Bitch-Made? Sisqo’s Played Out Past Revealed!


Sisqo: True Industry Story

Episode IX: HSK’s True Industry Stories

A Singer’s Struggle Up The Hill?

HSK Exclusive – Sisqo may have been the lead singer of a popular 90’s R&B group, but that doesn’t mean the music man is a leader off the stage too. Don’t believe me.. Ask Missy Elliot and Lil Kim — who we’re told caught some serious jokes after witnessing Sisqo being treated like a common whore, backstage following Big Apple performance in 2000.

A source exclusively tells HSK after Sisqo wrapped his show, a juiced-out black bodybuilder made his way backstage – drawing the attention of all who were in the room, including Missy and Kim. That’s because sources say he pounded on Missy’s dressing room door, while screaming “Where’s ma bitch at?“.

Sources say the man was referring to Dru Hill’s, Sisco. According to eye-witnesses, the unknown man eventually tracked the singer down before picking Sisqo up, throwing the singer over his shoulder, and leaving the room with Sisqo in hand.

Here’s the drop:

“Man, I seen some weird shit in this game. One of the illest shit I’ve ever seen was when Sisqo was taken out of Missy’s dressing room by a gladiator gay dude.

We all saw them kissing. Sisco didn’t give a fuck, he made out with his macho man boyfriend in front of everybody.

If we had IPhones back then, these Nicca’s would be finished.”

Sisqo Goes Down-Low


    • I cant believe this fools music was as popular as media “conditioned minds” made out to be. Some of you “thong thong thong” fools were dancing to gay YMCA music.

      I hated that song for a passion. These dudes in a closet need not to say no more and put pure talent up where it belongs. Bring back a real voice and not these gay lip singers performing 666 rituals on stage foreshadowing evil.

      God Bless, cheers.

      • Sisqo is actually a great singer.His Dru Hill stuff’s the best but “thong song” was his undoing just like “la vida loca” was for Ricky.

      • If God made everyone then he made Satan, Nuns, Priest, as well as gay people being gay is not a choice. Stop hiding behind your religion as a basis for hating gays

        • No,I’m discussed by the nerve to say God made you that way. I guess you mean an uncle,brother,cousin or neighbors… god ,huh.
          Those were perverts man!

        • Love how the Gay haters, say nothing about fornication..yea, all the hoeing is a sin too! And all the Adulterers..hell they are listed in the top 10, what not to do..but they dont get irate about that? …(sip tea..)

        • God doesn’t make things and then punish them for being as they were created. Homosexuality is the result of child moleststion, rape/sodomy, and the predator maliciously blaming the victim, and saying they were already like that. This was doubly confirmed for me in s mass mailed self-interview by a gay male who went into great detail on the homosexual lifestyle: and the root cause-and-effect of boys who become “gay.” He said to note a few things… If your little son starts to manifest extremely feminized behaviors, gestures: and also becomes plagued by nightmares, fear of a specific or other adult males; bed wetting, becomes withdrawn or hostile and aggressive, 99-100% of the time he has or is being serially molested and sodomized. He added that any little boy that begins to try to perform/get other same-sex children to perform homosexual acts or sex–you better believe he’s being sexually abused. And predators are usually known/close to that person. So when you see men/teens with a strong focus on your child and wanting to take him places/giving all manner gifts and/or money & always stroking the parents and making sure they think he’s their “friend,” it’s a screaming RED FLAG! They are using these common predator tactics to groom BOTH the parents and the child for their monstrous, evil agenda. He emphasized parents need to get educated about the tactics, pay close attention to anyone your child is uncomfortable with, stop second guessing your own intuition in your gut that says something isn’t right & being fooled to believe that hype about “give everybody the benefit of the doubt.” Because that’s you being coached to doubt that inborn intuition. And one of the last things he said is…. You ever notice how fastidious and very very very clean most gay males keep their homes and bodies? He explained that they are forever trying to wash away the NASTINESS of the physical aspects of those initial sexual abuse encounters: THE FEELING OF THE SPERM EJACULATED BETWEEN THEIR BUTTOCKS; THEN THE FEELING AND SMELLS OF THE FECES AND BLOOD THAT COME OUT WHILE THRY ARE BRING SOFOMIXED, SND OF THE SPERM RINNING OUT OF THEIR RECTUMS AFTER THE SODOMY RAPE. And that, if they were old enough and search their memories, they will be able to recall it….or come to a memory block tied to the abuse.—->So when overly friendly, cold-preoccupied/obsessed Mr “family friend/neighbor/teen” or Uncle/Brother/Cousin “I just always wanna be with (your kid) brings them back, and they’ve been “cleaned up/bathed” because “they got really dirty/had an accident.” BAD, BAD, BAD, BAD. BAD!!!! This life-long gay man said to all parents: “STOP TURNING YOUR CHIDREN OVER TO THESE MKNDTERS. AN UNINFORMED OR WILLFULLY IGNORSNT PARENT IS THE PEDOPHILES NEXT BEDT FRIEND….RIGHT AFTER AN UNINFORMED CHILD.

