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Slim Thug Pitches H-Town Livin’ To Dwight Howard

July 3rd, 2013

Rockets Court Dwight Howard

Houston Courts Dwight Howard

Slim Thug Courts Dwight Howard

If Slim Thug had his way, Dwight Howard would be calling Houston his next home.

Word is Howard is being courted as a free agent by the Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks, Atlanta Hawks and Golden State Warriors. That seems to be why Slim Thug listed things in Houston — like strip clubs, just 20% in child support, and cheaper living — he believes trump living in Los Angeles. I don’t know about you guys, but L.A.’s where it’s at. Don’t you agree?


Here’s what Slim Thug told MTV News:

“I was trying to tell him the best things, from my standpoint; I know the Rockets ran a lot of good things by him in their pitch to the big man, but I was talking in terms of women. Obviously he loves women, and if you love women, Houston is a great place, D. I seen your baby mama on ‘Basketball Wives,’ and there’s plenty out here that are way better than her that I’m sure he would enjoy. Not only that, we got the best strip clubs.

Houston’s a real big, beautiful city. L.A.’s strip clubs are horrible. They don’t even really have no strip clubs that he can go to. Not at all. Everything closes at two, and it’s all over. But if you go to Houston? Oh my God. Dreams Houston has some of the most beautiful women in America. It’s a beautiful thing, man. And a lot of NBA, NFL all types of ballplayers are present every weekend in there.”

Are Lakers fans through with Dwight Howard, believing he let the team down? Of course! Don’t believe me.. Ask Noah ‘The Mayor’ Benjamin.


9 Responses to “Slim Thug Pitches H-Town Livin’ To Dwight Howard”

  1. Ms. Gemini |

    Slim, what about TX tax rates, schools, or medical centers? Things that maybe as a parent he might be interested knowing?

    Somebody please get this dude off Twitter, acting like he’s the Texas Chamber of Commerce.


    kee Reply:

    lmao! right, Slim Thug needs to sit his azz down somwhere.

    who in the he// makes life decisions based on Slim Thug’s Twitter recommendations. If Dwight Howard chooses to make career and personal life decisions based on a few Twitter post….Then he deserves evrything that comes w/that ish.


  2. Todd |

    Actually there are no state taxes in Texas u just pay your Federal taxes which equals more for your take home… As for the school system trust he got the money to pay for private schools so that shouldn’t be much of an issue concerning his children….far as medical center again if you rich… U receive the best care


  3. RC |

    Do ballers really choose a team based on which city has the best stip clubs…?


  4. christa |

    These tweets are hilarious. Slim sho do have his priorities in order LOL.
    I have heard the the Houston skrippers are second only to Atlanta. Ol Anna Nicole got her start and her billionaire husband in one of the clubs.


  5. Brian No Funeral |

    Guys, this is Dwight freaking Howard. Should he move to Houston, he could buy a 7br/5bh mansion in the gated part of The Woodlands for about $15,000,000; he could send his kids to some of the best private schools in the country (Kinkaid, John Cooper, etc…), he could go shopping everyday at the nation’s best shopping mall (The Galleria), he could have access to the best hospitals in the world at The Medical Center, no state income tax, incredibly low property taxes in Montgomery and Ft. Bend counties (remember: Houston is a nine-county area), and have little to know interaction with the paparazzi. H-Town likes to party with its celebrities, not stare at them awkwardly. He’d be an idiot NOT to come here.

    That said, watch out for the po-po. HPD makes LAPD look like Sunday School teachers.


    Todd Reply:

    Real shit ITS A SIGN THAT READS DONT MESS WITH TEXAS… They officers are probably the most racist sons of bitches I ever encountered… I have relatives that live In San Antonio as well as Dallas and the suburb of Dallas in Arlington Texas… They can’t wait to get you….


  6. Anon |

    Most definatly keep ur nose clean and tell ur family and friends to do the same
    Dont forget Texas have a death penalty


    Todd Reply:

    Oh yeah bro trust me they know.. They been living there for a little over 30 years they financially blessed my uncle is a pilot for AA at DFW airport.. But if you ain’t got it like that and u forced to get it how u live they have no problem hiding your black ass in Huntsville correctional… Where shits real In the ville….


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