Shawty Lo Arrested For Not Paying Child Support


Shawty Lo Arrested for Not Paying Child Support

Shawty “I Wasn’t Tryin’ To Have Babies” Lo was arrested yesterday for out standing warrants related to the NON-PAYMENT of child support.

This comes after the would be “All My Babies Momas” rachet tv star was disappointed after the Oxygen network caved in to public outcry at the exploitation of negative stereotypes.

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  1. No wonder he needed that reality show, it was the only way those baby mommas would get paid. It’s very sad and disgraceful. He should be an example of what young men shouldnt aspire to be. Maybe that reality show is a good idea. The ratchetness would convince young men to wear a condom.

    • Does anyone wonder why he is just now getting arrested for this shit AFTER his show was canceled?
      I wouldn’t be surprised if he does get some type of reality show.
      “How to wear a rubber” or “Child Support for DUMB ASS BLACKMEN! Who don’t wear one”,..
      This guy hasn’t been shit before or after his big single… And “They Know” now if they didn’t before!

  2. LMAO! That’s what he gets. Whoever wrote this shit on and started the petition to put the show back on the air…needs their ass whooped. And I quote…

    “It’s a sad day in America, when people attempt to reject a father that steps up to the plate, a father who is actively supporting his children & their mothers, not just monetarily but emotionally as well.”

    Anybody that supported this chicken hawk head loser-dad, should feel extremely stupid.

    • As ratchet as this show sounds and as ghetto as it may be if it ever hits the air waves i wasnt ma that he was trying to get them a check and pay some bills. Yall have to know that 7 out of 10 of the babymommas are probably rding the state of Georgia’s dime. Section 8 food stamps and all the other government slave toys. Reality is he has 10/11 babymommas no matter how we feel that’s his reality and unfortunately there are many multiple babymomma/daddy situations out there. What’s messed is when we have good television we dont watch it and call productive people boring. Americans are drama kings and queens who’d rather be entertainted and distracted than enlightened and uplifted through entertainment. From the Mobwives to the housewives we act like its what we want. would watch Shawty Lo show just t show my nephews what NOT to do.

  3. I’m not surprised if this is true. The only thing I’m surprised is that so many ppl took him at his word when he said he takes care of all his kids AND their mothers. Giving your kid ice cream man money or a pair of sneakers is hardly taking care of his kids.

    What about paying adequate child support, so his baby mothers won’t have to raise his children in Section 8 homes with poor school districts? So the kids have access to nutritious food? So the children have money for school trips and college funds?

    • If she was a real mother she would be getting it by her self no women needs a man to do for her and her kids I know women who have 3 kids and are doing fine without a man in there life.. So child support is just a way of bitches having more money to spend on them…. My opinion.

      • your opinion is invalid.TWO incomes are NEEDED even married women have no choice but to work in this economy.and historically black women as a whole have never used black men for’s not like most black men are rolling in doe.gtfooh.child support should be paid by any parent that is not the primary care giver.

      • If she was a real mother she would be getting it by herself??????? It takes TWO to make a baby and both parents should support…not the damn tax payers.

    • You say a man supposed to be responsible for tha food, shelter, college fund, clothes etc. Thats cool and all but what da fuck is the mom suppoosed to be doing? Just sittn on her ass? Do you realize that you placed just about every responsibility on tha male under the premise of child support? Shit ain’t supposed to be that one sided. Moms have to be held accountable too.

      • Real talk @ATL Bully, but child support allows a lot of women to hide behind and justify a lot of what THEY AREN’t DOING. The system needs to revisit this child support ish. Child Support is like bad credit.

        • @ATLBully and i’m here-If you men made better choices in women that wouldn’t happen! You men avoid women who are accomplished and have their own in favor of GIRLS who have nothing and sometimes less than nothing. It is because many of you were raised to believe that the man is supposed to be the breadwinner so you when you date instead of choosing potential PARTNERS you choose DEPENDENTS! Then when she has a baby and you have to take care of both of them you get mad. YOUR FAULT!!! Didn’t this occur to you when you were dating her and you were paying for EVERYTHING?!! NO! Why? Cause it made you feel like a man-“I’m taking care of my woman!” You men better wake up and start expecting as much from these women as they expect from you. Find a woman who is bringing as much to the table as you. But you won’t cause you think a woman who has her own won’t need you. You get intimidated but you better start letting go of your machismo if you want things to change. Otherwise you will continue to support these low rent hoes who get pregnant on purpose. And whose fault will that be? Well next time you stroll by a mirror have a talk with the reflection you see. And that’s coming from a WOMAN who has her own!

          • chile please.this whole conversation is stupid.most black men who are single fathers do NOT support their black mothers at all.They barely pay to support the children.

            Also they are lying about how much child support women recieve.They watch too much tv where black men that are wealthy end up paying a lot of money.Keep in mind that no man has ever gone broke behind child support.

