Stacey Dash Reps Paula Deen!


Stacy Dash a Paula Deen Defender

The last time we checked, God didn’t admit to using the N-word — Paula Deen did! But, religion seems to be the route Stacy Dash has decided to take while reppin’ the exposed racist!

Check it:


This isn’t the first time the ousted ‘Single Ladies’ actress has seemingly intended to shock us with out-of-left field statements. Back in November 2012, Dash announced she’s far from being team Obama — openly admitting to have voted for Mitt Romney.

Here’s what Stacey Dash previously said:

“Perhaps I publically endorsed Romney from a slightly naive place, thinking that I could speak my voice without being criticized in such racially charged and hateful tones.”

Did Stacey Dash go as far as saying she smokes weed out of an apple and masturbates in front of her Pug — all for attention? Of course! Just ask Seth Godin.


  1. Bone dry thirst for attention. She knew the media would jump at her tweet following the Mitt endorsement. She’s desperate to keep the sun from setting on her acting career.

    Sad. 🙁

    • lol Well, she might as well face the music–As much as she tries to be otherwise, she’s classified as a black ‘actress (Apostrophes because the broad is a terrible actress)’ who’s always gotten by with her (Rapidly fading) looks and sex appeal who’s pushing 50–Truth be told, the sun set on her ‘acting career’ in the ’90s. Maybe Paula will license her to hawk butter when she (Paula) inevitably gets a new show on some white network like Don Imus and Dog the Mullet Hunter did *shrugs*

      • stacy needs to let go of clueless days and stop acting as if she still in character of deon.this blonde dixxy air brain mess she too old for it.she can support she wants to support but let that be private no need to air that out looking for attention for what how bout look for a job try the classifieds lol!

    • Forget the N word. The real problem is that this Paula Deen witch might (probably) let her racism AFFECT PEOPLES LIVES AND JOBS AND PROMOTIONS!

      The N word is a distraction, this is a HUGE and SERIOUS legal matter. How many black folk busted their ass for this f*ing bigot and got shortchanged and overlooked for a promotion?

      We should just boycott this greasy old relic. Mind you, thats just Paula Deen, how many more capable, hard working people NEVER get a chance because of the bigots in Networks like Viacom, NBC-UNIVERSAL, Univision etc?

      Spanish tv is just as bad, they act like black hispanics dont exist. I dont even watch tv, I just nerd out on the internet, watch netflix and mostly play videogames.

      Screw Paula Deen, if your ass is black and work for her, FILE A CLASS ACTION! DO NOT watch her crappy shows, reruns or future shows and lets support our OWN!

      This episode got me tight. Fuck Bill Maher, Stacey Dash and any f*in coon that stands up for this bigot.

      Woooosaaaah. 🙂

      • Anon 13:27 If you are serious about hitting Ms Deen where it hurts the most, her pocketbook, PLEASE read my somewhat long(it’s not that bad, I just would rather not type it again here) post in the original Paula Deen thread from 2 days ago. I have organized a large group of Black women and we are working our azzes off to keep QVC, PD’s TRUE source of enrichment, from letting her return to hawk her food and kitchenware on air. We have been notified that they are still withholding their decision as to whether to continue selling her line. Call or email them asap and (whether you do or do not shop there doesn’t matter) and tell them you will never patronize them again if they do not do the right thing and cease doing business with her.
        1 800 345 1515 ask to speak to cust. serv mgr

        Thanks to all who have helped, it’s going to work!

        • I sent them a long email today to get her off the air. Keep up the pressure, QVC is stupidly trying to ride this out like Nike did with tiger woods.

          • Thanks Chebella

            Once they fire Paula Deen, all black peoples problems will be solved.

            We can then start businesses, open private schools for our children, grow our own food on black owned farms, etc.

            Paula was stopping us from doing that stuff and establishing our own cable TV network.

            Happy Days are here again!

            • Anonymous, always the the bucket of water on other poster’s fire. And for what???

              NOBODY said that shutting down Deen’s revenue machine was going to save the world or provide reparations for Black Americans, but why throw dollars at someone who yearns for the days of colored folk in slave clothing serving her dinner?

              You are so damn negative.

    • Too late, she’s already washed up. When did she last have a hit movie anyway? Anything to stay in the spotlight, just because Stacey Dash is light skinned doesn’t make her white. Black entertainment needs to turn their back on her.

      • @Sweet T–I agree, but you know how many Negroes, especially those in the Entertainment Industry, are absolute SUCKERS for light skin.

