RZA Plays Five Percent Card To Land Studio Time W/ Jay Z


RZA goes 5%

Jay Z may have found himself in the hot seat for sporting that symbol belonging to the Five Percent Nation, that of which Hova has no part of (Just ask Lord Jamar), but RZA has granted Jigga a pass.

“Jay Z is not an active member — no one has vouched for him. It was always understood that you don’t wear the ¬regalia if you don’t totally subscribeto the life.” ~Saladin, Five Percent Nation

The Wu-Revolution leader — who is known for being “meta-religious, combining elements of the Five Percent Nation and Zen Buddhism” — comes with this word less than a month after members from the Five Percent Nation checked Mister ‘Marcy Projects-Barneys New York-Crooklyn’ Carter for disrespecting the religion.
Ironically, the Barclays Center shot that set it off was snapped on April Fools Day.

Check what the Wu-Revolution leader had to say about it:

“Knowledge is free for all men. Nobody can say ‘That’s my knowledge.’ It belongs to the world. If he has knowledge of self and has the confidence to wear what that symbolizes…he should be able to wear that…”

Is RZA placing his so-called religious beliefs aside to jump on Jigga’s Barneys train? Of course! Know why? Because he’s on that milk and honey tip. Just ask Hustle Simmons.


  1. Sometimes people comprise themselves especially in the entertainment industry when they are no longer popular and or selling records like in the case of the RZA, Man be a Leader like you once was instead of a follower

  2. Nice piece in his hand, look like a goat head to me. Plus this is what, about 10 days after his boy cuts off his d!@& and takes the neastea plunge?

    • interesting thread Raheim

      That was just before I made HSK my cyber home away from home, but I saw several of the old familiars there in 2012 speaking their peace.

      Bella(who has disappeared)speaking on the blood in blood out nature of the WuTang Pact was particularly
      salient given her past affiliation with the group.

      RZA was asked point blank by Wendy Williams as to his position in the WuTang food chain, and through lots of double speak and throat clearing I THINK he claimed the crown, although I’m not sure if it’s by blood, seniority, attrition or net worth.

      No matter, Dirty will always be my personal WuTang King. Russell had the heart of a genuine poet.

  3. LOL, his personal “religion” combines 5 percent nation and Zen beliefs? Every time I think Niggaz can’t possibly get any cornier

  4. Well now isn’t this nice? Sell out and bow down to that camel for time in the studio so he has to kiss camel z’s ass yall given them to much play I guess camel z and his bought and payed for whore wife has the say so was up people pleaseeee wake up!!!

  5. Who gives a ISHT? Everybody needs to get off their di@ks and stop worrying about what the rich and miserablly egotistical are doing. Jay Z is as shallow as they come and even if he wasn’t Catholic, if he wanted to wear a cross that’s on him. And if he’s just profiling with the medalion, why is anyone surprised?? He’s all about image…he wants to project the image he was a D boy, project the image he’s a prominent business man, etc., etc.. As long as he’s not hurting anyone he can wear a pentagram around his neck…who cares.

  6. Reality called. It said to let nikki know that this is the object of hsk, people voicing their opinions on current topics. If you don’t choose to participate in this pop culture mental stimulation, there is always media take out where you belong. Your train of thought will fit in perfectly over there.

  7. Jay Been Had Knowledge Of Self Do The Math. PEEP The Early Rap Days With Jaz. Although Jaz Was An Official Learner From The Teachings Of Dr.York As Well As The Nation Of Gods And Earths Alot Of It Rubbed Off On Him. Peep His Name Yeshua Jehova Or “Young Hova” ..He Did Sell Out Down The The But This Brother Knows The Science.