Spike Lee is a Conniving & Scheming Uncle Tom


Luke Campbell Goes For Spike Lee

Pop That Film Director?

As Spike Lee remains under fire for his criticism of Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained”, the “The Do The Right Thing” filmmaker has generated another harsh critic. We’re talking about Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell, who recently slammed Spike Lee for being an “Uncle Tom” who’s jealous of Tarantino.

Here’s what Uncle Luke had to say about Spike Lee:

“Lee could never pull off a movie like this. When he’s not being an ass from his court side seats during New York Knicks games, he’s making bull crap films that most African Americans cannot relate to.

Spike is upset because Samuel L. Jackson’s character in the movie is just like him: a conniving and scheming Uncle Tom.”

Do some Afro Americans see Spike Lee as a hypocrite, because he presents a pro-black stance – yet peddles booze to the African American community? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Professor Eric Michael Dyson.

Spike Lee


  1. If Spike Lee could get his head out of his ass and read some Joseph Campbell “The Power of Myth” (or listen to it on audio series on Audible.com) he could create movies with strong black characters/heroes that would put butts in movie seats like Tarantino does. The difference is Lee wouldn’t simultaneously humiliate, stereotype us and call us names like Tarantino has for 20 yrs.

    Start building our legacy like the white man has been doing with for centuries. Superheros, myths and legends are important people in the psyche of a race. You can’t only look up to rappers and ball players and get ahead in life.

    • Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water folks.

      Many of today’s black directors — John Singleton, Antoine Fuqua, F. Gary Gray, Lee Daniels and yes, Tyler Perry — wouldn’t have had a shot at having Hollywood green light their projects if Spike hadn’t blazed the trail first by proving that he could make low budget hit movies.

      He’s also:

      – produced hits such as The Best Man, Original Kings of Comedy, Inside Man, Love & Basketball;

      – directed Denzel Washington and Danny Aiello to Oscar nominations;

      – first hired actors who now enjoy mainstream success such as Denzel, Halle Berry, Wesley Snipes, Samuel L. Jackson AND reached back to actors Hollywood had long forgotten such as Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis

      Spike has done more than 35 films since 1983 so he has no reason to be jealous of any director, black or white.

      I love and support most of Tyler’s movies but do you think he’ll be able to do 35 Madea movies?

      No other black director has touched on the topics Spke has dared to tackle (racial tensions, sexual liberation, interracial relationships, exploitation of black artists) and no other black director or star cared enough to produce documentaries on black historical topics such as Hurricane Katrina and the church bombing.

      The problem is that the media paints him as the angry black man because he expresses his opinion…and they would rather have him scratch when he doesn’t itch and remain politically correct.

      I disagree with Spike’s assessment of Django (which is a remake by the way) because I loved the idea of finally seeing a BLACK WOMAN BE THE PRIZE THAT IS SOUGHT AFTER BY A BLACK MAN!!!! YESSSssssss. 🙂

      But that still doesn’t negate the fact that QT excessively uses the word nigger in his movies…and that some of the stuff shown in Tyler’s movies/tv shows is stereotypical and buffoonish.

      And no, I’m not Spike…just a huge fan of his body of work.

  2. Regina

    Although in a fair and equitable world, we all would like to think that Hollywood’s sole focus in on $$$$….It is not…

    The first and primary job of the Illusion makers of Hollywood is to uphold and maintain the Psychological edge in showcasing the idea of white supremacy and the inferiority of all others….Then comes the money…

    There job is not to teach black people how to get up and out from under their thumb but to program us to enjoy being victimized by propagating that we have never and could never do better without their leadership…

    If they lose that, They lose it all..

    Then the money to be able to replicate the test model intergenerationally.

    • Amen. Let em know. I get irritated when people shrug it all off and thinks its just money. People read “The Isis Papers” Dr. Cressling

    • Anonymous;

      “There job is not to teach black people how to get up and out from under their thumb but to program us to enjoy being victimized by propagating that we have never and could never do better without their leadership…”

      People can only be programmed, if they “choose” to be. Unless one is a child and their parent sits them in front of the television, no one has to watch it. Choose wisely, everyone knows in this century what time it is. Knowledge is power, quit blaming others.

