Singer Jermaine Stewart to Blame for Infecting Magic Johnson w/ HIV!?


Jermaine Stewart May have Infected Magic Johnson

Playing Russian Roulette On The Soul Train?

HSK Exclusive – Magic Johnson may have long been wishing he didn’t “take his clothes off to have a good time” with the late singer who penned those very lyrics. Know why? Because we’re getting word that Jermaine Stewart is the man responsible for infecting the NBA legend with the HIV virus!!! I would tell you to ask Don Cornelius, but he’s dead.

This news comes about 20-years after Earvin “Magic” Johnson Jr. was diagnosed with the potentially deadly STD, and around 13-years after Jermaine Stewart died of liver cancer caused by AIDS.

According to our insider, Jermaine Stewart and Magic Johnson were “fuck buddies”. During their relationship, we’re told Johnson used to buy the singer extravagant gifts — including a BMW.

Here’s the drop:

“Magic is cool with his son coming out the closet, like father like son. Cookie’s down with the whole program, she’s been Magic’s beard for years.”


    • How can Jacky be sued? These stories have been around since the 80’s. There were rumors that Magic and Jermaine had all-male parties up the Hollywood Hills. Google it.

      A few years before Jermaine died, he came to my city and met a co-worker of mine backstage. My co-worker took him out for Popeyes chicken. This co-worker was tall, blond and Caucasian. I told my co-worker that Jermaine was gay but he tried to act like he didn’t know. Jermaine continued to call my place of employment looking for this co-worker. I know this because I would answer the phone and he would say “this is Jermaine Stewart.” Jermaine wanted the co-worker to come visit him in Illinois. He was very persistent. I am not sure what my co-worker’s sexual orientation was (this was before don’t ask don’t tell) but I know he is now married to a woman.

      • And Jermaine Stewart was messin’ w. Donnie Simpson, host from BET’s music soul video’s. If you search the internet, you’ll find a site that Donnie dedicated to Jermaine w. tons of roses on the front page.

    • You’re right that Jacky can be sued for this. But if Magic sues, Jacky’s attorney can depose Magic (and others) UNDER OATH. And Magic (and others) would have to tell the truth.

      Not only would that be problematic, it would create a media sh*tstorm that Magic (and others) don’t want any part of

      I feel confident there will be NO lawsuits.

      • Magic wants this whole new slew of rumors to go the eff away. It all ramped up after EJ’s
        scandalous photos made TMX and all the gossip sites.
        Here’s the 411: MJ will sue NO ONE. I would not be a bit surprised if Jermaine’s mama saved a lock of his hair or an unwashed tee shirt after he passed.
        There is mitochondrial DNA in human hair. It’s not 99.9% reliable like DNA from body fluid, but it’s accepted in court. IF Jermaine gave MJ HIV, there is a genome thread in every cell containing the virus. Just as with herpes, it is now commonplace for one to be able to sue(or more likely settle) with the person who spread it to you, because everyone’s virus carries a genetic stamp. Now do you think Magic wants to become the new Jodi Arias or Casey Anthony and be on CNN 3 hours a day while he weathers a trial over his HIV markers matching Jermaine’s??? By the way, I am not comparing passing HIV to murder in cold blood, but in a way, it isn’t so different.
        His PR team knows this will die down by mid summer at worst.

      • Jermaine was a real good friend that I met at the Copa in Ft Lauderdale. I don’t remember him a as that type of person. Watch some private videos of his life and you,’ll see his spirit for yourself. Don’t judge someone you don’t know.

  1. I’ve been saying this for YEARS. Jermaine was about to drop a tell all book when he died. The manuscript ” Magically” disappeared when he died.

    • This is also why Isaiah Thomas was so upset when Magic made his announcement. They used to hang REAL tight back then. Even to the point of pre game kisses . Don’t believe me? Look it up.

