Shemar Got Son’d By Alicia Keys!



It’s been a dang decade since Alicia Keys shut down Shemar Moore’s ‘flirt game’ … but dude hasn’t forgotten how she son’d him! That’s because Mister ‘Criminal Minds’ put the incident on blast, at the People’s Choice Awards on Wednesday.

Sources say Alicia punked Hollywood’s King of those DL ‘never happened’ parties — back when she was an emerging artist, and SheMar was the acting host of Soul Train.

Here’s how Alicia Keys handled him:

“Look here, son. I respect your flirt game, but my man situation is handled.”

Here’s what’s reported:

“After dismissing Shemar’s advances, Keys dealt with rumors that she was a lesbian until she walked down the aisle with her husband producer Swizz Beatz in 2010.”


  1. Shemar also talked about it at 2013 People Choice Awards and on Andy Cohen last year.

    He can not believe someone actually turned him down.

    • You must not have relationships with males. They are worse than females re: kissing and telling. In this case, I’m glad AK didn’t lay a finger on SHEmar. He is an up the butt player.

    • One of the greatest lies ever told is that men don’t run their mouths. Men can be bitchier than the cattiest of females. Difference being catty women own their shit. However men act as if their above gossiping/running their yap.

    • Why do you need him to come out of the closet. What’s in it for you. Why not accept him as an actor, personality etc. and be done with it. What will his coming out of the closet do for you?

      • I got $20 on him coming out just to watch those heffas who have been fawning over him for years finally lose hope that there aren’t any good brothers left.

      • Can’t speak for the person you addressed that question to. All I will say is if you want people to except him as an actor and a personality, isn’t it right that the ‘personality’ isn’t showcasing a false image. IF this man is really homosexual/bi but yet does the utmost to convey that of a heterosexual image, then I think there is an issue.

        • Hollywood …Holy Wood…Which is a magic wand. NOTHING is real in Hollywood it is true that whether or not these people come out that it won’t or at least should not change your life. Hollywood IS false and about false images accept that. These people sexuality should not be an issue for you and other intelligent beings. Yeah It’s obvious to me Alicia Keys is gay and Shemar may be too but to make it an issue is a stretch. Look last night they awarded Woody Allen with a lifetime award at the Golden Globes… He is a known pedophile ..he married his own adopted daughter! Talk about false image, now that’s a REAL issue…screwing kids that is.

  2. SHEmar is always bragging bout who he smashed in the day..dude the 90s are over. I’m just glad he got those nasty ass bottom row teeth fixed. Get married, come out or whatever, but stop running your mouth about who you smashed. Toni, Halle, they have moved on….

      • I can believe it. My guy friend says he met her at an event right around the time she got signed and that she was acting like a straight up dude. He says he was never turned on enough by her (due partly to her attitude) to ask for her number. He said he felt like they were just two dudes standing in the lobby and that he doesn’t recognize the person she portrays herself to be now.

  3. I the 90’s I would have done SO many nasty things to him that I’d still be repenting. Now he makes me dryer than the Sahara Desert.

      • Quiet as it’s kept, I know that I am not completely alone when I say that I was never attracted to Shemar. I like a masculine manly man, not a pretty boy, so even if he was as straight as an arrow, he just doesn’t appeal to me.
        I am not saying that he isn’t a very pretty man though.

  4. Well Alicia sure did shut him down. But, at the time she wasn’t interested in him because he is a man and he wasn’t interested in her because she is a woman. What a conundrum! LOL

  5. Girl get yo ignorant ass off this site and take your hood rat ass over to Media Takeout where you would fit in perfectly

  6. @rita @blackpearl lmaoooo! these fake ass stories, lmaooo, they beef but it ain’t got nan to do wit sex, oop!

  7. Shemar for Swiss Beat?? not to bright alicia. He wouldve made a much better beard. stop listening to Clive


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