Steve Harvey: Act Like a Philanderer, Think Like a Fraud!


Steve Harvey Cheating on his Wife Marjorie
HSK Exclusive – As Steve Harvey prepares to pack it up and take his television show to Chicago, insiders reveal there’s much more the recently-signed WMAQ/NBC 5 personality is looking forward to than just hitting the Windy City’s airwaves. That’s because sources say the talent-less comedian is cheating on his wife with a jump off who lives in…you guessed it, Chicago!!! This news comes shortly after the Atlanta resident, Steve Harvey, publicly announced he’s set to begin taping of the program.

Here’s the dirt a source revealed about the “Think Like a Man” author:

“Steve Harvey is about to do a television show out here in Chicago, he can’t wait to get out here. I don’t know if you’re hip to this, but Steve has a jump-off in Chicago.

Steve is not only cheating on his wife Marjorie, he’s also a sugar daddy!”

I asked my source, “What’s the name of Steve’s jump off?

My source replied, “If I were to tell that, they’ll know I’m your source. One or two people know about her, I know about her, because my business partner is fucking her too. The industry looks big, but it’s really small.”

Is Steve Harvey a bald headed liar and hypocrite? Of course he is. Don’t believe me.. Ask his ex-wife Mary, who he’s bullied for years!


    • me either. Im not perfect and i know that but this guy fakes the funk, then gives out bullshit advice he doesnt even follow, but in this society his type of character is promoted as “wise”, “sly” & “smooth” WTF He clearly has no problem lying to people look how he wore that damn afro wig for years! All im saying is if you gonna do your dirt, do it, wipe your shoes clean and lose the slick your smile because your time is coming sooner than you think, and that aint a good thing!

      • Love you Steve Harvey >> A real brother and I enjoy you !!! Watch you every night >>>>Every body got some stuff!! its up to God !!! So see you tonight T.V. >>My Dude ..God Bless!!!!

      • I think his advice to women is very good, but I do agree, he should follow his own advice. And I don’t think he does. As for the afro wig, that show business. Not really that big a deal. Look at all the woman in show biz who wear weave, wigs, or extensions, and that’s black women and white women. If not fake hair, then fake boobs.

  1. The thing about fame with any celebrity is there are so many women that will line up to be a jumpoff. No matter how beautiful his wife Marjorie looks, carries herself with class (as best I can tell), smart and has Steve’s back, there are still so many temptations out there waiting for these men — and they most likely will take the offers.

    I remember I was a party when Steve was married to Mary and he reached over my shoulder to tap this hottie in front of me to signal to her that he liked her and wanted her. She gushed and giggled — and I stepped aside because it was about to be on.

    • Marjorie’s two ex-husbands are in prison for drug dealing. Someone said they used to call her lady heroin because she was a dealer in Memphis. She probably isn’t too concerned about what Steve is doing. She finally got a man with some legit money…she aint going nowhere.

      • Amen! Her past and Steve’s inability to treat his ex wife right is he reason why Oprah renigged on the deal to give him his own show.

        Steve is a slimy bastard. A used car salesmen. Not a pimp but a straight up wanna be.

        He tried to shit on Bernie Mack on the Ocean’s 11 movie deal, by saying he was the better man for the job. Bernie never spoke to him again. He lied about trying to visit Bernie on his death bead… Bernie didn’t want him there and I doubt bernie’s family wanted him around either.

        • Everyone in business is out for dolo.

          That’s why JJ and Kool Keith aint cool no more. This is just random hatred because a nigga got a #1 movie out. Crab in a barrel stuff. And no I didn’t see the movie and I don’t care for his show or comedy. But SH is hot now so people wanna hate. All these dudes have marital problems and cheat. It’s dead wrong but SH ain’t no villain. He just a nigga trying to make as much money as possible. Just like Jacky Jasper who fcks people over everyday to make his money

          • Ain’t nobody hating his ass. He is a slimy, grimy bastard that has stabbed many people in the back. Even his ridiculous book that vulnerable women are swooning over was hi-jacked from a previous author. This dude ain’t nothing at all what he’s cracked up to be. He’s a major fraud.

              • dude is right HE IS A FRAUD!! I was invited to the steve harve show amd majority of his audience are actors. Mostly old azz middle aged white women who are selected from a casting call from fb. I answered one time to see what happened and they found out I was black and youger and they blocked me when I put them on blast

            • What a farce. I know Stever personally and all of these allegations are false. Steve loves Marjorie, he is not cheating and he’s talented. To the blogger who said he was talentless, you can’t get where he is by being stupid. I also noticed that you have a poor command for effecively writing our english language. I suggest that you work on that and attempt to make a million in the process. Can you do that?

