Russell Westbrook Outed By Ex!


Russell Westbrook Outted as Gay

Bisexual Baller Busted?

HSK Exclusive – It’s official! We can all now take Russell Westbrook’s choice in flamboyant fashion at face value. That’s because the Oklahoma City Thunder point guards’ self-noted ex-beard has revealed the NBA baller is a bisexual man.

The woman – who chooses to remain unnamed – exclusively tells HSK Westbrook’s secret boyfriend lives in Oklahoma City, and travels with the OKC entourage when the team plays away from home.

According to our source, Westbrook and his boyfriend recently upped their boy-bond to the next level after spending extensive time together at this year’s Houston All Star event. That’s the situation we’re told led Westbrook’s ex-beard to become jealous, sparking her to dump the pro-basketball player.

Here’s what Russell Westbrook’s ex-beard had to say:

“I don’t know Russell’s boyfriend’s name, but they’re always together.
When we all stayed at the Four Seasons, his boyfriend’s room was on the same floor as his. My room was on a separate floor.

Russell used me as a beard, and part of my job was to get him and his boy Molly pills.”


    • No The media and elite just wants you to think all these ppl are gay so you can think its the new normal..

      • I used to think that until I went to a party for dl dudes. It was half the niggaz in my city in this private wearhouse. Go to a gay club yourself and trip. You'll change your mind with the quickness….

    • Can someone please help me understand the oddities in this man’s style? Does money make you that odd and strange? Kanye, Raphael S(tony tony tone),and now Russell just to name a few! If he is a funnybunny then that is his business! I just wish these guys would stop involving women and a just be who they are! What is the fear connected too? If you are a homosexual just be that an keep it movin! All of this info that he screws a multitude of women may just be a cover up. His odd=so called eccentric style brings questions to his sexuality! But really who cares so sick of these celebrities and ballers doing crazy crap because they are bored with their life. ALl they have too do is just trade their life with a public servant of any kind and I PROMISE THEY WOULD SIT THERE ASSES DOWN AND ENJOY THEIR LIFE WITHOUT DOING THE MOST!

      • Are you kidding me? To say something as ignorant and unaware as this, is a pathetic excuse to have an opinion. ” What is the fear connected to?” lets start with the hateful comments on this post alone. It is, and will always be a big discussion amongst all who is, can’t stand, love or hate the gay community simply because no one except it as something normal. Not even us who just so happen to be born this way. He has an image and career to uphold and let not act as if he would have been treated the same had he came out in the beginning of his career. His career probable wouldn’t have existed at this level had he done so.

      • Gee, ya think referring to him as “funny bunny” mat denote an attitude that might keep guys like this in the closet?

  1. This is such a lie! Westbrook is with the same chick he was with before he became famous. And if he wanted to hide his “homosexuality” then why would he draw attention to himself?

    • No offense intended to you anon, I see your logic.

      BUT, you have actually listed two of the top 10 signs of closeting in homosexual men. They stay with their same sweetie from high school or college, because a) they have a true heart to heart affection b) the sex has usually slowed down quite a bit after several years-hence less need to “perform”, C) if he can’t “perform” a real gf will less likely humiliate him than a hookup would, and she’s more able to rationalize it as “he’s under a lot of stress”, D) dressing like Kanye Jr is a way of expressing his inner self(flamboyant hipster)without seeming like a flamer. He’s merely seen as eccentric.

      I heard Russell himself relate a story on Kimmel last year. He is notoriously fun loving and almost childlike in his openness to fun. He said that he and his best friend(?) saw on their Twitter that the Sigma Chi’s at Oklahoma St. were having a flag football game followed by a kegger. So he and his friend jump in his truck and drive to one of the whitest, crakkerish colleges in the US, they’re called The Cowboy, over an hour and a half away, and they played and partied with the Sigma’s all day. Who do that? Oh yeah, maybeeeee a coupke of dudes who enjoy the company of a lot of YT dudes.

      I like Russell a lot. I do not have any evidence that he may be closeted. None. BUT, I am capable of putting a puzzle together.

    • I was on the DL for many years and I fronted like I liked only women until I got comfortable with who I am.

      Their are some gay men who want to believe that EVERYONE is gay. I am not such a person. But I can tell you with my GAYDAY that this dude is a fag!

      He dresses in the same GAY QUEENIE clothes some of my friends in. The only person in denial is you and him.

  2. Hey Jacky I’m not sure bout this one…Here what I know…A Ex cop who use to work for Russell said that Russ is a sex addict and is fucking bitches now stop in OKC. He went on to say that Russ is a weed head and a lil weird when it comes to clothes but he was a cool boss to work for. So maybe this chick is a lil salty cause she got dismissed… Never Trust A Side Chick

    • I’m with you, because after that fake Keyshia Cole story that was published here-that fake story came along with a back story…naw…I’m not buying it.

      • I’m with you and mres 1617, I’m not questioning Jacky but the source. I have a cousin that’s dating a player for OKC, the only thing I heard is that he is really into eccentric clothing and trying to start a trend. They also said he smashes a bevy of women on the regular. I think old girl is either bitter or just a pathological liar; if this guy was “always around” why the hell doesn’t she know his name? Then she threw the copping pills story in to make her story seem valid…and juicy. She gets a Tahiry “ho sit down”

        • What “trend” is he trying to start???? Cause at the Black gay clubs there are over 100 queens who’ve been dressing like him for years……

  3. Dang, sureis a lot of gay stories, thanks cough Jacky cough for all the Dl brothers news. Insert sarcasim!!

  4. Hey idiots…10% of the population is gay…always has been, always will be. The only reason you hear so much about it is because for the longest time we pretended it was 0%…

  5. Y’all are so ignorant! So what if this man is gay or bisexual. What’s the difference between him and an unknown person being gay? Y’all see the money and the fame, and think of an “image” all These celebrities must uphold. Let this man be who he wants to be. Who are we to judge? Stop throwing salt in wounds that’s already hard enough to heal. He’s probably already hurting by not being able to come out. (That is if These rumors are true.) Another thing, stop believing everything you hear and read.

  6. It’s true. His boyfriend’s name is Devin Newsom. A openly gay member of the OKC Storm Chasers. He tells all his friends about it.

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