Serena Williams’ Lesbian Liaison W/ Kelly Roland Ended Engagement


Serena Williams & Kelly Rowland Love Affair

Williams’ Woes?

HSK Exclusive – Serena Williams is being fingered out as the home wrecker to blame for Kelly Rowland’s break-up from her Dallas Cowboy, but it didn’t go down the way you may think!!!

You may remember six-years ago, the singer was engaged to NFL player Roy Williams. That’s before sources say Roy Williams surprised Kelly Rowland at a recording studio, only to find his finance in a lip-lock with Serena Williams! Don’t believe me.. Ask Brett Ratner.

Here’s the drop:

“Roy didn’t really know Kelly. When he found out who Kelly really is, he decided not to marry her.

Kelly would say ‘I almost made a mistake six-years-ago, when I was engaged to get married.’ That’s because she’s a closet lesbian. Roy caught Kelly and Serena Williams making out in a studio session.

Kelly needs to stop dissing Roy and tell the truth.”

Roy-Williams one time Fiance of Kelly Rowland


  1. If true this may be the reason the Serena allegedly beards men like Common & Drake….she’s one of the family- joke is on us or those who follow them.

    • Exactly… Shes one of the family of the QUEER NATION and they make business arranged marriages to remain viable in a family orientated world..

      This brings new foundation to that article about Serena a few years ago where she shits on men and more specifically , black men…

      She likes pussy and that testosterone if off the chain with some serious masculine swagger…

      Not the end of the world though, I think something is in the water and the food…All these fucking fags and dykes hormonlally developing in these last 15 or so years.

      • My gynecologist is really into wellness and treats both women and men. He said the feminization of males is due to the chemicals we interact with on a daily basis which are contained in plastic containers and processed food: zeno estrogens. Young boys have acquired soft, feminine bodies plus it alters brain chemistry and thus behavior. He has about 150 adult male patients who receive testoterone hormone therapy; he is no longer surprised that at relatively younger ages these men have bodies like post menopausal women: soft, fat, with moobs. Basically parents should refrain from allowing their children, male and female, from consuming processed and fast food, use natural cleaning products, etc. Same advice he gives his adult male and female patients. My doctor’s peers thought he was kooky regarding this 15 + years ago but research and studies have vindicated him.

        • Craig G. Lewis (TTBHH) did a video about this…He speaks about Soy Milk containing a large amount of the female hormone and the plastic bottles/baby bottle also, especially when they are heated.

          ERROR OF MAN VICTORY: FDA Officially bans BPA in baby bottles and cups

      • Look dickhead…the proper terminology is lesbian or gay man. Assholes like u….I take your women!

    • If a straight man catches his woman making out with another woman, he certianly doesn’t get mad. I mean, Kelly could have picked a prettier partner, but he’s lame af for that.

  2. i always wondered what happen, they seem like a cute couple. so i guess that whole lil circle is like that Kelly, Lala, Kim K, Serena, Ciara. on Lala reality show, Serena look at Lala boobs and was said “i just wanna put my face in there.” so, to each its own.

  3. If this is true, at least he was smart enough not to marry her. Things happen for a reason and him showing up at the studio when he did was no accident. What’s done in the dark.

  4. Sounds like hearsay and innuendo to me. Are these emails even being fact checked? I’ve yet to see any receipts, no pics, no audio, nothing, just someone saying something doesn’t make it true.

    I’m starting to have doubts now….why is it this site calls someone else gay every single day?

    • Its no fantasy of mine to lay in the bed with a naked mans jank or ass in my face. Dont wanna see it…Dont wanna smell it and dont want it accidentily touching me…

      Im the dick and Im the show and Im the alpha dog. I dont even want another woman cutting in on my pussy time…Im like Walmart…One stop shopping.

      • Plus suppose you are in a sexual relationship with your wife Kelly and Serena comes into bed and tried to muscle you out when shes gets hard or when shes ready to do her business? You might have to fight her and you might have to fight her like a man, which means someone might actually get hurt and what started out as a threesome might end up as a police report.

        • Hard clit or strap-on…
          She’s gonna try to elbow you to the side, like shes jocking for camera time in a rap video.