        • They damned sure did kiss on the lips and not just once. I always thought the two of them were fucking. Rumors about Magic and Isaiah have been around for years. People kill me trying to ignore what they see right before their eyes. Even fathers and sons don’t kiss on the lips. Best friends my ass. There ain’t that much friendship in the world.

          Never heard the Jermaine Stewart rumors but I can believe it’s true.

  2. The whole world {except real men from the hood} would go “awww” when these two grown ass men would kiss every time they played each other.
    Flat out; I don’t kiss my own brothers, let alone my sons on the lips! EVER!

    If Magic really has the best fixers that money can buy, then it’ true; you’ll never see that tell all book that Jermaine was working on.

    • But Italians kiss all the time on the lips and go call gambling family member a homosexual and watch what would appen to you.

          • crazychris you are the biggest mystery to me of all the regular contributors here at HSK.

            Most of the time I need a translator to get through you punctuation-less rants. And yet other times you appear completely sane.

            Anyway, I always get something out of your rants, I just have to read slow and dig deep.

            • The bible says ” not to make love to the beast that walks upright; the beast with wool for hair”……… The negroid.

      • A kiss on the cheek is reserved for family/friends.
        A kiss on the mouth is the kiss of death. Ain’t you never seen the Godfather man, damn.

      • Italians(ROME) are/were/and will always be a HOMOSEXUAL society just like Greece.

        Fags can be tough guys too. Don’t be fooled.

    • Just like we never saw the tell all book about John Travolta. Best believe Magic has the best fixers in hollywood!

      • Actually, the book you’re referring to is entitled, “You’ll Never Spa In This Town Again” by Robert Randolph, and it provides information not ONLY on John Travolta, but John Cusack, Jeremy Piven, Pauly Shore, George Michael, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Andy Dick and the size of their “manhood”. A pretty good read, I must say.

    • I never went “awwww” when Magic and Isiah used to swap spit at halfcourt before games.

      I didn’t like it and I though it was weird but I was too young to have any gaydar and especially about men in such a masculine line of work as professional athletics. I thought they were just really close, but I didn’t know any niggas in my circles who kissed niggas on the mouth. I never kissed my father on the mouth, never kissed my son on the mouth and I never even kissed my daughther on the mouth because it just doesn’t seem appropriate.
      I didn’t really think they were gay or nothing but I know, I for damn sure wasn’t going to start kissing niggas on any part of their body before we started our half court games at the playground after watching the game.

      Now, with hindsight, I know that dem niggas were gay and right in front of everybodies face.
      You had to know Magic had to be gay to be able to get a prime time television talk show and that mother fukka don’t even speak English.

      • I come from the south and can understand almost every dialect and kant spoken in hoods from ATL to The Big Greasy.

        Even I couldn’t tell half the time what MJ was saying!

      • It’s crazy how people want to be blind about all these homo fools like lil wayne an Will Smith jamie foxx an all these sick fools today!

  3. So you telling me Magic let jermaine f him in the butt? I don’t believe it. jermaine seems like a total bottom.

    • Jackie would know. My cousin told me he used to give top to any music exec that promised him a deal. Jackie knows who’s gay in Hollywood because he slept with half of them.

      • @anymomnus
        If you going to come on this site make up stupid lies please be brave enough to use your alias, don’t be hiding behind know blind name??
        Back your talk … Naaaa I didn’t think so.
        Some if these newbies on this site are really pissing me off ..

    • So you are one of those guys who thinks he’s not gay if he’s on “top” of another man?

      If your ass wasn’t gay, you wouldn’t be on top or the bottom in any equation with a man.

