Shahs Of Sunset To Feature Hollywood Hookers?


Shahs of Sunset are Wack

Poker In The Hills…

HSK Exclusive – Remember that string of exclusive summer poker games in the Hollywood Hills, drawing chicks through the names of some cast-members?

Well, it looks like they’re generating some steam. Know why? Because we’re told not only are they on to their fifth weekend — now equipped with shuttle services to transport attendees up the hill — they’re now using the pad as a backdrop for shooting scenes for the Shahs of Sunset.

Sources say Sammi was at last night’s shoot, accompanied by a slew of aspiring Hollywood starlets who showed up for the cam on GP (general principle). That’s because they’re hoping this could be their big break.

Here’s the mass text that was sent out to some of Hollywood’s top hoes:

“Today we are shooting an episode of “Shahs of Sunset” which will air in a few weeks — at 7pm at my house. Let me know ASAP if you wanna come by to be in it.”

Is the home owner getting a check from the network, while telling the girls they get jack? Of course! Don’t believe me. Just ask GiGi!


  1. U got the pig part right!!

    She looks DIGUSTING

    Perfect example of just cuz u can fit it, doesnt mean u should wear it #badbuiltbitch

    • Yeah, I don’t mind women with some extra weight on them, but that is nasty looking. I think for me, it’s more of the look below the waste that is a turn off. The pouch and the legs. If she took her ass to the gym she could work it out.

  2. any black men on here who’ll pay her for sex.

    she’s a white girl.

    come on you brothers know you’ll kill your mom just to get a shot of this hot piece of white azz.

    anybody wanna take their aggression of white america out on her.

    • We know some black men love big fat sloppy white women that white men would never want. I seen them all the time walking around with Mama June look alikes here in Columbus OH!!

      • Think thats a global epidemic. Apple shaped white women are the Rolls Royce to working class/semi professional BM. Poor Star Jones. Educated and accomplished she had to undergo gastric and phag hag to marry but if she possessed the complection for the protection would probably be First Lady Obama. You see super model Kate Upton isnt worried about her apple. She can Dougie meaning some Negro will wife her if her career and granddaddy’s money runs out.

        Have a handsome Morehouse friend from good stock who wifed one whose teeth protrude even with her mouth closed – an upgrade from the light skinned glamour models and exotics that he previously dated. In all fairness shes a hilarious girl from a good home and seems to genuinely care for him. His best friend got a rent a bride from Ukraine once he neared the 6 figure mark, of course she is a perfect 10 until he trades her end after expiration mid 30ish.

        • Hey N.I. That was one of the most depressing things I’ve read in awhile here. Morehouse? And he married a buck toothed becky? Good Lord.
          Well at least she’s sounds nice.

  3. Oh honey. We here is your gay husband when you need him. Friends don’t let cows wear bikinis! If she lost 50lbs and gained muscle tone, she would look good. Well, better than this mess.

  4. I watched this show a few times and these people are disgusting, typical LA Iranian Persians, not that all Persians fit this mold, just the ones who grew up in LA and are in this scene.

    by the way Iranians are not white or considered white.

      • i remeber telling me somthing bout whites originating from the caucas mountains ! mann was she right the thing is thiese same women have alot of these black atheltes actors and rappers like puddy in there pudgy hands.whats sexy bout these sqaure bishes black women be glad be thankful and allow this humble you black is beautiful thing we have inherited some of most beautiful shapes and figures that there is im glad im a black women i would never wanna look like that! all this bleaching nose jobs surgeries rhinna beyonce nicki minage go threw to mimic these women wearing there nasty fake hair! no thank you i would never wanna trade places with that.

    • @bro

      Yea that show was very typical of most LA Persians in that scene and they are disgusting, arrogant and full of themselves. The only one I liked was the girl who dated one of the Jackson. Asa I think her name was.

    • I would pay good money just to see her face when you inform her she is not white!

      Yeah, I know she is, but she is JUST the type who would go off the rails from such news. HA!
      She also has a complete shrew for a mother who spends most of their time together telling her how nasty she is and how she’ll never find a husband. Which, when you think about it is probably the cause of her pill popping and overeating. The chick has zero self esteem.

