. Why are they bringing up what Beyonce did around the Hurricane Katrina time? It’s old news. Very old! Oh, I get it…They’re desperately trying to do some PR ‘Damage Control’. I guess it makes sense with all these damaging stories about them coming out. This has not been their year, has it?

  19. *lips balled up*

    Comeon cuz, Beyonce’s spiritual leader is Baphomet. Bey and Jay chose their pastor off a ouija board. (Sp)

    • The White (Media) Seems To Think So……..Black People WE Are Being Laughed At Ever Since Obama Won The Election White People
      Have Shown Their Angry And Hatred Toward Black People. You “Coons” and “Uncle Toms” Go Suck On A 18 inch Sub

      Is The Truth White People Have Been Making Fun Of Black People Lately And Recently Is The Phucking Truth!!!

      60’s-70’s No Racial Tension
      80’s-90’s No Racial Tension
      00’s-08 Black People Being Mocked Laughed At

      Black People Wake The Phuck Up!!!

        • 60’s-70’s No Racial tension ? Really?

          You ever heard of the Watts Riots?

          80’s-90’s No racial tension?

          Umm.. So. Central LA nearly was burned to the ground following Rodney King verdict. It barely made the news so you must have missed it.

          CB am starting to think you are looking for a career in stand up comedy.

  20. Its creepy to think that other people care so much about what the next person (they dont even know )does with thier genitals…i think homosexuality is gross too but then again theres shit heterosexuals do thats gross, as long as its not me doing it who gives a fuk, to each thier own…

  21. Jesus commanded us to JUDGE PEOPLE RIGHTEOUSLY. Meaning use Gods standard, not yours. Just not lest ye be judged means don’t substitute your judgement for God’s. Love thy neighbor is biblically defined as warning your neighbor their sin will take them to hell. Get it right people.

  22. You sound like a little queer bitchazz.

    Black gay males come down with HIV at a much higher percentage than white or Hispanic gay me.

    So keep laughing. Those protease inhibitors will stop working about two years after our first Black President (who is sellin’ us out) is out of office.

  23. It is not surprising that black church would eventually be the target of the world’s perspective on homosexuality. I have some writings that I am doing pertaining to the church and the times we are in. I would greatly appreciate if some believers here and even other would take a look at my site prophetic-significance. I would really like feedback. It is a work in progress.

  24. I can’t stand when people say Christians, are hypocrites and we judge. People…everyone judges not saying it’s right but we all judge. In our minds and within our thoughts we judge, we might not say it out loud but we all judge. All day every day we judge. When you hear about rape, child molestation, senseless killings we judge. So stop hating on Christians. Out of of the religions Christians get hated on the most. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess in my Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST

  25. Any Pastor who is Applauding Beyonce and Jay Z Blasphemous Ways isnt no true servant of God. He is also claiming money over the Lord which is wrong I am no one to Judge but God Will Have The Last Say with these False Preachers All we can do is stay faithful until God sends Jesus To Rescue us.

  26. eddie long never been arrested for nothing he did guess money talks.

    all these pastors are freaks they wanna phukk you, your wife and your kids and take your money.

    catholic priests are the worst they swear oaths for celibacy who wants to swear a oath never to have sex with women what decent young man thinks that unless hes a homosexual yes priests join that chit to cover up all the boys , men and prostitutes they have sex with.

  27. Elton john going round saying jesus was a fag.

    Elton’s satanic anyway white America isn’t jumpiung onhis back wonder why because Elton’s a legend and a gay icon and has been for 40 years.

    nobody cares about gods word the world is going gay and lesbian when you have pastors in black churches saying its okay TO BE GAY THE CHURCH FAILED.

    WHATS NEXT PEDOPHILES ARE GONNA ASK FOR THE RIGHT TO MARRY CHILDREN, Are we going back to incest anytime soon.

  28. God doesn’t have a problem with anyone he made, including homosexuals and heterosexuals. He loves us all. The question is do we love him? The answer is no. We don’t love God or at least I can’t tell…