      Any intimate contact between two men are gay, even if one of them are wearing womens clothes or has female mannerisms.

      sorry to burst your bubble on this

    • I would have agreed with you until recently. Since nearly all the men on my job are openly gay, I can ask them anything and get the straight unvarnished story.
      I have been told that although it seems to the straight public that the sissy smaller guy is the bottom, while the more masculine guy is the top.
      They said the tops, basically aren’t FULLY committed gays, because the act they are performing isn’t much different than the one they are meant to do.
      They say you have to bottom occasionally to get that prostate massage and feeling you have never felt with a chic. Most guys who use condoms are “flexible” meaning they go both ways.
      Also, they said that 85% of the men who died of AIDS before the anti-viral cocktail were exclusive bottoms. The few men who survived the 80’s and are alive today were exclusive tops-OR they only did oral. The biggest tea I got from my chat was that nearly half of gay men do not do anal sex at all. I thought they all did! Apparently, even being gay has it’s limits and discretion.

    • FYI the disco singer Sylvester who was flaming as hell was an avowed topper. Don’t be fooled by appearances, lol.

    • You really shouldn't display your ignorance for the world to see. Please tell me you don't think that you have to be getting f 'ed in the ass to get HIV or AIDS

  4. Straight up Bullshit, you need more people to make me believe this garbage, 1 give me evidence 2 JS is dead and 3 Bullshit!

  5. That black porn star chick in the Tupac video was blamed for a while for transmitting H.I.V to him. She kept saying for years it wasn’t her and she was tired of being blamed when he knows the truth. A lot of booty bandits running around in Hollywood and else wheres. If it quacks like a duck it’s a duck.

  6. Heard this rumor for years, but it’s just a rumor. There is no validity to this post whatsoever. Jacking unfounded gossip rumors from commenters from LSA without receipts will get you sued. I’m just saying.

  7. Really?? back in the ninties, KJam where you there?
    GTFOH! kills me how people know somebody that knows somebody told them that somebody heard somebody say they talked to somebody who said he said this or that, man stop!!!

    • It’s well known that Magic used to hang with Arsenio Hall, John Salley, an Eddie Murphy. I loved showtime and the lakers. I always thought It was strange that he and Isiah would kiss before games. They are two black men not two Italians. If Magicand his peole has a problem with this Post, Goodbye Jacky

        • WHOA, Anon 9:21pm! Jackie said back in early April that he had some Canadian tea to spill on Eddie Murphy. I wonder if that was it!

          Folks need to check out the link & read the full deposition. This ain’t about no Illuminati symbolis, this is straight-up murder! I’ve heard about snuff films, but I have no real knowledge of that demonic shit. The info is new but the events are old. How Eddie is still a free man? There’s no statute of limitations on murder in the US or Canada.
          Eyewitness #1: Caucasian woman, age forty nine, domiciled in Vancouver at 2618 West 8th Avenue, ph: 778-386-7024. Given name of witness is ANNIE PARKER, who claims to have personal knowledge of the allegations made herein. Statement video-recorded on 16 February 2006, in Vancouver.

          19. Witness claims that MICHAELSON provides security for foreign diplomats in Vancouver and film industry stars, including EDDIE MURPHY, to whom MICHAELSON introduced the witness in 2002. Witness claims that MURPHY raped and sadistically assaulted her, slicing her skin with a knife and leaving permanent scars on her shoulder and neck. (see videotaped interview) Witness states that MURPHY was also responsible for the death of two women during the years 2002-3 in Vancouver: a 21-year-old Asian porn actress and a prostitute, both of whom were provided to MURPHY by MICHAELSON, and whose bodies were disposed of by the latter after MURPHY had tortured and raped them, and then overdosed them on drugs.

          20. Witness states that she reported the attack on her by MURPHY to a Detective SCOTT with the VPD, along with the claim of MURPHY’s murder of the two women, but when MICHAELSON learned of the complaint he tortured the witness with a knife, carving her neck and face, (see videotaped interview) and threatened to kill her if she pressed charges against MURPHY. Witness then withdrew her complaint. Detective SCOTT subsequently confirmed to the witness that MURPHY was responsible for the murders but they had not enough evidence to prosecute him.

        • Eddie Murphy was catch with a transvestite in the late 90s or early 2000s. This story was in the news and the transvestite turned up dead.

