Steve Harvey Thinks Like An Asshole, Acts Like a Dick!


Steve Harvey Says He is Retiring

A Happy Good Riddance To Harvey – You’re So NOT Funny!!!

As countless bid good riddance to Steve Harvey, the self proclaimed non-funny man of a ‘comedian’ is generating even more adversaries than he already has. That’s because the “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” author recently took to radio airwaves to take verbal hits at a set of screenwriters behind the sequel to the film “Think Like a Man“. Know why? Because Steve Harvey announced their script sucks. Don’t believe me.. Ask Kevin Hart.

Here’s what a source had to say about the situation:

“Steve Harvey is a asshole, nobody likes the guy. The writers sent in their draft for the screenplay for the sequel ‘Think Like a Man’ and Steve Harvey dissed it. Steve was on the radio dissing the drafted script and the writers are pissed.”

Are many comedians happy to know Steve Harvey will be retiring, after the performance of his reported last stand up comedy act in Las Vegas at MGM Grand, tomorrow night? Of course they are. Don’t believe me.. Ask Katt Williams. The only thing funny about Steve is his Sunday church suit.


  1. I hope they revolt against his wack ass and blast him. I can’t believe they actually gave this dude a TV Show set to air this fall. Enough of Steve Harvey.

    • I’m glad I read this because I was wondering the same thing. This guy is an absolute moron. That was one of the reason I was hoping Romney would win, then we would get rid of these dumb nigga’s that shouldn’t even be out there.

      • Please logically tie Mitt Romney winning the election with getting “rid of these dumb nigga’s that shouldn’t even be out there.” I don’t see how those topics even relate.

    • He is the only person that thinks he is funny! He sucks! Wish I could make some money being a dumb fuck! I would be rich!!He sucks!! You suck!!! Watch one of your shows….Most of the time, you are the only one laughing! Huge douchebag!

  2. He has a right to not like a screenplay that was written based on book that he wrote. I wouldn’t accept any ole’ piece of what I considered crap either. However, he shouldn’t go around bad mouthing it in the media though. He’s wrong for that. Go to the writers and give your input in a professional manner.

  3. There are people that like House of Payne and The Browns so that’s not saying much. Some people would be amused watching a peanut roll across the room. There are enough people on the planet so each asshole can have a following.

  4. Freaking hilarious pic. I saw him on TBN last month. Even Stevie Wonder could see that he is as phony as a wooden nickel. Crying on the host shoulder saying that some people look down on him because of his past mistakes.

    Yes, we all have made mistakes. Yes we all have some dirt in our backyards. But, this man’s egotistical head is so big just like the pic. I am surprised that he could even get it through the door.

  5. …Steve Harvey is an asshole, period. Have you all forgotten when he went behind Bernie Mac’s back (While he was still alive, of course) to the director or producers of the ‘Ocean’s 11’ movies and told them that he’d be a better fit for the role than Bernie, yet that’s supposed to be his ‘best friend,’ the same ‘best friend’ Steve was shedding (Crocodile) tears for at his Funeral? Or have you all forgotten when Steve dissed & brushed Katt Williams off, telling him he’d ‘never heard of’ Katt when Katt politely introduced himself to Steve and told him he was a fan, with Katt’s son witnessing to boot?

    And let’s not forget Steve Harvey’s New Year’s 2009 show in Detroit where his bitch.ass was unable to sell enough tickets for the show to go on, so either his people or the promoters invite Katt, which of course increases ticket sales and prompts enough jealousy in Steve Harvey’s played-out ass for him to turn the show into a ‘Comedy Showdown (Once he learned Katt was retiring from stand-up, of course)’ and go on various radio shows (Particularly his own & Jamie Foxx’s ‘Foxxhole Radio’) dissing Katt & fronting like he started with Steve for no reason, when it was Steve’s asshole ways that put him in that position to begin with. Here’s a couple videos on the show in question:

    Not to mention the fan who wanted to take a picture with Steve and he told her ‘not to touch his suit,’ and the fact that he had the nerve to ‘write’ a relationship book and fashion himself as some kind of ‘relationship guru’ while going through a messy divorce with his wife. What kind of (bull)shit is that? It’s one thing to be a celebrity who has a bad day or two, but when you’re a repeat offender with fucked-up/asshole ways, then fuck you and the lacefront high top fade you rode in on.

