Russell Simmons’ Nasty New Year’s Eve In St. Bart’s Exposed!


Russell Simmons Crusing St. Barts for Boys

Caribbean Cruisin’?

HSK Exclusive – Russell Simmons may have had his perceived German trophy on his arm during his last St. Bart’s holiday vacation, but behind the scenes is said to have been a whole other hedonistic story. Don’t believe me.. Ask LA Reid, who sources place in paradise along with the rap mogul “spending extensive time” boy-bonding.

We’re told that while Uncle Russ’ beard, Hana Nitsche, spent the majority of her time on the Caribbean island “in her Eden Rock hotel suite” — all while the Rush Card founder reportedly dedicated his efforts to cruising local young men.

Here’s what an insider had to say:

“None of the men had a clue who he was. At one point, his girlfriend was with him and the young men were flirting with her, while he’s flirting with them.”


  1. yoga folding pillow biting fruity booty bandit, aint no body got time for that. he gonna be the next john travolta

    • This story was on a few days ago. It also included some tea about Diddy, but everytime has “tea time” that involves Puffy, they take the post down. It said something about Diddy choosing Kim and their kids to take on the yacht trip to St. Barts after Kim threatened to leave if he invited Cassie along. That’s supposedly the reason why he took Cassie to Jamaica after NYE.

  2. Who do these celebrities think that they are fooling?

    We have taken and passed bearding 101. LOL

    Geez!! Just come on out the closet, we already know about your swish anyway.

  3. I read about this on GossipJacker and posted a comment but they have since took the story down. I’m going to repeat the comment I made but it won’t be verbatim, but the gist of what I said is:

    The lives that these rich and famous people lead is very empty. With all their money and luxury, they seem to have to be EXTRA like they can’t feel joy or pleasure for long. Happiness seems to elude them since their days of struggle and they probably haven’t felt happy since the time when they lst made it. But they are TERRIFIED of being poor again even though those were really the good times….before they sold their souls for fame and fortune.

    Moral to the story, don’t sell your souls to the devil. Although YOU sell, the price YOU pay is TOO HIGH. LET THE SELLER BEWARE!