      • The most vulnerable “PEOPLE” that you are referring to are from the ages of 5-12…

        Their primary targets are not the adults, but the abandoned (abandoned by a draconion economic system that forces both parents to work and for the children to be reared by the state and state sponsored media) children…

        Its evil, not less so as when a child is targeted by physical pedophiles…These pedophiles are using psych-op programming and it has nothing to do with choice anymore than an 11 year old can choose to be in a sexual relationship with a 42 year old man.

        Now lose me with your circular logic crap.

        • Anonymous;

          You misread my comments. I was not suggesting anyone sit their child in front of the television/or movie. I was making a different statement. That statement was “People can only be programmed, if they “choose” to be.” One is not forced unless they are a child, without the option of choosing.

  3. Uncle toms do not live in ny house negroes like luke live in the south like Quentin tarantino needs all these blacks defending him. Smh.

    • really Mark?? not in ny huh?? I guess Flava Flav is from Alabama!! educate yourself before making inaccurate comments..

      • Flava Flav is from long Island… which is a suburb of NYC… there aint no TOMS in nyc… luke def is a tom…

  4. Been down wit spike since she’s gotta have it (1984). I have not seen django nor do I need to see another slavery themed film; Are we moving forward or backwards? Is this 2013 or 1813????

  5. I cant agree with either of them, I cant stand QT psychotic ass and refuse to support him, not that my $10 makes a difference, but Spike lee has tastelessly transitioned from a man that I grew up respecting, to a walking contradiction. Hes just no longer someone I can look up to as a role model for the black community but maybe thats because times have changed, jealosy is a poisonous bug and I never ever would have thought that somebody like HIM would have ever been jealous of Tarantino, idk, but I think that Obama is paving the way for what a strong black male figure should look like, and setting the standard for what african americans should strive for.

    • Obama is far far from being a strong black male figure.
      He’s more of a subservient moderate non-white, non-black waiter.

      No strong black man would let that ugly ass Govenor from Arizona wag her stink finger in his face. A real black man would have had her arrested by the Secret Service and released a few hours later, just to show her that he wasnt having it go down like that.

      I dont think the black luggage handler at the airport would have allowed that screw face witch to demean him like that…

      Obama is a good boy with a white mom. We could have done worse for a President…But a strong black man?
      You’re kiddin’ me right?

        • Thank you! I get so tired of this bitch and his/her anti Obama rhetoric. Go sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up. You’re not that bright or smart.

          • Don’t you know you can’t do anything but praise Obama in front of black folk? Talk about Obama or Beyonce in a room full of black ppl and see if you make it out alive.. They are the end all, be all… (eyeroll)

  6. If Spike Lee wasnt a made man and a Hollywood INSIDER, he wouldnt be making movies in Hollywood.

    Spike is what we call “CONTROLLED OPPOSITION”…

    same as Jesse Jackson , Al Sharpton and Louie FarraCON

  7. Soo acting is only supposed to perpetuate history and the so called truth? Acting isn’t for entertainment..I understand.
    It’s ok for black directors to stereotype blacks…She Hates Me which has been playing just about everyday for the last month is the perfect idealistic perpetuation of an out of work black ex executive and the secret longing of black lesbians…such an educational piece of work…remarkable

  8. sPIKE is a Moorehouse Man and A GREEK, thus he is BOULE’….

    Just like his crack junkie alumni, Sambo Jackson.

  9. red hook was GREAT..a movie that if promoted and put in theatres all acrosss the nation would HAVE made a bigger impact than django or whatever because it deals with the REAL reason most are still SLAVES…and the answer is religion….RED HOOK showed the pointless songs that are sung in every church, how the pastor really is the worse thing in the church, how foolish WE look in that damn church, and how molestation is the foundation for every church….
    what do those pastors do when they have to go to those workshops..why do pastors never get charged with RAPE……that MOVIE was great..i dont care if people hate on spike…RED HOOK had to be banned from movies because it exposed that EVIL CHURCH…bottom line…yeah django is very controversal and thats it…nothing more/less..that got the masses talking enough to make it a box office hit, and get awards…but that movie doe nothing to help wake up those in need…
    i recommend red hook, made me realize why pastors always move to other cities.states..

    for all yall church folks, check out red hook..as yourself..do you know your so called pastors REAL name, and where he i REALLY from…OUR women make up these churches and keep them a float…yet the church is the number one suppressor for OUR women..keeps the confidence low, why are so many church women single, overweight, etc…..

    dont believe the hype…spike dropped a great movie

    • I didnt see Django
      How was it? I hear alot of hype and promotion behind it. They’re really working had to keep that shit in the public mindset for 3 months or so.