        • That’s the self hatred we been programmed to be on…the lighter u are is a sign of true beauty because you closer to white or the right color as they would have u believe… Like beyonce, Rihanna are the black symbols of beauty but they sponsor white makeup… It’s the subliminal messaging that kills us as well

  2. She’s never had much of a career…the only things that I distinctly remember her in were Mo Money, Clueless, and Single Ladies. So yeah she’s a famewh*re will to do anything for a shout out.

  3. Who cares what a washed up has been has to say. Have you ever notice that she comments on straight BS as if her career is going to get a jump start.

    • Oh Lawdy Lawdy; what we’se gonna do now???

      I feel you Pearl, I really do.
      They sold their souls for a few pieces of silver, and wonder why Black folks won’t pay to see them.

      • To, BigDaddyWin

        “Oh Lawdy Lawdy; what we’se gonna do now???”

        Freaking hilarious. Hahahahahahahahaha

  4. I refuse to speak out against Black women, but since this bitch REFUSES to be Black, we may as well just load up the insults and have at her!

    I don’t know what kind of plantation this Kizzy rolled out from, but if all you have to say on this matter is “Everybody makes mistakes”, then you need to take your ‘Bama ass back to said plantation!

    For every person who has been lynched, whipped and assaulted all under the guise of racism, you have insulted them/ us all! Just because you got a break or two on the casting couch doesn’t give you the right to take a dump on the pain that the word ‘nigger’ brings. The word itself is not spoken in polite circles, it is not cherished in the halls of congress, it is not heralded by the people it was used against, not; it is a word that instantly draws an emotion when it passes someone’s lips.

    Either pain or laughter is it’s intent, it is one of the most vile disgusting words ever created and this chick needs to come out of her bubble and see the pain that she shields herself from.

    • BEAUTIFUL, BIGDADDY! Thank you so much for such poetry.

      Now, if you can just get yr words to Kanye & Camel & Yeezy & Ciara & the rest of the folks in the music biz, maybe they’ll FINALLY get it! I keep thinking it’s an age thing, but Camel is past 40, the rest of them are in their 30s now. They’re all old enuf to know that if it pisses you off when Whitefolks use it, nobody shd be using it.

      I stopped using that word face-2-face back in college. But online, I do tend to slip up sometimes when I’m mad. But no more. Hearing how Paula Dean used it so casually & even worse, treated her employees like they were practically slaves, was a good reminder of why I hate that term so much.

      I’m gonna make sure to keep that word out of my mouth – & my keyboard – from now on. Thanks again, BigDaddyWin.

      • Thank YOU RC!

        I caught what you said about their age and it struck me kind of odd…
        Remember when LL and Kool Moe D and the rest were doing rap and a new generation came in and then all of a sudden it was a “young man’s game”?

        If that’s the truth then shouldn’t these clowns move on and let the mic go for a newer group? 30 is old for the rap game and 40 is damn near dead, and yet they keep spewing the same filth…


        • But the younger ones are EVER WORSE than Yeezus & Camel! That fool calling himself Tyler The Creator spouts so much profanity & hateful lyrics he can’t even get radio play.

  5. Keep trying to tell folks that Stacey Dash can’t stand black people and don’t consider herself black. This isn’t for attention. It’s how the bitch really, deeply, sincerely feels. LOL.

    There’s a BI that keeps circulating that people think the answer to is Traci Bingham and it’s actually Stacey. Stacey is such a Double Z listed actress that no one thinks about her for the answer but it’s her.

    • I agree. I don’t think she identifies or is willing to identify herself as a black person.
      She’s so hungry for fame that I’m surprised she hasn’t taken the Sammy Sosa route. That would actually get her some attention. Ha.

    • @Anonymous–If that were the case, then Stacey wouldn’t have done the following: Made it her business to be on Jamie Foxx’s arm at that award show a few years back (Google it), appeared on his radio show shortly after while fucking and sucking Jamie on the low in order to get her own radio show like Claudia Jordan did, go on Wendy Williams’ show after the awards to talk about the above award show ‘date,’ appeared in rap videos (Kanye’s ‘All Falls Down’ and one by MJG are two that immediately come to mind), be seen with/friends (Some say fucked) with the likes of Aaliyah, Jay-Z, and The Game (Just the picture they took after Game played ‘Captain Save-A-Hoe’ and came to Stacey’s rescue after the backlash she received for supporting Romney), embrace being the cousin of Dame and Darien Dash (Possibly to the point of bolstering her own ‘career–‘ How else do you think Kanye got her to be in his video?), and star in that ‘Single Ladies’ shit & all those straight-to-VHS/DVD, low-budget ‘Black/’Hood’ movies since ‘Clueless (1995–You do the math).’

