Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez Did NOT Get Married!


Stevie J & Joseline NOT Married

MTO Busted By HSK…Again!

HSK Exclusive – MediaTakeOut would have you believe Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez were married in Puerto Rico, last week. That adds to yet another MTO false report, busted by HSK. Don’t believe me.. Ask Mimi Faust.

Though the pair was in Puerto Rico, we’re told Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez were merely on the island to film a video aimed at dissing Benzino.

Here’s the drop:

“Stevie getting married to Joseline is a joke. They’re down in Puerto Rico filming an answer back to Benzino’s ‘Smashed Da Homie’ diss track.

If Stevie was marrying Joseline, you already know Mona would have that as a episode on her show.”


  1. Did anyone else see these two on the AVN Awards shown this month on Showtime? I don’t watch L&HHATL, so I don’t know what their normal demeanor is. But they were onstage to present an award(best anal performance I think lol)and I have never seen two people so coked up and that includes Whitney and Bobby.

    • @My Sister Christa,

      I didn’t see the award show your speaking of but damn it…ANYONE would need to be amped up, doped up & on some HEAVY drugs to be in the same room to do anything with Stevie Gay & if Joseline doesn’t have or never had a penis….
      I’d be very shocked & surprised!

  2. I do not think that Mimi Faust is the best source on Stevie and Joseline’s relationship. Those two screwed around behind her back for months, and she ain’t even know it. Mimi found out about their tryst by watching it on VH1.

    I suspect that if Stevie and Joseline did get married, Mimi will be finding out about it on television…like the rest of us.

    Wishing them the best!

  3. Yeah Christa, I saw that presentation with that fat has-been, Ron Jeremy. OMFG! They DID look like they were “on one” at night.

    And by Stevie entering into the adult sex toy industry, well, THAT just REALLY gives me the side-eye because all THAT does is adds validity to Jose’s claims to him being a “D.L. f*****” as she blasted him on Twitter each time they’ve fallen out. As strong as she looks in the face, I KNOW that (S)HE is NO stranger to pulling out/putting on his/her own “magic stick” for their evenings of shenanigans together.

    In my opinion, I PRAY they would get married because they are TRULY equally-yoked, deserve one another, and would do the rest of the world SO MUCH good by saving us from their vegetable soup of S.T.D.’s that they look like they have swimming around in their bloodstreams and on the surface.

  4. Jacky I think you might be wrong on this one. Gossip is that Joseline is trying to get on “Housewives of ATL”. I was wondering how they were going to try to angle her in. THIS MAKES PERFECT SENSE!! Fake Ass Marriage. Bingo!! Now they can give her a couple episode cameo audition. (I don’t put ANYTHING past Sleaze-O and his Girl)

      • LOL!! And you BELIEVE That!? With these reality stars you can’t believe a WORD they say – NOT A FUCKIN WORD!! You have to read the actions and make an educated guess. I think she’s trying to open that door cause reading selfish ass man-whore Sleaze-O makes me think the only reason he would be marrying in the middle of a LIFE ORGY (Boy’s livin like Charlie Sheen) is for a cash angle. If true its prob a fake marriage or Jacky’s right and its a lie. Money/Lie for me – pick one.

  5. Is Joselines titties real?
    I only ask because they are perfect. Perfectly round and plump like milkbags.

  6. Joseline is built like a man her body looks like it has no body fat at all. She isn’t a body builder and a woman is usually not that hard naturally. Her boobs are totally fake. She probably had hair on her chest and had a mans chest before the hormone injections. She probably had surgery down there too. Her face is big head big she reminds me of a tranny who had the surgery.

  7. Joselyn hair is fake she has patches missing seen chewed up hairline on show. Her titties are fake. Her ass is fake. Her teeth are veneers. She needs to stop saying she’s the baddest bitch and other women are haters. The baddest women are born not purchased silicone. Give a fake bitch a couple packs of hair and they think they fine. They don’t have common sense to know the shit looks fake and we know its not your real hair so whats the point? May be if you stop putting that fake bullshit in your head your shit can breathe and no boo boo the baddest women are all natural. Yeah truth hurts sometimes.her boy stevie called out all her fakege on show he probally paid for it.

  8. I just read wikapedia that stated stevie and joselyn got married june 6. Dude called out all her fake assets on national tv then he married her. Congrats

  9. I can’t believe the preview I saw where Mimi seems to be at the place where it appears that Stevie and Joseline are proposing to each other and then he tells Mimi that he has a ring for her too. This has to be scripted because I really do not think that anybody is that stupid. Mimi , yes you have a child with Stevie but you are not the first person co-parenting. He has five children. If this is true you really need to do a Self Development course because you are surely damaged.