    • I didn’t care for Red Hook because it took too long to make its point IMO. However, you are right about most churches in the community.

      If Leon Isaac Kennedy and Pebbles can become ministers, that says a lot about how the church was supposed to be about helping to build up the community.

      My cousin is a well-known womanizing junkie and out of nowhere, some institution made him a deacon.

    • Let me help you out a little bit. This statement is partially true, “the REAL reason most are still SLAVES…and the answer is religion…”. The real reason was money, it was continued,excused, and supported by religion.

  10. This isn’t a matter of jealousy.

    It’s hard to believe this site was just bashing Tarantino and is now running this article.

    As a black male law student, I sided without hesitation with Lee over Django. At first I did ponder whether or not it was jealousy on Lee’s part. But prior to Lee’s op ed piece I was actually excited to see the film. So while I stated my stance to others as aligning with Lee I was still wavering.

    It wasn’t until I returned to school this semester was I sure that i made the correct choice. My roommate is white. His father is an oncologist and so is his mother. It can also be argued he is in the top percentile of intellect in the country just based on the law school we attend. So he is not a redneck by any stretch.

    At any rate, he was elated to tell me of the film and claims he will purchase it on DVD when released. Also that it was the best film he had seen this decade. At which point I presented lee’s argument. No sooner a commercial flashed for the film trumpeting that Dicaprio’s nomination for best supporting.

    My roommate was shocked, he gasped “I thought he was the main role…”, in reference to dicaprio.

    Long story short, Spike is right this is the only black film many whites will watch for this year and probably for the next five. Do we want Tarantino writing our history? Inserting the n word in a time it didn’t exist? Playing on the worst stereotypes when this film is probably many folks on this planets only view into Black America.

    Granted this is fiction, but take a moment to recount how many folks you know that believe Freddy or Jason are reality. Film has a way of dripping into reality.

    • Oh yeah, since when did a pornographer become the barometer of racial harmony. Campbell, should know as much of his fame came off the backs of abused black women. While it does make him experienced in the subject it doesn’t delegate authority to speak on such issues. When you consider that he’s an exploiter of black women telling spike not to rock the boat; who becomes the Uncle Tom?

      • I saw the movie.. it was pretty interesting.. but your points are well noted… I agree with many if not most!

      • Please elaborate on Campbell; his connection to pornography & the oppression of black women. Please.

        • Never mind. I thought you were referencing Joseph Campbell not Luke as he is such a non-factor. Just the fact he is trying to call Spike an Uncle Tom is laughable. He needs to be ignored.

    • I hate to quote the Bible on a blog, but in this instance, I must. “A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways” found in James 1:8. That wavering back and forth between thoughts isn’t a good sign for a law student. We really didn’t need the background information either.

      • You would know because you too are in law school, right? Law is one of the highest forms of thought. People that stick to their guns or instincts aren’t thinking. Weighing merits and dispositives is the only way to craft a flawless argument.

        Lastly the bible has nothing to do with our secular law structure. As other readers suggested here please view lee’s “red hook”.

        • Furthermore, I supplied my background information so that others could better understand for one that my roommate isn’t a honky and rather affluent and intelligent and that if the film would effect him so imagine the rest of white population that was less so. But I guess details escape those who go with their gut and don’t believe in thinking.

      • Uhm, actually, the best type of lawyer is able to view things from both sides… It’s called being unbiased.. Have several seats; ampitheater…

  11. I saw Django… and I like what Tarantino did by making the black character a hero in the same way whites glorify and make their hero characters almost suprnatural… that’s good and black film makers need to take note of what he did there…it’s called myth-building and is important. I hate the way Tarantino stereotypes. It’s like his mind is stuck in a Blaxploitation film house in the seventies. And he’s way too into the N-word. He just seems like a tacky individual with a very limited view of black people. He must hang with some really ghetto ones.

