Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs: Exposed Womanizer!!!


P Diddy Womanizer

Smashing, Swinging & Snorting?

HSK Exclusive – It seems like Puffy wasn’t lying when he coined the adlib “take that, take that”. Know why? Because an insider reveals the Bad Boy has a fetish for watching multiple men smash his chics. Don’t believe me.. Ask Kim Porter.

Sean Combs is also known to keep himself busy swinging — with girlfriend Cassie. Together, the pair are reported to have gotten it in with Lauren London, Nicki Minaj, Draya and Lola Luv. Don’t believe me.. Ask Capricorn Clark.

Though Puffy’s had more than his share of women, our source tells us there’s one who may have had him whipped. We’re talking about J-Lo. We’re told after Puffy discovered J-Lo was smashing Janet Jackson, he pushed for Miss Jackson to join he and J-Lo for a smash session. It’s an invite we’re told Janet shot down.

Here’s the drop:

“JLO is the only girlfriend Puffy had that would fight back when he laid hands on her. Puffy keeps all his girlfriends coke’d up, he beats up all his girlfriends. After their beatings he buys them expensive stuff so they won’t have him arrested.”

P. Diddy Beats His Girlfriends


  1. I heard this rumor before

    Smh at the some of the things some women will go thru for a little fame and money

  2. Yea , I heard this rumor before also.

    Let me try to remember where……

    Oh, yea, I remember, I remember this rumor when Jacky Jacky did the exact same story a 2 years ago right here!

    The Gubmint is lazy…At least go to other websites and jack current gossip.

    • She had to keep the Puerto Rican family fantasy alive to get her latino fans back before she jumped ship!

  3. P. Doody is shady, seedy and dark–and I’m not talkin’ skin tone. He’ll be thrilled that people are finally saying he sleeps with women, because we all know he wants that to be the official story.

  4. Men like him prey on weak women with low self-esteem and who are willing to put up with anything to be kept in an expensive lifestyle.

  5. I am still waiting for Jacky to give the story about Cassie and how Puff pulled her hair out that’s why she has that half shaven hairstyle!

  6. I know to some this is old news, but some of us never heard not Amy of this. I like recycled info, it kind of helps to put the puzzle together. Diddy is a dog pon both sides of the team.

  7. This is why I could never be with a man like that! I would end up catchin’ a case, walking out my house – leaving all my possessions and with a handful of lawsuits cause I ran my mouth on TMZ and talked sht about everyone! It could never work! I would be okay as long as I didn’t get pissed off. But soon as that gremlin put his hands on me, I’d be blowin’ up everybody’s spot. Ijs.

  8. Puffy intimidates with his money, and if he has you hooked on coke or whatever, you will bow down to whatever his requests are, no matter how degrading or outlandish they are. We all know puffy is soft he has others do his dirty work, and won’t take the fall, he is soft… I mean that in every sense of the word. Wendy Williams called him out on it, and thats why she was fired from hot 97!! Hell, call a spade a spade!!

  9. Puffy intimidates with his money, and if he has you hooked on coke or whatever, you will bow down to whatever his requests are, no matter how degrading or outlandish they are. We all know puffy is soft he has others do his dirty work, and won’t take the fall, he is soft… I mean that in every sense of the word. Wendy Williams called him out on it, and thats why she was fired from hot 97!! Hell, call a spade a spade!!

    • @justice,

      I got one for you that will shut this whole site down with laughter….

      I put this on everything…
      I don’t know if you all have seen it where you live yet but…

      Puffy is on a national commerical for…
      And…that fool has on a shirt that says: “Invisible Bully”

      I already rarely watch television.
      Seeing THAT made me understand why I need to watch even less! 🙁

      • That’s how everything is: hidden in plain site. I have decided to believe that Jada is doing good work to stop human trafficking; but, people thought Jimmy Seville was doing good and the truth wasn’t exposed until he died.

