SHAMEFUL!!! Lil Wayne Karate Chops Emmett Till


Lil Wayne Dishonors Emmett tTill

RIP Emmett Louis Till

Lil Wayne seems to think making a mockery of the name of a black teen who was brutally tortured and murdered in Mississippi – at the height of the Civil Rights Movement – over flirting with a white woman is entertaining.

In his recently released track “Karate Chop“, Lil Wayne recites these disturbing words: “Beat that p*ssy up like Emmett Till“. That’s exactly why Emmett Louis Till’s family is understandable outraged – calling the set of lyrics offensive and dishonorable.

Here’s what Emmett Till’s cousin – Airickca Gordon Taylor – had to say on a video posted to

“To compare his murder and how beaten and how bullied, beatened, and tortured he was to the anatomy of a woman was really very disrespectful.

We found it dishonorable to his name and what his death has meant to us as a people and as a culture. It was offensive not only to us, but to our ancestors and to women and to themselves as young, black men.
I just couldn’t understand how you could compare the gateway of life to the brutality and punishment of death. And I feel as though they have no pride and no dignity as black men.

Our family was very offended, very hurt. Disturbed by it… Our young people they emulate what they see, what they hear, and what they’re immersed in. And then we question them as they grow up and become citizens and they’re supposed to be productive in society and they’re not productive. And society is already criminalizing our young, black men at every opportunity they have.

So it just really concerns us that here you are using Emmett Till’s name in such an egregious way and you’re not having any respect for yourselves as well as our family. And that’s the biggest concern. We’re concerned about our young people as well as the image of Emmett Till.”

Does Lil Wayne owe a major apology to Emmett Till’s family, and the Mammi Till Mobley Memorial Foundation for being a disrespectful piece of shit? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Dr. Boyce Watkins.


  1. Yeah he was waaaaay out of line for that. But tbh these rappers signed themselves over to the pink toes long ago n its really them who determine wat message they want conveyed by these rapers, i mean rappers. Im sure had nobody complained the next song woulda turned it up a notch n said something about hang my grammy like a nigger slave or something stupid like that. Its crazy all the undiscovered talent out here n ppl like Trinidad james bufugly ass gets a deal? Come on son. I see wat they’re doing.

  2. That Gremlin is just ignorant and illiterate. In 2013 He can pose up court-side with the YT chick who ride his dick, where back in time a black man would be lynched just to be on the same side of the street with her. Lil Fool needs to apologize to the Family then go work on his GED then learn his history. Disgusting and vile

    • The bad thing is he is well educated n intelligent. So he KNOWS better. But these ppl dont care about black or white….only green

      • Well educated? Did he attend a prestigious HBCU or ivy league school and I missed it? This public school educated drop out is dumb as f*ck and LIL EMMETT had balls…something this ugly a** baby mama maker will never grow. I’m digusted. he needs to release this single w/o that trashy a** line. F*cking idiot.

        • No nothing prestigious but he was majoring in political science at the university of Houston. N he is actually pretty smart. Just dumbs himself down to appeal to the masses.

          • Being “pretty smart” would had led little boy Wayne to not put out a song containing horrendous disrespect. I never was a fan but I was outraged when he came out with a album titled ‘I Am not a Human Being’ WTF???? Did we forget that black men doing civil rights protest wore big huge signs over their chest and backs declaring “I AM A MAN’ ..for so long we were denied rights bcus Neanderthals said we were not human. He is very very dumb and a coward. Intelligence requires courage. The courage to apply what you have learned and what you know to further the progression of humanity. He has managed to align himself with powers that set his people back a millennia therefore the whole of humanity cuz if Nubians don’t get their shizz correct, as the progenitors of humanity..all others will fail. He is not a drooling brain dead monkey… I watched his documentary ..he seems to be more aware than I thought which made me no longer dislike him but str8 F$&@ing HATE him now. Intelligent people contribute to society, they don’t take part in destroying it.

  3. He owes the family an apology!! But I’m still boycotting him because if he did apologize, it would only be to try an appease the naysayers! I don’t believe he would be doing it from his heart, because if his heart where in the right place to begin with, HE WOULDN’T HAVE SAID IT!!! He lost my support long time ago when he claimed he didnt want any dark skinned women in his hotel, yet he’s a black, ashy skinned, reptile face troll!! His kids are going to be so embarrassed when they grow up and find out, their father disrespected a very ugly, and brutal part of our history!! They will even have to see images of their fathers disturbing behavior showing him kissing another man on the mouth!! His kids will have so much to be ashamed of him for, once they get older and can form their own opinion!!! He thinks he’s doing something now, just wait!!! Stick a fork in this lil black bastard, he’s done!!!