      • Have had two women in the bed on many occasions and it aint bad. Dont know if a woman is qualified to speak on that. Jus sayin

  5. I would object to a marriage with a lesbian. She might fall in love with the other chick and decide to posion your spaghetti.

    And what are you gonna say when your momma comes to visit or when the kids get to be 8 years old?…”Thats mommy’s other husband”?

  6. And its not the fantasy of every man to have a threesome with any ole woman….Suppose the third woman is Missy Elliot , King Latifa or LaLa’s cousin Deek?

    These are hormonally ambiguous freaks of nature.

  7. I heard it the other way around Jacky! I have read for years and never post til’ now! Kelly found out some things about sweetness and it was a done deal after that! Fact! That’s why she never speaks on him negative or positive! Believe that!

  8. actually she caught him cheating and called off the wedding. immediately after she was at an nba game in the front row letting every pro athlete in the building know she was available. it might be true that she’s in the closet but she called off the wedding after catching him out there cheating with hella strippers and supposedly contracted an std

  9. I don’t know about this site anymore. I think we’re being played. I was so impressed when I first came here because I thought the info was real. Now I don’t know. Becoming a skeptic real quick.

    • It does seem that everybody is gay…But theres rarely anything bordering on proof save an e-mail…

      Maybe Serena just has a good serve and thick thighs

    • Exactly, we want facts! not opinions, I guesses, It mights, I thinks, maybes or mights. Just the facts from RELIABLE sources.

    • I agree… in the past month, this site is starting to remind me of MTO and the others…and that ain’t a good thing.

      I like truth being exposed, but not bs gossip/info without some sort of substantial proof.

      That’s what used to distinguish Jacky’s site from the others, he would have some sort of proof other than “he say, she say”..

      Personally, I’d like Jacky to stay on the Whitney/ Raffles story…that’s where his “insider” legitimacy shines through.

  10. You know, I actually believe this story Jacky. Back in 2007 and 2008, I attended the same church as Roy while he was a player for the Cowboys. He was very much “on fire” for the Lord and active at the church (IBOC which is located in Dallas, Pastor Ricky Rush..the small church not the new mega church). He and Kelly would do couples sessions with Pastor and Roy was very well known to have asked her to be his fiance. Then all of a sudden you didn’t hear of her and him no more.
    Figures. She was very much in the “industry” and he just wanted a regular life with a WIFE.

    • One person says Roy Williams is Gay, someone else said Roy Williams is straight and has STD and another says Kelly Rowland is gay. If you don’t know for sure don’t speak on it as facts, unless you just want this site o be like the rest. I’m just saying

      • Robert Downey Jr.’s character in Tropic Thunder said it best when it comes to the Entertainment Business today:

        “Everybody is Hollywood is gay once in a while”

        They wont let you be successful in their arena unless you are willing to drop your pride and become a part of their sex rites…

        Thats pretty much why its much easier for a person to be successful in the Entertainment Biz who are already queer, have been previously molested as a child or come from a previous job along the lines of hte sex industry…You’re already pre-packaged.

          • And Downey just did that because he wanted to, but he didnt have to because his dad , Robert Downey Sr. already gave head for the family…

            Just like Damon Wayans son and Tom Hanks son probably didnt have to engage in queer activity to get their foot in the door because their dads already took one in the kaboose for the team….Maybe not Damon, but surely Marlon and Shawn….Maybe Keenan too.

  11. This is not surprising at all to me. I always had a feeing about Serena. There is nothing feminine about her. Even when she tries to wear a dress, make-up and heels, she stil looks like a dude. It’s not surprising about Kelly either. They way she’s always fawning and ass kissing all up on Beyonce has always made me think that she’s either had a serious crush on Bey for years, or the two of them were getting it in with each other. Its not hard to believe, considering that Jay-Z’s sexuality has been in question for years. If that’s the case, why is it hard for people to believe that Bey wouldn’t go that way too? What woman do you know that will take the time to “beard” for a gay man, unless she’s bi-sexual or gay herself? So,I definitely think that Kelly and Bey were messing around. And, as far as the “Crew” is concerned with LaLa, Ciara, etc., It’s also possible that they all mess around with each other. It’s a known fact that Missy Elliott hosts what’s called “Lesbian Parties”in Hollyweird. Regular members would consist of Ciara, LaLa, Serena Williams, Alicia Keys, Queen Latifah, etc. Missy was known for turning chicks out in the industry. So, all of this stuff about Kelly, is not surprising at all.