            Why because there are laws that state you can only take so much of a person’s income/livelihood.If we ever do get child support reform it would be for the benefit of the child and many black men will still be upset because they would be required to pay MORE.In most cases children are always financially supported MORE by the parent the live with.Reform would be making things equal and even and it would result in men who are not primary custodial parents paying more.

            Finally,women are not able to collect money from the government like they use to for their children via welfare.They allow women to get welfare for a few years and then you don’t get any more money at all.They will allow you to get food stamps but they also let single black men get food stamps as well.They always have.Section 8 is a government subsidiary provided to not only single mothers but elderly people and people in transitional living situations, this would include black men.Also keep in mind that black men who have primary custody of their children are eligible to receive the same benefits as a single mother.

            For all these reasons and more I never listen to black men and their complaints about child support.If they had it their way they would not give their own children one red cent.

  4. The kang of Bankhead,needs to get his bread right,and those ratchet bitches he allowed in his life ,need to have their uterus removed!

    • U aint nv lied… I blame these women n their upbringing.. Y on earth would u let a man w two diff baby mamas touch u???? Cldnt sd nuthn to me. Nt at all. Im gd. Women w no mind to check out a man n his background completely before gtn w him, need to be slapped n sterelized……. ..ijs….

      • Hold up. You need to be smacked and maimed @ Rarechild for barely knowing how to spell or write in English. Ranting about the decisions other women make when you need to take yourself back to school and get some spelling/grammar lessons. Your parents didn’t care about your education?

        • Who ever you are complaining about my grammer… was on purpose dear. No need for the hostility love. Further, u know nothing of my parents just as I know nothing of yours, so keep your comments to a minimum…. Finally, if I choose to rant then so be it. Im able to have an opinion just as yourself.. Know that!!! Im not the public specticle, but Shawty Lowe is…. So, lets stick to the subject at hand and refrain from attacking the audience…UM KAY!! Have a greaat day!!!



    • @MissFitts-no disrespect but spirituality be damned! This trifling negro needs to stop making those hideous ass rap records cause he can’t rap and get a job! On the mic sounding like snaggle puss! Smdh.

    • Ummm
      Anybody with sense. He ain’t no real dope dealer in Atlanta, he’s not in the streets either. If he was, why would he put it on records? Inviting the hip hop police to come and get him? PLEASE STOP BELIEVING IN THESE ENTERTAINERS. Their just doing the best thing that seems to sale. And it’s so sad that this shit continue to do so.
      A reall no not to discusses that type of shit ANYWHERE, let alone to a broad listening audience .
      The truth is, this nigga is broke. And this story only proves that to be true.

      • Well hell it didn’t take Stephen Hawking to figure that one out!! Unfortunately some of these dumb ass females out here are so desperate to be with someone they think is famous they can’t do simple mathematics. No hit records + a shyteload of kids=no money! My question is why after all those kids and all this time is he just now getting arrested? And they say we have the greatest legal justice system on earth? MAN PLEASE!!!! Lie to yt people don’t lie to me cause we all know if that was some decent brutha working a 9-5 with ONE child they would have been threw him in jail the first payment he missed! Dumb asses get all the breaks!!!!

      • You wrong bruh, get yo facts straight. Shawdy lo was movin that shit for real. No bullshit. And just because a nigga might not be payin child support, doesn’t mean he broke. It just means tha nigga choose to not pay. He never was investigated cause by tha time he started rappin, he was gettn outta that life.

        • U sound real stupid u up here co- signing a loser deadbeat anybody who publicly endorses or supports selling drugs n glorifying it should b n a cell right nxt to shawty lo no should b hos bunk mate. Get a clue the doc is makin more $$ than probally all other gov agencies n people like u n shawty lo r the reason.thats y us blk woman r handlin things on our own niggas cant do s$!@ for us dat we cant do for self. The rabbit n da fop drawer gets all praise we get what we want no bs no stress lies etc n when we done it goes back n a guaranteed “O” everytime.

          • Da fuck u talmbout? I ain’t co sign him. Just lettn Black Man know about Lo’s history and pointing out that u can’t tell if somebody broke or not just off whether they pay child support or not. Calm down and fall back homie.

  6. This dude is a straight up LOSER and a poor excuse for a man. According to another blog, this fool supposedly has another baby on the way, by yet, another baby mama. He needs to be spayed and neutered. And any chick that lays down with him KNOWING he’s a wack, deadbeat, deserves what they get.

  7. I still wonder if the rumors are true about him having the package. I heard that rumor way back in 2004, when I first moved to Georgia.

  8. Who gives a shit. He’s a loser that wasn’t taken care of them whether he had the show or not. Fuck all of em! Pray for them kids tho…

  9. Shawty Lo would be an excellent plumber. He can at least pull in $100,000 a year…He should go to school for that.

  10. I thought he was a “baller” with Lambos and big chains??? That what he brags in all his shitty rap songs.

    Nothing worse than a fake ass baller who doesn’t financially support his children.