          So I say to parents: 1tteach your children the proper names for their body parts 2teach them that there is a “bad touch.” Point to and name thodd body parts and tell them they are private, and no one should see or touch them. 3its wrong for someone to ask your child to touch that persons private parts. 4God says sex is for grown ups, not children. Don’t take money, candy, toys from someone who offers it if they can do a bad touch/secret thing with them. 5don’t believe anyone who says bad things will happen if you tell on them. 5.tell you if anyone makes them fell sad, scared, funny in anyway. 5If anyone try’s to do s bad touch, say in a big, loud voice “NO, DONT DO THAT! I’M GOING TO TELL ON YOU! + RUN AWAY FROM THAT PERSON.

          Now parents, while it may not be easy to hear of an attempt–or of completed abuse–it your child’s right, and your obligation to put the child ahead of your comfort zone. Reassure the child that you love them, that they are good, and the other person is bad. Because the predator has told them the opposite–believe it.

    • HA! Missy is a known FAG and Kim be on the GAy shit too……She isn’t a “girl’s girl” (wont be in a relationship with one) but she has fucks around too! Her Missy & Mary J. were known for fuckin round.

  1. the drop would have been if this had NOT happened..he came on the scene EXTRA fruitilicious for no damn reason i’m not surprised


    • Ain’t that the truth?????
      I say, DO YOU. If that’s straight or gay.
      How is Missy talking shit though, when the
      same amount of people who may have wondered
      about Sisqo, ALSO feel her ass is gay, too?




      • How is johnny gill the male super head, here in the uk johnny gill is a respected musician and his music speaks for itself listen to his last album still wining… Johnny gill is a gifted singer so let’s not hate..,
        Moving on to the true azz bitch sisqo well he gay since day one…
        Butt sisqo can sing again I’m not gonna take that from the guy if you don’t believe me take a listen to “beauty” which is the slow jam trust me…
        Put it this way I listen to the music I don’t give a fuggg what they do behind closed doors cuz there all the same R Kelly, Missy Elliot,jay z,puffy, Whitney,to name a few
        All have or had shaddyness in there black closets… So let’s all keep this shit reall cuz all these artists are just the same….there human all with flaws not perfect…

        • Nigga shut the hell up…you make no sense. Stay your azz in the UK with that bull shit. Go see if the Queen needs another butler or a maid.

        • thank you we tend to forget just cause they can sing or act does not make them superior why do we worship them……they are people just like me and you if nobody did not know Sisqo was Gay thats on them….he can sing stop glorifying them then you wont be disappointed when they be people

        • Shut the fuck up. you can’t help if you are gay or you can’t control who you love so stop dicksuckin

      • Why why anoymonus u always chatting shattt are u the female superhead 2012
        Do u even no johnny gill???
        Anymnous take a seat in a cold bath and close your eyes and count to 100 u hear me!!!