  5. Believe me I am not defending the sloth, but she is over 40. A fact which she constantly lies about on the show, but her oldest friends are always quick to remind her.
    The worst thing about MJ is not her lumpy bumpy physique, it’s the fact that she insists on exposing it and all her flaws on the regular. I ain’t perfect either, but at least I have the sense to play up my good points while camouflaging the lesser “assets”.
    And is her appearance isn’t sorry enough, she’s a pill popper with a horrible personality. I think they’d can her from the show if she didn’t provide so much tension and drama.

  6. Don’t I know it. I can even get past the administrator by intentionally spelling the J word incorrectly. It’s one thing to have an inexorable desire to control all the media….but it is just flat wrong to practice censorship.

    I would like to know when the word J E W I S H
    became like the n word?? It’s not an epithet, it’s a
    proper identifying word.

  7. Persians are some of the most arrogant fucks there is.
    Their arrogance comes from two places.
    #1 They consider themselves more white than the Arab because they mixed less with the original black inhabitants of Persia when they invaded and eventually sub-planted them.

    #2 They lie to themselves and tell themselves that they have a long history of being civilized but they never admit to the fact that the original black inhabitants of the land had all of the facets of civilization when they arrived out of the Mountains of Russia (Caucas). That they had to be CIVILIZED and learn how to behave as civilized people.

  8. That’s why it doesn’t break my heart to see the Iranians and the Arabs prepare for a serious war.

    I personally hope they both fight very hard to win. In fact I hope they fight till both sides shit their pants.
    They’re both an arrogant and a stupid people so chances are neither side will give up for many many months, if not years.

    That’s why I tell me black brethren to just get out of their way and let these beasts destroy themselves. You don’t have to do anything but watch and don’t get involved in their religion, their politics and their squabbles. LET EM FIGHT.

  9. Yikes! Don’t know these people and don’t care about the story, but that body is just…it’s like her vagina and belly are trying to become one. Ugh!

    Bet she’s not even 30 yet. This girl should hit the gym every day, like every day! Or call Kim K. for some tips. No ma’m.

    • missknown That belly turning into her vagina is what Howard Stern calls a “gunt”. sorry for sensitive ears, but them’s his words not mine! And she is 42 which is a little more appropriate for her shape being what it is. But gurl, THROW YOUR BIKINIS OUT!

      It’s time for a mommy swimsuit.

      • Thanks for the explanation Christa. A gunt haha, quite funny actually.

        42? Ok I can see it now, but still no excuse for that gunt 🙂

  10. Never watched the show. She should never wear a bikini. She needs a one piece to cover up all of that excess flab.

  11. hows likes these are a warm up for a war with Iran. I imagine that it will start within the last two years of Obama’s service (to Jhews), or the pre-hype will get started in his last year so that they can transition to a new president. I hope it is not Jeb Bush. If it is another Bush, then this is not America, this is a dynasty of fascism. The Bush’s kill the Kennedys and do what the Kennedys were supposed to do – keep putting their people in the WHite House.

    It is wild. You have Aaron Hernandez from CT killing MA people, then you had the Bush crime network from CT killing the Kennedys of MA. The ironies…

  12. That picture is proof positive that sometimes no matter how money one has class is just something that can be neither learned nor bought.

    Who told this person it was okay for her to wear that bikini? I didn’t bother to read the story because EVEN a well priced hooker has a more attractive & fit body than this out of shape looking misfit. This is 2013. Designers make a swim suit for nearly every body type known to man so there is no excuse for her.

    As for any black man who would find her attractive…all I can say is it wouldn’t surprise me one bit because some of our men find almost ANYTHING attractive thats not a black woman.
    Sad but true…

    • Ms Reg For what it’s worth, no one on her show finds her attractive at all. And she isn’t getting any off camera action either. Why she chooses to continue to purchase her wardrobe at Forever 21 in 2 sizes too small I have no idea. Would you be shocked to know she usually wears a thong swimsuit at their numerous pool parties?? I think that’s why she can’t get a date. Cover that ish up and put on a caftan or the Persian equivalent.

      • Christa,

        Thank you for informing me as I’d NEVER-EVER-EVER know anything about the show or the hiddeous people involved.
        Shit like that is one of the MAIN reasons why I DON’T WATCH mainstream television. I find it amazing how some of the most uncivilzed people are now allowed to be seen on national television on a regular basis…smdh

  13. just throw them all in one great big bananna boat it is the best thing in the world to a sista and these unkle tom ashy kneegrows like ice t dave chappel rg3 ect thats what they got no type of tightness to skin or tone YUCCCK!