    Spike just needs to get his act together. Stop bashing Tarantino publicly and just make sure his Nat Turner movie is tight so we can all go see it and get him some box office numbers.

    • But my thing is to me it gets so confusing because its clear that Tarantino has limited knowledge of blacks as you said and is clearly as racists as they come, why then, make a movie in which you portray the black man as a hero? Whats behind this contradiction? He clearly doesnt think highly of blacks in real life. Now I understand anyone can write a fictional script about anything, regardless of whether they believe in its substance or outcome, by why, why make THIS type of movie when he could have portrayed ANY other subject?

      • Was Django really a hero?

        The characters main and only concern was personal. To get his wife back…If there were other fellow INMATES who lives had to be sacrificed for that very selfish and personal goal, then so be it…Thats not a hero…Thats called a BLAXPLOITATION FILM…

        Its the same plot of any half ass blaxploitation film of the 70’s…

        Just like Shaft and the rest…Shaft didnt give a darn about the black struggle…Shaft had a personal goal and if any fellow victims had to be sacrificed to reach that goal, then so be it…Thats not heroic.

        • I see your point, I guess meant a hero in regards to his wife, but I understand what you mean. I myself have not seen the movie, dont really want to, im just basing it off of the synopsis of the movie itself, and things Ive read.

          • Look, anytime a black man is a hero in a film..it’s a good thing. Let’s have more of that any way we can get it. If he wants to save his wife first, fine. Let’s get that family unit strong again. You have to put on your own oxygen mask first before you can save the world anyway.

      • Reneeblack,

        To answer your question about why if QT is racist why would he make the black man a hero? Well it’s part of the black exploitation formula. You have to give the blacks some candy to get them to your movie. We aren’t going to support an overtly racist movie unless you can con us to go by portraying a black hero. Now once we pay the money we are treated to the n-word 184 times, Mandingo fighting and the denigration of Jamie Foxx to the extent I have never seen on film before.

        He can’t get to 125 million dollars in box office by presenting a spaghetti western unless he gives the whites slavery and denigration of blacks the blacks won’t go see it unless it has an actor they like being a hero and shooting the white folks.

        He knew what he was doing and we took the bait but watch us not take it next time.

        • @Lauren, thank you for clearing that up for me, now I have a better understanding, but do you really thing Black people wont see a second movie with a basis along the same lines? What if it was made by a Black producer? Maybe this will make spike come out against this to counter it, idk. But also as far as your comment about Jamie Foxx, youre right, and as ive stated before on other posts I really honest believe that the conditioning it takes to play role after role after role, is taking a tole on his psyche. And I believe it all started with “the soloist”. I honestly believe that jumping from character to character and having to make major ajustments from personality to personality takes a toll on any individual. I think Sam L. is def getting to the end of his rope too because normally in all hes roles he still maintains a sense of himself, but the last few movies hes been in its been a change in his acting but I cant quite put my finger on it.

          • Also one of the producers was the black dude out of St Louis who made bay bays kids i believe. Hudlin

  12. I think Tarantino and Sam Jackson are crack buddies and that’s why he can get Jackson to do all this silly stuff in movies. But Sam Jackson is going to be the last buffoon tool that white movie makers can get to play these type of negative stereotypes. Jackson is getting old and Django was his last hurrah.

    As you can see they are starting to get Indian people to play buffoons… who was the Indian dude on the Golden Globes acting high when he was presenting with JAson Bateman? Anyway… we see what they are doing and black folks aren’t doing it anymore.

    Tyler Perry’s running out of steam too… we see through that Medea crap.

    Hollywood we see you. I’ll stick to network TV if that’s the only place I can get intelligent black images.

    • @Charlie, Right, and especially in regards to Tyler Perry, I remember in the beginning of his career how adamant he was about not shifting from portraying his belief in christianity or playing christian roles, when asked about shifting from making plays to producing “House of Payne” hes quoted as saying “There are some things that I know I will have to bugde on and give into, but there are some things that I am just not willing to change for anyone” talking of course about deviating from having god the bases of his works. Hes does all these Madea movies, plays etc. that gets worn out what does he do? Goes and takes the gun-toting lead role of playing Alex Cross……. everybody has a price, and a time, sad to say.