        • You’re such a little puff. Always arguing over nothing, that’s the bitch in you.

          Here in America, we have free speech, not like your country where a person can be sued on a dime for an insult.

          So, wipe that lipstick off, it ain’t cute and STFU, you anti-man biotch!

          • @anoymonus
            Who’s arguing?? You replied to me, you made a point which wasn’t relevant, stop hatin on the uk what’s your problem jealous lol..
            Obviously you have many deepseated issues did your mother abandon you on the sidewalk at birth? Did she flee to the uk as an ilegal imigrant??? don’t worry she may come back and claim u one day.,,
            Here in the uk we do have free speech also,and it seems like your the bitch who needs to put the lipstick on, trying to stay relevant on a hourly basis, so maybe you need to take some of your own advice and STFU.. Stick to the topic at hand or dosnt your brain process information fast enough…
            Now keep it movin go take that cold bath and repeat “I am the new superhead of 2012…..”

            • Cold Bath???

              Bitch you still gotta put coins in a meter for hot water? Naw, you gotta save your quid for the internet shop.

              Yeah, I can see a bitch like you livin’ in a cold water flat in some dank shithole in SE London.

              Don’t come on here tellin’ us to worship (you say respect, like you know the meaning of that) these artists, they are not God. So go and curtsy your anti-man azz in front of the Buckingham Palace and STFU.

      • Niglets naaaa jacky u need to block this mutha fucker for even using that word on your bloggg, I don’t even wanna be hearing this word it’s getting me angry…

        • But, Delulk, you type like a straight up slave. Learn how to spell and type, please. You are British, I thought you guys had better grammar. lol

          • And u no what a slave writes like yeah very disrespectful,that’s why as a people we can’t progress always takin shit to another level
            So because I’m British I’m supposed to have really good grammar???
            I don’t no what movies u been watching , what does being British have to do with spelling … ignorant …

  4. Seems like the devil is there waiting at the door of the industry for all who enter… my my my.

    • Your comment is the most truthful of all. Satan is right there waiting and no matter how clean or pure you come in….you won’t stay that way for long. Many of these dudes get turned out. I bet this dudes bootyhole is so open you could flick a quarter up his asshole and won’t here it hit bottom.




  8. People are shocked at this story? Really?! Sisqo’s ballerina behavior has been well documented in the industry for years. Most of these lover men singers-teddy pendergrass,luther vandross,johnny gill and many others crooning all these lovesongs to women go home and make love to men! Sisqo has always been sweeter than a box of frosted flakes-didn’t the blonde hair clue ya’ll in? I mean really!!

    • What the fuuggg has johnny gill got to do with sisqo ???
      You Americans need to learn to respect your artists, cuz at the moment u s
      Sound like your all hating

        • Anoymnous
          Your tryin to be a comedian right about now lol
          As I told you go run that cold bath take a seat in that tub and repeat “I am a del UK lover I will not hate” ….
          When you finished convince yourself your the new “superhead 2012” remember I told you Lol….

      • Ok I am from Canada and I know all about Johnny Girl(not a spelling error) it’s a known fact what he call down u sound like Ur semi-retarded and it’s getting on my blasted nerves..u here to Troll or you here to provide some input?
        Whappen to this fassies online nowadays?

  9. Oh my dear God he looks like a jacked up pigmy in this picture….if you didn’t know he’s gay this picture says it all.

  10. I wonder why everyone is asking surprised about Johnny Gill.. It is a Known fact that he was living in Eddies back house and his ex wife said he spent more time back there then he did with his kids and wife.. No one said the man wasn’t talented but its known that he’s a fag.. Get over it..

  11. @Deluk

    I agree with you but What you need to understand is that most black americans are homophobes…especially those who are from the hood.