    • bey made that song if i were a boy can’t get more bisexual than that.

      bey and kelly are cousins well that old saying closer the kin the deeper in.

      missy did indeed turn out everybody she worked with faith, lil kim, eve, lil mo, nicole wray, tweet, 702, nelly fertado, monica, ms. jade, swv, trina.

      missy don’t have to come out you could always see through her.

  12. Some of my keys on my keyboard are hard and wont move properly. Lol. I was trying to rush with my typing. So, please excuse the misspelling. :0)

  13. Lord have mercy, some foolish negroes. Joseline is not a damn man and you people are just perpetrating the bullshit notion that all Black women must look a certain way.

    And unless Kelly Rowland was his sugar mama how did he walk in on his “finance”? She was bankrolling ole boy? If you’re going to do this journalist thing you have to leave the MTO spelling to the side. Fiance if male, fiancee if female. Notice only one N, not two like finance?

  14. I’ve never heard her diss him…I don’t what that person is talking about. She was the one who said she ended it (or maybe it was him). She said she was not being true to herself.

  15. When a woman has a nice ass, her face is pretty much moot….Just as long as she doesnt have any significant facial hair and any open head wounds, shes a go.

    • btw, most young women today have little moustaches goatees and sideburns because they have excessive testosterone, from the food (fast) and the water (cheap plastic)…I remember when Rudy was doing the Cosby show, she had herself a very thick moustache when she was about 11….Probabaly came along with her menses when the hormone train leaves the station for many young girls nowadays…wayyy too young to begin with.

      • Yeah I remember that stache, she had the sideburns too but her sideburns weren’t crazy like Ashanti’s.

  16. She probably caught him cheating. I know of at least 1chick he was messing with in the ‘D’. she was married too. Anyway, does he even play anymore?

  17. @ Dice

    It’s not the food or water….it’s the white men in America (most of whom seem to be closet faqs)allowing lesbos to put feminist socialist policies in place in order to empower women over men (i.e.-taking half in a divorce, jump offs getting prego and getting child support, dykes becoming cops and firemen, etc.)

    What they were really wanted to do was empower Black women by giving them the jobs Black men used to get in order give them power over Black men and emasculate us. They didn’t it would lead to bitches really raising up and turning dyke because they feel they don’t need a man anymore.

    • I have a point.. I agree with “What they really wanted to do was empower Black women by giving them the jobs Black men used to get in order to give them power over Black men and emasculate us. Another reason Black men are being emasculated is through the single mother households but you know who is to blame for that..some of the Black men..the Black men who do not take care of their kids…the Black men who’s running wild and busting nuts up in everything and everyone…that’s who! They play a part in this too..that’s why I encourage Black men to stay in their kids lives be a man not a boy (Note I am not talking about the Black men fighting the courts to see their child, the Black men that have bitter baby moms that won’t allow the men to see their kids, nor the Black men that get caught up with a chick that just wanna use him for his money/child support and as a result goes through this lil game – you see them when you pay b.s.).

      • I agree about the single mother households, but in many cases the man was forced out of the home due to these same hostile acting women wanting to be the man of the house and treating the man like he is their son instead of their spouse.

        Look around, Black women are acting like men;listening to rap, wearing jordans, smoking weed, trying to get pu*sy, looking like tranny’s (i.e.-Nene and Wendy Williams) this is what the white man wanted to happen in order to degrade the Black man.

  18. @ Ella

    See you are the type bitch I was referring to. Aggressive acting, dyke types who think they can step to a man like a man.

    Bitch I bet if you were over in Afghanistan you would have your burka on and follow directions with you mouth shut.

  19. That was two men talking. Why did u need to intetrfere and make a comment? Stay in yo damn lane!

  20. kelly likes to hang around lesbian clubs.

    saw her at the bet awards doing some lesbian interplay with her dancers.

    on the wdw website type her name and you’ll see she dated trina and missy.

