Safaree Samuels Threatens To Leave Nicki Minaj and Tell All


Nicki Minaj & Safaree

Recently Nicki Minaj banned Safaree from her video shoot in Hawaii and guess what–Sarfaree is threatening to leave and tell what’s going on behind the scenes. Know why? Because Sarfaree writes 90% of Nicki’s raps and he didn’t sign a confidentiality agreement. Don’t believe me.. Ask Bryant “Birdman” Williams.

Here’s what someone in the know told me:

“Safaree writes most of Nicki’s lyrics. He writes the words and she adds the animation. That’s why she lets him beat her ass and then buys him whatever he wants when they about to break up. SB has too much information about her that she doesn’t want exposed, that’s why she keeps him.

Safaree tells her straight that he will put that ass on blast. When Safaree leaves NIcki he’s going to tell all, because he NEVER sign a confidentially agreement.”

Is Nicki Minaj really more interested in women than men. Of course she is. Don’t believe me.. Just ask SB’s homie from Queens Errol.


  1. If he’s writing her raps, his publishing should be crazy. Unless he’s greedy. Buying him stuff to stay, doesn’t make any sense. I hope he has better sense not to sign away his royalties.

    • exactly, the story speaks for itself..she’s getting publishing that’s why she tricks off on the end of the day he would have to prove he’s written everything and he doesn’t have the money for a court battle or 9th ward goons..Baby will never let that fly..Nicki is too much of a cashcow

  2. I heard that Nicki doesn’t even have say in her publishing, that Birdman and ’em owns her publishing and she did sign that 360 deal so who knows how much money she would be making if she decides to leave Young Money/Cash Money Records. If it’s true that Nicki’s ex wrote her rhymes I could see it making sense but I think if he breaks away from Nicki and tells it all, what would Cash Money do? Probably nothing.

  3. He didn’t get banned from the set in Hawaii, that was a planted story. My g.s. told me & she has twitter pictures of them on the set. They plant a lot of stories & give it to Media Fake out. Remember I said their relationship is “very co dependent”. Nicki can’t handle this industry by herself & Safaree can’t be in this industry without her. He definitely has power over her & Baby & Slim is controlling all of the money. They got her locked down in their own way with those secret sex tapes. She had a chick down in Atlanta that she was messing with because her & Safaree shared an apt out there. I’m gonna ask my g.s. for her name & I will spill the Tea. She said that relationship ain’t all that its cracked up to be.

  4. People been saying since day 1 Nicki don’t like men. She’d better watch herself. From the comments here she may end up penniless or dead one day messing with this pack of goons.


  6. She’d be better off selling raffle tickets outside the Gruman’s Chinese Theater than trying to reach Shawn’s position.

  7. @punkfunk…actually it’ll be easy for her to get in shawns place!!! All she got to do is find something worth snitching on & tell the right people with more power than her that can give her things in exchange for her info!!!

  8. Jacky, if what your source says is true about SB writing Nicki’s rhymes, then Nicki is an even bigger hypocrite and liar than people thought before, as she’s always gone out of her way to say that she wrote her own rhymes (And ridiculed female rappers like Kim and Foxy who didn’t). No wonder her and SB are joined at the hip, per se.

  9. Nicki shld let SB tell it all, then he won’t hv any leaverage over her, if he leaves nicki can hire other songwritters, that wt they do, write songs,or she can learn 2 write, 1 thing 4 sho nicki is a dreamer nd she make hers a reality.

    • NEVER change the recipe once you get it right. Chemistry is a VERY fickle thing. Most people when they succeed start ‘tinkering’ with the very team that made them successful only to wonder what happened when everything crashes (since the new crew is supposed to be ‘better’). Too many stories to count on how many times this FAILS. (Happens a LOT in sports too. Mostly with bad results)

  10. “why would he put hands on her”

    Nicki herself called police saying that SB punched her in the face.