            • you all are just jealous, i;m sure if we asked some your ex;s how much they like you they would probably give us all an ear full. live your life and stay out of others. ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE…

          • What good is all the money in the world if a man looses his soul? As my grandmother used to say: “Baby, as long as you live, you will never, ever, see a Brinks Truck following a hearse.”

            • People need to stop hating. That is the problem in this world. He who is without sin, cast the first stone. There is no one perfect, but Jesus. I love Steve Harvey and Steve has to answer to God just like all the rest of us. People need to worry about self and their life and stay out of other people’s business.

        • AMEN BOUT TIME SOME ONE SAID WHAT I KNEW ..STEVE HARVEY IS A BIG OLD LIER WIT HIS old a….s margie think she got something and he doggin her to a downlow man aint gonna have just one woman or man … this fool been sleepn with men for a long time then he gon tell women how to get a man …lol well he ought to know how it works

          • I dont understand this kind of hatred. I know that god is suppose to judge and yet you are trying to do his job.what gives you the right. Jealousy is an ugly thing

          • Let me ask your negative ass this!!! Why Do you care??? This comment lets me know you are a Big Time hater… I would never let your Negative ass near me… You will steal my Joy!!!!! Grow up !!

      • When his ex-wife Mary came out with her youtube videos, folks from Memphis were popping up all over blog sites spilling all kinds of Marjorie HOT tea! Not only are her ex-husbands drug kingpins, but they were related (either brothers or something), but her kids are brother/sisters and cousins. She’s takes gold and platinum digging to a whole new level. She’s a scandalous trick, and Steve has the audacity to dish out relationship advice when he’s been married 3 times, and decides to wife up a drug dealing ho and put her on a pedestal like she’s some Queen of Sheba. Negro PLEASE take several seats! I can’t stand Steve Harvey.

        • AMEN BOUT TIME SOME ONE SAID WHAT I KNEW ..STEVE HARVEY IS A BIG OLD LIER WIT HIS old a….s margie think she got something and he doggin her to a downlow man aint gonna have just one woman or man … this fool been sleepn with men for a long time then he gon tell women how to get a man …lol well he ought to know how it works

        • I don’t know why you can’t stand Steven Harvey he is a Black man that is trying to make it like the rest of us.. What have you Accomplished in your life time? Are you married ? And I know you are worth millions .. Your life is perfect and people have never talked about your weak Ass… Stop hating on Other people it shows who you really are .. Why can’t people just keep shut the he up . You are obviously lacking something .. Is your self esteem low ??

          • People should shut the hell up and keep your mouth closed and take some of your energy and turn it into something positive !!!

        • Hey. So tell me how long did you and Marjore hang out together cause I know you didn’t get this news second hand Steve and wife did sit your Nosy but down and revealed this too you .. Always remember youngin .. Believe half or what you hear and none of what you see.. Your so corny for making comments on someone else life .. Ask your Husband or wife??? Oh if your married…

        • People always look at the money and celebrity but this man may have bit off more than he can chew Everybody has a past. The history of a person is what tells us who they are. Every one gets another chance. This one brings tears to my eyes and I felt sorry for him but I can discern that they really deserve each other. He is slime and she is slimier. How do you treat women the way you do and strut like a newborn peacock because you can crushed and destroyed your ex and take the child. I am waiting for the day this chick sets you and your kids up and you will be calling her to bail you out with your money! She is smooth and I did not realize that so many could see right thru her. What goes around comes around and this is one he will never walk away from. I know she has sense enough to stash your cash so come whatever she could care less and she hated your lips until she looked into the mirror and saw what her future looked like then you began to look pretty good to her. Sleep with one eye open Steve God don’t like ugly!!!

          • No one will cry for Steve Harvey because he is a fake and his life is a fake. Pray that God will vindicate Mary and because Steve has no remorse he deserves majorie and everything that she does to him. He got a boat load of money and why wouldn’t she jump on the boat her other ships got sunk. Her children are brother sisters and cousins. Relationship advice should come from the bible it tells you how to really love others!!!

        • I did not know so many people could see right thru him. His life is a facade and his money will be his downfall. He will never walk over majorie she is smooth and he will never leave her ???? She knows how to get it all slick as duck shit I will never understand how he could treat Mary the way he did and live with himself. This relationship was made from the pits of hell and majorie is in it to get it all. Blended family my ass shit can’t be sugar too!!

        • If you are so blind you can’t correct yourself if you believe the bible, how can you act like there is no sin in your life. when people fool themselves no wonder the Majorie s of this world can take a big piece of them. She is probably shocked she could reel him in and her Daddy help her do it. a real con ends up like Majorie and a fool ends up like Steve. He wont be with her long because that’s who he is. My fear is that he will never walk all over her either! he will use her past against her and she’ll use it to out maneuver him she is from the hard ass streets of Memphis!

