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Steve Harvey Bought Hollywood Star

HSK Exclusive – It looks like Steve Harvey sees no cost as being too high for his name to go down in Hollywood history. Know why? Because insiders reveal the Family Feud host recently forked out a whopping $250K to secure his name on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

Harvey’s dedication ceremony went down Monday afternoon. Now, the 58-year-old comedian’s name is being recognized on the Boulevard’s radio section.

Here’s what’s being reported:

“Steve Harvey famous pals present at the Walk of Fame ceremony to cheer for him. Ellen DeGeneres, Phil McGraw and Samuel L. Jackson joined in the festivities.”

Here’s what one of Katt William’s associates had to say:

“Steve Harvey paying 250K to put his name on a sidewalk proves he’s a Hollywood Nicca. That’s the difference between Katt Williams and these sell-outs. Katt keeps it real.”

Would the amount of money Steve Harvey just forked out for his name to be etched into the sidewalk have covered the average cost to raise almost two dozen poor children? Of course! Just ask Suze Orman.

Steve Harvey's Walk of Fame Star


  1. He was just on a show yesterday saying he never even thought about gettn a star, so i dont know whos lying jacky or steve and i really dont care lol…its not that big of a deal, a dolla makes u all holla!! in hollyweird

  2. 250k for your name in the walk of fame? That’s crazy! He should buy what lasts forever like a car or hit the club for a week straight and pay for his boys to front. Now that’s hood! Underprivileged strippers would love to have some of that money. Do you know how many bottles of ace of spades he could have bought? He ain’t bout that life…

  3. A committe votes for someone to get a star or another celebrity suggests a celeb should get a star and I think donations are given, it can be from another celeb or the celeb hisself, I dont think he deserves a star, Tyler Perry deserves a star, he’s accomplished more in a short amount of time. But maybe thats not important to Tyler. Steve doesnt deserve one

    • Regardless of who votes you in, celebs do have to pay for the cost of putting their star into the sidewalk. But the fee is nowhere near $250k!

      According to ABC news:

      “ How does someone get a star? Is there an application process?

      Martinez: It’s a process. We accept applications beginning in April, and there’s a committee that meets once a year in June. There’s a chairman and five committee members and they’re all experts in their fields. We consider candidates in five categories: radio, recording, television, motion picture, and live theater/live performance. The criteria is longevity in entertainment, nominations for awards, awards and charitable work. They have to have done charitable work. Who’s eligible to nominate someone?

      Martinez: Anybody can nominate a celebrity with the permission of that celebrity. A fan club, a publicist, a relative, anybody. And what does it cost?

      Martinez: There is a sponsorship fee involved — $30,000. If selected, the fee is paid by the sponsor about a month or so before the ceremony.”

      Steve Harvey is a country-fried jackass if he paid a quarter mil for his star. Serves him right!

  4. Steve Harvey sacrificed his toupee to the
    illuminati for that star…who said a hair hat
    Is useless now. Lol.

  5. Dang!!! Steve, they over charged you. I heard that it only cost upward 3,000-5,000 for a star on the walk of fame. But, I guess what ever floats your boat. LOL

    • They saw him coming. That’s why he paid all that money, his ego prolly is that out of control that he can’t see shit because he’s blinded by the stars in his eyes.

      I’ve seen these things happen to Black men that get a little success. OT – My landlord looks like Uncle Phil but the way he talks to people, he uses long-ass words and English like he’s addressing royalty. It took me a couple of yrs to see through him and even began translating what he said into regular folk speak. He would roll his eyes at me and quickly change the subject. The last people he rented to were charged a crazy amount for what they were getting but then she turned around and moved in 2-3 extra adults that were not on the lease. The eviction process in Cali is expensive so he’s stuck with damage since these places are older and need internal work.

      • Miss Fitts

        Thank you.

        I am wondering that if a celebrity seeks the star on their own behalf, if they would pay more than someone that was nominated by their peers? Hope that made sense. LOL

        Steve probably rallied and campaign from himself to get that star. Money sure does talk. LOL

        • That fool most likely did. The thing is that even they tried to clean up Hollyweird some yrs ago with trendy shops, gentrification (which resulted in a lot of lawsuits) and all that but this is still where transients, hos and weirdos hang out.

          Amoeba Records aside, Hollywood ain’t $hit! Not to the tune of $250K anyway.

  6. I get tired of people saying that is such and such forked over money they used for their ego it would feed X amount of the poor. Do you realize that the rich do not do anything to help the poor, they only want to help themselves. Look at the UK’s (or is he the US’s) Prince Harry. He is in the NY/NJ/CT region and will be in Greenwich to do a fund raiser for poor kids in Africa! Do they really have to do a fundraiser or can the mega rich just give it up? The UK ruled a lot of Africa and made it poor so they can open up a checkbook and make the ills go away, but that is not what they want, it just makes them look good when they are evil.

  7. This one is hard to believe, unless he overpaid to get the star because they didn’t feel he was big enough star. It only costs about $30,000! So to pay almost 10 times that is hard to believe.

  8. Wait…a celeb has to PAY just to have his/her name included on a SIDEWALK with other celebs? Why is that such an honor when you or someone in your group paid for it. Man…I’m done.

  9. Steve fake as hell…and I agree with @ Lea if u have to pay for a star, what’s the point. Ur suppose to be honored…smh

  10. If I gotta come out of my own pocket $250,000 for a silly piece of cement on the street, I would have to also get a Rolls Royce, a lifetime gift certificate to Fatburgers and unlimited use of Tamar Braxton.

  11. He paid all that money for a star? I know some who had paid less. He could’ve least had given some members of the Funk Brothers that money for their star before they almost never got one.

  12. He probably paid that much to buy everyone off. Who nominated him? What charity work did he do? What awards has he won? All I know him from is his dumb book, dumb talk show, and the Family Feud.

  13. I don’t know how he keeps winning with game show, radio show, talk show when he has 0 likability factor. None what so ever. Mean egomaniac who is insufferable

  14. Steve not funny Harvey is a real fool.
    His new wifey is only down for da $$$ & those big lips…LOL

    Steve U R A FOOL w/BIG OLD LIPS…