  13. This is more proof that blacks are still under mind controlled slavery. Spike Lees says the truth and blacks make excuses to hate on the black man but support the white man who is making mockery of blacks in all of his films. People never think why would Django get action figures? It is for on thing and one thing only – to insult us.

    These same blacks are the ones who will agree with real blacks that Koreans are mean and should not control black hair care products or other should not be the main store owners in our hoods, but still feed them all of your money! You only make excuses as to why you would keep giving money to others but not your brother. Why do negroes make excuses for Tarantino, but hate on Spike Lee by claiming that he wished he could make a movie like that. Spike Lee is a better director than QT and is held in high regard by WHITES as on of the best ever! So stop that.


    • Josh;

      Spike Lee made a comment about what he was going to do. He wasn’t going to see the movie, based on his feelings. Most people, “who can think for themselves”, choose to go see the movie. Thinkers/analytics are not under mind control nor are they sheep.

  14. Josh, the blacks who were making excuses for Tarantino were probably not familiar with his previous work or hadn’t seen Django yet. We know what time it is with Tarantino now. Best believe this is the last film of his we’ll be supporting en masse.

  15. Was Django really a hero? No

    The characters main and only concern was personal. To get his wife back…If there were other fellow INMATES who lives had to be sacrificed for that very selfish and personal goal, then so be it…Thats not a hero…Thats called a BLAXPLOITATION FILM…

    Agree with the comments above …how could one make a comparative choice between pimp racist tarrentino ugly as fuck and Brother spike relaying topical issues which are of importance to the African American community. The sell out jango players were motivated by money money money there is no honour among jigaboos If it was not for Mr Spike lee most of these sell outs would not be up selling whatever for Hollywood look how may of these jokes were given breaks in Brother Spikes movies. Its really simple Brother Spike self funded not a sycophant to the corruption of the film and music industry will never succumb to feminisation of African males in film and is an icon to our serious genre of black film and a role model and makes films which will be relevant in years to come. The muzungu Tarrentino is one sick ugly bitter and twisted african hating Ass hole I have better things to do with my money : Preach!!

    • I think its way past money for some of them, especially Sam L. It almost seems like a struggle with pride, past transgressions, drug addiction, fame, glory, and regret. Fame has a way of taking hold of people in such strange ways. As I said before with Jamie Foxx, when youre in a place that you have to continue to condition yourself for role after role after role, it alters your mind and perception of life and reality. Just look at Heath Ledger. You spend so much of your life being someone else, then on top of that you have real issues in your own real life to deal with, its a recipe for disaster.

    • Angelo;

      You stated, “The characters main and only concern was personal. To get his wife back…If there were other fellow INMATES who lives had to be sacrificed for that very selfish and personal goal, then so be it…Thats not a hero…Thats called a BLAXPLOITATION FILM…”

      Hypothetically, if it had not been for Stephen’s meddling, there would not have been blood shed. The man just wanted his wife, that’s all. Disclaimer: This was just a movie and Quentin Tarantino likes blood flying all over the place.

  16. If you want a black hero, you dont need to make up some fictious one with an Italian name..

    NAT TURNER WAS A REAL LIFE HERO. (with factual documentation to prove it)





    They (Hollywood) would finance a white racist crackhead to make a piece of fictious garbage like Django and have a cross dressing homosexual play the lead role so they can say they made the slave movie…You think they would ever finance Spike Lee to make the Nat Turner story? A story about a real hero?

    • Oh, I forgot another great hero that a movie was actually made about…

      ZUMBI OF PALMARES BRAZIL…(The movie is called “Quilombo”)…check it at amazon.

  17. spike lee forgot who really put him on! hollywood/jews

    most people are unaware that his 2nd film…She’s Gotta Have It 1986 was really the story of Spike himself and the women that he was involved with as he was a young adult. that would never sell today and it definitely would not back then…what he did was flip the script making the main character female, thus perpetuating the myth that black women are sexually promiscuous. now who is the uncle tom sell out? really spike?

    • I don’t think that movie was just about portraying black women as promiscuous. It is more so about women wanting equal treatment. As this is what the main character argues throughout her monologues.

      While this may be based on his affairs, 3 women or the 3 men as lovers is very tame when compared to the realities of 2013.

      Additionally you must look passed all of his positive work to single out this one character as a transgression great enough to void all Lee’s merits and furthermore and illogically so his analysis on QT’s Django.