        • Bad company corrupts good manners if we want to get biblical tell it all. People love his money power influence and status. Lose it all Steve and you become just the loser you are. You will never walk away from majorie the way you did Mary, if you get to walk away at all. Every dog has its day and God sees your day coming. Everyone has sinned and fallen short but Godd gave us all common sense don’t prop up the devil because he is devious and dangerous. A jailbird drug dealers who fathered her children who are brothers sisters and cousins come on. Get real be careful who u make a hero. Pray for Steve and all those who are lost!!

      • And he ain’t going nowhere because he met his match made in hell she will never let go Mary don’t you weep God saw the abuse and he took your child too. This wife now has quite a history and you can believe that. No one is perfect but what he did to Mary he will pay for. He pimps women and their emotions and somehow they respect his relationship advice?????? God has seen and heard it all. He will not walk away from this one who thought he was ugly with big lips. After she saw Father Time catching up with her she roped him good. This relationship is a grand fraud. I promise you God will show it up and vindicate Mary. I cried for her all he had to do was settle fairly and walk away which he is use to doing. People on tv should not be our heroes when they are just a zero..

      • Thanks for pointing that out, because she isn't so innocent. The fact of the matter is, she was seeing Steve while he was still married to Mary, but money was what she was seeking. Marjorie loves to say "I've always taken the " High Road " REALLY, why didn't she do that when Steve was cheating on Mary with her, take the high road. All I can say is that karma is a son of a gun, and one will reap what they have sown, and Marjorie will feel the pain of someone doing her wrong, that is if she was cheating with Steve while he was still married. God sees all!

    • People have so much HATRED!! It’s pathetic!! They act like they really know this man. (Steve Harvey) get a LIFE PEOPLES!# leave this man and his fam alone!!

  2. Steve is a preachy, holier than thou hypocrite of epic proportions ….this doesnt surprise me one bit!

    • God should not even come out of his mouth until he really gets to know him. He crushed Mary like a bug and there may be another jump off in shy town now. I love fairness and wish these relationship experts knew what fairness was. He will never trample this one…Mary oh Mary don’t you weep no more. Right is right and wrong is wrong and it’s not called hating on him! Every wrong will be righted in God’s time. He see the heathen in their derision and wonders how they can insult him as their God!

  3. i read steve book,and can’t believe i paid for something i already knew!!! that book is for desperate women that sleep,eat and think about having a man and most of them have kids!!! most of these women that bought that book can’t see the problem why they dont have a man and need to take a close look at themselves before they the men they chose thats now ex’s. what taught me a valuable lesson, is if i want to read something,get it from the library first before i spend.

    • You hit the nail on the head!! I read it( borrowed from the library) lol and everything in it was what I already knew listening to the women in my family. Those type of women would rather listen to Steve give them advice then their own Grand moms or mothers, so shameful.

      • Hey I love Bernie Mack and Steve was just hating. He was the better comedian. Steve isjust the come up. Jackie Reid got tired of his ass too. He tried to blame the reason why she left but we all know the truth.

    • Good for you that you are armed with this great knowledge. It suggests that you are in a successful relationship; however there are those who are not armed with the wisdom needed to navigate the treacherous dating world thus Steve’s book is perfect for that audience, so plese get out of the way for their lesson.

      • There are so many sisters out there who do not have fathers or positive role models. I wish I would have had something like this years and years ago, without the knowledge I had to learn from the school of hard knocks (experience). Whether or not he is living it or not, it was something very good for girls and women.

    • Here we go another dumb dumb. Evidently something is up with you.. you bought a book, thinking that it would help you in some way or another, you read it and found out you are the exact women he speaks about and now you mad. Get yo life before you loose the rest of it, out hear judging somebody. You and the rest of these hasters need some Jesus!!!!

      • Why is everyone’s comments anonymous when they talk about someone they really don’t. I can’t stand when people do that nobody made you the judge of someone else life I have a couple people that I sometimes consider my friend but can be so fos that I don’t like to be bothered with them cause for one they always in somebody’s business. I think that them were there relationship s not every body else’s. So take of your own house why worry about something you can’t change it’s not your place.

    • Are you serious lady? How can you call a woman desperate for wanting to hear this info from a male perspective and in the same breath say that you bought and read the book yourself… You apparently were a desperate lady and needed some advice on how to save your relationship at the time of purchase

  4. Did people really think this fish lipped fool could/would be faithful? Marjorie is a scandalous hoe and deserves just what she’s getting and a lot more.

  5. Yes, Marjorie is a getting exactly what she deserves. There is nothing classy about that hoe.
    she is a bird that got lucky!!!!