    • Co-sign! Not to mention, he stole that Act Like a Lady book from another author, treated his 1st wife like dirt, and on and on. He gets NO respect over here. He has a track record of being a sleazy asshole, and that’s why I especially have an issue with him going after the faith-community audience. He can pull the wool over their eyes, just like their pimping-preachers, but non-religious folk ain’t buying what he’s selling.


      • @Original Anon–Co-sign your comment, as well. He, like Tyler Perry, has the Church and Nursing Home crowd fooled, but I see right through both of them. On another note, I forgot to mention in my comment that Bernie Mac was reportedly ‘hurt’ after Steve betrayed him. Now what kind of ‘(best) friend’ does some shit like that? Also, here’s a video of Katt Williams detailing his beef with/calling out Steve Harvey, his lacefront, and the Foxxhole Radio crew:

        @I SAID–Considering the Industry he’s in and his level of success, it was only a matter of time before he had to…well, you know lol

    • I’ve always found it interesting that Bernie died, Katt Williams went crazy, and then almost overnight Steve Harvey blew up. He was the weakest out of all of the comedians out during that time. He’s been in the game for LOOONNNGGGG time, but after these two incidents, all of sudden became a superstar. Hmmphm.

  6. Agreed; Major asshole, sub talented comedian, should have done us the favor of giving up 10yrs ago!

  7. D.L Hughley was my favorite in the Kings of Comedy. I was never a big Steve Harvey fan, but my 80 year old grandmother loves him and she laughs and laughs when they show his comedy shows on Tv-one or BET. A lot of the younger ones are fans of his books and radio show, so he has fans of all ages, but He is not really funny to me. Katt Williams is funny, he can make you laugh so hard you can’t breathe, but I have a weird sense of humor. I like when comedians say the stuff you only think about, but may never say out loud or in public.

  8. You aint gotta be popular to get rich.

    Steve Harvey said years ago that his “fuck you” money number was 20 million.

    I’m no fan and I think he sucks, but his goal was to make money, not “friends” – cause most of the people criticizing ain’t worth shit as “friends” anyway.

    • …Is that the word on the street? Funny how you’ll never find a single person on Earth that won’t say that the point of jobs and/or careers is ‘to make money, not friends.’ As for the rest of your comment, not only do you not know anyone commenting, but you obviously must enjoy a bunch of conflict, backbiting, negativity, and not having friends or colleagues (But according to you, if you’re rich [Which you probably aren’t], that doesn’t matter. What a life.

      • See, the problem you have is people like you with your outsized egos like to think that people need you or YOUR ‘approval’ or “friendship”.

        It’s pretty obvious that Steve can be “an asshole” and STILL get rich and have success without having to give a fuck who likes him.

        Grow up nigga, because in the real world no one really gives a fuck about you or your opinion.

        I have plenty of money, am satisfied, and the people that need to like me do. Those who don’t can sit and spin – doesn’t affect me one way or the other.

        I just think it’s funny how people like you take shit like this so seriously.

        • LOL You’re giving yourself FAR too much credit, ‘nigga.’ You, like everyone else that posts on here, is nothing but font on a computer screen to me. In other words, you don’t matter half as much as you think you do, so just face the facts–You made a stupid comment, I called you out on it, and now you’ve got your panties in a twist because of it. Clearly the only one who needs to ‘Grow up’ here is you. And another LOL@font-on-a-computer-screen telling someone else they have ‘an outsized ego,’ yet doing the exact same shit everyone else on here does–Give their opinion. Fuck outta here with that bullshit.

          • LOL@This clown sending subliminals then talking about ‘outsized egos.’ You got some shit to say, then just say it. Let me add that…

            • I said it moron. No one gives a fuck or is affexted by what you think but YOU.

              Stupid ass motherfuckers like you always think saying a lot of words means they are saying something effective.

              Get over YOURSELF stupid. LOL

            • …You obviously gave enough of a fuck to make subliminal comments about me, dumbass, instead of manning up and being upfront about it, so like I said before, get the fuck outta here with your self-righteous (On a GOSSIP BLOG, of all places) bullshit–You’re no better than anyone else on here–As a matter of fact, you’re more bitch-made than the average woman, talking shit but not owning up to it until you’re called out on it.

