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Scratched NWA Movie Project Leaves Director Scrambling…

January 15th, 2013

F. Gary Grey Gone Bust

F. Gary Gray Goes Bust!

HSK Exclusive - The recently scratched NWA movie project is proving to be one film director’s downfall. That’s because sources say F. Gary Grey is now being forced to sell his Southern California properties, over the movie-maker’s continued lack of employment. Don’t believe me.. Ask Gray’s ex-abused-girlfriend, Elise Neal.

We’re told F. Gary Grey was counting on doing the NWA movie budget. Sources say without that budget, F. Gary Grey’s financial turmoil has led the movie man to place his Carmarillo, California ranch on the market. That’s shortly after he reportedly sold his Santa Monica beach front condominium.

Here’s the drop:

“Gary hasn’t worked in three years or more. The last movie he did was that Jamie Foxx movie ‘Law Abiding Citizen.’

It’s true, Gary sold his sex pad on 2nd street in Santa Monica. I don’t know if he sold the ranch yet, but I know for a fact he was trying to unload the property.

Gary hates you Jacky, for writing about him. He tries so hard to live a private life. He’s so fucking paranoid he drives everyone around him crazy. Every guest he had at his ranch out there in Camarillo had to sign a guest list with a confidentially clause.

He’s super paranoid, keep up the good work.”

20 Responses to “Scratched NWA Movie Project Leaves Director Scrambling…”

  1. Kimmy |

    Hard times aren’t immune to the wealthy…..or once wealthy.


  2. BigDaddyWin |

    Elise Neal…

    That chick, whew!


  3. anonymous |

    He abused Elise Neal. Wow, I guess she never told for fear he’d never hire her as an actress.


  4. BOSSK3 |

    He is such a weirdo


  5. anonymous |

    If only the walls of that house on his ranch could talk.


  6. anonymous |

    I don’t get why bruh ain’t working. Law Abiding citizen was a fck’ing good movie. I like his movies. Smh


  7. christa |

    I haven’t followed F. Gary Gray’s career closely, so I was only aware that the potentially great NWA project was experiencing difficulties getting out of pre-production. But I will always have a place for him in my heart for directing my all time favorite video “Waterfalls”.


  8. Anonymous |

    Whats there to be paranoid about?


    chica Reply:

    That’s a good question. I haven’t thought about that. If there’s nothing to hide then why be paranoid. Plus, having people to sign papers saying they won’t talk isn’t gonna do anything. Especially when they can do it anonymously. What would he do? Sue them. Send someone to beat them up? I don’t get it. I’d just walk out if somebody gave me papers to sign. Are they waiving rights? How in the hell does that work, SMH


    beez Reply:

    Sounds like some Fifty Shades of Grey shit. The guy in that book had his women sign a nondisclosure. That shit is strange.


  9. thePisces |

    signing shit to go to this fools crib? lol hell nah? wtf jacky do to get em all shook up (elvis voice) lol


  10. thePisces |

    on some real ish tho iDo really wana c a NWA movie so hopefully it works out


  11. monet |

    paranoid for a reason.
    got a lot of dirt to hide
    Santa Monica sex pad – rape spot is more like it.
    Going broke b’cuz you have to pay off folks to keep quiet…. and i am sure your attorney cost a grip to keep you out of the clink….


    KKit Reply:

    Send Jasper details if this is true. Teasing us with major juice


  12. Liza Michelle |

    I’ve been to Gary’s ranch on several occasions and never had to sign anything. But I guess I was special? lol. I really do hope our boy isn’t having hard times. It’s rough out there for a lot of folks!


    MN Reply:

    I’ve been there as well. when you work in Hollywood and live in the country its not called paranoia its called protect your private life, give him a break. i have a ranch with a motocross track if you enter you sign a waiver so you cant get hurt and take what i have worked for. he will pull through.


  13. Rip |

    “He’s super paranoid,” followed by “keep up the good work” lol that’s hilarious! Stories like NWA and 2PAC should only be documentaries. With all the social media and online information out there you can’t really do justice to the story or artist by trying to make a movie based on their lives. It just doesn’t work today. Maybe 15 years ago it would have but not today. 2PAC’s Resurrection was probably the best thing that could do him justice on film. NOTORIOUS based on Biggie’s life wasn’t accurate at all but it was a decent effort by the director and satisfied the producers. Just ask Puffy. Yea it’s best to leave biopic films about rappers alone. Documentaries work better. Besides the LIL WAYNE generation of rap couldn’t sit through a two hour movie unless they’re medicated anyway.


    Anonymous Reply:



  14. Tam |

    I wouldn’t pay my money to see that shit. Netflix it


  15. LOLa Darcy |

    He keeps telling everybody the movie is happening. Heard is whole team quit on him because they got tired of his shit and his lies. Don’t fall for the intern program if you trying to get into the business. He make you do house work! Plus he screwed over so many people personally and business wise that no body got his back anymore. He won’t pay you for your time or hard work. He is one to take full advantage of good people and then treat them like shit. He deserves everything happening. He wants everything FREE.


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