    • Well we all know the old Skool sayin; the same way you got him will be the same way you loose him, guess dats karma 4 her azz

    • Agreed. Don’t feel sorry for her ass at all…like 20:26 said, you lose ’em how you find ’em. Can’t think of a more deserving outcome.

    • i’m dating wynton their son and she is like the sweetest women i know. don;t judge these people till you know them. it’s unfair.

  6. As a woman, I’m scared of what those teeth might do to me.

    Seriously, I can’t stand him because he’s more than happy to tell you what’s wrong with you but you do a little research and find they gotta sh-tload of mess going on.

    He reminds me of the Pentecostal church.

    • I agree about marjorie she,s getting exactually what she deserve,s!! And steve well that,s a man for you.

    • You are so wrong. That kind of church sounds like the type you need. Steve found God that way. You can’t judge a person by his past, present or future. He has to answer to no one but God. You and I have no say in anything that happens in his life. I haven’t read anything about a celebrity that some how society tries to put a negative twist on their lives. Clean out your own backyard, and leave Steve’s and other celebrities alone.

  7. Do you really believe a word of what this fool says??? You’ll know he’s lying when his lips are moving.

  8. What happened to he lady who Steve stole this book from? After she came out…she disappeared. Was she paid off? She is an Chicago author.

  9. Hater. Both of y’all are from the streets. You doing a blog and this dude has the highest selling movie in the country. Jacky you ain’t really no male calendar model yourself.

    Ain’t you the dude bragging about pimpin hoes and selling drugs to our black brothers and sisters in T Dot earlier this week. You and Steve Harvey are basically the same Nucca. Get your money both of you!

    • I am an underground hip hop head and knew about JJ before he began blogging because I am/was a big KK fan.

      I wouldn’t read the site if I didn’t like it. My point is that him and SH are from the hood and hu$tled to get they money. I think JJ is being a hater in this case. SH sells that nonsense half church half pimp stuff. And Jacky tells semi truths and diggs dirt on people who are minding their own business in some cases. You tellin me that one is better than the other?

      I just see two niccas from the hood that are gettin money. Jacky can be a hater when someone shinin. Just like SH he act like he some kind of moral compass. I ain’t gonna take moral cues from a former pimp and drug dealer to black people. I say get money and do whatever put food on the table but as a reader I can put my two cents if I disagree.

      • Naw, boo.

        Jacky J. is the only male-run urban entertainment blog that does NOT diss blackwomen and for that he has my respect.

        I respect a man who does not diss blackwomen. I don’t give a fuck what he used to do I care about what he’s doing now. Unlike MTO he’s not kissing the ass of Kim Trashcan or cooning for Kanye!

        So you can miss me when you diss Jacky.

        • WTF is more disrespectful to women than being a pimp?

          Jacky has bragged about being a pimp on this site on multiple occasions. Maybe not recently. I am not questioning the sites hotness. If I didn’t like the site I wouldn’t be here. But I fail to see any difference between SH and JJ. It’s the exact same hustle mane

          • Who mentioned valor? Boo, sit down and shut up you just covering for that fish lip fool.

            You don’t like Jacky -step.

            • LOL! If yall call him “fish lip fool”, one more time, I’m going to need someone to call me an ambulance to pick me up off the floor…LMAO!

  10. Damn Steve Garbage Harvey…..Jacky is correct that he lacks talent…severly! I’ve never like Mr. Hightower with that fake flat top

    That book and movie sells because women…..especially a pocket of black women are cash cows and suckas for idiotic shit that Harvey promotes. The real sistas I know are against this garbage nigga. Like really…why the fuck does a woman wanna think like a man or vice versa? Not balanced at all.

    He is a pork juice drinking Christian house nigga who doesnt serve the Most High. He serves his white overlords who pay him to promote confusion and buffoonery. When the time comes…guys like Steve and those who support him shall be put down!….Us that are apart of the masses and wanna be free will help erase you sorry excuse for black people

    And to the dumbass above talking about “Get ya money”…..GO TO HELL!….the financial system is about to collapse anyday and you still talking this money bullshit? THEY WILL BE ANARCHY IN THE STREETS….NO FOOD NO INTERNET TO SEE WHAT “TEA” JACKY HAS FOR YA…NO DUMBASS CHURCH TO PRAISE WHITE JESUS NOR ANY DAMN NBA GAMES TO WATCH….let’s see how much your fraud dollar gets ya when all rules are suspended….weak ass sellout buck dancing nigga

    • @DopeGameBaby I was with you until spoke on the of the futility of having “money”…you cant be serious?…and you are partially right EXCEPT the financial system has already collapsed and it being propped by FIAT CURRENCY….