  4. The guy rings of classlessness.
    From dropping his seed around every place under the sun to impregnate any star struck idiot who will bear his child, to using autotune to create “music” all the while looking and acting like the minstrel that the White man wants us all to be.

    He talks tough, walks around with his bodyguards, and had to pay for protection while he was locked up.

    He owes more than just Mr Till an apology, he owes every African American slave, Freedom Fighter, those who marched along side Dr King, and every person who stood up against Jim Crow an apology.

    But we know he won’t give one…
    Because somebody told this goof that his “music” is revolutionary. No it’s not…
    Ask Prince, George Duke, Herbie Hancock, Wynton Marsalis, Stanley Clarke, Maurice White and countless other musicians who not only wrote but shaped what will be known as the Black Music Renaissance.
    This clown isn’t fit to wash their draws!

  5. Till’s death was the catalyst to the civil rights we have today. Yes, there have been plenty others, but this post is in regard to Till and Wayne’s callous disrespect because if he had to trade places with Till he wouldn’t be saying dumb sh*t like this.

  6. Is there any class AT ALL in hiphop??? Real Question! Hiphop is a disrespectful art Period! Whether they are degrading women, white ppl, Asians, Africans, themselves, their momma, sister cousin etc. giving props to drug use, drug dealing, robbing ppl. Shit, I coul go on forever but please somebody answer the question 🙂

    • Hip hop is not the blame. For every song that disrespected and degrades there is a song that uplifts and enlightens but the negative stuff always draws more attention.

      • @me-agreed! The rappers who have positive lyrics and have something of value to say are relegated to the alternative ghetto in hip hop. Ignorant rappers like wayne, gucci man, plies, waka flame, nicki minaj and others are now the majority and represent mainstream rap. Rap has always had bad rappers but these days it has bad and ignorant rappers! The shame is that when the younger generation is told that their music sucks they respond with youthful stupidity. I told a 20 yr old that her gen’s music is garbage and she said my gen’s music was out of date. I told her good music is timeless and that is why 80’s and 90’s rap is called the golden age of rap. I shudder to think what musical memories this generation will have with dumb ass music and acts like these.

    • I’m confused….your defending him & hating on him too? It becomes more than “just a rhyme” when our black youth are still being attacked but the Emitt till killing was brutal to say the least….what if it were your relative? How would you feel? Like someone said Wayne stopped caring about black folk many moons ago…I agree – yet we still giving him money by supporting his music (not me…but just saying’). Stop supporting this man’s music!

      • Half these kids today couldnt tell you jack about Emmet Till let alone any other individual in black history besides Martn Luther or Malcolm X because they dont give a damd and they sorry ass parents are not teaching. Anywho….im officially OVER lil wayne. I just cant do it anymore. I aint really liked his gremlin azz since THE BLOCK IS HOT… Im mad pisssed that he gets to disrespect a point and time so pivotle to us as a black people. Some stuff just shouldnt be done. Just no.

  7. Why doesn’t this boot black white azz lickin’ nigga make a mockery of the holocaust or say some Nazi shit in his songs?

    Cuz he knows the jwes would have his ass.

    This is the new tactic: get the black entertainers to diss black history and the civil rights movement. He did this shit during Black History Month. I will definitely be lookin’ for the next march or petition against stupid ass lil wayne. If I could start my own I would. Where the fuck is Sharpton and Jackson to lead a boycott against the ignorant nigga? Oh, that’s right, they on the payroll also.

    To the ignoramus anonymous who said the pictures were in poor taste: You don’t know shit about history do you? Emmett Till’s mother wanted an open casket to show the ugly face of racism.

    • Dr. Boyce Watkins and Jesse Jackson, have contacted the record label and LA Reid, the lyrics are being removed and clear channel will not play the song on their stations.

    • Anonymous 6:51

      Thank you.

      What a worthless piece of trash this bug looking fella is.

      To the commenters that don’t see anything wrong with this, I am wondering how old you are, what your environment is, your education level and what your life experiences are.

      Maybe you need to broaden your horizons.

    • @anonymous 7:28:

      Awww, poor little fa**ot, now you can’t go out and do your meth and vodka can you cuz your tummy hurts and you have to sleep with the light on. Man up you little b*tch! What do you think Mrs. Till had to go through?