      True, the broad is dumb & delusional as hell and DESPERATE for attention/relevancy, but to say she ‘can’t stand black people and don’t consider herself black’ is a stretch, as if that were true, all she’d have to do is what all other self-hating black actresses do for a come-up: Fuck the right white directors, producers, etc. in the Industry in order to be in movies and/or shows with predominantly white casts. True, she married those rich white men, but that was just for the money, obviously.

  6. Stacey is deeply conflicted and delusional about reality. She has an aura of desperation and angst. Her career started and ended with “Clueless”. She is in a crisis mode with the aging process kicking in, no husband, no career and not much money . She is grabbing at straws and only gets media attention when exhibiting disdain towards Blacks.

  7. I’m not sure if she is mixed ( bi racial) but I’m noticing a trend from these mixed up and confused individuals (I say this cause I know a lot of mixed ppeople, and they’re all fucked up and confused) but mixed plp don’t seem to have a problem with the word or racism in general. Is it because they’ve always heard the hate filed spews from their white dude, a side of the family that is NEVER fully comfortable with these kids in their families?? ALL I know is, we need to STOP mixing our beautiful heritage, color, and pride with these pink devils! It’s creating a race of people who don’t know their asses from a hole in the ground! I feel sorry for them that they have no clue add to who they really are! If you have lil mutts please show them their black roots, because they’re never fully excepted by the white man, and they need to know this in order to know self!

    • I checked and she’s A.A/ Bajan or is it Bejan? Dammit, one of her parents is from Barbados like RiRi. I thought with the blue eyes/light hair she must be bi, but apparently not. And I did not know that Dame Dash was her first cousin either.

      • shes other half is Mexican…..i love her thought i cant lie…just need to be quiet on her views sometimes

  8. Damn,
    This Bob Hope , fake nose bitch will hitch her wagon to anything or anybody that hates blacks.

    But she has a right to her free speech and her opinion. Its that Caucasian blood in her doing the talking. God played a trick on her by giving her a thick broad African nose though.

  9. Does anyone know the name of a slave movie she did about 25 years ago? She played a slave and this was when she had her original nose and brown skin.

  10. It’s funny how you think people in this industry are beautiful and smart when your a kid, and then when you grewup and see how they really are; it’s dissappointing.

    I wonder why she does this because even the whites are not impressed with her. I don’t see her on anything but magazines covers bent over, so what’s her objective?

  11. zoe saldana does’nt consider herself black but she plays a black woman.

    voting for romney one thing since we have a choice who to vote for regardless of race but defending racists remarks when no high profile white celeb spoke on no black man or woman’s behalf when they do wrong is stupid.

    oj was a murderer since 95 whites never defended him or spoke on his behalf.

    michael jackson was a pedophile since 93 no high profile white celeb defended him maybe liz taylor and liza minnelli but after mike was arrested for real they left him hanging saying they was through with him.

    but they was at his funeral with a few other white celebs.

    justin timberlake never defended mj and that was supposed to be his idol.

    several rappers been arrested and sent to jail but no white celeb defended puffy, jay z, wayne, lil kim, 2pac, mystikal, snoop dogg, odb, pimp c, suge knight, da brat, r kelly, coolio, and countless others who commit a crime whether they go to prison or not.

    nobody white defended chris brown he’s still considered a womanbeater in the eyes of white america.

      • let any black celeb get caught in trouble and we’ll see how many white cewlebs defend them regardless of how big or small it can even be an insult or a gay slur like isiah washington did.

      • @Anonymous 21:18–Zoe is Dominican, which is what? BLACK, no matter how hard many of them deny it. Men lie, women, lie, but genetics don’t. Do yourself a favor and pick up a damn history book sometime.

    • @CrazyChris,

      ALL these Hollywoods tricks & thugs claiming to be “mixed, biracial & latino/latina & whatever else” will all be claiming they’re black soon as “being BLACK is somewhat cool again.”

      Once upon a time not too long ago even the Mexicans were claiming they were black…when it was cool. Now, for some reason most of them have come to feel it suits them better to despise us as if we’ve done something to harm them when in fact every privilege they have in this country has been at the expense of black people…a bit off topic but not afraid to tell the truth.

      If current racism doesn’t get any worse the tide will turn back to a period when “being black is cool again” & these same tricks mentioned here will be the first to jump on the “oh yes, I’m black” bandwagon.

      • I hope you’re right, Ms Reg. I’m seriously afraid that all this crossbreeding means there won’t be but a handful of folks left who claim to be Black in another 20 yrs. By then, the bi-racials will predominate & the aren’t gonna identify as Black.