              ‘Get over YOURSELF stupid LOL’ indeed, loser. I really hope the imaginary checks from Steve are worth it, you dickriding moron.

  9. Hey, hey, hey, hey – I just turned 40 and don’t put in the 50 end! 40 and 50 year olds are different. I never liked Steve Harvey or Cedric the Entertainers “mature” (not funny) brand of “comedy.” They are both entertaining, but not funny. In this case I would have to say that age is just a number because I guess when you turn 40 that is only ten years from 50, but I ain’t 50 and I still play video games and wear sneakers – at times. I seem to be attracting younger girls a lot more than I did ten years ago for some reason!

  10. I couldn’t get enough of him on Family Feud for a minute there, I was hooked taping the shows and coming home watching them. He is the best host they’ve ever had. If he do-low I didn’t know that.

  11. Anyone else notice how “Family Fued” is way more sexual now that Steve is the host? I swear every show there is a “Penis, dong, Va jay jay” answer on the board….lol.

  12. I wish they give Steve Harveys old afro toupee’ and his purple double breasted church suit its own Reality Show on VH1…

    Sumner Rothstein would have a camera crew follow the toupee’ and suit from venue to venue doing Steve’s standup act, and introducing 1980’s-1990’s music groups and having the toupee’ doing the new dances.

  13. Oh well…to each his own. I like Steve, Ceddie, Katt, and Paul Mooney. Those are my favorites.

    I can’t stand alot of cussing and I cringe when I listen to them but they are funny.

  14. @Raheim,

    You really THAT worked up over comments about someone you don;t even know and don’t even know you exist?

    LOL – were you THAT ignored as a child?

    Wow. Hope you have enough money to work all the through THAT shit with a therapist.

    Good luck nigga, ’cause you’re gonna need it LOL.

    Just remember no one is carin that much. And my responses to you are for MY entertainment only.

    I like fucking with stupid people like you who don’t know they are stupid. LOL

    • ‘…Worked up?’ LOL You really are dumber & more deluded than I originally thought. Like I told your simple ass before, you’re giving yourself way too much credit, FONT–I’ve been over here laughing at your stupid ass hide behind your words like a 12-year-old girl, then retaliate with a bunch of Defense Mechanisms when you’re called out on it. Clearly the only ‘entertainment’ here is YOU.’ Ignoramuses like you are particularly fun to mess with online because you’ve gotten to a point where you start believing your own bullshit, saying shit online you wouldn’t DARE say offline/in real life, then play right into what people like me want you to (Or, in Layman’s Terms for your dumb ass–You allowed yourself to get set up & clowned). How’s it feel to be cheap entertainment? LMAO

  15. I have a relative that worked behind the scenes on a project in Los Angeles with Steve Harvey and Cedric the Entertainer. Steve did not say hello to anyone, was rude and dismissive to the crew. Cedric was the opposite, friendly and genuinely nice toward everyone on the crew. They worked together for several weeks it was clear that Steve and Cedric were NOT friends. Off camera they NEVER spoke to each other.

  16. I never really admired Harvey’s comedy routines. Maybe a few quick snickers here and there but… Harvey should really consider permanent retirement. He’s an old guy and the rough and tumble encounters of the entertainment world isn’t good for an old dude’s health. His absolute worst placement is on that horrible Family Feud. He is so un-game show host material. Family Feud is a suck all game show. Even when Richard Dawson hosted the show it sucked. Cancel that damn show and let old Steve spend his twilight years in his big comfy barcalounger.

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  19. Wow all of this negativity. You all act as if you know the man personally. Why hate on someone else’s success??? Maybe if you put your energy into your own life you just might get somewhere in life. But I guess you enjoy just being broke & a blogger. Smh. *shrugs* good luck with that.

  20. If Steve Harvey vanished he would only be missed by people who love COONING and folks that wear depends and don't get out.

  21. I would also like to say Steve should keep the name of G-d out of his mouth. And If he ever gets to heaven I hope all the slaves that died that "he don't give a dam about" Kick his ass good.