Soon-To-Be Wed NFL Quarterback Cameron Newton Caught Cheating!


Cam Newton Caught Cheating

Prowling Panther?

HSK Exclusive – We’ve landed proof of one Carolina Panther caught on the prowl! We’re talking about Cameron Newton, who’s engaged to fiancee ‘Hazel’.

The 24-year-old NFL quarterback recently used Twitter to hook-up with a Sacramento women, supplying ‘Promise B Mae’ with his phone number — while denying his relationship with his reported soon-to-be wife.

“After he sent the DM on Twitter he later unfollowed her on Twitter, trying to be slick. I swear guys are so lame.”

Now, it appears dude is following his ‘on to the next’ pattern of apparent womanizing. That’s because we’re told Cameron Newton dumped baby momma Natalian Carr, for former Washington DC ‘Stadium Club’ stripper ‘Hazel’.

Here’s the drop:

“Cam is a cheating ass dude. He cheated on Natalian and he’s now cheating on Hazel. Once a cheater, always a cheater.”


  1. Let me guess this is probably one of them stripper hoes who was looking for a quick come up and got played so now she aring dude’s dirty laundry out. Typical bullshit.

    • RIGHT!! Young, Rich, Black and Famous. Hell, he’s supposed to be a WILD BOY till the thought of another threesome wants to make him throw up. The mystery is why these guys get married.

      I’m sure he could get a HUGE engagement ring for his girl that would keep her happy for a while as long as he backs it up by upgrading her lifestyle too. These women aren’t dumb and know what they’re getting into. I’m sure she’d wait a couple years while he burns himself out.

      Better that scenario that going into marriage and completely disrespecting the vows. The mistake would be to get married then get caught. You can’t ever get that pure trust back again once its lost. (The confidence and swag in a woman that KNOWS her man is hers alone is a BEAUTIFUL thing to see and NOT recoverable once shattered. That’s why *IF* I cheat (very rarely when I have) it better be 20+ area codes away AND just a one-nighter)

      • So u think the scenerio you cooked up will actually work?? Just burn himself out? So whats gonna be left to her and his children? What u think us women do when men can’t perform, cause they did just that, burnt themself out? Thats right, cheat !! So, to end all that mess, just drop this zero !! This chicks health is not worth any amount of money, only one body is given to us, as well as one life!!! Cam is not worth it!! So thanks to whoever, for putting him on front street!!!

        • Yep, men CAN get bored with cheating and eventually realize that relationships need more to have any real meaning. Actually, I would tell the woman NOT to wait or not expect faithfulness.

          He’s a young, rich man with women throwing themselves at him 24/7. He should live the single life until he wants to settle down. I’m at a stage in my life where I could easily be married because I’d done enough to not be jealous of single men. The WORST married cheaters I ever met were men that got MARRIED TOO YOUNG and felt they were ‘missing out’ when their friends go on hot dates and one-night stands and they got hammertime trying to catch up.

          I laugh at them and brag that I dont break out in a nervous sweat when my dick twitches. Last Point: ‘Cant Perform?’- Who said that happens? I personally don’t know ANY men that were worn out physically to that point . Hell, I know men that cheat all the time and still have a lotta sex at home. Gettin’ some doesnt get old for us… EVER!! You just stop chasin young tail and start to appreciate what you already have *IF* you ever mature and get some sense.

          • Again, as women we have one body and health, is it really worth it just to say im married?!! No !! As far as your freinds go, u better tell them if they take their sin of infidelity to the grave, to hell they go, adulters can’t get in!! Their gonna have to confess their sin to their wife, for forgiveness and then to the lord.

            • @blackopz… U are just like most blacks, always misinterpreting the bible! For the gold part, its not a sin to wear jewelry but there is a passage that peter or paul preached about being distracting to worshippers, big flashy jewelry ,hair ornaments & certain fashion of clothing. As for tattoos, refer to Romans 12:1-2. When paul was talking about women in church, he was saying, women should’nt talk if they were being rude. Go to the 1st and 2nd peter, to get the full story about women talking in church. Go back the beginning,read all of genesis, you’ll see how we should eat. We can eat fish, with fins & scales, not scavengers like shrimp,lobsters,other shellfish & predators that cleans the sea. We’re suppose to eat what grows from the ground and tree, and get our meat from a split hooved animal. As for all of us going to hell, naw baby, go and read all of mathew and leviticus, and jesus will explain to you who will be worthy of the kingdom of GOD & mostly who won’t!!! Clearly, you’ve been misinformed !!

  2. Whats new?!! Trust, these siily women are not going anywhere cause they want the lifestyle he can afford!!!

  3. I don’t know this kid.
    You did say he’s 24 yrs old, right? And…like I said this KID should go on & enjoy his youth, fame & fortune WITHOUT creating any illegitimate children, going to jail & making unnecessary mayhem & havoc for himself. If he can do that I see no need from him to rush into a marriage at his age with ANYONE unless he’s just so hopelessly in love & can’t live without the woman & that shouldn’t be his case. At his age he should date as many woman as he wants to & use this time to learn what it is he wants & needs in a woman. I’m not saying the young man should go out & be a complete whore but he too young to be tied down so soon. There are almost 12 women for every 1 man so there is no need for him to rush into anything. If I were his parents thats just what I’d be telling him right about now!

    🙂 I know I’ll catch a lot of heat for saying so but I firmly believe that’s the best way to go so our kids don’t end up making unwise choices when choosing their spouses.

    • @MS Reg If there are almost 12 women for every 1 man, could you imagine all the loneliness if all men were faithful to just one woman. Those that believe in polygamist might have a valid point if you look at it from this angle.