  21. If Serena was my wife, this is how I would straighten her ass out….

    First of all, she’d have to take that silly fuckin weave out of her hair and no fucking wigs, unless they are afro wigs…

    That would be a big step in getting some fresh air and sekhem to the pores in her scalp and it’ll help clean out her brain.

    Then she cant hang out with none of her dyke friends and club partners for 90 days…For 90 days she will only be allowed with family and me, until she gets that queer stuff out of her head…No drinking and no red meat…We’d have to have sex every 4 days, unless she was on her menses. We’d have to do massage therapy with each other and all of our meals would be vegetarian..

    After 90 days , if she wanted to go back with her gay friends, then that would mean she prefers that lifestyle over ours.

  22. i would’nt even try to change any lesbian or bisexual woman.

    if you think you can do it good luck.

  23. Serena should adopt a little Caucasian baby and take it with her to all her tennis matches…

    (wow, that was really random , but I’ll allow it.)

  24. She is so Mathew Knowles daughter… it’s ridiculous this sham that’s going on with them acting like Beyonce is Mathew’s daughter and not Kelly.. a sick situation. She and Bey probably got down like that together too.

      • that’s old old rumor bout kelly being bey’s half sister than there’s that rumor that solange is beyonce’s daughter.

        than there’s that other rumor bout matthew is not matthew’s daughter.

        matthew might have been sexing all the girls in dc and tina turned a blind eye.

        to quote an old garfield cartoon i saw think of the money.

  25. Yup I totally believe this lol. I always got a bisexual vibe from Kelly and you can just look at Serena and tell she’s ATLEAST thought of being bi. I always noticed with dark skin black women that they tend to explore that homo route for some reason. I guess they hate their black skin so much they don’t want to bring any black babies into the world so lesbianism appeals to them lol. When you encounter a dark skin black woman who seems to only date black men with money, white or guys of other races who are regular, I can guarantee you that those women are bisexual.



  26. The ignorance in these comments is laughable… changing gays to straights… its in the water… emasculating the black man LOL yes yes Me and my gay friends are out to get ALL OF YOU LMAO! I’ve read about the white man emasculating the black man and forcing black families to become single parent home, i’ve read about the hormones in our food and water and I don’t disagree with any of it I think all of you make a good point HOWEVER “changing” a lesbian to become straight in 90 days LMAO this isnt a drug addiction morons! LOL! Homosexuality has been around for centuries whether you think its a sin or not is up to your own beliefs. Personally I have a relationship with GOD and I am gay my relationship with GOD is no better then your relationship with GOD and vice versa, to say it is unnatural is incorrect being that it’s been found in other animal species such as birds (penguins, mallards, gulls, black swans, pigeons) and other mammals such as Dolphins, Giraffes, elephants, monkeys etc and even insects. If these artist are gay then so be it, why fill the comments section with ignorance and hate? God is Love folks lets just enjoy the tidbits, get our laughs and move on.

  27. Now I see why Serena changed her seat in Mr Chows to watch my girlfriend & I. We acted as if we didn’t notice her or Kelly Rowland. Kelly walked over to the table next to me to rumage threw her designer bag as if that wud garner our attention. NOT! Kelly is a pretty girl as is Serena. Pictures do Serena no justice. Anywho, yeah they are definitely “about it.” (They both like girls).

  28. Is it true that they are lesbians. I really like both but I wouldnt put it pass women these days. Lala always seems a lesbian to me. She gives that vibe that my cousin gives and she is in Kelly and Serena circle.

  29. It is not the exclusive domain of white men or white women or black men or black women to be bad parents or bad partners. All of this talk really infuriates me. We are living in the year 2013 where every one has a free will and can think and act for themselves. Constantly blaming others diminishes the role that personal choice makes in people’s lives. Blame any one you want. Then look in the mirror and ask yourself how you are going to treat your partner or child. BTW, any body ever heard of family planning?

  30. If this site is truly owned and controlled by black people, then they are truly lost. No education, jobs, money, baby breeding, murder. So many problems, yet this is what you focus on and get riled about. The mentality of the posters here is truly depressing, and all based on rumour. Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

  31. Ya’ll need to stop it!! You’d imply that LaLa and the crew be besty’z for a reason and they tie the knotty not then jump the broom for scissor style for a reason?! GTHOH. I do have three (3) rooms and a hallway that needs steaming. IJS.