        I still can’t get over how The Civil Rights Act was gutted on Tues. (& did Obama say shit abt that?) then a day later, the same Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage is OK & all the gays get federal spousal benefits. Which Obama made it a point to praise. All this while Zimmerman is finally being tried for shooting Trayvon Martin.

        I feel like I’m high off whack weed in the middle of a bad Twilight Zone episode.

  12. Fifteen years ago black men such as myself were lusting after Stacey. Black men debated who was finer, Stacey or Halle? How times have changed. Halle is co-starring in a blockbuster movie next year. Halle is 45 and still fine as hell.
    No hollywood producer will hire Stacey Dash. She had to do a low budget reality show on youtube! Being the horrible actress that she is, Stacey heavily relied on her looks to get roles. Those days are over because Stacey’s looks are long gone and she is almost 50. Halle made a big mistake doing Monsters Ball, but she wasn’t stupid enough to support Mitt Romney and a racist old southern woman. Stacey fucked up! She has constantly insulted her core audience while at the same time posing half naked for magazines that cater to black men! She will never get back what she once had!

    • I don’t agree with all of Halle’s life choices but I don’t live with her so it’s irrelevant. However, the two careers are like a pomegranate and a banana only good for making bread. Halle’s produced many projects, does work with her own and hooked Taraji up w/her team which is how she got away from EBT movies of the week.

      On the flip, I’m from L.A. and no, nice things are not always said (eg the accident from 10+ yrs ago) but I’m sure that Christopher Williams had to take back one or the other, he would rather deal with that Olivier dude.

    • HALLE WON AN OSCAR fFOR MONSTER’S BALL! It was the most powerful work she’s ever done on screen. Why is that a ‘mistake’ — becuz she has a sex scene w/a White man? Seriously, NBA?

      Stacey is just a gorgeous as Halle, IMO. If she had any skills, she cd get work but she never bothered to study her craft. For all the White men she’s fucked, she shoulda had Salma Hayek’s career by now (who is also hella fine for a 40+ yr old!).

      I always thought Stacey wd marry some rich White dude then disappear. Guess she thought so too, but it didn’t work out!

  13. Stacey dash is a freak she said it herself that if you tell her that you love her u can fuck because she is a sucker for love but in reality she is as insecure as she is beautiful and in all honesty she is still attractive to be dam near 50 but she isn’t the brightest light bulb In the room apparently… But once the Industry A-list producers ran threw her they left her for the b movie executives to get a taste of miss dash ass… Now she wants to side with the caucas mountain folks to hope someone is willing to help reinvent herself for the mainstream…. Funny how her cousin dame dash said fuck these honkies and tried to get jay to stay with the click and shut down they mainstream shit and lost his shit… Meanwhile his cousin Stacey said I’m gonna fuck these honkies to stay relavent to mainstream and she still aint getting shit but booty mag picture.. Sad but rue

  14. Some black people are Republicans. Some like to follow recipes obese diabetic women Southern women the require a three stick butter minimum, Paula just happrn to be white and use the N word. Im not a fan of Stacy or The Missus Deen however people have the right to support who and what they want. Bill Gates is funding genocide in Africa and most people are still using Microsoft products. people at times invest energy into the wrong things. I predict this will blow over in a few years and she will learn her lesson in a few like the Isiah Washington eff word fiasco.

    You have to have Paris Hiltons lineage and money to get away with ignorant stuff.

      • I agree I apologize for the fluent ebonics, tablet sucks and multitasking. I meant to say Some back people are Republicans, some follow obese diabetic Southern women cooking with 3 sticks of butter, Paula just happens to be white and uses the N word, unlike Big Mama who is all the former and kills you with a smile. Im more offended by her peddling death and have never supported her but if some Negros do thats their right. I will see them in the same heaven or hell. Sure Paula and Stacy aren’t suffering.

        I agree with gates. Anyone knows he stole his fortune by placing a GUI over DOS commands and branded as Windows and muscled computer vendors to include Windows OS when selling PCs and business and government are dependent on MS(Harvard has military ties). Linux is less complicated and buggy but I digress. Bill Gates and the Clinton foundation is committing genocide in Africa and making Haiti a gambling brothel new Disney for the West (circa Havanna pre Castro) but people are up in arms about this? Wasted energy. I was more upset when I saw the video of this

        These over sexualized boys and girls running rampant. God bless Black AmeriKKKa

  15. I hated Halle for doing Monsters Ball! You will never see Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman or the new chick, Jenifer Lawrence do a graphic sex scene with a black man!
    Halle Berry, Rae Dong Chong, My favorite girl Jessica Lucas, Stacey Dash, (Illegal In Blue) and many other black actresses have had sexual and intimate scenes with white men. Halle was our top sex symbol and hollywood sexually destroyed and ridiculed her!

