Russell Peters Reps The Boyzzz!


Russell Peters Outted as Homosexual

Scratching The Surface…

HSK Exclusive – The dirty details behind Russell Peters’ divorce are surfacing, which could explain why the Canadian non-funny man has landed the success he has.

Sources say Russell Peters reps the men’s team — adding his personal relationship with his signature ‘never leave home without’ Toronto DJ, Starting From Scratch, is one that goes far beyond being just boys.

This news comes after the ‘New Year’s Eve’ actor told The Canadian Press – after their 2010 wedding, he and his wife discovered they ‘didn’t know each other’. Now, sources reveal Peters’ former wife, Monica Diaz, simply decided ‘she didn’t want to share her husband with men’. Don’t believe me.. Ask Harris Rosen.

Here’s what Russell Peters had to say about his 2012 divorce:

“We just realized we rushed in and didn’t know each other and when we got to know each other we were kind of like, ‘Hmm, I don’t think this is going to work out for the rest of our lives.'”

Sources say it’s no coincidence that ‘DJ Starting From Scratch’ tied the knot shortly after Peters’ divorce was finalized. We’re told DJ Starting From Scratch – whose real name is Mark Gagnon – popped the question to Shannon Alvares, a Toronto resident, in order to enlist her as the new beard to mask he and Peters’ secret boy-bond. The pair married in 2012, with Groomsman Russell Peters playing a starring role in the ceremony. To be sure, the Toronto DJ – who openly admits to being a “private person” and “doing big, elaborate, flaunty type proposals were out of the question” – dedicated an entire website – – chronicling the proposal, the bridal party, the ceremony, the reception…and even a ” tailor made” engagement film. The show must go on? Don’t you agree?

NONE of the photos attached to this article were photoshopped.





    • more like top 3. and he is very funny. and brings out new talent from around the world to tour with him. woman and men. so idk…i think this is another b.s. story. I never got any signals this dude is playing with swords.

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    • I visited the killing grounds, about 4 years ago. I couldn’t remember why the area was important at first, but, I couldn’t shake this sadness creeping upon me. Finally, it hit me, and my sadness turned to a deeper resolve. Respectfully, I finished walked and gazing. It made me upset to see honeymooners posing for photos, and children running around. I’m not use to those things at memorials of death. I explained to my g/f at the time what it was, we were viewing, and it’s importance.

      • I still do not understand what any of this American Indian history has to do with this gossip.
        Please inform me.

        • Think of it as an educational commercial break from the gossip. Damn, some folks on her can be thick as shit!

  2. Fascinating dissertation. Now could you possibly enlighten me as to the relevance it holds in this bit of gossip about a Canadian man born of parents from Mumbai who may prefer men to his woman?

    Learning is great, but your info would be more appropriate on a history based site.

    I have a bunch of ish to sell, but I wouldn’t list and describe it HERE.

    • exactly..most people don’t come to gossip sites to be educated on anything other than whats going on in the land of Hollyweird with these celebrities!Every so often the thread will get a bit off track,but not too often!The info may be both relevant and interesting but many folks aren’t going to appreciate or read it on this site..

  3. NOOO!!!!! Say it ain’t so!
    Scratch is the best DJ there is and Russel is the funniest thing ever.
    From now, whenever I see them out and about in Toronto, I will remember this article and just shake my head.
    They better not let the Jamaican community hear about this or FIRE BUN!!

  4. Golly, I really hope this is not true. Proof is everything in my book. I’m a fan of his so IDK if this is true I haven’t seen any signs.

    He doesnt act or say gay things. But hey maybe thats why he doesnt. He doesnt want to offend his significant other (male). However he did have a wife got married was married for a while so who knows.

    Time will reveal.

  5. whats funny is people listen to lil wayne and birdy man music. but they got pictures on the net kissing. yet people think there some hard ass thugs that did this and that and getting respect like they money and woman. when they say bitches in there music does that mean the men? who like bend over for them? they never around any girls or seen dating any. yet they been around for years, why?. yet u all know in order to be A-LIST in holly-weird u gotta bend over or do something unmanly to keep your status up.

    i havent seen photos of Russell kissing a man (not that i want), until then. i cannot believe a sources tell who type shit. i could fake that convo to and spread a poison that really wasnt true anyways. they never around any girls or seen dating any. yet they been around all day long. yet u all know in order to A-LIST in holly-weird u gotta bend over or do something unmanly to keep your status up.

    but if people are still buying lil waynes album and supporting his daddy yall some gays fucks too.

  6. Bring Back Katt Williams! Rep Kevin Hart! This NOBODY got away with robbery…from pickin up dat soap with his wack ass!

  7. dj scratch been around for years.

    he was a member of that white boy group young black teenagerspublic enemy discovered that wack ass group.

    he was co host of mtv jams with tyrese.


    Their website looks nice!

    Scratch was fiyah at the clubs back in tha day.. RPeters is/was tha man!

    Say word Jacky! don’t belive this… Respect for the Canuck gossip tho.. real talk… lol

  9. I don’t know who either of these fools are…but dammit if a picture is worth a 1000 words…..1 word comes to mind….punk ass (ok that’s two). But ray Charles is dead & gone and can tell these two are frosted lucky charms (sweet as fuq). I don’t get how these women don’t see this shit BEFORE they marry these men.

  10. If your gay then your gay but I really wish that some of these undercover men would stop using women to pass as straight.Why get married, when you know that you like men? STUPID!

    • because they’re ashamed and donb’t wanna be called out as homo.

      blacks in general was taught that being gay is wrong and nobody wants to be called a fag.

      it takes a lot of guts to walk around and being gay anyway.

      but it’s not fair for men to use women l;ike this knowing if they are sleeping with men behind their backs and bringing children involved who will only be accused of their sexuality when they get older.

  11. He’s funny as hell. I don’t think he’s gay though. Indians are very anti gay so if he is then it must be difficult for him to come out.



  13. and it even noted that the pictures were not photoshopped. lol wow people are so stupid and will believe anything they see and read….

  14. Love how the top posts claim that only Canadians would know who these ppl are yet Russell Peters with his DJ (pictured) are cleaning house in America! Including being on tv/HBO, dvd, etc. lol!
    Now onto this bs gossip and that’s all it is. They are not gay. They grew up together. Russell doesn’t leave those behind that helped him to success. Of course his ex-wife would make that claim being a no name gold digger. As usual, don’t believe what you read. Peace.