      • 🙂 You who shall remain Anonymous,

        I didn’t say I was right so much as it’s simply my personal opinion.
        It’s the same info I instill in my son who’s only a teenager. I tell him “to be friends FIRST with the young ladies he likes as opposed to being so super serious as it’s best to “simply take your time.” This is how we learn ourselves as well as others & what we like & don’t like in our relationships with others. Trust me, my way is NOT the easiest route to take since most of the young ladies of today aren’t the least bit worried about being “friends first.” Most are just hot & ready for EVERYTHING from the gate. These are the ones I’m training my son to avoid.

        Anonymous, I don’t believe in Polygamy. I do believe in every man & woman being friends FIRST above all things & letting a relationship grow & take shape around that friendship. I feel thats the reason I have so many male friends. When my friend Jason found out he had Cancer he called me to accompany him to his treatments not his girlfriend as he felt she was just way too dramatic for the situation which is not what he needed at that time.(He beat it too!!!) My friend AJ’s wedding was VERY small & his fiance’ Jazette insisted I be there which was awesome for me. I’m also their two children’s godparent & my list goes on & on. Being friends FIRST is a good policy to have…I’m telling you!

        • So true, and you know what, it gives a woman the chance to properly place that man in her life, where he should be. Most men i met were platonic friends, most of the chicks they like and went for, were well dressed freaks. However, it gave me a chance see their ways in how they treat women, by knowing their tricks they fill me in on, while in a relationship !!! Then turn around, asking to be my man, really!!

          • Exactly. You see what I mean?
            And this is equally as important for the guys as well which is precisely why I’m on my son about “being friends with girls for a good while FIRST.” Establishing a strong friendship first allows you to really see how a person rolls. It also gives youa chance to see if you even really like the person or not among other things.

      • Well for us women its the other way around, if we go to countries like, china!! Now im truly thinking about it, cause last time i check, they are in a serious woman shortage and have serious amount of millionares!!

        • I’ve been to Japan twice & never to China. I’d be willing to bet is that you’d be a hit over there & meet many men who will fall all over you! I don’t know if you like tall guys (I like them 6’0 or taller because I’m almost 6’0 in my heels) but there are bound to be some there. I was shocked the first time I visited Japan as there were quite a few 6’0 & over men there all intriqued over us so I’m sure Yao Ming isn’t the only tall Chinese man from over there! I would encourage you to go if you get the oppotunity. I think you’d love it!

  4. Jacky & HSK Staff,

    What’s going on with you all not covering the Aaron Hernandez story?

    This story is important on so many levels & I REALLY would appreciate you all uploading what you can find out about it. If you need a drop I’d be more than happy to email you the info. I just want you to get this story out here for everyone to be made aware of it.
    This story is going to pan out to be equally as important as Trayvon Martin’s in the end. I guess I needn’t mention Odin Lloyd was a black young man…

    For those of you who don’t know…
    Aaron Hernandez is the 23 yr old NFL tight end for the New England Patriots who is heavily implicated in the murder of his friend, Odin Lloyd, linebacker on simi-pro football team, Boston Bandits.

    IF Jacky & his staff don’t cover this story by morning I’ll provide current details & my personal opininon.

    Right now I’m still in shock Jacky hasn’t covereded it yet. 🙁

    • RIGHT!! This is gonna be a GOOD one too. LOL – The police ask for his phone and they hands it to him in PIECES, has his house scrubbed clean and destroyed his own surveillance system.

      • @BlackOpz,

        OMG…Did you see that shit?
        Are you keeping up with that story?
        You know damn well if you & I pulled the shit Aaron Hernandez pulled our asses would be behind bars right about now. I don’t care what anybody says…
        the Patriots organization is in the Sheriff’s ear because there is no way this would be going down the way it is.

        I’m not even saying Aaron Hernandez killed Odin Lloyd but if he didn’t my money is on the fact that he knows exacty who did, how & where they did it & what their reason was for doing it. Again, this is all predicated on the notion that he didn’t do it himself. (uh huh…right)

        To ditch the rental SUV he was known to have been riding in with the victim & 2 other people,(who also know what the hell happened) to destroy his cell phone prior to submitting it to the authorities, to have his home completely deep cleaned REALLY says a great deal about the situation.

        I’m waiting patiently for Jacky & his staff to cover this story because I see a pattern of “folks thinking they can kill our black men, lie, & get away with it.”

        I must say…Aaron Hernandez’s draft report described him to a tee which is why he dropped until 4th round in the draft & why most of the teams considering him wouldn’t pick him up & why all those team general managers are now saying to the Patriot’s GM,
        “YOU WERE WARNED.” Aaron Hernandez thinks he is Billy Bad Ass who can do what he chooses & damn the rest of the world.

        This will be very interesting…

  5. Actually this story is important too. Cam Newton, two yrs ago was the best college ftball plyr AND a blk quarterback. They hate black quarterbacks. He snapped and had a monster season, won their cherished Heisman trophy (like OJ) and became a bankable star. The critics and yt analysts ALL said he wouldnt be shit. Mike & Mike were the loudest. Kid came in the nfl and broke all rookie passing records including marino, manning, favre etc. they vowed to get him cus hes brash and cocky. They kept warren moon out but this kid will pass them all.

  6. Will you guys please tell me why Jacky isn’t covering the Aaron Hernandez story?

    For a lot of reasons THIS case is important for us to know about & I’m really shocked there hasn’t been one word of it mentioned here other than what BlackOpz, Keepitreal & I discussed.

      • Clearly you have no respect for what that word means but I’ll go you one better & advise you of the fact that your mother was the poor soul who gave birth to a retarded person.