Russell Simmons Breaks Silence Over Scheming Allegations


Russell Simmons Responds - Pastry Shoes Lawsuit

HSK Exclusive – Russell Simmons is breaking his silence over allegations he shafted the President of Run Athletics.

You may remember back in November, Rasheed Young accused brothers Uncle Rush and Rev. Run of secretly funneling millions in revenue from their Pastry brand of children’s footwear into a company he isn’t a part of.

Now, Russell Simmons exclusively tells HSK he’s sorry that’s Young is sour.

Here’s what’s being reported:

“Russell Simmons and Rev. Run have been stonewalling him ever since he sent the letter — refusing to respond to Rasheed’s demands — so now he’s cranking up the legal heat.

Rasheed’s demanding the Simmons brothers fix the screwed-up business structure ASAP … and pay him his share of the shoe profits. If they don’t, Rasheed says he’ll sue.”

Here’s what Russell Simmons told HSK:

“Anybody can say anything. I’m sorry he’s hurting.”

Do hip hop moguls get wealthy from being honest? Of course not. Don’t believe me.. Ask Steve Stoute.


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