Soulja Boy’s Coo Coo For Coco Puffs!


Soulja Boy Follows the Leader

Soulja Boy’s Imitation, Ice T’s Flattery?

He may have once led an Ice T bashing campaign, but Soulja Boy seems to now be imitating the OG rapper — with Yung Berg’s leftovers, among countless others. That’s because the ‘All Black Everything’ lyricist appears to have landed himself his very own Coco.

Recent Instagram pics posted by the rapper reveal he’s been canoodling Hollywood party girl, Jenna Shea. You may remember back in November, the noted ‘thick white girl’ – and known Tinseltown escort/soft-core porn actress – announced she had sex with James Harden in exchange for $20K.

Here’s what Jenna Shea took to Twitter to say:

“Tell ya bitches to make 20k n one night aint shit free with me PERIOD… I get paid by the NBA so much I should be signed to a team #literally while you basic hoes watch from TV FOH”

Here’s the drop:

“Soula Boy is following the new hip hop trend by getting himself a party girl as his main squeeze.

Soula Boy once clowned Ice-T for having a white girlfriend. Now, he got one too — and she don’t hide being a prostitute!”

Here’s what Soulja Boy Tweeted about Ice T, back in 2011:

“I’m done with this n—a. someone get this guy a hairline asap. If your name is Ice-T you are #losing not #winning better yet you #lost”

“Ice-T I tell you what bring your dirty ass to atlanta and do a show if you don’t get booed off stage I will top hoeing you. until then u lame”

“Ice-T need to sit his old ass down n**** always got my name in his mouth damn bra nobody care what you think bruh”

Hollywood Whore Jenna Shea


  1. Eww… I don’t see the fascination with white bitches and their dirty ass feet!! Yuk! I don’t know why it’s ” so cool” for brothas to parade around the biggest whores in the game like they got a trophy or some ish… Losing for real. Escorts, porn stars, hoes, all carry diseases because they’re screwing ANY and EVERYBODY for a buck!!! Nasty ass bitches… And she’s proud of being ran through by the NBA?? Smh… Wtf happened to morals? The sad part is once she’s done busting it wide open for any and every dick in the game, some wack ass brotha will wife her up, impregnate her, and her and her kid is set up for life… SMFH at this mess….

    • Exactly. Being a known whore isn’t a profession one should truly be proud of. Once they are worn out and old, (whichever comes first), all the sexual proclivities they participated in will amount to nothing but a broken spirit.

    • I blame Kim K for this.These big booty white girls are getting outta hand…and deep in niggas’ pockets.

      • Would black women really be interested in the type of black men/boys who are interested in white hookers and whores and see them as some kind of prize because they are white?

        Is that the type of men , with that type of mentality that you are really interested in making a life with?

        You should be thankful to these white hoes that they siphon these coons out of the available genepool..They would only serve to reproduce another generation of coons.

    • you is so right! every since the white woman discovered platic surgery and black booty magazines ish hasnt been the same since!and as irrelevent as soulja is fluanting your white trash with ass shots wont make you any more relevent. i dont know what to advice i would give to soulja right about now the lil bit of pocket change he may have now that chucky snow bunny gone have get all his lil nickles cent and dimes and not leave your black ass a cent.i thought he would have learned his lesson about falling in love with these ruthless non black whores when katt stacks screwed him over thats what ruined his career once she exposed him for snorting coke but noooo !

    • Exactly….he keeps talking bout Ice T being irrelevant but can’t we say the same about Souljah’s ass….never speak on someone else’s non factor when the same applies to you…kids never learn.

    • lol He runs a label, Stacks On Deck (SOD) Records, and has some artists out (Riff Raff and [I think] Lil’ B are the only two that come to mind). As for HIS career, well…lol

  2. Soulja boy? Really jacky? Slow news day huh? Ok well let me see jenna shea a whore prostitute who dated nothing nobody rapper yung berg is now dating/fucking/whoring with soulja boy a nothing nobody rapper who was hot for a minute waaaaaaaay back in 2006? YAWN!!!!

  3. Soulja Boy??? Lol. Listen, black men who get with these type of women and the black men who date/marry white women because of their self-hate are actually doing black women a favor. At the same time white women are doing us a favor as well. They are eliminating the black men that we do not need to waste our time on. We should not be getting mad when we see this. Hollywood makes it seem that black men are not interested in black women and that is a smoke and mirrored lie. You just can’t believe everything you see on TV.

  4. These guys that continue to mess with community pu$$y need to take time out and google “blue waffles” and see if what they are doing is worth bragging about.

