Shawty Lo Wants Ratchet TV…BAD!


Shawty Lo Still Pitching Rachet Reality

Shawty Lo’s quest to try and land the funds to feed his small tribe has led the ratchet rapper to continue to bang on doors. This news comes shortly after Oxygen Network scratched their plan to carry the proposed reality show “All My Babies Mamas”.

Now, sources say Shawty Lo’s been stepping to other networks including We TV, VH1 and even Oprah’s OWN Network with hopes his show will be picked up.

Here’s what Shawty Lo had to say:

“There are offers on the table. I’m thinking VH1, WeTV, and maybe OWN.

I take pride in having been actively present in all my children’s lives — and I understand my family doesn’t represent the typical American family, but it’s my family and it works for us.”

Is VH1 thinking about picking up “All My Babies Mamas“? I don’t know, but next time I see Cris Abrego, I’ll ask him.


  1. Let that man get his money so he can take care of his children. Most men with this amount of kids would head for the hill just to avoid taking care of his responsibilities. I can’t say I condone him having this many kids but at least he wants to take good care of all of them and their mothers. Get MONEY!

  2. I don’t understand, Shawty Lo said he supports all his children financially, so why is he pushing so hard for this show again? Fake perpetrating fool!!

  3. Shawty Lo is probably telling them that he will turn up the Coon factor by at least 25% if they just give him a chance to be on the TV.

    “We can do whatever you need man, watermelon eating contests with the kids, fried chicken fights, anything man.”

    • Why the hell do we have to see it on TV? We can see this all day EVERYDAY in hoods across the US and beyond. Why REWARD THIS FOOL for being irresponsible?

      • Apparently my post wasn’t for the Sabrina Lamb crew. There’s always gone be someone for something or someone against it and clearly you are one of those that don’t care to see it. Therefore I don’t care to explain why this or why that because I said if you want to see it sign the petition not if you don’t want to see it sign the petition because that’s been done all ready. All you and the rest have to is not watch it when it does air.

        • It’s not about us watching the show, Hell I can go outside my house, there’s plenty of Shawty’s in my neighborhood. This shit is going global, yeah it will be a good representation of Black people.

  4. im so surprised vh1 hasnt pkd this up yet! wit all the ratchet ass shows on vh1! im surprised shawty aint take his show there 1st!! where is the petition to take BLACK INK CREW off?? that show SUCKS!! the “cast” looks like they stank!! breath & butt!! males & females!! not to mention their has been a total of 2 tattoos done!!

  5. We don’t NEED another poor excuse for a role model,for our people. The media loves to glorify the broken black families, loose morality, drugs,& pure ignorance. Why must we continue to allow this to be shoved down our throats?? When the Honourable Lois Farrakhan has a reality show then WILL there be something WORTH watching..Brothers & sister TIME OUT for IGNORANCE!! WAKE UP PEOPLE..

  6. He should just go to TLC. They got Sisterhood and Extreme Cougars and Trophy Wives and Honey Boo Boo and shows about freaks and midgets….Shawty Lo and his farm gonna fit right in. Talkin bout OWN…Miz Oprah ain’t gonna touch him with a 10 foot pole.

  7. OWN? Has this negro lost his mine… I know he didn’t have the nerve to take that mess of a show plan to Oprah!LMAO.. You really want to support your tribe of kids get a JOB… flip some burgers ..MICKEY D’S IS HIRING..That’s beneath you , but it ain’t beneath you to impregnate numerous women , and ‘then try to get a lil fame and money on a ratchet tv show(making an azz out of yourself and exploiting your kids)..and has yet another woman pregnant as we speak.. PLEASE SOMEONE NEUTER THIS DOG ASAP…

    • It’s mathematically impossible to support that many people flipping burgers at McDonald’s. He needs to sell a whole lot of concert tickets or CDs just to tread water with all the kids and “baby mamas” he has.