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Shaq Joins ‘Let’s Push Booze To Brothers’ Campaign

December 20th, 2012

Shaq's Plan to Poison African American Community

Poison The People?

Former NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal is joining the line of famous black celebrities to launch his own line of libations,”Luv Shaq” vodka.

Here’s what The New York Post recently reported:

“He entered into an agreement Devotion Vodka, the producers of the coconut-flavored vodka. The drink will be sugar and gluten-free and the bottles will sport images of none other than the Big Man.”

Here’s what Drew Adelman founder of Devotion Vodka had to say:

“Shaq’s alcoholic beverage will go up against Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs‘ popular Ciroc vodka, but at a more competitive price.”

Is Shaq following in the footsteps of Sean “Puffy” Combs and Spike Lee to poison our communities with alcohol — all to gain wealth? Of course. Don’t believe me? Ask Bill Cosby.


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14 Responses to “Shaq Joins ‘Let’s Push Booze To Brothers’ Campaign”

  1. Anonymous |

    Rum is exactly the product we were exchanged for.
    Yea, I know vodka isnt rum but its all hard booze and black folks (the ones this garbage will be heavily marketed to) dont need to be drunk in 2013. We have to be vigilant, healthy, alert ,positive and beautiful.

    Hard booze is a barbituate , which is a depressant.

    Niggas would be better off going to Colorado for a weed/ski vacation once or twice a year up in the mountains.


    Anonymous Reply:

    Good point. Furthermore, Vodka is for the Russians/Eastern Europeans. That shit ain’t nothin’ but fermented potatoes. That shit ain’t for black folks.

    Coconut flavored vodka, shit I get a hangover thinkin’ about it.


  2. MagMile |

    That photoshopped pic at the top with the brothers on corner though…I can’t. Sadly taken in my city in the 70′s. Yeah Shaq is no better than P. Shiddy and others who push vodka (of all things onto their own).
    Then again, maybe their kind of people are solely all about the benjamins


  3. anonymous |

    Thanks for promoting. Drink up, Happy New Year!


  4. Keepitrealnotkeepinitreal |

    Look at that niggas ashy knuckles.


  5. BringThaNoize |

    Ho much money does a man need might as well get some bricks and chop them up Shaq aka Drug Dealer…smdh


    BringThaNoize Reply:




    A big sellout. You know that some brothers and sisters are weak. Yet, you moron capitalize off this. You’re worst then BDR and his 27% interest rate on his card to unsuspecting black folks. Bad karma.


  7. Anonymous |

    The Big Sellout…


  8. Josh |

    “Drew Adelman founder of Devotion Vodka.” That is all that needs to be said. Shaq proudly showed the world that he is a Mason…


  9. keepitrealnotkeepinitreal |

    I cannot in good faith hate on Shaq if I do not hate on Captain Morgan, Morgan David, Crown Royal, Christian Brothers, Jack Daniels, Absolut, et al. How do we hit the club, bar, bistro, etc once a week or however often we partake in a libation and say not a fucking word about the yt man’s alcohol monopoly. Some of us even pop bottles at $300 a wop yet say nothing about Mr. Korbel, Mums or your bubbly of choice’s maker. But let a black man score an alcohol deal and you call him a sellout. The very people on here who claim to be so pro black are the very ones who have been brainwashed to spew venom on all things black. I dont care what product any celeb endorses because I have a brain and a mind. They can endorse crack. I dont give no fuck. I have a little thing called willpower. I do not use drugs. You need to ask yourself one question: 1) Why are you holding a black man to a higher standard than yt men? A week ago people on here were frying and roasting Beyonce’s ass for accepting a deal with Pepsi. What is going so wrong in your life/lives to where that irritates you so? Have you ever used the term sellout when describing a white person? Is Mark Cuban a sellout for selling his dot com for billions? Or do you consider HIM a smart businessman who cashed in on an opportunity? The worst kind of racist is the one who has no idea he is one. Jus sayin…


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