Steve Harvey’s Secret Smash Sessions W/ Tisha Campbell Exposed!


Steve Harvey & Tisha Campbell's Sex Sessions Revealed

HSK Exclusive – We’ve learned Steve Harvey and Tisha Campbell used to share smash sessions, when the “Family Feud” host moved to Atlanta to begin shooting the game show, as the new face.

That’s when sources say Steve would often have Tisha flown in — between 2007 and 2008 — twelve-years into Tisha’s open marriage to Duane Martin. We’re told Steve and Tisha’s sexcapades went down at the “Twelve Building” at Atlantic Station. That’s where Steve reportedly rented out an entire floor of the hotel to steer away from having neighbors, using two units for his suits.

Here’s the drop from a former Twelve Building employee:

“Steve Harvey was cheating on his wife MARJORIE WOODS with Tisha Campbell. When Marjorie was out of town, Tisha would fly in to see him. Tisha used to use the back private elevator to sneak up into Steve’s suite.”


  1. Dang Tisha Must have that FIRE between her legs and smoking brains!
    Steve was dong all that for some as.s.?

  2. Tisha doesn’t look too great now, so she must have the magic pussy. I saw Tichina Arnold on CNN tonight and she looked great!

  3. Jacky you know you my man, but I find this one a little tough to believe? TISHA??? of all the women he could cheat on his wife with??? Nah man.

  4. Steve Harvey and Tisha Campbell? The image makes me think of sea monsters for some reason. Majorie I hope you understand that Steve did you a BIG favor. But Oprah loves Steve Harvey.. riiiiiiight. yeah that was shade at harpo

  5. Ewwwwwwww…I thought this man had better taste. GOD please don’t let this story be true. Tisha has been around the block, up the alley, down the street, hit a 121st – hit a right. I mean she been passed around. That’s just nasty. Ahhhl nawl.

      • Whats that like? To be obsessed with me i mean? Sit up all day and night hitting refresh to see if i made a comment so u can make one behind me? Do u have a woman? Get a life broke ass compulsive ass nigga.

        • You got served anonymous 20:24.
          Keepitreal just owned your jealous ass…not that he wants it. You mess with the bull, you gonna get the horns!

    • You obviously have never been around Koreans let alone been to Korea. Koreans are among the most SUPERFICIAL people on the planet. THE MOST. Plastic surgery is big in Korea as is not greeting too dark and of course remaining thin. They criticize one another severely. Now, on the flip, I’ve seen Koreans big up black women, but these were cute, skinny model types with big Afros.

    • Because she’s an industry whore, like Rihanna. That’s got to be the reason. Look at her marriage. Bet that when Will’s career sinks, Jada is gonna be spotted with some random people. Everyone has a role in Hollywood.

  6. Yeah dumbass. Can u read?I didnt make the monster comment. I laughed at it. So go phick urself.

    • Okay but YOU made the monster comment. Then you told on yourself. Like u said only yt ppl use that word. Youre an idiot dude.

    • Hold up why does he have to be a “chick” for lack of accountability????? Please don’t get me started….. 🙂

  7. ****Rolling Eyes**** If Judge Mathis and Monique can get it in, then there is no reason to believe Steve Harvey and fish face Tisha couldn’t/didn’t do the same and besides, from what I understand Duane had a long term relationship going with some real estate lady, not to mention his rumored ‘friendship’ with Will Smith, so he was busy. He didn’t miss Tisha

  8. Who was his source/site for the Paula Deen story? Cause he cracked that shit wide open A YEAR before everyone else. That is all.

  9. Dayum. Fucking prostitution whorebag and that big teef coon. She is a hideous mess and so is her husband. Marjorie clearly saw Steve’s Mr. Clean looking ass in dollar signs. I hope the ex-wife wins.
    He telling bitches to Think Like A Man.
    But he need to be telling himself: Nigga Just Think!
    Tisha ass is busted.

  10. Well…
    While I cannot imagine Steve Harvey & Tisha Campbell having sex…that’s just a bad visual in my mind so I’ll leave that alone & refrain from comment.

    What I will say is this:
    Surely Majorie has to have no problem with her husband’s philandering because she was cheating with him while he was married to his first wife Mary. I would like to believe Majorie knows exactly what Steve Harvey is capable of as HER husband since she knows how she got him in the first place & given her past, I doubt if it really matters. I’m sure she’s just grateful for the lifestyle she currently has.


    i had a crush on you for years, and still would pick yu for a wifey

    and go and sully yourself with this shaved chewbacca???


  12. That is one random couple. I can’t believe anyone is sleeping with Steve Harvey and not getting paid for it.

  13. Think like a Bitch, Act like Snitch, SH writing books and making movies talking that BS like he’s an Angel and God fearing, let the ladies know this and that about men, and low and behold it’s the Devil holding the pen.

    • Just listen to his radio show and you’ll know his faith isnt in Jesus, his gods seem to be money and Obama.

  14. I’m still laughing at Steve Harvey to this day for releasing those “post workout” photos a few years ago. LMMFAO.

  15. Dang!! Steve and Tisha. I am quickly erasing that thought out of my mind.

    That’s just nasty. Need some Clorox. LOL

  16. Hope ol girl’s stacking up for a rainy day ’cause ever since My Wife and Kids went off the air, I see her and then I don’t see her on TV. Saw Tisha recently in School Daze and I’m kind of surprised she didn’t go further.

  17. oh well not gonna put tisha or steve down but that’s them.

    since steve and oprah are so cool now he might take up new age classes and change gods pretty soon.

  18. Men who have thick mustaches like Steve always have some shyt stuck in ’em.

    I was talking to a man once at a reception & he had a mustache like that with peanuts stuck all in it. While we were talking, one of the peanut pieces flew out & landed in my wine glass. I almost puked right then & there. Needless to say, I got the heck away from him before he blew any more on me.

  19. Foreal Gina!!! Steve harveys old bald headed ass, the pickings must be really slim, hollywood is gross..flatout

  20. Man, them lips! Them huge soup bowl slobberin and slapping each other in the face. Somebody is going to drown! LOL!