    • Sex is a normal, natural part of life & films that portray realistic characters shd have realistic sex scenes if the story goes there. But yr beef is becuz she was fucking a White man on screen? If Halle had fucked Denzel in a moive, that wd’ve been OK w/you? You’re just pissed becuz it was Billy Bob Thornton?

      Do you know how ignorant that sounds, NBA?!

      Hollywood did NOT “destroy & ridicule” Halle for MONSTER’S BALL. It gave her their highest award for that movie — for the entire performance, not just the sex scenes.

      HALLE FUCKS WHITE MEN IN REAL LIFE! So why be mad at her for pretending to fuck one on screen? Esp. considering back when the movie was made, she was still down w/the Brothers! She even gave her husband Eric Benet props for giving her the confidence to do that love scene!

  16. Halle was THEIR top sex symbol. We never had a vote.

    She fit their agenda as a mixed race woman . The type they hope will save their dying Caucasoid race by influencing young black men to desire the lighter and keep them in play a little longer.


    • I disagree with you. White hollywood didn’t care about Halle until we, the black man fell in love with her (Remember the movie Strictly Business). Black directors and producers gave Halle her big break. When Mainstream hollywood saw how popular Halle was in the black community, they scopped her up, paid her more money and hired her in big budget movies. We the black community made Halle Berry the big time celebrity that she is today.

      • Im going to have to go ahead and disagree with you also.

        My contention is that they push HALLE and the mulatta image on us. If they wanted to they could have pushed and could push a beautiful and sexy brown skinned black woman as the symbol of beauty. But they don’t…

        if you have a say, please share your story.

        • Yes hollywood uses the paper bag test to determine which black actresses are promoted to B or A list. There is an obvious stereotype when hiring black actors and actresses. My pont is in the early 1990’s. White hollywood didn’t know who Halle was. Halle got her start working in black movies. We the black men pushed Halle Berry over Jasmine Guy, Vanessa Williams, Lisa Bonet, Michael Michele, Tisha Campbell and Stacey Dash. Out of all of the black actresses during that time, Halle and her handlers made sure she stayed on our minds day and night. In addition to the fact that Halle was willing to do the casting couch, white hollywood chose her over the aforementioned black actresses. The rest is history.

  17. If Stacey Dash wants attention bad, do a sextape! I’m sure Red Light District and those other porn producers would love to use her!

  18. Damn, that shit nearly made me cry… I cdn’t even watch it all.

    But what do you expect when our own President is pushing the homo agenda?

    How can we tell these boys that sucking someone’s dick is NOT okay when Obama & the Supreme court say gay is okay?

  19. RC, like I said, Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman and Jennifer Lawrence will never do a sex scene or a love scene with any black man. Even B-list white actresses like Jennifer Love Hewitt or fine ass Lacey Chabert will not I repeat WILL NOT have sex or kiss a black man. In case you didn’t realize, HOLLYWOOD IS RACIST! Similar to slavery, hollywood will do what they want with our women, but we can not touch theirs. We can be in the same movie HanCock, The Bone Collector), but we can’t touch them (Don’t date my daughter).

  20. Anonymous isn’t understanding. I hate repeating myself but here it goes. HOLLYWOOD HATES BLACK PEOPLE! Hollywood is a multi-billion dollar MK-Ultra machine desinged to poison our minds with garbage and lies (Manchurian Candidate). Zoe Saldana was rewarded for playing the roles made famous by two dark skinned black woman. Halle played a comic book character that is dark skinned woman from a fictional African country. How about we both watch Bill Duke’s documentary Dark Skinned Girls, then we can further talk!

    • I’m sure DARK GIRLS isn’t saying anything that wasn’t being said 50 yrs. ago, But when it comes out on Netflix, I’ll definitely rent it.

  21. this chick is fine but warped as hell, always playing up to white people and they aren’t doing shit for her. reminds me of those blacks in the corporate world, who act like they are white and will work against a sista or brotha at all turns to keep her place in the system.

    Stacey- being fine is not everything as it used to be especially as you are pushing 40. stank…

  22. To be such a pretty woman and an idiot is a complete turn-off. I liked her back in the ’90s but now I ignore anything she does. I even read in an interview years back that she sleeps on the first date. I lost respect for her after that.