  8. Why do you people think Jacky has no disregard for getting sued?! These celebs won’t come out the closet to even try to defend themselves for fear of bringing attention to the story & it opens the eyes of others! They’ve been leaving trails of dung for years, and the people around them know they’re gay/bisexual. It’s just us (the general public that don’t know)… For example Busta Rhymes & his gay cousin. I’m from NY and everybody in NY knows Busta is switch hittin’…everyone accept the general public.

    • Suing is not the only avenue. If Magic went to Ford and said don’t do business with so and so once their contractual agreement is over and I’ll do an ad campaign, commercial, whatever at a discount price. what you think would happen.

    • ….thank YOU, they are JUST HUMAN…..they speak in anger-saying things that should not be spoken in front of those who should not hear it…..aaaaallll day every day, as you are from NY and know its inner workings-I am from Cali and back in the 90’s I knew a few “folk” that MJ “had” so the AIDS announcement hit home-SOME have no damn clue who could be commenting on this site……because if they did…they would understand how some people know their real tea-THAT IS WHY THEY HAVE LAWYERS-TO SUE WHEN THEY ARE WRONGED….but they know what they are reading is the truth, now who told-wait I was fuuuuked up that day, who was here….can’t sue because they must have a witness, you know why…BECAUSE IT IS TRUE!! WHY not even one? : )#HESPILLSREALTEA #THEYAREJUSTHUMAN

    • Oh yes! My friend’s aunt own a popular fast food place up there & that white lady told us in no uncertain terms not only was Busta Rhymes a serious nut case who thinks he does not have to wait in line to order his food like everyone else but that he will throw a “bitch fit” unlike anything you’ve ever seem when he can’t get his way & comes off totally gay as hell. She said she’s called the police on him more than once for acting up at her place.

      • All those early music vids where he raided missy elliot and cleopatras closets werent a hint?

  9. Everybody in the know knows that Jermaine Stewart and Magic were an item. Now who was the giver and who was the receiver in that relationship, I don’t know.

    This rumor has been out there long before LSA. So, don’t get it twisted. I know it’s hard for some to believe this but, sometimes the truth can be stranger than fiction.

    • The truth is only stranger than fiction when people lie about the truth and make up outrageous lies to cover up their wrong doings.

      • To Josh,
        And you know that people are making this up to cover their wrong doings? How do you know this?

        I really don’t care but, do you get the gist of what I am trying to say?

    • …he has to get pass your ass (and make-up case, your shoe collection, sweetie pie flaming ass handbook, etc.) first…boo : ) *you are called to my desk luv-i.e start your rant and amuse me. Thnx in advance.

  10. Stealing poster comments off Lsa and making threads on old old news. U desperate, thought u had sources, why u jacking off message boards.

  11. I remember back in 2006 when i was still in high school Magic and his wife came to my school. He was up there teaching us about HIV and telling us how we can tell if someone is infected with the virus. He also gave a couple students who were graduating that year scholarships for college. I never thought of him being gay not once and honestly i don’t too much care. That’s his life. What he eats don’t make me shit.

    • Excuse me? Jayleon: How did Magic say that you could “tell if someone is infected with the virus” just by looking at them? Why couldn’t he tell that the mofo HE caught it from was infected?

      Did he at least tell you kids to use condoms every time?

  12. jermaine stewart was the bottom bitch.

    kokane said in a song years ago some of you niggas fucked behind magic johnson.

    italian dudes in the mafia kiss yes.

    but this ain’t italy and magic and isaiah ain’t italian or mob related.

    let those italians do them.

    but here in america 2 dudes kiss on the lips constatly they’re gay.

    • “some of you niggas fucked behing magic johnson.”

      Well, crazychris, technically if jermaine fucked behind Magic Johnson, wouldn’t that make MJ the receptor i.e. the bottom? lolol


    • @Sam,

      Please tell Magic’s son & Magic too if possible.
      I just want “to see what will happen.”
      I don’t believe a single thing will happen or change for Jacky or this forum.
      I doubt Magic will want to get involved in any way with this story no matter how true or untrue it may be.