      Yes! GET YOUR MONEY because it really can make life much easier…(But not if your have to sell your soul, asshole and dignity to get it)

    • this dude @DopeGameBaby said “pork juice drinking Christian” LMAAOOOOOO hhahahahahahhaa that made my day *wipes tear*


  11. What street is Steve Harvey from?…Maybe that is why he left that street, because one thing we all know that in the streets your credibility and realness keeps you alive.

    Steve is a fake ass nigga and Im sure he has always has been HENCE him going “Hollywood” cause he sure is quite UNFUNNY…BUT I cant knock the hustle dolla dolla bill yall…..

  12. Nlo it has not collapsed buddy….I know you have read before so go and review again my friend….when things have finally collapsed all hell breaks loose….has that happened yet? Econkic collapse means the empire is officially fallen. Has it been official yet? Dont worry bruh when them tanks roll thru with Federal troops and such and this year’s Election is cancelled then you will get it….I couldnt get it until some years ago when this Obama clown was a shoe-in for prez…..

    And my brotha…no money doesnt make it easier. Things will be harsh for a second period for everyone who isnt apart of the elite structure….even a true man of the Most High still not gonna have it easy.

    When it is announced that all rules as before are done with and a damn dollar cant buy you shit what will you think of money then? AS it is paper money is not real! I know that wuill fly over some house niggaz heads but its not real and never will be

    • DopeGameBoy,

      I knw exacly what you’re talking about. You must be a conspiracy theorist like me. The illuminati is alive and well, from 911 to new world order. I try teaching others, but they are blinded by entertainment gossip and reality shows as their escape.

  13. I was ready to let Steve’s past be the past, but I guess a leopard doesn’t change it’s spots. Such a hypocrite using women who are desperate for love sprinkling a few amens and hallelujahs in the mix. I’ve had many disagreements with women about Steve, I thought maybe I was wrong, maybe he really found love this time. haha. That advice he was throwing out you could find in an old Betty Wright song, yeah I like old school music, they were teaching lessons of love back in the day.

  14. Steve Harvey is a messy, hypocritical clown! His wife is a golddigging ho, so do you really think she cares about his cheating ways? He dogged his ex-wife who I believe really loved him, but it will be this new wife that will take his dumb ass to the cleaners. I find it sad that so many black women look to this fool for relationship advice. Between listening to pastors and Steve Harvey, no wonder why black relationships are fucked up because women are looking to fucked up men, with fucked up advice.

    • I think it is a sad time when jealousy is running so rampart that people will say such horrible,stupid and outrageous B.S.Steve Harvey is a prime example of what a man can do and can become no matter what or where he came from,no matter what it was now it is what it is and it’s all good.Take heed and do yourself a favor, stop hating because it don’t matter to Steve and his wife, they know what it is,I think he’s awesome,doing awesome and he is showing a lot of love to and for a lot of people.

  15. This fake, arrogant, self-important piece of shit here…I was SO glad Katt Williams clowned his ass after he tried to front on/use Katt to increase ticket sales for a New Year’s Eve 2008 Comedy Show they did together, as Steve is as big a piece of shit celebrity as they come. Here are a couple videos regarding the issue:

    On another note, let’s not forget Steve Harvey went behind his so-called ‘best friend,’ the late Bernie Mac’s, back (While he was alive, of course) to the Director of those ‘Ocean’s 11’ movies and told them that he (Steve) would be better for Bernie’s role than Bernie himself, yet Steve was the main one shedding Crocodile tears at Bernie’s funeral. Also, who would take relationship advice from a divorced comedian? The hell is this, a Tyler Perry movie?

    In other words, Steve Harvey deserves every bit of derision he gets.

    • who better to give relationship advice than someone with loads of experience. I suggest you stand by and learn something.

      • …And I suggest you watch your mouth and don’t come at me sideways like you know me in a pathetic attempt to defend a man you likely don’t and will ever know (And who wouldn’t spit on you if you were on fire). Your comment shows that you’re in desperate need of common sense, self-esteem, and individuality. Or maybe I should put it in terms you’d understand–Hop off of Steve Harvey’s dick and be your own person, idiot.


        • Another example of raheima going off on a woman who didn’t agree with him. Callin her out her name. Sad ass nicca think his opinion is the only one

  16. SH was macking in NYC dating Jackie Reed Marjorie & Mary (tried to negotiate divorce child support) yet his need 4 creep in. JR was dry on the radio show often stepping on SH jokes she was ready to settle down babies he frequented her Moms place showered her with gifts. His camp warned him abt Marj Memphis was mad he was stealing there runner yet she played the stepmother role perfectly accepted whatever whomever he bought to the bed he cld be free. Mary was done yet he needed her to sign away a healthy settlement his interest there custody of there son alimony No child support! JR started to question the Kiehls lip gloss & the Clinque products Church ladies don’t understand metro sexual

  17. Marj was winning but the baby daddy threats from jail were real! JR gave ultimatum please PEP told her to do the fingers test of course he failed! She was ghost after almost becoming the new Lauren Hill! SH knew he had O but she knew the Memphis talk was real + the real ghost writer of the book came to the studio! So much more to pour…..

