Soulja Boy’s Drug Binges Exposed!


Soulja Boys LA Drug Binges

Cocaine Cowboy?

HSK Exclusive – Soulja Boy seems to be deep into that rock star life — complete with all the drugs that can come with it. Don’t believe me.. Just ask the rapper’s Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles neighbor — who tells HSK the 22-year-old lyricist recently had a D-boy deliver dope to his spot, around 2AM.

This isn’t the first time our source tells us Soulja Boy has gotten his party on at his crib. We’re told the ‘Speakers Going Hammer’ emcee regularly has an entourage over, drinking sizzurp and doing blow.

Here’s the drop:

“B*tches don’t even want to f*ck with Soulja Boy. He does so much drugs, it’s hard for him to keep his dick up. Soulja Boy wanted to pay two Asian chics to be his girlfriend, to keep his playboy name in the spotlight.

Soulja don’t like f*cking with black chics because he says they don’t keep their mouth shut.”


    • Agreed…..and this also old tea…the word is, not only can he not “get it up” but it’s said he has a itty bitty wee wee and even when he does “get it up” his little penis is so tiny it’s not worth it. I think the only time this kid can get a hard on is if a man is in the room……leave the drugs alone.

  1. OLd ass TEA but he does fucks with sisters !!! anyway nobody wants the string bean Molly kid anyway NEXT!!!

  2. Who gives a FUK…U know how these young black boyz do…once they get a steady cash flow they want to put the WHITE GURLS 1st…Let Soulja Boy little crack head ass do what he does…It’s only a matter of time…He will blow his own light out…Just sit back and wait…
    I’m sure his MAMA’s PROUD…

  3. he’s too young to have erectile disfuntional and not perform sexually yeah he’s either doing too many drugs or women isn’t his thing.

    but that’s unlikely since lots of teens who do cocaine and hard drugs have sex and can impregnate women.

    if bobby brown can make 5 babies while smoking crack and lets not say tons of enterrtainers who do drugs and still have a dozen babies here and there.

    eazy, wayne, odb, james brown, george clinton, curtis mayfield, snoop, flavor flav, sly stone, bb king, all these men have impregnated lots of women while doing sex and drug binges.

    • Yep, I had an uncle like that. Babies all over the place and he WAS a hard core addict. When he entered his 40’s he WAS beat down, used up and done. He ended up with serious health problems and regretted everyday what all that partying did to his mind, body and soul. He is no longer here with us. I hope this young man gets his life together before he ends up like my uncle. Dead.

  4. Sometimes it’s best for someone to be dead or at least be a better person. Why would any sensible female date him? Whatever happened to the millenium remake of Juice with he as Tupac’s character Bishop.

  5. Is it just me or does he look like Nerdy McNerdstein in that picture? Them Russell Westbrook glasses ain’t for everybody.