      So, hurry up because I’m waiting on you…

    • I have to agree. Straight men don’t occupy their time with gay discussions unless it’s some big news. Then it’s a discussion from a straight man’s point of view. However, I do have gay friends and they occupy their time talking gay people, who’s out and on the downlow. A real man gossip is occupied by sports, chicks, and etc.., only gay discussions if it’s a breaking news then they move back to sports, chicks, and etc…,

      • Fair enough, but I would wager that 2/3 of Jacky’s readership is female. We women are now wired to talk and speculate about DL men as a means of survival. It is a way of constantly reminding each other and ourselves that just because a man acts straight and manly, he may well have some sugar in his tank. And since WE are the ones catching it from them, Jacky is providing a public service in a weird way.

  14. As Jermaine Stewart’s girl crush, I doubt the authenticity of this story. Jermaine was gay, but he was not overly promiscuous. Also, he was a total bottom.

    Of course, only Jermaine and Magic know for sure. However, Jermaine is dead and Magic is silent on this issue. Still, there are any number of people who could put the speculation to rest. For the best sources on this issue, try Jeffrey Daniel, Jody Watley, Andre Cleveland, Boy George, Sharon Wood, Miki Howard, Leon Sylvers, and some of the more credible members of the DeBarge Family. They would know.

    • I didn’t see it, but someone said that Jody Watley confirmed the relationship on the Wendy Wiliam’s Show.

      • It would be out of character for Jody to tell Wendy Williams anything. First of all, Jody and Jermaine were super tight. Second, Jody is not all that talkative. I need receipts.

  15. An abomination is still an abomination, no matter how you slice it and pour sweetener on top. Got love for everybody, but I can’t co-sign on the unnatural fuckery.

    • I believe the magic and jermaine Stewart rumor. Back in the early 90’s, i think 1991. I met Jamie Foxx @ the Undergrown Atlanta. Jamie was with his friend Speedy. We talked for a while and continued the conversation at his hotel..We talked about several things. He’s a very sweet and polite gentleman.. don’t know if he is an asshole now but anyway. He told me he use to see magic and jermaine riding around in jermaine beat up jaguar… and there was rumors about them. Of course jermaine played the bitch.

      • Lol @ the “beat up jaguar”.. I can just imagine how Jamie foxx said that with that Funny ass but tryna be dead serious look on his face. I love : )

      • I could verify if I cared, but I would rather not go back down Memory Lane. I will leave that up to the investigative reporters–like Jacky (?)

        It does not really matter. I choose to remember Jermaine as the sweet boy that he was. May he rest in peace.

  16. Welp…if this is true, then Erving Magic Johnson III, his son….they say the “apple don’t fall far from the tree”. Poor Cookie Johnson ((Fans self profusely, while sips hot burning tea)). I would not be surprised, but if I was Jackie, I would mos def make sure your sources are legit. Magic Johnson and the Hollywierd Gay Mafia ain’t nothing to p huck with.


    Here’s the link below. I’m only gonna post the first couple of graphs. Pls. go read the story for yourselves & Buy Some Condoms – TODAY!
    Sex Superbug Could Be ‘Worse Than AIDS’

    Published: Tuesday, 30 Apr 2013 2:45pm
    By: Mark Koba – Senior Editor, CNBC

    “An antibiotic-resistant strain of gonorrhea — now considered a superbug — has some analysts saying that the bacteria’s effects could match those of AIDS.

    “This might be a lot worse than AIDS in the short run because the bacteria is more aggressive and will affect more people quickly,” said Alan Christianson, a doctor of naturopathic medicine.

    Even though nearly 30 million people have died from AIDS related causes worldwide, Christianson believes the effect of the gonorrhea bacteria is more direct.

    “Getting gonorrhea from this strain might put someone into septic shock and death IN A MATTER OF DAYS” Christianson said. “This is very dangerous.”