  18. I am not hating. I find the fact he has more issues than you can shake a stick out running around acting as if he has the answer to how to create healthy relationships. Why is it black men (and women) act as if the problem must be black women?? MAYBE the problem is black men. Steve has failed to acknowledge this very basic problem. In fact NO one who is fixing the problems with black relationships is attempting the fix the real problem BLACK men.

  19. If only I could be as talent-less, corny and hypocritical. Steve Harvey’s paper is getting longer and he’s still winning. LOL

  20. As much as I despise Steve Harvey, I must say- there are no hard facts in this article. It’s pure hearsay and equivalent to promotion of slander and libel.

    • I don’t care what anybody thinks. I watch him everyday and laugh my ass off to both shows. what he does on his own time is his own business. as for him and his wife, everybody has a past. leave him be

    • Don’t Hate the Player Hate the Game.(As they Say)
      I like SH I think he’s Entertaining and isn’t that the business he’s in. You people take things to personal. What he being saying is the truth. But because he don’t necessary practice what he preaches maybe he just don’t want to. I say take knoweledge wherever you can. And SH give out great info Maybe he could be a little “Do as I say Not as I Do” (smile)I love to see someone of color do good. you people stop hating. SH Fan…….

      • Exactly, I have never heard so much disrespect and negativity in all my life! I cannot believe that people would go to the extreme to speak on such matters. It amazes me how negative issues are much more remembered than positive. It’s not going to have an affect on what God may have in store for him ,by have an effect on what he may have for the parties that are making such negative comments. Everyone may have skeleton closet at some point in time, when the time comes for them to be dealt with…it will come. What God has for him ,his family and anyone else is definitely for hithe

    • jealousy will get you just where are, behind your computer judging people… ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE,,, GET A LIFE KEEP IT MOVING.

  21. lol this comments are so funny…you people talk like to know this man personally and you know their lives. You base your comments on what the media feed you..which has turned out to be far from the truth many times.

    No one but him and his wife know what really is going on in that relationship.

    • thats what i’m saying. i know steve harvey because im dating his son and his a kind honest man. why are these people judging.

  22. SHE JUST WITH HIM FOR THE MONEY. and they both aint HAPPY. Every since Steve got the money part, he aint been happy because all the women he done had have been OUT TO SUCK HIM DRY, and one eventually will. He may tell everybody else about how to run their life, but he dont know how to run his except his mouth. God will get him and his situation straight. Cant play with the Lord Almighty.

  23. i used to watch his show but now he doesnt seem real..and i do not understand why he has to show his wife off so much..and what about the kids.come on that is why it seem so unreal..he will never compare to Oprah

  24. cant stand steve harvey fsake fake fake…hes a capricorn male they cant be trusted muhammad and steve have the same birthday..muhammad left his wife and so did sreve harvey i can list about twenty other capricorn celebs who did the same thing..all i can say i look at muhammad ali now steve you better take a good look…lol

  25. All these postings are hate filled and I think all that commented need JESUS. For one thing JESUS does not identify with any color. Oh you all seem angry with Steve and why he doesn’t know you or care to know you all. So get a life and leave his alone haters. BE BLESSED

    • FExactly….It’s pointless whether you’re speaking on him or anyone else. No matter what is happening at the moment or in the past…trust me each and every situation is a learning process. Whatever that is going on now is in Gods plan for sure!

  26. I happen to like family feud, and he happens to be the host. They usually always have a black family on, and do you notice how those women fawn all over him? He is somewhat famous, and, he has money. Any questions??

      • Sorry you guys did not get the memo Steve Harvey left his wife $1.5 mil also paid her $40.000 per month and he left her with three houses this is after she ask him for a divorce she is the one wanted out of the marriage his net worth at the time $10 mil now that he is worth $85 mil and he went back to his old flame he met 20 years ago and he marry her his ex Mary is upset and want more money the grass is not always greener on the other side this is the facts

  27. Even if Steve is a dog, you can’t sit there and tell me MOST women in the world who would spread their legs at the drop of a hat for a man who makes more than 20k a year, isn’t just as bad as any man.

    It’s always Double-Standards with women, they can be slutty and fuck a man for a his money, but they still have to be respected as women, because if you tell them the TRUTH to their faces, somehow they’re victims, yet, a man who does the same shit or similar is vilified, I’m tired of that bullshit..

