Shawn Wayans Caught in Sex Act with Transgender Female


HSK Exclusive – Shawn Wayans was recently caught by an entertainment marketing executive – who we’re told caught Wayans by surprise when the source entered the room – while the actor was reportedly “lubing-up” in preparation for sex with a transgender female. Don’t believe me.. Ask Jazmine Terrell.

Here’s what was revealed to me:

“He was about to smash a semi-famous transgender female, named Jazmine Terrell.

Jazmine Terrell had some small time fame with re-occurring appearances on Jerry Springer,Β and has even once posted a YouTube video claiming to have serviced Justin Bieber.

Apparently, transgender females are like appetizers at these Hollywood parties.Β Mr. Wayans is known for going back for seconds!”

If celebrities and athlete’s keep doing dirt in their so-called private lives, someone is going to spill the tea, and guess what? I’ll fact check it and print it. Don’t believe me.. Ask Antoine Fuqua.

Disclaimer: The previous photo used was of a REAL woman named Jazmine Terrell and not the transgender Jazmine Terrell who is named in this story.. Please do not harass or bother the wrong person.


  1. it was always something super soft about him anyway, I always assumed his religious beliefs were a big reason y he never really came “out”
    in fact, allllll his brothers have dressed in drag @ some point, so…. I attributed there soft behavior to a protected upbringing, but I do believe a few of the Wayans brothers go both ways. & that tranny isnt cute..@ all

    • I think motherfuckers need to mind their business
      if he like tranny’s go for it wtf i would do him
      real good in i’m a tranny my fucking self One he’s sexy in he have money this 2013 going on 2014 your not use to it yet america oh I forgot he’s famous
      so that’s why his life anit secret Well fuck them shawn call me 908 5762912 I’ll do u real nice

    • Shawn wayans is the sexiest man I ever seen. I am not out but damn if I could get some of that. He is too fine

  2. If u have to fi that to be in the industry then what do u have to do to be a superstar. I’m almost getting tired of hearing this shit, how about just letting us know who’s decent in Hollywood since its few and far between.

  3. what’s the big deal…everybody else is gay..i see children in middle school proclaiming they are gay…when the LORD gets tired of it, he’ll fix it..just like he did for Sodom and Gomorrah..

  4. Most of the famous people had to do some gay act to get to the top. Lil Wayne, will smith be f**kin these fags down here in ga, usher, Larry Johnson and jay z, so these stuff don’t surprise me

  5. I never thought that he was gay. I mean he was convincing in the Wayans Bros. and Don’t Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice in The Hood. But that would explain why he was very convincing in Scary Movie 1 & 2. That was nasty.

  6. Too many down low brothers. Being gay is one thing. But, going both ways is even worst. Keep that semen and poop mess out of women’s vaginas.

  7. I no for a fact that niggas gay I smashed him an brother I VA beach. He loved it told me he an brothers were raped by family members thanks. Big brothers for making him so sweet for me PS go check yourself boo.

  8. Look, its none of my business about who’s gay or who’s not.. however i dont agree with it doesn’t make gay people less guman than any other person. If its a sin than god will judge the person who’s committing the sin.. but at the same time god will judge us all.. bc we are all sinners. Bc a sin is a sin. There’s no big or small sin..

    • Yeah but don’t force that BS on us. U can’t even look at tv without seeing that nasty sh!t. America going along with that BS like it’s ok. Keep it in the closet like you’ve been doing!!!!! If that’s ur thing then that’s UR thing.

  9. Also thats like saying u hate a person for being a different race.. i think that some people are born into being gay, and then there are people who was molested as a child, and in result to that, and growing up,they continued to act it out bc maybe thats all they know. Let he without SIN cast the first stone..



  11. I can't stand faggots! That's going against the design of nature no matter how you try to fix it up and it ain't like racism like these idiots on this post are trying to make it! Racism is wrong because it's against a color a person was born with that they have no control over but you can stop being gay because I know women with 10 children in love with a man one minute And then a dike the rest of their life and men too! Get the fuck out of here!It's like some kind of trend or fucking something!

  12. I thought, "I could start it again, but I WANT him to this time. Whatever the cause, you may have seen your erectile failure as a major event that called into question your whole sense of masculinity. Going back to a liar only reinforces his sense of power and control.