    • Yo, I remember that with Wendy Williams, she had some pics with puff doing some gay shit and dude got her fired, and she couldn’t get a job at any other stations for a minute. I remember when dude use to give out flyers for parties in Manhattan and the Village back in the days.

      • You are so correct ..but I must say puffy use to throw the best parties in the early nineties…that’s a fact I was there and just one of puffy stories do yall remember the black model Beverly peele ..puff “allegedly” use to put foot to ass and fist to eye ..on a few occasions resulting in ring around the eyes if you know what I mean

    • Can u tell me what’s the point of commenting under 2 different names? Justice, ur another anonymous huh? Busted!

  10. I think all of this gay shit is a part of the plan of sexual convergence (baphomet) to help ease us into a thinking of oneness (like the Xbox ONE, or ONE world government) and I doubt that all of these people are just back and forth gay like this. I know top level Jacksons (Mike and Janet) have been very private, but being gay? Well, she has not exactly been married a lot or has children, but all of this is madness be it real or fake. It is just another tactic to make gayness seem normal in the black community since by our nature, we are not gay, unlike the white man.

    • Exactly. Blacks are the target on so many issues revolving around religion. (We WERE) LEAST likely to vote for gay marriage, least likely to accept gays in our community, least likely to commit suicide (especially due to financial loss)…

      The church has given us strength and power and that needs to be eliminated – in order for the elite to rule. And L.A. pastors will contribute to the destruction of the Black church.

      • Just_Joi,

        Don’t fall out when I tell you my former paster is apart of L.A. Pastors & his wife is also on a reality show as well. They both are living their dream which was to be “apart of Hollywood” & clearly dreams do finally come true & they used the “church” as means to get there & the Lord nor gettitg His word out to the world had not a single thing to with it.

        We didn’t need L.A. Pastors & Pastors Wivee in our lives to begin with.
        We already see enough destruction of the black church. The “popular pastors” of today look & act more like pimps at the Players Ball than men of God. Then we have those others that try hard to hide it but they’re just too gay for words & all gay guys & girls flock to their congregations because they know “it’s cool” to be there & they have knowledge of what really goes on.

        All we can do is pray, sit back & let God do His will. I personally will NEVER tune in to see any of them.

  11. What I don’t understand, is why is it so acceptable to believe gay people in everyday life, but when it comes to the industry, everyone doesn’t. Its a whole different world and lifestyle. They get exposed to drugs and things we could only imagine, and some flip the coin. You come in one way and u become someone else. You may not have started that way… (Some) but by sure leave and live by a different code and manner. We can say what we won’t do, but u never know being in that situation what u would or won’t do!!! Or become.. IJS

  12. Diddy is a true hollywood Pimp, he loves Cassie cause she just as much a freak as he is. Cassie is a natural born bisexual that’s why she keeps that crazy haircut..straight on one side and bi on the other. rumors has it that Diddy Kim Porter and Cas would have coked out threesome foursome & orgys.

    Diddy kept a brink of coke for Jlo on hand all of the time. in fact when Diddy got locked up for that night club shooting police found a hidden compartment in his car with cocaine residue in it.

    All of the bitches diddy deals with are coke head bisexuals..Jlo, Kim Porter,Cassie,Cameron Diaz, lil Kim….the list goes on.

    The only bitch that Diddy fucked that didn’t eat pussy was Super Head aka Karrine Steffans, she strictly dickly as you can tell..LOL

    PS: When y’all going to expose Missy Elliot for doing the same Damn thing Diddy does but even worst cause she do the R. Kelly on them young hoes.

    Missy turns them out and get them coke up then kicks them bitches to the curb when she’s done with them while Diddy at least takes care of his hoes.

    Missy done ate a lotta R&B Pussy and fucked up and turned out lotta celebrities..Ciara Tweet Eve Raven-Symoné..Yeah Missy is the one who turned Raven, Keyshia Cole and Monica. People in Missy’s inner circle will tell you how she brags about teaching Aaliyah how to lick pussy.