    This site seem to attract a lot of hood people so of course most comments are going to be negative and quite ignorant. It does matter if a black american artist is gay cause blacks will lose respect for him and unless he’s a mainstream star he’s career could be all over.

    Sisqo could sing and dance like nobody else but A straight macho image is more important to black americans than real talent. That’s why blacks clown him today instead of giving him credit for being a great singer.

    Same thing with Johnny Gil. He’s an amazing singer but blacks in america focus more on gay rumors and talk trash about him. Not that there are any evidence. They simply focus on rumors and think rumors are fact.

    • @yeah
      Thank you for your informed and intelligent responce, I think the problem I have is that uk rnb fans have a lot of respect for real black “artists” who can sing, that has talent, as I said before I’m ol school in the sense I respect the artists for there achievements, Luther vandross was gay, I’m not gonna stop listening to his songs thier timeless.
      Johnny gill is gay ??well I thought this was a rumour, but put that aside johnny gill can sing, so if he is gay that’s up to him it’s not invading my personal life, I respect him for his music…
      All I’m saying is respect your artists because when thier gone people wanna be crying example Whitney Houston ..
      Yes this is a blog this is freedom of speech but have a healthy debate..
      @anoymnous needs to take heed, that’s the problem u respond ghetto u get ghetto like yourself @yeah you explain yourself and you break it down I respect that

    • Most black americans…

      Like you know that many to talk.

      Yes, bend over like a good little subject in order to be accepted as British.

      We are just aware enough to know when a talent is being manipulated by an agenda. Perhaps talent is so rare across the pond????

      • @anymonus
        Im just catching up on your bitch azz comments up in here…
        There you are trying to school people about UK news STFU…
        Were you getting this info from Wikipedia??
        I’ve come to the conclusion your proberly some inbreed three times over in your family hence your unintelligent responses..
        You no what I’m not gonna deal with you tonight, I’m gonna conserve my energy to verbally destroy you and shut you TFD @anoymnous tommorow, I’ve got to much to say tune infor the next episode..
        You will be finished after I dealt with you totally shut down you wanna start beef, you playing with the wrong person…
        Peace.. Untill tommorow ……

        • Damn you are so attached, you got to get a good night’s sleep to come back at me, LTFOL!!!

          Verbally Destroy, LOL, Deluk, lost his life and can’t find another one.

          Talkin’ ’bout comin’ for someone tomorrow on the net, LOSER

          Hey, why don’t you look for a job tomorrow and get off the dole

  12. Here in America, we have free speech, not like your country where a person can be sued on a dime for an insult.


    England is not a communist or underdeveloped country. England had freedom of speech since 1215.

    America is the only country where you can sue for anything. Only in America will a person feel he deserves to win a lawsuit against McDonalds for spilling their coffee on their lap.

    • @Yeah, you do not have freedom of speech:

      “A British man arrested this weekend for sending racist tweets to a English Premier League soccer player has been released on bail, according to reports.

      The 22-year-old used Twitter to send West Ham United striker Carlton Cole, who is of African decent, a pair of disparaging messages including a racist term following West Ham’s 3-0 loss to Swansea City on Saturday. Police soon arrested him for a “racially aggravated public order offence,” a police spokeswoman told Reuters. Reuters also reported that Cole had retweeted the hateful comments, but they no longer show up on his timeline. Monday, the man was released on bail of an unspecified amount.”

      Also, your unrelated comment about the civil legal system in America part of the First Amendment: the right to redress one’s greivances in a court of law or other appropriate forum. If a claim is found to be frivolous, it is tossed on summary judgment and perhaps a fine is imposed.

      Please speak what you know, not what you see on TV.

      • Also, I won’t respond to your statement about communism, since I didn’t mention anything about that.

        Touchy much, eh?