    “It’s an emergency situation,” said William Smith, executive director of the National Coalition of STD Directors. “As time moves on, it’s getting more hazardous.”

    This gonorrhea strain, HO41, was discovered in Japan two years ago in a 31-year-old female sex worker who had been screened in 2009. The bacteria has since been found in Hawaii, California and Norway.

    • I don’t know about a new super virulent form of the clap that can kill you, but on Data Lounge, a gay site frequented by very bright, political gay men, all the talk is about a new strain of HIV which is resistant to all the anti-virals on the market. It is confined to LA as of now but at least 25 men have died already. And DL is not the sort of site which throws out crazy theories and gossip, so I tend to believe it.

  18. Not a word from my lips you just took for granted that I want to skinny dip….so am I the only one who thinks magic had jermaine silenced?

  19. Naah, it was widely reported that Stewart died of AIDS-related liver cancer. Guess Magic was pissed off & refused to pay for his medical treatment.

  20. @kjam please back your talk the group your talking about is SWV that’s the only trio group i know who toured the UK back then, also was jermaine stuwart still relevant in the 90s??
    And also why would jermaine Stuart just be randomly chatting all his bessnuss to anyone who would listen,i don’t believe this story,trying to make out like jermaine Stuart was some kinda high flyer with money back in the day naaa don’t think so.
    As for jacky been sued there has always being rumours in the music industry and further more I think we all no that tall MF Magic Johnson is gay as hell floating on cloud 9…
    And this story is so olddddd

    • It is true. Jermaine told several ppl that he was kickin’ it w. whomever. He wanted ppl to know becase he passed the HIV onto these guys who were passing it onto other ppl. Jermaine knew he was going to die, so he told whoever would listen. He didn’t care. You better ask Donnie simpson, his MAIN lover!!!





  22. I see the gay brigade is on here in full force trying to discredit this story. Old, hijacked or not this tea is the final piece of the Magic is gay puzzle for me.

    First of all it is extremely rare for a man to get HIV/AIDS from a woman. It can happen but it is not very likely. That’s a fact. Look it up at the NIH page or another reputable source. I never believed Magic got the bug from Heather Hunter or some groupie as he claims.

    Secondly, Magic announced he had HIV in 1991 the same year he married Cookie. Their gay son was born in 1993. So Cookie knew Magic was infected when she married him. What woman is going to let a man she knows is infected run up in her raw like that? Ain’t no way. I’ll sew it up before I let some infected negro (I don’t care how much money he’s go) share his infection with me.

    How in the world did Cookie get pregnant without getting infected and passing the disease on to their son?

    I’ve always thought Cookie is a beard and I wonder if there wasn’t some sort of test tube chemistry/artificial insemination going on to hook this pregnancy up w/out the virus.

    Back to Isaiah Thomas: His “friendship” w/ Magic seemed like more than just a friendship. They used to fight like a couple fight. And then they’d make up like a couple. The kissing (lips and cheek to cheek) was incredibly suspect.

    To all you gays and gay “friendly” folks crying about a lawsuit: people are allowed to repeat rumors, gossip, or simply make a conjecture about others without being sued. Many people think, and have thought for years, Magic is a closeted gay man. Deal with it.

    • This is from the state health department:
      “Both men and women can become infected and can give the virus to someone else. HIV is found in the blood, semen and vaginal secretions of infected persons”.

      • The rare cases of HIV being passed Female to Male occurred when the man had cuts and sores on his penis, and the women were on their periods. Anyone who would have raw sex with cuts and sores on his dick deserves to get something.

  23. Think about it this way. In nearly thirty years in the public eye isiah and magic have been linked to a combined TWO women. Cookie and the omarosa lookin bish that sued isiah. Real niggas wit paper are normally linked to numerous women. Only fags and super dedicated and faithful family men have numbers that low. Two combined? C’mon son.

  24. Let’s but this rumor to rest once and for all! Show proof. Jacky if you really have proof, trust and beleive you will be well paid for this proof on this subject.