  8. While I give credit to Ivy league, as a prestigious institution, I feel other lesser known colleges/universites can churcn out well educated graduates too.

  9. We shoulda been done wit dat test tube baby when kissed a man. Fireproof
    wallets? Mmmm. Speaking of 9/11 they should made that building outta what my Weber grill is made out of cus i sets that shyt on fire regularly.

  10. I think the line was in poor taste but that doesn’t mean Lil Wayne is a monster. The even sadder part is as bad as whites do black people we as black people are even harder on our on kind. Again what he said was disgusting and wrong but y’all taking this shit over board.

    • @Mitha:

      If he had disrespected the Holohoax in any way shape or form and he was jweish, the ADL would have had suicided. Please read a book.

  11. Somebody need to karate chop his dumb ass in the mouth! No one can imagine the pain and hurt ms til had to endure ESP not Wayne . No mother or father would want to see their child’s body mutilated like that over an accusation . And to make matters worse no one was ever convicted of murdering ET.

  12. How is what you typed relevant to this story? Do you feel better about yourself? Pick up a book sometimes you dumb fuck!

  13. apparently epic records has released a statement saying the following about the disgraceful song:

    “We regret the unauthorized remix version of Future’s ‘Karate Chop,’ which was leaked online and contained hurtful lyrics,” Epic Records’ statement said. “Out of respect for the legacy of Emmett Till and his family and the support of the Reverend Jesse L. Jackson Sr….we are going through great efforts to take down the unauthorized version.”

  14. After a most heartfelt and sincere public apology to the family and the black community, in a show of good faith he should make an impressive donation to Mammi Till Mobley Memorial Foundation and sponsor an Annual fundraiser concert for the cause just to Keep Hope Alive!

  15. I’ve said it for years; lil wayne needs to go away and never return. From the tats, the waiting until he’s in his 20’s to be a Blood, the disrespect of dark fleshed women (even though his mama, daughter, and the only woman he married is dark fleshed), the hiding in the closet, the drugs, the overall coonery, and his face… I could go on and on. The only positive (if there is one) to come out of this is teenagers who have never heard of Emmett Till were researching him and learning about this child. Even his biggest fans were condemning him. Lil Wayne is not going to apologize because he has sold his soul a long time ago, and making and doing detrimental things to help further distroy the black race is required. I feel sorry for anyone who looks to this subhuman piece of excrement for entertainment or a role model.

    • He represents EVERYTHING THAT’S WRONG with STREET RAISED fatherless young black males. No respect for his race, women, his history or anyone. He’s a sell out. That’s it. The racists love it know why??? Because he’s behaving and acting (if it’s an act) the way they’ve been brainwashing the public for years about the young black males. Hate to say it but I’m sure his followers don’t care either. I’m sure he’s on his way to UNCLE TOM’S CABIN TO REPRESENT…HIMSELF

  16. Not the first time Lil Wayne has disrespected the family and legacey of Emmett Till.
    “George Gervin, imma get my chill on/
    I’m cold yeah I get my buffalo Bill on/
    Beat up the block I get my Emmett Till on/”


  17. Even though I have been disgusted by Baby/Birdman for many years, I always had a soft spot in my heart for Weezy (probably because you always want to see someone from your home town make good), but this referencing of Emmett Till’s legacy in a disrespectful way is beyond the pale.
    Big mistake Mr. Carter.

  18. Lil Wayne is a monkeyfied minstrel goon and the pinks love him more than we do.
    Name one rapper other than Jay Z’s old camel faced azz who has lasted this long in the game? Don’t worry I’ll wait.

    • ice cube
      ice t
      snoop dogg
      ll cool j
      dr. dre
      busta rhymes
      queen latifah
      mary j blige not a rapper but she’s been around 20 years.

      r kelly.

      • And look at how many druggies, homos and degenerates are on that list. So I guess one has to completely put character and morals aside to stay paid in the game regardless of the social collateral damage. And Nas defended N*ggas in Paris by Gwyneth so he can stay irrelevant to me.

  19. Call me crazy but I don’t think he’s dead.I thonk dolks are trying to cover their tracks with planted evidence and wild goose chase stories. There was footage of him at a store buying scuba gear. I think he has information that could bring to light some things that could damage alot of people.

    Since when would they reopen a case like that? If he has scuba gear why is he in a cabin in the mountains? He seems to be very capable of getting away if he wanted to.

    It seems to me there is a cover up. Maybe he talked to someone and he agreed to “disappear” for an undisclosed amount of money. Who knows ? He could be on the other side of the world living a lavish life.