  11. If they do decide to put the show back on, ratings will skyrocket after all this publicity.
    Dem babys do gotta eat too, and a 9 to 5 is not going to cover it. Lol!
    But seriously tv is messed up whether the show air or not.
    What would be nice is if they air an black psycologist commenting at
    the end of each episode stating the dysfunction and offering advice.
    In my opinion.

  12. fame makes you attractive to anybody reallyt shawty had fame and women flocked to him even though his music sucked he had fame and maybe a little fortune and it’s gone.

    • Fame attracts low self esteem vultures. NOT JUST GROUPIES EITHER.Even some fully paid professional women who are attracted to men with fame usually have some sort of personal issue. Just ask the ones who slept with Jay Z.

  13. While he was blow in these women out, he clearly wasn’t doing the math on how he will close to 70 payin child support. He goin be sayin ‘ welcome to Walmart’.

  14. My mother use to say always check a man out before you commit to being with him in ANY way, shape, or form.. You just never know what may come up. Ladies, its called being hella careful with yours, both body and purse!!!. It worth it to ensure your personal sanity and financial wellbeing.. Deadbeats call this prying. Real men call this being on your grown women handling business.. Ijs. Never let a man place you in a position where you have to be dependent on him for ANY reason. Dont let him screw you up royaly with babies he MAY not take care of.. Women left looking stupid….talking….WHICH WAY DID HE GO BOB…WHICH WAY!!! Not me! My momma use to also say…. you count his and then count yours… come up wrong everytime. Yall hear me! These thirsty broads get caught up for lack of loyalty to self amongst other factors. Believe ANYTHING these rusty negros tell’em. No count for self respect.. No self esteem.. Thus leaving themselves as bait to the ravenous wolves….

  15. Rarechild please go tell IT on a mountain! Yo momma & mine were friends b/c my womb is CLEAN & free of any illegitimates due to the same thought process!!! Women are tougher on their female friends then on the men that they give their body & sometimes mind to. Shewwwwww It tell folks don’t check the car fax check the MANFAX!!!

    • Lol….that last line is a classic.. These days you have to be careful. My cousins girlfriend from her job got done in real nice by a deadbeat that fooled the daylights out of her.. Girlfriend eventually lost her job, car and house behind it all.. And when all left so did he. Talking about hes nothing like the man he was yesterday gone….. Former convict/deadbeat!!! She looking stupid these days full of regret and bitterness. Did her just as he did the last chic…. man I tell ya , upon finding this out before hand…. I would have personally stepped on the gas double time and cha ged my phone the next day period….ijs

  16. i believe the TV Production company knew of the warrant for his arrest hence canceling television show. £30,000 or so names on a petition was not strong enough reason to cancel a show.

  17. Shawty lo should b somewhere hiding under a rock right now n his ntire fam should b embarrassed to be fam. Why is it that these guys not men r blessed to get a chance to do something positive make something of theirselves but all they n up doin is makin fools of their selves n our culture as a whole. Afa child support it doesnt matter who sellin albums drugs butt whateva what matters is the children. If a parent no matter how ratchet has legal custody of chil children then the parent not n da home has a legal obligation to help provide for the child period. If the absent parent feel the $$ not goin to the child then they need to either step up go back to court n fight for custody or joint custody. But most importantly both parties need to keep their pants on n know who ur choosing to have a child by n stead of givin n 2 lust. They need to b makin sure dem kids kno each other b for they grow up dating each other

  18. Rush limbaugh want da show aired only to help prove his point that we r all deadbeats n a waste of space. He could care less about any person of color

    • You preaching to the chior…. Most ratched (Shawty Lowe) folk know better and still dont give a dam… both man and women as long as they are promised a come up of some kind they will tap dance, sang, play Mr. Bojangles or mamma all in the name of ratings for “MASSA” and appeasing people like Rush. Damed the shame you bringing your race or your seed. Oxygen dont give a freak about Shawty Lowe just their bottom lines!!!! Sitting back counting tbeir money made off your COONING …..JUST AS THE ASIANS DO…..

  19. After four kids with four different women the fifth mom should not get jack if the man can prove she knew about the others. Seriously, if shawty lo is one bad apple reflecting on black men, how much worse are these idiot women – 5 thru 10 – willingly having these kids now with their hand out. Really I want to say after two different baby moms. At some point black women have to be responsible for their decisions. I say black women because this story involves a grip of them acting stupid and shawty lo is just one man

    • Preach brother!!! These chicks are SO THIRSTY that they dont see past the bull, drama, games or shinanigans!! Shame on `em for not paying attention to their own. Not looking out for her own best intrest. So desprite that you will put up w anything or allow anyone in your space to tear it up…. Now Shawty lowe has jacked some spaces, wombs and MY TAX DOLLARS!! I blame him and his tired ass baby mommas for that… Women being too stupid to go the distance and be on the grown. These trolips just got got….Jus cause he`s rapping today doesnot mean he gon be rapping tomm… If that negro aint got a five year plan thats ironclad and sound… ladies get to steppin double time…. run if u can in them heels girl….

  20. And people made all that damn noise about “all he did to raise his kids” well now we see thats a stonecold lie

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