      There is no room for the fact that maybe Lee has matured in the nearly 3 decades precede that work. A film that many black and white media outlets paint as being a feminist triumph by the way.

      On the other hand we are comparing this said transgression to the works of a one Mr. Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell, pornographer and author of songs such as “Head, Head, and more Head pts. I&II”, “Pimple on my dick”, “Stop looking at my dick”, and “Bust a nut”.

      This is no way a balanced comparison. This is a known exploiter of women. Every album is generally in the same vein playing the same misogynistic notes over and over. How is “She gotta have it” even come close to this? Furthermore, Spike never referred to any of the actors in the film as Uncle Toms.

  18. TArantino = Crackhead
    Samuel Jackson= Crackhead
    Jamie Foxx= Cross-dresser

    They are all being whored…. the Weinsteins are going to make their money and these guys will be washed up in 5…4…3…2…1…

    • Why are they gonna be washed up?

      If they do what they are told, they will continue to have their fame and get their roles(as long as they can serve their purpose)..

      Look at Jennifer Aniston…She keeps getting movie roles even though all her movies are flops….She’s a ritual girl and as long as shes in good standing and maintains her youth, she will be given chance and chance…

      • Anonymous ,What exactly is a ritual girl? What does that entail? Yes Jennifer Aniston is definitely doing something because why she keeps getting movies makes no sense. But she is Jewish


  20. People, a lot of you are missing what took place in Django. I am personally tired of seeing white men literally move space, mountains, rivers, oceans and dimensions for their women in movies…they face Satan himself over and over on screen to save their Ice queens and we all sit there and cry… What movie is out there where a Black man is going against ALL odds, facing certain danger and going through HELL for his Ebony Goddess?? NO not basketball & love or Brown Sugar…A movie where a Black man is determined to face the wrath of EVIL and FIGHT for OUR love. ALSO, did anyone notice the power play of Samuel Jackson’s character…NOPE ..too busy complaining about the N word which we have allowed to be used gratuitously by fake thugs we call “rappers” …We forgot Rhyme And Poetry to buy into the noise(hip hop) that is the destruction of Black Love therefore Black Family. I digress. Jackson’s character in the scene when he “snitches” on Django is seated, swirling a glass of cognac as Dicaprio’s character enters in a submissive position taking a seat to be counseled not just informed on how stupid he is and why Django is really there. Remember, all through out the movie it was not customary and down right illegal for a Black man to ride a horse…You really think its okay for a master to walk in a room to a seated slave swirling Cognac???? It shows you who truly had the POWER. Since the lot of you think the occult is the devil blah blah blah..go study who the F$&k you are!!! Magik is science. When Leonardo was informed by his true master he went and pulled a skull out of a bag that belonged to the “slave” that came years and years before Jackson’s character who his (Dicaprio’s) ancestors consulted…Why does he have that skull?? WAKE UP!! STOP WATCHING WITH YOUR EYES WIDE SHUT!! you are your own worse enemy… In the end after Django slayed through all those white men ( sweet revenge) and a white woman to get his dark beauty it was him and Samuel Jackson who threw his cane down showing who was BOSS. A lot of esoteric in the movie so many will never ever get it because they are not educating themselves. Tarantino is no hero of mine but what he dropped was priceless. WAKE UP!

    • @Kitty

      Tarrantino sounds like a kinda Messiah figure for you.
      Leading you to the Promised Land.

      Good luck with that and Im glad you found your white crackhead racist Christ.

    • Kitty, you are so right! There were a lot of subliminal messages in Django showing and glorifying the intelligence and strength of the Black man being superior to the White man. The white men in this movie were cartoonish dumb!! With the exception of his partner, Dr. Shultz, but even Dr. Shultz let his emotions get the best of him while Django stayed focused. The white men in this movie were not on the same level as Django or Samuel’s character as far as cleverness, smarts, and boldness. The plantation owner (Big Daddy)was illiterate. He couldn’t read the Bounty Hunter papers that Dr. Shultz showed. The hairy inbred hillbilly trackers that owned the wild dogs looked, spoke and acted like they were wild savage animals themselves! The KKK were a bunch of clownish fools! Calvin Candie was a simple minded, greedy, money hungry dummy, and The stupid Australians that fell right in Django’s trap were beyond dumb! Django Unchained is a beautiful love story…It’s deeper than a “Slave Movie.” Check it out- buy the bootleg from a brotha if you don’t want to support QT!

