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Slim Thug’s Children Bred By Incest – WTF!?!

March 17th, 2010

Rapper Slim Thug whose real name is Curtis Wellington, is now the proud father of not one, but two children. But get this, the mother of those kids is HIS COUSIN! WTF? And, that may be something one shouldn’t be so proud of.

That’s right, the Formspring rapper has been involved in an incestuous affair with his second cousin…leading his relationship with ex-Destiny’s Child member Letoya Luckett to end.

It’s a shockingly sick mess, but I guess it’s a Down South Thang.

I’m floored to learn of this disgusting news. Aren’t you? The fact that Slim is a rap star means he shouldn’t have any problems pulling chics. So why Slim, out of all the chics in the world would you want to smash your own family relative? Letoya should be happy to be far away from this insane individual who obviously needs some psychiatric help.

Don’t you agree?


8 Responses to “Slim Thug’s Children Bred By Incest – WTF!?!”

  1. Flydaddyapollo |

    According to Wikipedia Slim’s birth name is Stayve Jerome Thomas. So where the fuck does Curtis Wellington come from?


    ceddmack Reply:

    You right Flydaddyapollo it is stayve thomas and this whole post is a lie


  2. Jmarie |

    Your entire article is full of lies you ain’t even get his name right, I hope Slim sue you for this smut you wrote.


  3. Mink |

    wht latest on this story? mayb he have more than one birth certificate


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  5. Todd |

    If that’s true that’s some sad, sick and triffle, shit


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  7. southgryl32 |

    And naw Jackie it ain’t no southern thang we don’t FCK around like DAT in the south wtf? I can’t speak for DAT man


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