    I’m positive Steve is a good man, he just dabbles in temptation just like the rest of us.


  29. I shall stop watching Family Feud from next Monday.
    There are men who like lots of different kinds of women but once SH first divorced, then his next marriage and his future marriages will end the same. I hope he said that in his books, Act like a lady, think like a man and Straight Talk, No Chaser.What a hypocrite! I would not buy any of his books either. They sound like a lot of bullshit.

  30. Hey! Mr. Steve Harvey,

    Please, be advised that what you did to “me” is being dealt with; and I will make sure you pay for all the frauds you exhibit on “my” life!!!!!!

    And,you are very bad person.

  31. I know sh could care less what any of us think but watching his new wife I just don’t find her to be a woman who stays around when a black man is down. As long as he stays on top I think she will be there but I just don’t picture her “Holding a man down” if he ever ends up in the land of hard times again. Just don’t think they are going to last.

  32. You know they will do fine because of people like you.He will b on top for a minute and the bank is happy.

  33. stop watching so much television, and quit acting like your life is personally affected by anything that Steve Harvey does. You vicarious bitches need to live your own lives.

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  35. i am from memphis tn. and know majorie personally. Yes she was the girl who dated all the big league drug deals. Donnell and ronnie woods..(first cousins were just a couple). Her first big fish was a drug dealer named townsend who owned a club here called hawaiian aisle. He was busted..she talked and stayed out of jail…from there she dated a smaller drug dealer..then moved up to ronnie woods to whom she got engaged…donnell was last (and she has a child with donnell’s sisters guy)….when she began dating steve he was very married, but that was nothing to her..u have to understand she lived the life of a drug dealer’s girl all her adult life…she was accustomed to other women..being disrespected…etc…she has always been about the money…to her defense she took care of everyone in her family…she used her looks cuz everyone else did…she might be a hoe…but she is not dumb in the least bit..she could care less what and who steve is doing..she has his last name now, and has created a sizeable nest egg for herself, and positioned herself to be wealthy no matter what steve chooses to do later…i am not her biggest fan..and don’t care for steve…but i don’t knock the hustle..their lifestyle works for them…however he could not tell me shit about a relationship.






    • Everyone should watch Steves on t v or know something about Steve then you will know how you don’t want to end up like look at the lie Bill Cosby was living and now he can’t live it down he hurt too many people and like him Steve has no conscious and true Christians with discernment can see thru him. Pray for the brother and all who are hurting and have been hurt by him and others like him.

  37. Who gives a Damn, If that’s something his doing that’s between him and his wife, cause what’s done in the dark , will come to the light and they will deal with it they feel is best for them. But now for Bitc$ that tell you must be mad that Steve and your partner is hitting and not you. People need to grown the HE’LL UP AND STOP RUNNING THEY MOUTH SO MUCH.GODD SEEE ALL HEE DONTT NEED YOUR HELP, YYOU NEEDD HIIS….BE BLESSSED

  38. The just like you understand my head! A person to know lots approximately this, such as you published the e-book inside it or something like that. Personally i think you can do with a few Percent so that you can strain the message residence slightly, having said that rather than of which, that may be great weblog. A fantastic read through. We’ll undoubtedly be back.

  39. Let the man be…he got women problems like every other brotha…you think they go away because he is rich?

    The man earned is money and fame off his talent and portrays a positive Black male role model, so what if he got issues behind close doors like every one else?

    Sounds like a lot of hating going here to me.

  40. No one hates or is jealous of Steve, we are human beings and we tell it as we know and see it, plain and simple. If it is not so, it is nearly so. He is not living an exemplary life so what is there to be hateful or envious about? Nothing; actually, he is living a bad lifestyle and his money is already hurting him and will come to a halting stop soon. God doesn’t like ugly. What you do to others comes right back to you. Always remember that!

    Anyone that’s living the life of Steve is not happy and he should never, ever open his mouth to talk about relationships, he knows nothing about that, having three baby mothers (two with a girlfriend, and one each with his first and second wives) being married three times and divorced twice. He was not able to hang in there and fix things because he knows nothing about love or relationships. He likes to talk down to people and call them idiot for not believing in his God. Who is the idiot? Having all these dysfunctional families and still searching. Can’t seem to learn lessons from all these broken mishap affairs and marriages.

    At the sight of issues he runs off with his cheating fling and cheap thrill that won’t last very long. Ask Lamar of Lakers and many others — same hood living that ends up in divorce because all the good is gone or were never there in these washed, rinsed and used up women that they pick up on the way side.