  11. So ya’ll seriously think SB writes all them lyrics 4 real? Ya’ll a bunch of dumb idiots. And this article by the way was proved to be false and published an official apology

  12. This is the stupidest thing in ever read..

    You must be retarded to think Sb wrote all of her songs
    Y’all can’t stand the fact that she’s lyrically a genuise
    & that she’s a Wayyy better rapper then all of the boys and females that ever was in this game !

    So bitch BAI!

  13. You all better shut the fuck up ! NICKI MINAJ IS THE QUEEN !! She’s just the best ! Safaree Samuels does not write 90% only her songs he HELPS her you ugly little ginger beasts ! U better leave Nicki alone or I swear down I will come there and smash u all ! That’s all bullshit there’s no sex tapes they were in a relationship but they broke up so now they’re ONLY friends ! I know Nicki and her songs are kinda weird and Safaree is a MAN so he wouldn’t obviously write them u stupid cunts ! She won’t die , you will all die for spreading shit about her she’s the motherfuckin QUEEN !

    • Oh, shut the fuck up and get a life. You pathetic Nicki Minaj (And every other celebrity, for that matter) stans kill me with this ridiculous, sycophantic, repugnant, laughably stupid, sad, and overall pathetic worship of a woman who doesn’t know you exist and wouldn’t give you the time of day or spit on you if you were on fire if she did (And no, idiot, her retweeting you doesn’t count as you knowing her). The funniest thing about this is that all of you losers fail to realize that all you mean to ‘Onika’ are a means to make her richer–SHE DOES NOT KNOW OR CARE ABOUT ANY OF YOU, so do yourself a favor and cut the blind worship, grow the fuck up, and get a damn life, dumbass. Now type up a clit-riding paragraph about that.

      • “Now, type up a clit-riding paragraph about that”


        I think Raheim is going down as HSK’s official king of epigrams.

      • AMEN…so tired of these lil teenage barbie lovers..grow the fuck up..grown ass woman dont go around saying barbie bitch…like wtf is that dumb shit..goin hard for sum hoe that dont even kno ur alive. Can we please have more then one female mc out here!! Cuz im sick of the kiddie garbage

    • lol!@Jessemelo & Anonymous 11:45. I was just being real. These ‘people’ kill me worshiping these celebrities, especially all the fat, tired, played-out, stupid, disgruntled, 15-year-old pregnant Hoodrats and gays who constitute Minaj’s fanbase. You would think that fake, bi-polar broad cured cancer or something the way they obsess over her. Pathetic.

  14. I tell you about those attention hoes, you don’t even have a reliable source for your information like 75% of the media, wanting attention. Your job is too fake stories. Bitch swerve. 90% of her raps, yea he wish. And Raheim it’s not worship it’s dedication, you wouldn’t know what at fan is if ti walked up to your front door. you just mad you not getting attention. Say what you want but you’ll just wasting your breath because all I’m doing is laughing at you hoes.

    • A lame Internet Thuggin’ motherfucker who names themselves after a word they can’t even spell right is the last person who should be trying to put anyone else in check, you obsessive, no-life-having, sycophantic (Look it up, you stupid piece of shit), puerile, desperate-for-attention, hypocritical, laughably stupid asshole. The fact that you’re on here trying to justify your ‘dedication’ to an Entertainer–Not a Community Leader, elder, or politician, but a fucking Entertainer–Who doesn’t know your bitch.ass exists and wouldn’t give you the time of day if she did or spit on you if you were on fire shows that everything you said about me applies to your stupid, projecting ass. Say what you want but you’ll just be wasting your font (Again) because all I’m doing is laughing at your hoe ass.

      Now how ‘tidious’ is that, idiot?

  15. the lyrics have too much on them. SB isn’t really that smart. If you listen to some of the interviews that SB is on, he talks ish. Nicki’s lyrics are smart, you have to think about them to actually understand what they mean all together. That’s something you pick up when Nicki talks. SB is part of production and maybe he does help out in deciding if Nicki has gone to far with the lyrics. BOTTOM LINE: its working for them… some of you are just washed up bitchies that will remain nothing.