    Hollywood SexTapes







    • @Mres1617,

      “People in Missy’s inner circle will tell you how she brags about teaching Aaliyah how to lick pussy.”

      The world is really a small place…
      Two of “Missy’s inner circle” people worked for our company in different departments & one is very close to Alaliyah’s uncle…needless to say we’ve heard some of the “stories.”
      You made it sound quite plain & simple but you know there was a WHOLE lot more to that story.

      My thing is Missy has continued to “fly through time” & nothing ever seems to come back on her. She “does what she does” without a care or concern in the world sort of like Snoop does…as if nothing can touch them. I KNOW how Snoop’s protection came about but I just don’t get it about Missy. I’ve only her seen in passing twice & never met her personally but I’ve heard quite a few stories. Even the MAC Canada staff had stories for us!

      • Could you elaborate on the “protection” that certain artists seem to have? At one point in time Snoop was caught up in serious legal trouble. Was it a deal thru Suge? Did Dre get the same deal? Dre has blown the F up…was it merely good business sense? Dumb question, lol?

        • I don’t know the why, who, where and whens, but I have been convinced for some time that Snoop has been anointed by The Man as pure teflon. The dude has stood trial for murder, openly smokes blunts on national TV back when that was not a “safe” move to make, pretty much does anything he pleases, yet still was selected to do a large media ad with Lee Iacocca and the public rubber stamps whatever he touches. He’s untouchable!

          There was a time that I liked/respected Missy, but that was many years ago. I’ll just say that her “Kels-ish” relationship with young girls is disturbing. If Queen, MC Lyte and Whitney want to do what they do with grown women in their private lives, that’s on them. But when grown women bring young girls into the equation, that’s just wrong and unacceptable.

    • @Black Pearl,

      Nah ahh…girl, NO!
      The ones I can tell you beyond a doubt that I KNOW have the hot bad breathe is R. Kelly & Brandy. I can’t speak on any other celeb personally but those two for I can for certain. And… R’s breathe was funky bad WAAAAAAYYYYY back during his first album when before he went solo & dumped Public Announcement.

  13. I DOUBT that jlow fought back but she doesnt use drugs so im sure thats why he couldnt control her like the others…he uses drugs and influence on the other ones…sad..just to be part of his “fame” AND PUFFY IS GAY…HE will use a pretty girl to get hot men and use them as bait for the men he really wants..and by making it a threesome/orgy..”hes not gay” to the girls he is with…they get blinded with the exotic places and gifts and just think he is freaky while hes really using their cooches for his dick sucking ways…can you imagine the straight hot men hes gotten with just cassie alone/ shes beautiful

    • 🙂 justice,

      WHEN you finally get to see it I PROMISE…
      You will be on the floor in rolling in a cross between outrage & laughter.

      Imagine: PUFFY looking you in your face telling you HE wants every bully in the whole world to stop doing what they do.
      (as if he’s not a bully of sorts himself)
      and as if YOU would really believing the words coming out his mouth!

  14. Wendy shut it down!!! Oh BTW, someone on on a post wondered why Angie Martinez and Wendy fought… I can’t find the post but this is why. Wendy Williams and Angie Martinez went to blows at hot 97…. Because at the time Angie was dating Q tip, Wendy was doing blind items live on the radio and it was put out there that Q tip plays for another team etc, had proof etc… Angie couldn’t wait to get up to the studio. When Angie came in to do her shift she exchanged words with Wendy etc.. And then it got heated, Angie and Wendy fought.

  15. Puffy had hot 97 in his pocket along with Angie mar, who is loyal to puffy and jay z, for reasons that we all ready know.

  16. Puffy is a puppet who thinks he has power, he better slow down because that rug can and will be pulled from under him. He thinks he is untouchable… Sike