    He doesn’t have money sense and merely, using his money to buy love. He is not a good looking man (nose spreading from one end to the other, thick ugly lips and cups of teeth), most women will only want him for whatever money they think he has until they find out the truth – hence, that is why he is with Marjorie. She is looking for her ticket to fame and will do anything with anyone to get there and leave him behind. Steve will never find happiness because it is not found in money or women. One has to create happiness within. Very few people know how to do this.

    My heart goes out to Mary but she might not realize that with all the material things, that doesn’t make one a better person. God sees her ply and I know that she will be able to move on and find true love. After services, church doors are closed. After everything Mary did to help Steve, he closed the door on her. That is not the end of the sermon, it has only just begun. Steve will get his turn and might even turn to Mary for guidance, when he realizes that his gorgeous wife wants to be bigger than him.

    If he was smart, he would not leave his accountant on his own to file his taxes and not be concerned about what is going on for seven years. That alone tells he is stuck on stupid and stupid cannot be fixed. Defrauding the government and blaming it on his dead accountant is too easy and will never work. Any smart business man or woman leaves no one to work on their own because they are getting paid. Dumb ass! He is paying for the lies that he leads on.

    Steve is not such a big time money man as he wants all of you to believe; books, movie, game and radio host, a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame, etc. He is not getting paid top dollars, he is able to pay for things but he is not rich or wealthy. He doesn’t own a business he works for others. He cannot pay off the IRS 20 million debts. Each time he gets paid, guess what, he will owe the IRS more big money and will never get out of that trap. He will forever be in debt and that is only part of his punishment. I bet he can’t sleep at night thinking about money that he doesn’t have and how his new wife is further putting him in debt.

    The last time I heard, Bill Gates, a business man was the wealthiest man, not Steve. He has a long way to go to create wealth. Don’t be fooled, having money to pay monthly for things and actually having money to live from and not worry are two different things. Steve is chasing the Yankee dollar and he will only be let in so far. He must remember that this is a White man country. He is already, 57 (countdown to retirement). We often hear about the haves and have mores and then have nots, that is when they lose it all and face the beating of the drum. Steve is playing his tune and dancing it, since we all know where this will end up soon.

    Steve deserves Marjorie (birds of a feather flock together). She knew Steve was married but thinking she is going to be famous and will be out and about with a celebrity, that burst her bubble to continue the affair with a married man. Her turn is right around the corner if it is not happening already. Once someone cheats, they will continue on that path. Marjorie has nothing over any one woman so Steve will continue to game foolish women. When he was hunting he found her, he will go fishing and hunting until his shot bag goes to water (needing Viagra); if he is not in need of Viagra this very minute.

    Men are crazy about vaginas and only want beauty to show up themselves… What a beautiful wife you have? What can we really do with beauty; we can do so much more with brain. Steve will be chasing vaginas all his life, looking for the rib that God took from man to make woman. By now he should know that the rib is not in the vagina, so he will be on a journey of sex searching and comes up short each time.

    Whoever said Steve is smart and talented sure has some soul searching and thinking to do. The higher monkey climb, the more he exposes his ass to danger and that is exactly what Steve is doing. Talking nonsense as a comedian is not creative and smart means having or showing a quick-witted intelligence. Does Steve have any smarts chasing recycled and rainbow vaginas, among other things he knows nothing about. I think not.

    We will meet him on his way down. No disrespect or envy on my part, simply telling the truth. We must be feeling empathy for this man, he is a lost and confused puppy but reality will be his teacher. A little fame is getting to his head but will wake him up soon. Do not hurt people on your way up because people will hurt you on your way down.

    Seen and enough said.

    Good luck Steve and Marjorie, I wish you all the money in the world but that cannot help a bonafide marriage relationship of genuine happiness.

  41. You have made some decent points there. I checked on the internet for more info about the issue
    and found most individuals will go along with your views on this site.

  42. Iknew steve Harvey when he was a child he was born
    in Cleveland ohio he lived on est. 112th st. I knew
    him personaly he is not a chritain nor is he straight,i have proof to back up what I say.

    • Jt I was wondering if Steve might really be gay. Because real men don’t do what he is doing for women and that is “tell all”. And what he is doing doesn’t make any sense. Women don’t even “tell all” to men to help them get a date or a wife. And he really can’t speak for all men either. I can’t speak for all women. He says he wrote “Act like a lady, think like a man” for his daughters. So why the hell am I able to go to a store to purchase it and read it too? I don’t want his book. I think he is a fraud too. He’s been married three times. He can’t tell me anything about dating and relationships when it’s clear to me that he doesn’t know what he wants himself. It may be a man that he needs.

  43. The man started from the bottom now he here…I don’t think he ever claimed to be prefect…let the man live. If he happens to have a jump off so what…if his wife has a shady past and he has no problem with it so what..