    • Kitty, where have you been? I have been trying to disseminate this information for quite some time. Many have not seen the film, yet comment on it. The focus is on the “n” word, not the real message of the film.

  21. really Mark?? not in ny huh?? I guess Flava Flav is from Alabama!! educate yourself before making inaccurate comments..

    • Flava Flav is from Long Island NY and is perhaps the Greatest Sambo of the modern Rap Era…

      He is the King Coon of Coons and is the Prototype and Measuring stick for Future Coons..

      From NY , NOT mISSISSIPPI.

      • If yall remember in one of Katt Williams stand up’s he said that Flav said “they gonna call you a black coon, behind your back, why not get paid for it” mmmmm hmmmm -side eye-

  22. Christa

    I dont care if you are the Greatest and most subservient Sambo in the Galaxy.

    There are certain things that the President of Hollywood just wont allow a black person to portray on the big screen…

    They screen everything that goes on the big screen in the US and most of the Western World…And no messages of liberation will be getting past their filter. They let you get away with one or twO subliminals or do some damage to a character that is very flawed but thats it…Other than a small concession to get people in the seats, they have to maintain the Psychological edge over those who dont have the power to put these images up by teaching their religion called RACISM.

    • “I don’t care if you are the greatest & most subservient Sambo in the Galaxy”.

      LOL! I just can’t today. OMG! I love my people so much. I am in tears on the floor laughing so hard at this! DEAD! O_o

  23. The Djanjo movie movie was made to confuse and further decieve our future generations.
    Fairy tales and make believe is the agenda.
    While all this is taken place there is laws and legislations that are being put in place that are not in our best interest.
    Usually that is time they give the green light to such projects like this.
    Al ofl this while we are being entertained. And thats our problem. We love entertainment. We love to be entertained.
    Spike was also entertainment.
    To fool us into thinking we have arrived.
    Until we get back to being independant doctor lawyers and educators within our commuties, we will continue to shuck and jive. Laugh and dance .
    As they continue to steal from us.

    • Anonymous23;

      “The Djanjo movie movie was made to confuse and further decieve our future generations.” Nothing could be further from the truth. The movie was a “movie”, not a documentary.

      • Wow honey, it’s obvious you’re not a strong reader.

        Your last two comments contradict.

        You first agree the film has some sort of “magik” and is a black empowerment film. In the following comment you then agree that the film’s intent is to confuse black people. Obviously, the film can be one or the other. So I guess your wavering.

        Go grab your bible.


  25. I don’t like any Tarantino crap. If I want to see violence, I’ll turn on the news and be better entertained. Spike Lee is just another misogynistic a$$hole like Tarantino. Spike can only write women as bitches, sluts, whores, or half-ass mothers.

  26. I agree with your comments, Christa. Spike Lee is jealous and angry. The two words go together. He should “manage” that anger and get refocused.

    • christa said “Hollywood’s Biggest Pain in the Azz” HSK is going to make me lose my job from laughter, if its not from Jacky’s article pictures, its from @keepinitrealnotkeepinitreal @crazychris @pinkkitty and @christa educated,well thought but hilarious comments

  27. I knew when they had that “Catcher Freeman” episode on the Boondocks that Hollywood was going to make it into a movie…

    Instead of “Catcher Freeman” it became “Something Unchained”

    • You’re right, Uncle Ruckus and Stephen (Sam Jackson) were practically the same! I did my research and found the common link…Reginald Hudlin is an executive producer for the Boondocks. He also was a producer for the movie Django Unchained.

  28. Django Unchained is nothing more than a 1972 Black Exploitation Film with a big budget…

    You niggas are being exploited again and dont even realize it…The Weinbergs have picked up where their predecessors left off.


  29. Why dont Spike make a movie worth watchin’ like the hungry Spike from the 80’s and not his undercurrent sexual fantasy bullshit like She’s Gotta Have It and She Hate Me. And I know that bug eyed nigga aint callin nobody a Tom…Im still washing my eyes outfrom Bamboozled…yeah nigga I aint forget that BS!