  25. I think Jermaine’s song “The Word Is Out” would be more appropriate here: “The word is out, that you and I are lovers, that you and I been getting it on.”

    We should all stop trying to speculate on the sexuality and lifestyles of the rich and famous. 99.9% don’t even know them and that number gets even bigger when talking about who knows them well enough to confirm or deny such gossip.

    If it’s true, only Magic and Jermaine REALLY know and one of them is no longer here….

  26. I think Jermaine’s song “The Word Is Out” would be more appropriate here: “The word is out, that you and I are lovers, that you and I been getting it on.”

    We should all stop trying to speculate on the sexuality and lifestyles of the rich and famous. 99.9% don’t even know them and that number gets even bigger when talking about who knows them well enough to confirm or deny such gossip.

    If it’s true, only Magic and Jermaine REALLY know and one of them is no longer here….

  27. Whether top or bottom enegaging in unprotected sex w/ an infected person means the likelihood of ur ass being got by that monster is highly likely!

    • Respectfully Goddiva, that’s just not true. Do some research at NIH or any other reputable medical site.
      Bottoms get their rectum ripped due to the fact that it was not designed to expand and stretch like the vaginal canal. Therefore the HIV laced semen has many points of entry.
      Think about it: HIV may be present in infinitesimal amounts of fluids, but if it was rampantly present in, say saliva, then 1/3 of our population would sero-convert from kissing. You are buying the old circa 1992 theories which have been completely disproved.

  28. Brainy, I loved that song too. And this is a pretty far fetched theory I admit, but since we know that the average amount of time which elapses from HIV sero-conversion is 10-15 years without the anti-viral cocktail which came on the scene around 1995, I have wondered if Jermaine recorded that song after discovering he was HIV+. Kinda silly, but it could be almost an anthem to the realization that sex would never be the same.
    The major glitch in my theory is that if he did pass it to MJ, he wouldn’t have been practicing what he preached.

  29. as a matter of fact, I think all of the are kinda suspect.

    okay, back to magic, Jermaine and lil gay magic…

  30. I gotta throw this one in from 1973(?).

    Its just amazing that the Industry used to allow brown skinned black males to perform onstage and now such a thing would be out of the question unless its a comedy act like Trinidad James.

    this is when folks took pride in hygiene, appearance and showmanship…You paid to see a show you get your moneys worth and no one is asking the audience to join in unless they wanted to join in.

  31. Weren’t there rumors that Magic was actually not infected but lied for some reason(s)? I’m not sure which rumor to believe anymore.

  32. As a fan of Magic as a basketball player and Laker fan I will say this, I dont know if Magic is gay or straight and its none of “MY BUSINESS” either. That said, the truth is usually scattered in rumors to a degree. Why is there a rumor he messed with Jermaine at all? Who knows! My point is, if Magic is gay and his wife knows, its his business. I wish more gay woman and men would just come out because people who really LOVE you always will anyway. Im a straight man who would NEVER stop being a fan of MAgic because he’s gay because it says more about you if you have prejudice than it does about the people you judge. Also, maybe if gay men and woman didnt have to hide, they wouldnt be so risky in there actions.

    A drug addict gets more respect for stealing from his/her parents than a person who is gay, I cant figure that out. Being a straight man, Im confused as to why people dont see how hypocritical this is. And as for Magic and Jermaine, what they did, is there business along with Cookie, not ours. People should be judged how they treat others and there hearts and love for human kind. Only those who NEVER made a mistake or bad decision can down anyone and if you lived to be 30 or older, im sure you made at least one mistake. Be a light, not dark, be kind and give love, dont spread hate nor prejudice!

    • I agree with you Melvin 100%. This is between Magic, his family and G*D. My question to those who are making disparaging remarks, what do you get out of trashing someone’s life?

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    • Sites like this only strenghten my resolve not to like my own people. Negroes can be so twisted sometimes. It’s sickening.

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