        • @anymnous
          Yeah the reason you ain’t responding is because your thick as shit..
          Now go take that cold bath like i told you and STFU FOOL! and leave the intelligent ones to have a healthy debate.
          Remember to use that cake soap, and that clipper to shave your chest lol!

          • To equate restricted speech with communism is what is dull. You missed that, but of course.

            And ou would suggest shaving hair off of one’s chest, most batty boys never leave home with a hair on their chet.

          • @anymnous
            Why you so bitter, do you really think your trolling comments are going to get me going answer is NO!
            For some reason I’m getting the feeling your the one who lives in east London with your pet dog, and six cats, and no job,claiming UK dole, as you no so much about the systems over in the UK this must be depressing for you.
            Proberly looking like Big worm from the movie Friday.
            All I can say is carry on beating up your keyboard trolling all day long, and you say I ain’t got nothing better do feel like its the pot calling the kettle black but hey we all get down I feel your pain…
            Your one of these people who always wanna take your shit to higher level this is not good for your health..
            I have some interesting articles for you if you wish to read in regards to Schizophreniform disorder people like yourself who display this illness have sudden, short periods of psychotic behavior, often triggered by stressful events( I didn’t mean to stress you out honest ) they also suffer dilusions or feeling there being conspired against…
            This really sounds like you..
            Anyway anymonus,please stay anymnous and get that help you really need see your doctor, confide in your local pastor, there is help out there seek it!
            You are in prayers tonight peace..

      • This is Hilarious man.. What the fuck!!! Are u talking bout??
        I ain’t gonna break this post down tonight..
        Just a word of advice @anoynumnous….
        If you have no clue,or a product of a inbred family ,.can’t process information,don’t understand English having difficulties in understanding things that you read ,taking shit out of context and to a whole other level…
        My mother always told me to take a seat and STFU.!
        Or in your case take that cold bath as suggested ……

        • Your responses are so disjointed. Like a person in search of a personality.

          And mama told you way more than take a seat and STFU. She told you she was gonna whip dat azz if you take her lipstick again.

      • There IS freedom of speech in the UK. The racist tweet you described is verbal asault or a “public order offence”, as you pointed out. Not just a case of “speaking out”. Which is probably why the dude was arrested.

        “Speak only on what you know, not what you see on TV”.
        Absolutely right. But which media outlet informed you of the tweet?…

  13. Hey Jacky!

    Is K Michelle a delusional diva? She refused to Open for Lyfe Jennings because she felt she was the bigger star? What? you ain’t got no hit. Now she claims that Lupe Fiasco is the only rapper who respects women. Do you agree with any of this.

  14. Hilarious, but like others have said, hardly a surprise considering who it’s about. As we all know, Sisqo, like Ne-Yo, made little effort to dispel the gay rumors while he was in the Industry (Something Nas, for one, was aware of, calling Jay-Z ‘The rapping version of Sisqo’ in a Freestyle while they were beefing). Hell, even white-as-bread MAD TV clowned him (And Missy, for that matter) more than once for being gay:

    In any event, I’m sure Sisqo’s wishing it was 1999 again right now…

  15. […] According to HSK, “a backstage snitch is exposing Sisqo for being treated like a  common whore during a performance in 2000. We’re the source states, “If you  don’t believe me ask Missy Elliot and Lil Kim — who caught some serious  jokes after witnessing the whole thing– following the Big Apple  performance.   Sources say the man was referring to Dru Hill’s, Sisqo. According to eye-witnesses, the unknown man eventually  tracked the singer down before picking Sisqo up, throwing the singer over his  shoulder, and leaving the room with Sisqo in hand.”   Here’s the drop“ […]

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  18. I once heard lupe fiasco was a down low, dick eater from Chicago Westside..i held a conversa before with a known bisexual who knew of the Guy..who use to mess with lupe. jacky can you shine some light on this..??

  19. The entire music industry is gay/bi. These performers didn’t get famous, and support from music executives by being talented. They went into a back room and got gangbanged by executives for their fame.