    • There is no such thing as Blue Waffle disease it’s a hoax/myth. Damn people believe everything they read on the internet!!

      • First of all tko fuck you! Second, if you dont think that there is stds out there that can seriously fuck you up then that chick in the above picture need to be sitting on your dick! I did NOT say that the disease was real or fake! I DID say look at the damn picture then think about their lifestyles! So fuck you once again!

  5. ahh look at souljah boy’s little snow bunny.

    any fool wanna spend 20 g on this cokehead can do so it’s their money.

    there are strung out white girls around here you can fuck for 20 dollars.

    this white girl got with the right entettainer at one time and her price range went up.

  6. Illll… that heiffer can have Souljah Boy’s lil crusty behind. Nobody, but NOBODY is checkin for him.

  7. Just a sign of the times………white women ALWAYS were physically attracted to black men. The only thing men complained about was they had “no booty” and now they feel like they have the game on lock-SMDH

  8. I told ya black men are self hating and confused -it does not matter poor nasty white trash – to the black man she is the ultimate prize. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

  9. Her butt looks long and flat! Yuck! Looks like there is some chemical in there just sitting at the bottom. These white women hate Black women, but envy our shapes. SMH…

  10. I just don’t understand why a man….. ANY man would be attracted to woman who many men have slept with….where’s the attraction in that? These women are a cocktail of diseases….word around the block is disease is rampant in Hollywood these men need to slow down before getting with these hoes. I am talking diseases where there is no cure.

    • I’ll answer that for you Kimmy. They have very low self esteem and they don’t love themselves. Real men want Real women. These types of Boys and grown ass boys will take anything because they’ve been mind f***** to think they’re not worthy of a REAL WOMAN. So they get a little money and live out their porno raised”” fantasies with escorts,prostitutes groupies etc. I’m not mad at them because at the end of the day it’s their choice and lives. So there it is. Don’t waste your time on wondering why these types like that kind of woman…just ask yourself how to avoid those types because they’re bad for your health. 🙂

  11. Yo, dude is gay. They are the ones who get with slutbucket trailer trash $2.00 suck-a-dick bitches like this.

  12. How should she be part of the team when they millionaire’s & she gets thousands? Where is her receipts?

  13. This chick is relevant why? Oh yeah because in typical wh*re fashion she will screw any one if the price is right… and try to convince women who actual have morals that they are the stupids ones..for respecting themselves enough not to? Soulja Boy? lol don’t make me laugh at this pocorn kernal rapper wanna be… sit your young azz down and respect your You don’t like Ice T..but ya wanna get with a chick who resembles the silicone injected Coco..who happens to be Ice T’s wife? Have and have a real lyricist teach your azz how to rap!

  14. This chick is relevant why? Oh yeah because in typical wh*re fashion she will screw any one if the price is right… and try to convince women who actual have morals that they are the stupids ones..for respecting themselves enough not to? Soulja Boy? lol don’t make me laugh at this popcorn kernal rapper wanna be… sit your young azz down and respect your You don’t like Ice T..but ya wanna get with a chick who resembles the silicone injected Coco..who happens to be Ice T’s wife? Have a real lyricist teach your azz how to rap!

  15. These hoes & the brothers who get with them do not bother me AT ALL!! You know why b/c those are the weakest in the DNA pool! Let these whore Yt hoes have em! When they are broke & penniless then you’ll see them snatching at the sistas to hold em up! My back will be turned & by then I’ll be with a Brother who knows his & my worth! Fuck all that!
    I thought it was illegal to be a prostitute but I see Jenna Shea & others are promoting that on Twitter/FB/IG like it’s nothing.

    • it’s illegal if you’re caught soliciting in thwe streets or caugfht having sex with them in public.

      too short once said we should legalize prostitution.

    • you’re right! It is straight up pathetic! And she got the nerve to call others hoes! Ridiculous! And Soulja Boy…let’s keep it simple and say he needs help.

  16. When did Soulja Boy clown Ice T for having a white girlfriend? SB sleeps with a lot of white chicks. A lot of his groupies are white

  17. Yeaaaaaaaaaahhh Jenna Kay….for a woman to price her
    body and sell it to the highest bidder is pretty “basic” to me.
    a blind monkey can lay on their back and screw for money.
    Try doing something not so “basic” like attending a 4 year
    university and using your knowledge to elevate yourself above some
    Strange Dudes dusty azzzz nut sack!! There’s nothing complicated
    about turning tricks for money….so before you go calling other
    chicks “basic” because they refuse to swallow an NBA teams nutsack
    go open up a book and educate yourself first, mmmmmmmmkaayy??!!!