    It seems to cut and dried for me.

    • Very strange story….. Young people today believe anything on the news…I smell BULLSHIT on this story… Regardless if he was killed or sent away or escaped, this man had a dark secret to reveal… You all really think we got the real manifesto…Facebook my a$$. Something is strange and we will never know what happened or what he was hiding. Hopefully the truth will come to light.

  20. He was wrong but at least he got us talking about a horrible incident that happened almost 60 years ago! The younger generation who never heard of Emmitt Till will now due to this controversy.

  21. Beyond Ignorant.

    I will go as far as saying that he WAS TOLD to say this… I bet this was line modified or changed by SOMEBODY with considerable INFLUENCE. Mr. Wayne just obliged thinking this line was killa…

    End of Days. Hip Hop is not dead, it is UNDER HYPNOSIS

  22. …And let’s not forget him saying ‘Whip It Like A Slave’ in another song some years back, not to mention this isn’t the first time he’s mentioned Emmet Till in a song (Or the first rapper, for that matter: Remy Ma, in the 2004 song ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah,’ mentioned Emmet Till as well). Truth be told, it’s (bull)shit like this that makes me believe what an ‘Industry Insider’ said about Wayne ‘being paid to fuck black kids’ minds up’ a while back true:

    • Thanks Raheim, that was an interesting read. This shit is so calculated and unfortunately, filth like lil wayne will do the dirty work for minimum wage

  23. Honestly I truly believe he do owe that man family a humble
    And sincere apology, and key words ( Humble & Sincere )
    Think before you speak. A catchy punch line or hook at some one else
    Expense , especially expressed in a distasteful manner, will always
    Get checked ASAP.

  24. This proves to me that Lil Wayne and almost all of rap is gay. Why would you equate an act of such ignominious racial violence with sex? Gay gay gay, among other things.

    I’m tellin’ y’all, the gay fifth column in the black community is gonna destroy our children.

  25. This is so true it hurts. Some really intelligent and critical thinking folks on this board. Hope it stays that way.


  27. This is not news…. Wayne is a demon and its insane how Negros idolize Til because he dared to flirt with a white woman… to you stupid, color-struck coons, he was a hero, lol!

    Birth of a Nation was pretty accurate.

  28. Is anyone surprised? “Little”Wayne is the epitome and essence of coonery and buffoonery. He is an ultra prickly thorn in the side of the entire black race.
    Someone needs to forcibly educate Wayne in black history, from the ancient cities and kingdoms of Africa, until our modern times.

    • Girl under fire wrote:

      “Someone needs to forcibly educate Wayne in black history, from the ancient cities and kingdoms of Africa, until our modern times.”

      LOL. I just got a visual in my head of Eddie Griffin being hooked up to that re-education machine to get him to act and think like “the man” in Undercover Brother

  29. I disagree. I guess Jacky posted the picture as a reminder. Till’s mother insisted he be in an open casket for public viewing. She wanted the world to see the brutality done to a young black boy, from up North, who some Southerners thought was “too uppity”.

    Sadly, there are Lil Wayne fans who don’t know, or are vaguely aware of who Emmett Till was and what happened to him. They need to see the picture. Then they need to ask their idol, Lil Wayne, who probably has seen the picture at least once, what the hell was he thinking?

  30. That is profound. They murdered Till’s body because they couldn’t break his spirit. Lil Wayne’s spirit is broken but his body is still here. But what good is his body without his soul?

  31. But did anyone read silly lily’s comment before mine? She has to be troll, no can be that stupid.

    Here is a study of contrasts….
    Emmit Til got killed or whistling at a Yt woman…..But Traci “ignorant cooness,”Braxton
    Thinks it’s cute for an Italian man to pinch her behind in Italy.

    Beam me up and out Scotty!

    • You don’t have to apologize. The moment a SO CALLED ENGLISH TEACHER comes on here to correct other people, whose thoughts are faster than their fingers is the day a TEACHER is OUT OF A JOB. So it’s all good…
      ; )

  32. Your comment is a shining example of why we need to educate ourselves on black history. Everything you stated is wrong.

    Emmett’s father was dead.

    His mom (who was a “white-collar” worker), DID sit Emmett down and told him Mississippi was not like Chicago. Part of what she told him was “Don’t cross anybody down there because Mississippi is not like Chicago.” “… no matter how much it seems that you have the right, just forget your rights while you’re in Mississippi.”

    Let each one teach one.