Serena Williams’ Lesbian Liaison W/ Kelly Roland Ended Engagement


Serena Williams & Kelly Rowland Love Affair

Williams’ Woes?

HSK Exclusive – Serena Williams is being fingered out as the home wrecker to blame for Kelly Rowland’s break-up from her Dallas Cowboy, but it didn’t go down the way you may think!!!

You may remember six-years ago, the singer was engaged to NFL player Roy Williams. That’s before sources say Roy Williams surprised Kelly Rowland at a recording studio, only to find his finance in a lip-lock with Serena Williams! Don’t believe me.. Ask Brett Ratner.

Here’s the drop:

“Roy didn’t really know Kelly. When he found out who Kelly really is, he decided not to marry her.

Kelly would say ‘I almost made a mistake six-years-ago, when I was engaged to get married.’¬†That’s because she’s a closet lesbian. Roy caught Kelly and Serena Williams making out in a studio session.

Kelly needs to stop dissing Roy and tell the truth.”

Roy-Williams one time Fiance of Kelly Rowland


  1. If a straight man catches his woman making out with another woman, he certianly doesn’t get mad. I mean, Kelly could have picked a prettier partner, but he’s lame af for that.

  2. Now I see why Serena changed her seat in Mr Chows to watch my girlfriend & I. We acted as if we didn’t notice her or Kelly Rowland. Kelly walked over to the table next to me to rumage threw her designer bag as if that wud garner our attention. NOT! Kelly is a pretty girl as is Serena. Pictures do Serena no justice. Anywho, yeah they are definitely “about it.” (They both like girls).

  3. Is it true that they are lesbians. I really like both but I wouldnt put it pass women these days. Lala always seems a lesbian to me. She gives that vibe that my cousin gives and she is in Kelly and Serena circle.

  4. It is not the exclusive domain of white men or white women or black men or black women to be bad parents or bad partners. All of this talk really infuriates me. We are living in the year 2013 where every one has a free will and can think and act for themselves. Constantly blaming others diminishes the role that personal choice makes in people’s lives. Blame any one you want. Then look in the mirror and ask yourself how you are going to treat your partner or child. BTW, any body ever heard of family planning?

  5. If this site is truly owned and controlled by black people, then they are truly lost. No education, jobs, money, baby breeding, murder. So many problems, yet this is what you focus on and get riled about. The mentality of the posters here is truly depressing, and all based on rumour. Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

  6. Ya’ll need to stop it!! You’d imply that LaLa and the crew be besty’z for a reason and they tie the knotty not then jump the broom for scissor style for a reason?! GTHOH. I do have three (3) rooms and a hallway that needs steaming. IJS.


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